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Author Max Burton ( ago)
How do you get a poke radar

Author PokemonMasterAlpha ( ago)
my first shiny was a shiny vulpix in Pokémon black. I loved it so much and
evolved it to Ninetales! it's great and I transferred it to oras

Author GiacGemini ( ago)
Mega Shiny Rayquaza

Author GiacGemini ( ago)
Mega Shiny Rayquaza

Author Wesley Xavier ( ago)
1M Views :3

Author Snake Venom ( ago)
chain are NOT real. it has been discovered that chains do not matter just
do this but the chain will not matter

Author Ethan Merlo ( ago)
MIne is shiny mega rayqazza

Author XxTeh Epic Ampharos23xX ( ago)
"no, it went to the side." "side"uck

Author Spider Pig ( ago)

Author MeNyRanG ( ago)
Shiny magikarp. It was like beast, when i finally got it to gyarados. RED

Author Abby Branco ( ago)
I got a shiny sigyliph on the second chain...

Author Snivy Steel Leaf ( ago)
sewiside baskloon

Author Jack Ryan ( ago)
i found a shiny phantump in friend safari!!!

Author Ethan kANDERSKI ( ago)

Author Dra Tech ( ago)
In Gen6 they decreased the shiny rate to 1/6312 :/

Author Isaac Armenta ( ago)
my very first shiny pokemon in nothing 😟😔

Author Zeref DeathMagic ( ago)
Can anyone give me a espeon and a shiny eevee? (i already have a shiny
eevee but im evolving it into shiny jolteon)

Author Scarlett 933 ( ago)
OMG I just found a shiny ryhorn!!! :) this is the first shiny I caught in
the wild without mystery gift or gts

Author Hambone the Eevee ( ago)
One Does Not Simply watch a How to get Shiny Pokemon video without Turning
Pokemon on

Author CripChillinz ( ago)
I got a shiny Deino today after 7 eggs! :3

Author CandyGodScorpion ( ago)
Did anyone realize that gloom and lucario had pokerus?

Author Williamgameboy ( ago)
what root was he on?

Author Green Cody ( ago)
In Pokemon Omega Ruby I found a Shiny Feebas on my 3rd encounter in Chain

Author Jannifer the Gamer and Artist (a.k.a Jan.C) ( ago)
(My Shinies)

-I got a Shiny Luvdisc on the chain of 18
-I traded a Lv. 78 Charizard w/ mega stone for a Shiny Jirachi :3
-I caught a Shiny Skarmory by a sheer luck encounter
-I transported my Shiny Rapidash into my Pokemon X from my Pokemon Black
-I killed a shiny pikachu before and I never played Pokemon X until 2015..

Author Alpha ( ago)
I got in a horde of 2 sninies D:
had to kill one

Author Charlie Phelps ( ago)
I've only had one shiny it was a luvdisc... -_-

Author HardRockPhoenix ( ago)

Author Justin Jeong ( ago)
does it work on oras?

Author Kai the soulgamer 95 (726 years ago)
shiny mage gardevoir

Author Monster AJ ( ago)
Mine is probally Shiny Gardevoir

Author LYoshi102 ( ago)
The only shiny I encountered was a shiny Zubat in pokemon Ruby, and I
taught it was an error, because he was green. I was 6. Don't judge me. I
had only 3 poke balls and I didn't capture him D:...

Author Yandere Chan ( ago)
I found my first shiny w/ masuda methoding. A shiny Froakie in under 10
eggs. Then while EV training it, I got a shiny vanillite.

Author Umar Tahir (Son Goku) ( ago)
Once in my firered I was training in cerulean cave and encountered a shiny

Author Megaman Z ( ago)
Shiny mega Gallade

Author Christian Hernandez ( ago)
you helped me get a shiny relicanth

Author Tabby Fannan ( ago)
i got my shiny dratine after 13 eggs

Author Caleb Nadeau ( ago)
"Look at your pokemon PP"- Mulvone 2013

Author Ricky Spanish ( ago)
My story: on my very first playthrough of Pokemon Crystal all those years
ago, I ran into a shiny Ratatta.
I have had no more encounters with shinys other then the game event
Gyrados, the giveaway Pichu and Legendary dogs of gen IV and buldum of gen
Last thursday I got the Shiny Charm in OR, on that day I did hordes of
Electrike and Swablu. I got a shiny female Electrike from a horde and a
male Swablu from a dexnav. Yesterday after a week of soft resetting, I got
a shiny Ho oh likely thanks to the newly acquired Shiny Charm and putting a
Chinchou with the Illuminate ability at the front of my team.
I feel awesome.

