How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?
I added the Pokerader, Fishing, Friend Safari, Horde, And Masuda Methods into this video, and I felt like I didn't do a very good job in explaining each method before so I am trying again!
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles Intro Music: Se.b Coast - Rapid Hell (I do not own this music)

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Author Mulvone (4 months)
QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?

Author lily shapiro (2 days)
one time i left my wailmer with my ponyta and i got an egg from them it
came out as another wailmer O_O

Author Eric Cartmanez (2 days)
you can get the shiny charm just complete the pokedex and go to the

Author liweihu1 (2 days)
Masuda method 1/300? Hahahahahaha ;-; (at 1000+ eggs)

Author Jackx20yz (2 days)
these are all great to use except the horde pokemon because there are
BARELY any pokemon to choose from

Author Eternal (3 days)
You have a Lucario with pokerus?!?!?!?!?!

Author Chad robinson (4 days)
Giving out *FREE* pokemon til' May 20th!

E-Mail me at

(note: some pokemon do not work, so dont excpect to have some lvl 100
Arceus that is a shiny and knows fly)

just use the following format:

Shiny or No Shiny:

Get your free pokemon before May 20th and you could be a lucky winner!
*Friend Code: 2337-4617-0215*
PS: moveset is *NOT* optional
PPS: cannot get pokemon above Gen 5 (Black and White)

Author RushDynamic (4 days)
my only shiny i ever found was a shiny sneasel in pokemon platinum :(

Author Mr.Momofo (5 days)
I have a sad story about shinies ok i went to bed and my little sis was
using my y version(i have both versions) and she randomly encountered a lvl
13 shiny absol randomly no method and she didnt wake me up and she didnt
know it was shiny because she never saw an absol before but she killed it
and in the morning she told me she saw a red absol and i was like 'WHAT
NOOOOOOO I COULD,VE HAD A SHINY MEGA ABSOL.' and i actually done these
methods a billion times and didnt encounter a shiny yet :'(

Author aran carr-brown (5 days)
did you hack the double shiny bulbasaur and the basculin?

Author BladeArmorGinga (5 days)
I had the same thing happen with my first shiny it was a basculin, and it
final gamited :(

Author Momo Momin (5 days)
there is shiny charm when you complete the national dex

Author Crow Alones (6 days)
The Pokeradar makes me cry.

Author Daniel Kim (8 days)
Hey guys, I'm trading my shiny heracross (jolly 5ivs), shiny roserade, and
shiny regice, rock, and steel for other shinies and pokemon Y mega-stones.
pm and add me, my friend code is 1306-7077-6289

Author Aaron Gonzales (10 days)
You can close your 3ds, it won't break your chain. Do that if you want to
take a break

Author SlenderMCDewott (10 days)
He has a pokerus lucario! MAN YOUR LUCKY

Author Stewie Paterson (12 days)
I just bred a shiny mareep while watching this. It wasn't even masuda. :P

Author A Wooden Bowl (13 days)
How do you record 3DS games? 

Author Colossal Titan (12 days)
the first time i did chain fishing, it took 8 tries before a shiny appeared
then the second time i got up to 94 (and messed up) with nothing...

Author David Reeder (15 days)
There is a shiny charm, you just have to catch every pokemon In the
national dex

Author MinecraftEpicWin (3 hours)
my fave shiny mega is shiny mega Gengar

Author CoChiefLilTerp (3 hours)
All I did was use Rock Smash and I caught a shiny Gravelver. Oh, um, I beat
the Pokemon League twice and returned to the Pokemon village and caught 2
Zoroarks and Mewtwo.

Author UmbreonZakkech (4 months)
Final Gambit... Most annoying move.. User attacks with full force, but
faints in the proccess. (Something like that)

Author Haleigh Bohn (7 hours)
shiny mew anyone
I will give shiny lugia for it

Author GHOSTKILLERS24 (3 hours)
i will trade a moltres for shiny eevee!

Author TheJeroenGames (2 days)
I was in my X version in Friend Safari, first time, first Pokemon Shiny
Combee!, looking at it's gender GODDAMMIT A MALE!!! >:C

Author Rainbow Loomer (2 days)
Shiny mega Gardevoir

Author Dawn Gheerkins (1 day)
Got shiny solosis after 38 eggs

Author Roger Edens (1 day)
I have a mew and used metronome (you cant decide which pokemon it hits in a
hoard) and it killed a shiny zangoose. I didn't notice it was shiny till it
started fainting, I got a new shiny zangoose using poke creator lite.

Author Jonathan Ramos (1 day)
If you guys want to speed up the eggs hatching rate use a pokemon with the
ability flame body bc it speeds it up 

Author Teddy Paola (1 day)
The first shiny i ever encountered was a Soak. I accidentally pressed run
instead of bag to get out a pokeball...

Author William Woolfenden (2 days)
Masuda Method: Am I doing something wrong? I have hatched 120 charmander
and no shiny. My Japanese ditto is Lv 50-59 and my English Charizard is lv
99. Please help if you know.

Author Kieran Bourke (1 day)
shiny garchomp

Author aj matias (3 days)
Add me my name is Aj and my friend code is 0232-8415-6818 comment yours

Author daniel leon (2 days)
mine is shiny mega charizard

Author Brian Patino (3 days)
Fav Shiny mega evelution is mega gengar and fav shiny pokemon is empolion

Author kevin ryan (3 days)
Every pokemon i got is shiny even xernas method at battle run save your
game and come back on it to battle it again

Author alex evans (4 days)
Can somebody trade me a Heracronite? I will give you any Legendary. Or 1 of
the starter pokemon.... w/e you want. I really want mega heracross.

Author Coleman Herndon (7 days)
I got a shiny eevee using the masuda method on the first egg!

Author Nancy Coey (4 days)
Shiny Mega Gengar is my favorite.

Author hyperhax98 (3 days)
There is an item that increases the chance of shinies but you have to
complete the pokedex then talk to prof siccamor then he'll give you the

Author MinecraftEpicWin (4 hours)
I caught my first shiny, a shiny luvdisc, using chain fishing

Author Majito Bravo Macias (5 days)
i laughed so hard when that basculin used final gambit hahahahahahaha
sorry, it was just so funny

Author Brandon Ashley (8 days)

Author John Cat (8 days)
can someone help me? i don't know if i am doing this right, i have a male
honedge from my game and a female korean honedge in the daycare. is this

Author Brandon Beer (5 days)
wow cant tell a shiny bulbasaur....

Author Jesse Chaidez (8 days)
Can someone plz trade me a shiny charm for a (lvl.100.)Deoxys plz add me

-_~(0087-2399-8911)~_- ign- 

Author Archie Watson (7 days)
Desperate for a blazikenite! Will trade lv100 shiny rayquaza for it plz
reply with friend code! Mine is 1719-4237-1392

Author Eric Liu (5 days)
I have a non- shiny all 31 iv ditto. W
hat would you trade me?

Author Adriana Skyrock (7 days)
I remember I once killed a shiny pokemon >.<

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