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Author Mulvone (1 year)
QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?

Author Antje Cramer (4 months)
how do you get a pokemon with sweet scent?

Author taifhamid1 (3 months)
i just got it with a 3Ds XL, 1 i had no idea you could buy a pokemon in
this game, 2 what the hell is that machine loooool but seriously any reply
to what that is or how i get it than i'd appreciate it.

Author Chris Dinkha (5 months)
For the egg method can you use a far region ditto to make this even easier?

Author Rebecca Birch (1 month)
Actually, the odds of finding a shiny in XY are 1/4096 (I think), so odds
of finding a shiny in a horde are more like 1/819. Awesome odds! I actually
found a shiny Zubat on my second horde encounter in Connecting Cave.

Author Shadow Moon Wolf (1 month)
I just randomly found a Level 3 SHINY ZIGZAGOON! I was searching for a
Pidgey and then it just appeared without any warning. I'm really happy.

Author Lion Doge (1 month)
The only shinies I ever got were a shiny beldum, a shiny sawk, and a shiny
pidgy. I kinda killed the shiny pidgy though.. ;_;

Author RoaringRaven (3 months)
I had found a shiny Skiddo. Wasn't even trying for it, or using any
strategy, or anything.
I had to weaken it first, it was being too resilient. I used one attack,
thinking the Skiddo would be able to take it.

This Skiddo must've been made of paper because his HP dropped faster than
the bomb on Hiroshima.

I can never forgive myself. I wish I could forget it ever happened.

But now I have made it my mission to get a shiny Skiddo. I will avenge
myself. I have to.

Author kiki kiki (13 days)
whats that thing u use to see where the pokemons are i never know what its
name is or where to find it

Author EvOLvED-_T3RROR (2 months)
Wtf it won't let me use my pokeradar

Author sally jane (21 day)
OH MY OH MY OH MY I Caught a shiny female pumpkaboo with the friend
safari!!! ^__^

Author EpicAlucard (1 month)
Worst horde ever-five Spinda and all of them know hypnosis and copycat. You
can't wake up long enough to hit them >|

Author Lion Doge (1 month)
You can get the shiny charm in X and Y by completing the pokedex..

Author Fevzi Rrahmani (1 month)
Hey guys please please please add me asap my friend code: 3282-5237-6399
I will add everybody who add me THANKS!😊✌🙈

Author Alexis Diaz (2 months)
What poke radar? I completed the game and I never got 1 plz tell me what
you need in order to get it or find shiny pokemon

Author kiki kiki (13 days)
dude u got a shiny bulbasaur!!!!!!!

Author CyberEvoli (5 months)
+Mulvone I have 3
3rdShiny Mega Rayquaza
2nd Shiny ProtoGroduon
1stSHiny PROTOKYGRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Faith Paulus (4 months)

Author PrimeLiZard (5 months)
will chain smoking get me shiny lung cancer?

Author NirthPanter (6 months)
+NectarineEmulator 3,828 se på dette her, galskap rett og slett galskap :O

Author ShinyHunterPercy YT (3 months)
The amount of 8 year olds in this chat is insane.

Author De'Chelle Cross (8 months)
Add me guys? Its been a while since Ive been on my 3Ds lol I already beat
the game but just recently updated! I currently have no friends in my
friends list XD FC 4425 2912 4912 I'll add back! <3

Author Howard Hisdal (1 month)

Same thing happend to me :(

Author Terrarian Otaku (5 months)
What pokemon has sunction cups in oras?

Author LegoPokeballProductions :Lego, Gaming and more!: (4 months)
Doesn't it feel more rewarding (by like 0.01%) to find a shiny by accident?
it does for me :3

Author Alex Pastic (5 months)
Even with the shiny charm, I've been trying to hatch shiny Sableye with the
Masuda method, and I've been through 15 boxes. No shiny Sableye :( 

Author Joao Juju (5 months)
I QUIT!!!!!!!

Author Sky Ku (1 month)
For some reason, when I try to activate my pokeradar, it said it isn't the
time to activate it. Btw, I was in the same exact place you were (Route 5).

Author Froakie The Frog (1 month)
my favorite mega evolution is mega gengar shiny

Author jacob boatman (15 days)
Add me 1779-2823-1152 Jacob

Author Evan (2 months)
Holly crap I went to the purple grass I found a blue flabebe is it shiny?

Author Scott M (1 month)
For hatching you can also use a pokemon with magma armour, sadly it does't
stack with flame body though.

Author Ethan Ngo (1 month)
Eevee - Glaceon Silveon Leafeon Vaporeon Flareon Jolteon Umbreon Espeon

Author Henry Ventura (26 days)
what time is twilight in the 3ds?????

Author Lars Heijman (2 months)
i think rayquaza

Author Victoria Hernandez Pérez (1 month)
O now i have an egg

Author Zachary Fassett (25 days)
Shiny Gallade is my favorite

Author Matthew Bridges (6 months)
Alright guys, I need some friend codes for friend safari. I'd like a ghost
friend safari the most, but I'll add anybody no matter what. Comments will
be checked daily until I turn off replys. Thank you for you consideration.
My friend code: 2063 - 0575 - 6789

Author Ali Qasem (1 month)
why didn't you use a quick ball on the basculin there was a chance of
catching it with a quick ball or a net ball you should always keep all sort
of pokeballs with you
I always keep at least quick balls ultra balls and timer balls I even
caught some legendries using quick ball it always help keeping them around
I keep 20 and refill when they reach 10 cuz I would only need 1 per pokemon
if it didn't work I clearly wont be needing to use it again

Author Rafl copter (3 months)
How do i trade for a pokemon from another country?

Author omgbabiesatemydingo (5 months)
I put a level 10 Pokemon on GTS and got a level 100 shiny in return.

Author Michael Brandon (1 month)
I got a Lv 100 shiny kyurem with pokerus for a bunnelby in wonder trade

Author Brian Fogarty (2 months)
Trading lvl 100 shiny charizard for a lvl 1 shiny charmander please help 

Author Dominic Gois (2 months)
Mine won't work what should I do

Author Teh ButtonKid (7 months)
What makes shiny Pokémon so special? They are just colourful Pokémon. That
doesn't make the shiny Pokémon Legendary.
But its like and infinite Pokerus. a bit

Author Kar Perez (3 months)
im sorry, 200 to 300 what? i cant quite catch that part

Author Zachary Fassett (25 days)
favorite shiny meg,ya evolution in just x and y or XY/ORAS

Author Gideon Heuvelmans (3 months)
Shinies lost their value because of this. If it ain't 1/8192 i don't think
it's legit.

Author ZombieGamerDan (2 months)
Great video. Thanks to those tips I just had my first encounter with a
shiny! A shiny Volbeat by the daycare.

Author Thomas Bowden (2 months)
You can walk out of the patch and still have your chain

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