How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?
I added the Pokerader, Fishing, Friend Safari, Horde, And Masuda Methods into this video, and I felt like I didn't do a very good job in explaining each method before so I am trying again!
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles Intro Music: Se.b Coast - Rapid Hell (I do not own this music)

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Author Mulvone (7 months)
QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?

Author Eternal (3 months)
You have a Lucario with pokerus?!?!?!?!?!

Author RomanticaKH (4 months)
Oh god. II'm like 75% positive I had my own shiny Basculin that I wonder
traded away because I thought it was normal...fuck.

Author The Winged Ninja (2 months)
what is a pokerus ? help me plz

Author kotzer71 (5 months)
pokegen nuff said youre all going to cheat to get shinys anyway

Author Mr.Momofo (3 months)
I have a sad story about shinies ok i went to bed and my little sis was
using my y version(i have both versions) and she randomly encountered a lvl
13 shiny absol randomly no method and she didnt wake me up and she didnt
know it was shiny because she never saw an absol before but she killed it
and in the morning she told me she saw a red absol and i was like 'WHAT
NOOOOOOO I COULD,VE HAD A SHINY MEGA ABSOL.' and i actually done these
methods a billion times and didnt encounter a shiny yet :'(

Author LunarChibi (2 months)
I've seen people bothering to say what nature the pkmn are and up until now
I always thought the nature was frivolous and didn't really matter. But now
that ive seen it mentioned enough I've begun to wonder why does the nature
of the pokemon matter?

Author malomidna9 (3 months)
I actually got a Shiny Horsea with the fishing method!!!

Author Mr. Beat Jumper (4 months)
So are Shiny Pokémon stronger or do they just have a special look?

Author liweihu1 (3 months)
Masuda method 1/300? Hahahahahaha ;-; (at 1000+ eggs)

Author RushDynamic (3 months)
my only shiny i ever found was a shiny sneasel in pokemon platinum :(

Author phantom115cw (5 months)
I am doing a shiny Glaceon for a shiny Aron, have a look at my channel

Author aran carr-brown (3 months)
did you hack the double shiny bulbasaur and the basculin?

Author IcyLion10919 (4 months)
Wait, if a flabebe has a blue flower on the bottom,does that mean its

Author Jaimy Girl (4 months)
which pokemon have the ability for chain fishing?

Author Touya Hilbert (4 months)
My technique to get a shiny pokemon through friend safari:
1)catch a rare pokemon from friend safari
2)do the masuda method
Got a shiny frogadier from this

Author Rashyboy05 (4 months)
Shiny Mega Garchomp because he is FABULOUS!!

Author Crow Alones (3 months)
The Pokeradar makes me cry.

Author katie wilson (3 months)
why is mine not working!!??

Author Proto Man (6 months)
If you give me a Zekrom I'll give you a Modest Yveltal with 31 perfect IVs,
and it's infected with Pokerus.

Author Guillaume Momo (19 days)
I got a Latios lvl 100 And i want a Charizard (90-100) with a Mega Stone X
my fc :4699 5395 2343 My Game name:TheMomo My Mii Name: Shadow

Author stephen zanowic (5 months)
I hatched a shiny treecko on my first egg I'm not trying to brag

Author webkinzgirl wood (4 months)
i saw a shiny golet and i killed it :(

Author Block4Blox (3 months)

Author Pascal Bruinewold (2 months)
Pokemon cant go lower then lvl 5 in X and Y if you see a pokemon on lvl
1,2,3 or 4 then it is gamesharked

Author Jonathan Roman (4 months)

Author Brigid Fryer (28 days)
when i saw this, i thought "time to get my 3ds ready!'

Author nayl (5 months)
Ok so I just found a shiny Clauncher (not what I was going for but it's my
first shiny in Kalos). I caught the Clauncher. Is my chain broken or can I
keep going? Thanks

Author Vixen Jay (4 months)
the only methods i can do are the fishing, poke radar and horde :(

I need help: I have done 500 chains on fishing and i have NOT found a
shiny. My luck sucks and i need ALOT of help. please help if you can

Author mac cross (1 month)
how can i get an egg???

Author Sentoki Nokai (1 month)
When you say a Pokemon from a different region... do you mean a Pokemon
that was caught in another game and transferred to X or a Pokemon that was
caught by a player in another country? 

Author Eric Burke (3 months)
"Look at your pokemon's PP." LOL

Author Iconoclasm1 (4 months)
Do the odds increase or decrease if you breed the same Pokemon together
rather than using a ditto as one of the parents?

Author sergio garcia (5 months)
I need a duskull

Author Mikey Highwind (20 days)
My FC is 0147-0208-8773.
It'd be awesome if you guys added me, i'll add you right back!

Author Colossal Titan (3 months)
the first time i did chain fishing, it took 8 tries before a shiny appeared
then the second time i got up to 94 (and messed up) with nothing...

Author Chad robinson (3 months)
Giving out *FREE* pokemon til' May 20th!

E-Mail me at

(note: some pokemon do not work, so dont excpect to have some lvl 100
Arceus that is a shiny and knows fly)

just use the following format:

Shiny or No Shiny:

Get your free pokemon before May 20th and you could be a lucky winner!
*Friend Code: 2337-4617-0215*
PS: moveset is *NOT* optional
PPS: cannot get pokemon above Gen 5 (Black and White)

Author Lilrockergirl ROBLOX (3 months)
one time i left my wailmer with my ponyta and i got an egg from them it
came out as another wailmer O_O

Author SweBoi (22 days)
FC: 2106-0061-3529.
pleas add me i dont have any friends on my 3DS
I be Happy if u add me :D

have a nice day ^^

Author Red (2 months)
I had a japanese lairon and evolved it into an aggron. Can I still do the
Masuda Method?

Author bakonfreek (5 months)
Masuda is so fucking annoying, I've gone through 800 fucking eggs and still
no shiny.

Author Dennis van Giessen (3 months)
6:01 Dude, you missed the shiny water spot right beneath you!
How could ya..

Author MajorasRS (4 months)
Trading shiny Charizard with Pokerus! FC: 1736-0171-0433. I will trade it
for any Legendary from Sapphire. If you don't have a legendary, still
friend me. I'll see what you have to offer.

Author 423gera (5 months)
I have 600 froakies and no shiny yet-.-

Author chadwr85 (2 months)
Name: ken flo
code: 0447-7136-5893

have some uncommon pkmn in mine
add me and reply and I'll add you

Author xXGoldenButterflyXx (23 days)
Everytime I try to use the pokeradar it says "Theres a time and place for
everything, but not now." What do I do? o.o

Author Erick_2012 (2 months)
Adding Right Now

Friend Code: 4742-5578-6117
Name: Erick
Message me if you want to add,so I can add you back.

Author Catastrophe Raven (5 months)
I have bred three perfect 5 IV Charizards (HP,Def,SpAtk,SpDef,Spd)
Natures: Modest
2 of them have 3 egg moves and the fourth has 4 egg moves.
Any takers? :)

Author Thad Castle (2 months)
how do people get shiny legendary pokemon? 

Author BladeArmorGinga (3 months)
I had the same thing happen with my first shiny it was a basculin, and it
final gamited :(

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