How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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Thank you for watching my Pokemon videos. I create a variety of Pokemon ranging from WiFi Battles, to Let's Plays, to Funny Moments, to Shiny Reactions. I play both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y.

I do not own rights to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well as Pokemon X and Y are copyrighted to Gamefreak 2015 and licensed by Nintendo 2015.

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Author WIngzero35 ( ago)
proof of concept usually is good.

Author wimo cartew ( ago)
M8. You're close to 100 k!

Author Shane Sowards ( ago)
I have shiny graveler

Author Connor Tackitt ( ago)
shiny mega rayquaza

Author Bboy Ezuki ( ago)
shiny gardevoir is so majestic!

Author Geodude1000 ( ago)
9:28 this is why we need more quick balls in this life.

Author Daewnistar Hunters ( ago)
Shiny Bulbasaur should be orange :/

Author Indicium ( ago)
I got a random shiny a while ago. Wanna know what is was???? It was a Shiny
Female Wobbuffet.... Looks stupid af.

Author Ash's Charizard ( ago)
What if the Poke radar doesn't work? Every time a try to use it it says:
Moms words echoed: (My Name) There's a time and place for everything! But
not now.I think that's right XD

Author PinkiePieBrand Gamer of roblox ( ago)
I STILL HAVE 2 Gym Badge so yeah....

Author nofaggotsky ( ago)
That shiny swablu on the 3 horde last night was surprising af

Author Cave amini ( ago)
My favoirit is mega shiny gengar.

Author Crazy avenger ( ago)
you look at your pokemon peepee!!!!!

Author Ben Smith ( ago)
my fav shiny mega is gardevoir

Author Anna Faison ( ago)
how do u use the poke raidar

Author Beto Cisneros ( ago)
Yo so I just found a multres on route 5!!!!!!!!!

Author Pup Tulip ( ago)
"Dude, Poop is evolving..."

Author Apollo 69 ( ago)
how do you pull up that little thing with the bike, and pokeradar

Author Com ToUs ( ago)
hi guys does anyone willing to trade for a gale wings Talonflame

Author Sean Duffy ( ago)
I have a shiny salamence

Author Raichu BREAK ( ago)
I found a shiny flabebe once.

Author Gianni Tyler ( ago)
You can try for zoura but I'm only finding them in one place the forest
before the secret garden

Author Billy Kean ( ago)
that 50 basculin wasn't a shiny.

Author Wolf Pack ( ago)
the first one was confusing

Author Kawaii kitten cutie ( ago)
cool i have a shiny Eevee😆

Author bagdiil ( ago)
Do you seriously not even know how a bulbasaur looks? Holy fkin shit...

Author Nuke Obey ( ago)
Were were you when you were chain fishing and the basculin killed itself?

Author Mythical Sylveon ( ago)
And mega garchomp

Author Mythical Sylveon ( ago)
Mega lucario

Author Miqueas Mazo ( ago)
I have a Japanese ditto it can breed with any one and have a good chance of
get. shiny ha

Author MarvinTheMartian1089 ( ago)
I was lucky enough to have 3 competitive shinies -- a shiny Modest
Octillery I accidentally bred (I was IV breeding), a shiny Timid Pyroar (I
was breeding for HP Grass), and a shiny Adamant Marowak I found at a Friend
Safari. Not the best Pokemon, but I use them in my team to this day. Sadly,
people accuse me of hacking for these guys :(

Author SovietSubmarine ( ago)
Shiny artillery, Ditto lv 100 w/ pokerus, volcanion and hoopa.

Author VisualizedPixels ( ago)
got any shiny or legendary if anyone wants to trade looking for battle

Author Simply Patrick (patrick thunderhammer) ( ago)
I encountered a shiny eevee, but I accidently killed it... that was before
I knew what shinies were.

Author Kyle Lodge ( ago)

Author L.T. Medic ( ago)
My first shiny was an accidental goldeen. Thats when i started finding out
about shinys xD

Author Joshua Rosales ( ago)

Author Dino Nugget ( ago)
guys I have a shiny Flabèbè and want to trade all I'm asking for is
totodile, treeko, the fire fox starter, chespin, or mudkip babies. Or an
extra blastoiseite or venasaurite. Plz add me for trade Pokémon X. Friend
Code is 0018-4928-8839

Author Beau Briggs ( ago)
name: bobo FC: 5172 - 4537 - 1034
I will add everyone you adds me! have plenty of room

Author Dom/Does/Games (Mr. Sniper) ( ago)
s mega gengars my favorite

Author J.A.M ( ago)
can you run away when you do the horde thing

Author Reid Berry ( ago)
Anyone have ditto?

Author Charlie Cochrane ( ago)
Bob bm bbm m be bb m
. .
, .

