How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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Author Mulvone (1 year)
QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?

Author Joao Juju (15 days)
I QUIT!!!!!!!

Author Brigid Fryer (5 months)
when i saw this, i thought "time to get my 3ds ready!'

Author Banana Ramaz (4 months)
On that road I found moltress 3 times and ran away so I couldn't even fight
it. I'll have you know I only cried for 20 minuets 

Author CyberGamer (23 days)
+Mulvone I have 3
3rdShiny Mega Rayquaza
2nd Shiny ProtoGroduon
1stSHiny PROTOKYGRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Louie Rippotack (11 days)
I really need to know this. Is it possible to not be able to get shinies
anymore? Cause I'm up to 920 eggs on my yamask, and its one of my dream
shinies. I've also chain fished for feebas on alpha sapphire, I was at 57.
If anyone has an answer to this, please tell me!

Author Bah Bah Kapooyah (13 days)
got a shiny gible just randomly and flipped a shit because i love garchomp

Author Lightning GamingFTW (14 days)
Is it possible to get a shiny as your starter Pokemon.

Author Tyrone McWatermelon (19 days)
How did he do that menu type thing in the video? Like the shortcut seen at

Author NirthPanter (1 month)
+NectarineEmulator 3,828 se på dette her, galskap rett og slett galskap :O

Author PrimeLiZard (25 days)
will chain smoking get me shiny lung cancer?

Author The Goofy Goomba Show (22 days)
Trading Raikou and Shiny Gengar with Mega Stone for Keldeo or Victini.

Author De'Chelle Cross (3 months)
Add me guys? Its been a while since Ive been on my 3Ds lol I already beat
the game but just recently updated! I currently have no friends in my
friends list XD FC 4425 2912 4912 I'll add back! <3

Author jimmy smother (19 hours)
Do both pokemon have to be form a diff region for the breeding method 

Author Ricadelli Pulsen (2 days)
Even with the shiny charm, I've been trying to hatch shiny Sableye with the
Masuda method, and I've been through 15 boxes. No shiny Sableye :( 

Author Alex Mendez (2 days)
sorry if this is a FAQ but does the pokemon that your trying to get a shiny
baby for need to be shiny in the daycare? but thanks for the great vid, it
was super helpful!

Author AffluentOrc TheAPHfanBoy (23 days)
What pokemon has sunction cups in oras?

Author Chris Dinkha (24 days)
For the egg method can you use a far region ditto to make this even easier?

Author Terraria Mag (8 days)
I like Mega Shiny Rayquaza "Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire"

Author omgbabiesatemydingo (22 days)
I put a level 10 Pokemon on GTS and got a level 100 shiny in return.

Author Lordjiraya (21 day)
9:30 was painful man, I feel your pain :/

Author Harley Mykel Dolloff (5 days)
Mewtwo shiny

Author The Marionette (1 month)
Nope, no shiny bulbasaur for the first one, but they sure do look similar
don't they? :D

Author Teh ButtonKid (2 months)
What makes shiny Pokémon so special? They are just colourful Pokémon. That
doesn't make the shiny Pokémon Legendary.
But its like and infinite Pokerus. a bit

Author Tom Kendall (1 month)
can someone help me get this team if possible(5/6 iv if possible plz) :
arcanine with intimidate and jolly nature and a choice band
moves: flair blitz, extreme speed,wild charge and close combat

tentacruel with liquid ooze, calm nature and black sludge
moves:toxic,scald,rapidspin and sludgewave.

swampert with torrent, adament nature and leftovers
moves: stealth rock, roar,waterfall and earthquake

porygon z with adaptability, modest nature and choice scarf
moves: tri attack, ice beam, thunder bolt and shadow ball

rotom mow with modest nature, levitate and expert belt
moves willow wisp,volt switch, thunderbolt and leaf storm

they dont need to be shiny because that would be asking to much.
the pokemon i can offer to trade for this team are a shiny level 1 skamory,
level 100 darkrai, level 100 japanese ditto with 5/6 iv i think, shiny
level 100 mewtwo, level 100 heatran,shiny level 55 poliwrath lots of level
1 pinsirs, shroomish, zangoose and larvesta with different natures
abilities and 3/4/5 iv's, level 52 diance or a flechinder with gale wings.
if you are willing to help me my FC:2294-3557-5421 IGN:brian
leave IGN and FC if interested i check daily for replies.