Author Matthewgood Gaming ( ago)
I got a shiny luvdisc in a chain of 13

Author CazPhoenixsis Puruganan ( ago)
I have a lv.79 shiny male milotic! I want to give it away for a shiny
HOLLA BACK! I also have a shiny female bellossom that's lv.49 if anyone has
the rite offer. THANKS POKE COMMUNITY!(= FC:1994-0656-9715

Author Alec Magnuson (849 years ago)
hey I like shiny mega garados the best

Author IrethWolverine ( ago)
Thank you for showing all methods to get a shiny pokemon. it's a great
video. :)

Author Luiz Cavani ( ago)
I'm looking for friends
My FC: 3497-0751-5977

Author Kobrah De Duelist ( ago)
Just look in the friend safari I was just trying to get leftovers and I
found a shiny electabuzz

Author Jose Elías Pallares ( ago)
i've been playing pokemon for about 10 or more years now and so far legit,
that i actually found i've only seen 2 shiny pokemon, an onix and i didnt
even know what a shiny pokemon was so i killed it, and a kricketot which of
course i never used because it sucks!

Author wheresthefruitFTW ( ago)
So many false facts about chaining and shiny Pokémon 

Author Ashlyn Sumsion ( ago)
How do you keep your chain going and not hav it break

Author Biel Rehan ( ago)
I have shiny
charzard,rayquaza,mudkip,beldum,sceptile,relicanth,genesect,tyrunt,mew, and
greninja. The are all shiny and fc:3454-3483-4794 name is billy

Author Biel Rehan ( ago)
R. I. P. shiny basculin

Author ParsaMON ( ago)
When I watch this you have excactly 90 000 subscribers

Author Sam Martinon ( ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 shiny beldom please il love it

Author Android Gamer ( ago)
Anyone want a Torchic egg?

My FC is 5327-2029-0282

Tell me what Pokemon you will offer me for it.

Author Elite Reticle ( ago)
It was back in the day on Pokémon Leafgreen. I was playing normally, and I
had found a Venonat. I had no idea shinnies had existed back then, as I
never went on the Internet, and this was my first Pokémon game. To my
surprise the eyes were blue and I saw stars come out of it. I was looking
away from the screen for a sec and thought I imagined the stars. But when
the eyes were blue, I thought the game was bugged (no pun intended). I
caught it, and evolved it to a Venomoth. Sadly, I have no original DS, so I
cannot transfer it, and even worse, I lost the game cartridge. But hey,
when I was hunting for shinnies in Black I found a shiny Patrat. I also
traded shinnies often in the GTS, nothing so special though.

Author some1knowsomebody ( ago)
is there any one that has an out of region ditto i can use for breeding?

Author Torok Morkaius ( ago)
Is mayonayse an instrument?

Author Totally Bored “THIS IS MY SWAMP” Tomato ( ago)
Wow. Did you correct yourself mulvone in another video about the Friend
safari? the adds are not half of the full odds, it is 1/8 out of the full
odds. -_-

Author The Croc ( ago)
It wont let me use the poke radar for some reason

Author nikkinoivern ( ago)
Or mega shiny gengar

Author nikkinoivern ( ago)
Mega shiny metagross

Author Aleczander Gonzalez ( ago)
Rayquza and charazarad x

Author KwstasMode ( ago)
I found a shiny whismur in oras hordes while i was ev training hp, and it
was adamant -_-

Author tabitha0060 ( ago)

Author Brad Fortier ( ago)
fc - 2208-8108-1055 anything is good for me :)

Author Raytaygirl Gaming ( ago)
is this pokemon on the computer?