Author Wat ( ago)
friend safari odds are 1/512 not 1/2000

Author Collin P. ( ago)
adding everyone back! friend code is: 0190-0333-5778

Author Mark Gilbert ( ago)
this shit legit? there's alot of misinformation going around now adays

Author David Davis ( ago)
I got a shiny eevee,pichu mudkip from 10 eggs

Author Shiny Mewtwo ( ago)
How do you get poke radar

Author Justin Levesque ( ago)
The friend safari makes the ration 1/512 not 2000

Author lps ooh la la (Ivy) ( ago)

Author gamer708886 ( ago)
The only shiny I ever got was graveler, AND I KNOW NO ONE WHO PLAYS THAT I

Author Indominus Gaming ( ago)
shiny lucario

Author Wesley Morgan ( ago)
I caught a shiny flebebe!

Author Grant Brademeyer ( ago)
Wow do you get a Pokemon from a different reign?

Author Kelvin ( ago)
bro im doing this and im at like 100 and still nothing. This method doesnt

Author ShadowWolf13 Gaming ( ago)
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Chadical ( ago)
Shiny Totodile

Author Brutal Flyer ( ago)
Wtf is a chain?

Author Shmopes _Afu ( ago)
yeah I got a shiny skido it is mad cute

Author Turtuline1 :3 ( ago)
u can get shiny charm from prof. sycamore once completing national pokedex

Author Kyle Brennan ( ago)
shiny mega charizard becus i love charizard hes my fav pokemon

Author Pine Straker ( ago)
Shiny mega-gengar is definitely the most beautiful shiny, trying my best to
get one now. I have a shiny Noivern and I love their shiny form as well.
The only others that really appeals to me are shiny Gyarados though they're
so common, shiny, steelix and shiny mega-Sceptile.

Author Sparkley Ice Creamz ( ago)
How do you set up Poke Radar? I've never done shiny hunting before so I'm a

Author Chloe Murschell ( ago)
I got a shiny pooshyena by the egg idea. thanks a lot!!

Author the shiny ditto ( ago)
I got shiny breloom!!!😀😀😀😶

Author TRAP ARTZ ( ago)
mega blastoust

Author The Creeper Bros. ( ago)
CUZ im straight up gangsta

Author The Creeper Bros. ( ago)
All of my Pokemon have pokerus

Author Emma Foley ( ago)
But in the poke radar method you can't step on the out side paches of grass

Author serena180 ( ago)
My way i can get any pokemon shiny any time i want

Author serena180 ( ago)
The best way

Author serena180 ( ago)
Besy way power saves pro

Author joshuay uile ( ago)
Shiny mega Gengar is awesome

Author Max Carlquist ( ago)
When I played the storyline I was locking for an eevee in a rout and I
found a shiny eevee

Author Jace Zhu ( ago)
if you beat the Pokemon league. go to the lab in sycamores lab and talk to
every lady

Author MishaMellow ( ago)
Hey could you please tell me how you record your pokemon videos?? I've been
trying to look up tutorials but everyone pretty much says oh set up a
camera and point it at your 3ds! thumbs up and I don't want to do that
cause I'd get shitty audio quality knowing my luck.

Author FluttershyJAC ( ago)
what the things that you use to find

Author kailey smith ( ago)
Idk why I'm watching this if I'm breeding eevee

Author Aleygames aka tug3 ( ago)
Hmm... I think i'm gonna try for a shiny Eevee!
* Three weeks later...*
................. I give up..... ;-;
* Nephew comes up * Nephew: I GOT A SHINY FENNEKIN!
Me: ....... * Inhale*.... I GIVE UP LIFE.

Author corn-dog “Corndog” lebron ( ago)
Does the masuda method (day care breeding) work with a foreign ditto?

Author Frisk Dreemurr ( ago)
how do ya get a pokeradar

Author Joe hey han ( ago)
how can i hatch different pokemoon

Author Yuno Stobbe ( ago)
do you need a talonflame of another region to get a shiny out of an egg
cuzz I have a talonflame but not from another region

Author lupita jimenez ( ago)
I caught a shiny pumpikco or that pumpkin pokemon without watching that xD

Author Battery ( ago)
shiny pansear PANSEAR

Author jonnyrocke nintendo fan ( ago)
I found a shiny bedlum

Author smiley trashbag ( ago)
my only shiny was a magikarp.

Author issac Parada ( ago)
i just got it on my 11 try

Author zach Barahona ( ago)
I let a shiny roselia escape by accident

Author Linh Cat ( ago)
shiny mega gardevoir😄😄😄

Author Quinn Parker ( ago)
I tried the friend safari method and I got a shiny Surviper on my first

Author SJR Gaming ( ago)
Shiny mewtwo shiny diancie and shiny xerneas

Author Anthony Santosuosso ( ago)
what emulator are you using that is so stable?

Author Itachi Uchiha ( ago)
Shiny Greninja, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Xerneas

Author ella-rose Treacy ( ago)
I put in wurmple in wonder trade and got a shiny absol lvl 100

Author Sydosys GD ( ago)
that level 50 Basculin you encountered was not a shiny Basculin have two
forms a red form and a blue form these forms are both normal.

Author Zach Shafer ( ago)
how do you get a poke radar?

Author Ice_Tiger ( ago)
Goddamn it guys ;( the only shiny I got was a yanmega through WT xD I've
never gotten a real shiny by myself.

Author woody ort ( ago)
i got my shiny froakie on the 6th egg :O

Author Ryolu Celestial ( ago)
LOL gloom with pokerus

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