Author Mankata Inkumsah (25 days)
My favorite shiny mega evolution is
lucario,gardevoir,charizard,venasuar,and blastoise

Author Guillaume Momo (5 months)
I got a Latios lvl 100 And i want a Charizard (90-100) with a Mega Stone X
my fc :4699 5395 2343 My Game name:TheMomo My Mii Name: Shadow

Author MetalBatVG (20 days)
I have a shiny skrelp if anyone wants to trade something decent for it (I
want a squirtle) just message me.

Author SweBoi (5 months)
FC: 2106-0061-3529.
pleas add me i dont have any friends on my 3DS
I be Happy if u add me :D

have a nice day ^^

Author Melody Nekomura (3 months)
I'm trading my level 53 Diancie for a shiny Ralts! (I'd prefer it to be
female.) If you have one, please respond with your name and friend code!
Here's mine:

Name: Melody (Pokemon) Kimi (Mii)
Friend Code: 5300-9627-5881

(I'll also accept a shiny Mew, Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Arceus,
Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Eevee, Leafeon, Flareon,
Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Sylveon, Sneasle, Bulbasaur,
Chimchar, Charmander, Squirtle, Palkia, Pichu, Darkrai, Deoxys, Suicune,
Entei, Keldeo, or Celebi! I know that's a lot, but I'm kind of desperate...
If you have any shiny Pokemon that you would like to offer, please do!
Thank you!)

Author Preston Eschenbach (17 days)
i give up trying to find shiny Pokemon. if i find one randomly then i find
it. the only shiny pokemon ive got without trying was zubat and gulpin.
with trying to find one..never.

Author The ShroomCraft (5 months)
I have a Japanese ditto which I always leave in the day care, but haven't
got a shiny yet ;_;

Author Patrick Röder (1 month)
ok guys, that's it.. I'm gonna go STRAIGHT to the next video game shop and
get myself a fucking 3ds ASAP

Author Engin Seker (1 month)
I'm actually also really new to the friend adding, but since a while now
I've become more and more intrigued by the competitive aspects of the game,
though I've been playing my whole life...
All I'm asking is for people to add me ^ – ^
From Germany: 4425 1712 7755

Author drewechols83 (16 days)
pokeballs that shake 3 times and open again are the reason i have trust

Author Nate Robinson (1 month)

Author Devon Hesson (6 days)
Mega shiny Charizard

Author Pamela Barahona (1 month)

Author Mazec Mozec (3 months)
OMG! i went to route 5 and a LEVEL 70 MOLTRES jumped out at me and then fled
im so sad now ;-;

Author lindajane babiak (1 month)
Oh and if you use the poke radar method, you may run into one of the
legendary birds. (moltres, zapdos, arctucouno) I think I spelled that last
one wrong :p

Author Sab Aili Heitz (6 days)
can you do it for me? *sob*

Author Siris iriS (1 month)
Hey Guys, I got two extras code for Shiny Gengar!
My Friend Code is 2852-8770-9172


Author spencer dummer (22 days)

Author Friskyfroakie (1 month)
Hey guys I'm desperate for friend safari so add me and comment ur friend
code my friend code is 4055-5539-3984

Author Hydro Blade (1 month)
Do NOT shut your 3DS it will break your chain

Author Death Hawk 14 (1 month)
I don't care if you guys add me but I'm looking for a rayquaza. If its lv
100 I'll give you my lv 100 aggron with its mega stone
My fc is 0233-0196-5885

Author Sonic Slow (15 days)

Author Falling_Spirit MC YT (2 days)
Ha ha he said pp

Author Samuel Grenier (11 days)
Shiny mega gengar

Author Matthew Bridges (1 month)
Alright guys, I need some friend codes for friend safari. I'd like a ghost
friend safari the most, but I'll add anybody no matter what. Comments will
be checked daily until I turn off replys. Thank you for you consideration.
My friend code: 2063 - 0575 - 6789

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