Author Abby Schangane ( ago)

Author Andrew Sharp ( ago)
where is that big pach of grass

Author Ethan Kogan ( ago)
I did the mesuda method with a foreign Froakie over 100 times and still no

Author Andrew Sharp ( ago)
my poke radar doesn't work

Author Jay Nelson (Zoro the Zoroark) ( ago)
I need to look at my pokemon's pee pee? Okay... O_O

Author Esta cuenta se fue a “Anteriormente” la MIERDA ( ago)
An advice for all that are looking for shinies.

Bring a Pokemon with the move FASLE SWIPE

Author ThePancakeQueen Gaming ( ago)
Fav shinies: shiny Eevee, shiny Zorua, and shiny Ponyta! ;; I rlly want
them..... One day....

Author pachirisuguy gaming ( ago)
Serena just got shiny bunnelby

Author Andrew Sharp ( ago)
how do you get poke radar

Author J Dog ( ago)
if the man at the daycare is facing the other way he has a egg for you

Author Vicky not Victoria ( ago)
im sorry but its funny when he says pp lol x3

Author The Kaizer 2210 ( ago)
Shiny psyduck on first sweet scent when not even shiny hunting. Beat that

Author Tahlia May ( ago)
The first time I caught a Shiny, I was screwing around with my brothers DS
and caught a Shiny Zubat and had no idea it was rare or anything, I thought
it was just a boy one :p
I told my brother I caught him a male Zubat the next day and he's like
'Wut?' and I'm like 'I think it's a boy,.. It's green not purple'

Author Brindlekittens AJ ( ago)
I found a shiny azurill at a chain of one (it wasn't even a chain XD) I was
trying to level up my pokemon.

Author Libby Patrick ( ago)
Every time i selected the pokeradar it said
Theres a time and place for everything but not now
What should i do? 

Author AwesomeCharizard (334 years ago)
Mine is shiny mega charizard X

Author CapTime ( ago)
I'm not getting any eggs from a blastoise and a talonflame.

Author Indigo Eclipse ( ago)
what attack killed basculin? I think it said final something dose anyone

Author Joseph Perez (Jobo11) ( ago)
Where are the locations that you used for Chain Fishing?

Author ShadowSkyX ( ago)
The only methods I haven't gotten a Shiny is through hatching or finding
them among hordes. I have seen them by themselves or traded one through WT
and GTS, and with one on one trades with someone I know.

Author Twiztid Joker ( ago)
pokemon x friends needed and dying for a shiny charmander or majikarp or
ghastly please help
4871-6745-3569 name is JOK3R

Author Dakota Cole Banks ( ago)
The only shiny pokemon I caught was a combee... and it was male

Author Matteo Guida ( ago)

Author Matteo Guida ( ago)
Friends code please

Author Jordyn perez ( ago)
My first shiny was a sentret

Author Jordyn perez ( ago)
How do you know if its a shiny patch

Author MayBell Lyric ( ago)
Why do you keep using repels when you're not going in the tall grass?

Author CollectibleToyVlog ( ago)
Shiny mega absol! Or shiny mega gengar but mainly shiny mega

Author GameZerDUDe740 ( ago)
I was just going around training, not looking for a shiny and I found a
shiny odish. I went to route 20 and 5 mins later i caught a shiny foongus.
Wasn't even using a strategy. :P

Author Josh Wright ( ago)
What colour is a shiny flab3be

Author Dorian Meesey ( ago)
Here's a couple shiny stories:
Once, I was shiny hunting in Victory Road, and gave up. I went to the
pokemon center to get my A team and a pokemon I wanted to level quickly.
First encounter was a Floatzel horde with a shiny. Good thing I had my
Lapras, the pokemon I was leveling, or else I wouldn't have it.
I have 6 shinies: Floazel, Vivilion, Charizard, Crobat, and just yesterday
( At time of comment) Gallade and Latias. Everything but Floatzel was
wonder traded. Am I lucky or what?

Author Peridot Chan (Tiny Lil Thing) ( ago)
Look at your shiny peepee.......

Author Game Ownageness ( ago)
Mega Charizard X

Author Brandon Chung ( ago)
What does shiny mega mewtwo x looks like

Author ToweredFlagella ( ago)
So here I am, level grinding in the swamps. I run into a Haunter, but it's
tongue was blue. I was like... Ummmmmmm... is that shiny? I see the sparkle
and I flip, I caught it. Now for the shiny mega Gengar.

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