How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?
I added the Pokerader, Fishing, Friend Safari, Horde, And Masuda Methods into this video, and I felt like I didn't do a very good job in explaining each method before so I am trying again!
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Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles
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Author Mulvone (9 months)
QOTD: What is your favorite shiny mega evolution?

Author De'Chelle Cross (17 days)
Add me guys? Its been a while since Ive been on my 3Ds lol I already beat
the game but just recently updated! I currently have no friends in my
friends list XD FC 4425 2912 4912 I'll add back! <3

Author SweBoi (2 months)
FC: 2106-0061-3529.
pleas add me i dont have any friends on my 3DS
I be Happy if u add me :D

have a nice day ^^

Author Banana Ramaz (1 month)
On that road I found moltress 3 times and ran away so I couldn't even fight
it. I'll have you know I only cried for 20 minuets 

Author Mikey Highwind (2 months)
My FC is 0147-0208-8773.
It'd be awesome if you guys added me, i'll add you right back!

Author Steven Rogers (6 days)
Is there an advantage to a shiny pokemon?

Author XMintiiX AJ (1 month)
Ugh! the Pokeradar WON'T respond! When I put it on it says "Mom's words
echoed... TrixiePixie! There's a time and place for everything! But not
now." What am I doing wrong?!

Author André Thompson (1 month)
Add me anyone! FC is 2552-2489-5398 (Dre)

Author Jenna Green (25 days)
2 weird things happened in my Pokemon X game.
First, in the cave leading to the Elite 4, I found a shiny Gurdurr. And it
Second, I was in a low level area (after I finished) and a FREAKIN MOLTRES
came out! But it fled immediately.

Author Mazec Mozec (25 days)
OMG! i went to route 5 and a LEVEL 70 MOLTRES jumped out at me and then fled
im so sad now ;-;

Author Guillaume Momo (2 months)
I got a Latios lvl 100 And i want a Charizard (90-100) with a Mega Stone X
my fc :4699 5395 2343 My Game name:TheMomo My Mii Name: Shadow

Author Brigid Fryer (2 months)
when i saw this, i thought "time to get my 3ds ready!'

Author kingno427 (1 month)
+700 beldum eggs with Masuda Method and Shiny Charm and still no shiny :(

Author Selphie Arwen-Flynn (1 month)
How come all ur pokemon have pokerus

Author ComedyGamer (2 months)
I'll give a garchomp holding garchompite for latios

Author Yami Clan (2 months)
I would love to have more friends for friend safari and more!
Add me 4596-9527-7440 =)
Message your friends code and I'll add you back!

Author The ShroomCraft (2 months)
I have a Japanese ditto which I always leave in the day care, but haven't
got a shiny yet ;_;

Author LunarChibi (4 months)
I've seen people bothering to say what nature the pkmn are and up until now
I always thought the nature was frivolous and didn't really matter. But now
that ive seen it mentioned enough I've begun to wonder why does the nature
of the pokemon matter?

Author Thad Castle (3 months)
how do people get shiny legendary pokemon? 

Author Mr.Momofo (5 months)
I have a sad story about shinies ok i went to bed and my little sis was
using my y version(i have both versions) and she randomly encountered a lvl
13 shiny absol randomly no method and she didnt wake me up and she didnt
know it was shiny because she never saw an absol before but she killed it
and in the morning she told me she saw a red absol and i was like 'WHAT
NOOOOOOO I COULD,VE HAD A SHINY MEGA ABSOL.' and i actually done these
methods a billion times and didnt encounter a shiny yet :'(

Author cosmicmuffin101 (2 months)
Somebody wonder traded me a Shiny Venusaur. I'm really happy about it
because I killed the only shiny I've ever found in the wild (it was an

Author ssj3charizard (2 months)
There is a shiny charm. You have to complete the national dex an then talk
to sykamore and he will give you a shiny charm

Author liweihu1 (5 months)
Masuda method 1/300? Hahahahahaha ;-; (at 1000+ eggs)

Author Pascal Bruinewold (4 months)
Pokemon cant go lower then lvl 5 in X and Y if you see a pokemon on lvl
1,2,3 or 4 then it is gamesharked

Author chadwr85 (4 months)
Name: ken flo
code: 0447-7136-5893

have some uncommon pkmn in mine
add me and reply and I'll add you

Author The Winged Ninja (4 months)
what is a pokerus ? help me plz

Author Tsunamara (1 month)
My friend code is 0662-4808-6600 :) Friend safari is water! Add me :3

Author XyGaming (1 month)
It says cant do it :P

Author xXGoldenButterflyXx (2 months)
Everytime I try to use the pokeradar it says "Theres a time and place for
everything, but not now." What do I do? o.o

Author ash ketchum (2 months)
I just got a shiny drifblim via friend safari. Yesterday I traded it for a
shiny braviary which looks way more badass. Was it worth it?

Author Eternal (5 months)
You have a Lucario with pokerus?!?!?!?!?!

Author Sentoki Nokai (3 months)
When you say a Pokemon from a different region... do you mean a Pokemon
that was caught in another game and transferred to X or a Pokemon that was
caught by a player in another country? 

Author RushDynamic (5 months)
my only shiny i ever found was a shiny sneasel in pokemon platinum :(

Author Sorata Endo (7 days)
Hey anyone want a x-zard for a y-zard

Author Marioparty55 (2 days)
Attention, I am about to fill my Dex, if anyone has. Landorus, Thundurus,
or Tornadus, can I have it? I HAVE A UXIE TO TRADE U WITH. Friends code:

Author Chad robinson (5 months)
Giving out *FREE* pokemon til' May 20th!

E-Mail me at

(note: some pokemon do not work, so dont excpect to have some lvl 100
Arceus that is a shiny and knows fly)

just use the following format:

Shiny or No Shiny:

Get your free pokemon before May 20th and you could be a lucky winner!
*Friend Code: 2337-4617-0215*
PS: moveset is *NOT* optional
PPS: cannot get pokemon above Gen 5 (Black and White)

Author Lightness Gameplays (5 days)
I don't really get it the poke radar method.

Author Eric Cartmanez (5 months)
you can get the shiny charm just complete the pokedex and go to the

Author GingerBoyGames (23 days)
Will add anyone! Friend code: 3609 - 2028 - 6677 (coopy)

Author YO-FRO Garcia (2 months)
When you evolve a shiny pokemon does it remain shiny or does it return to
its default color when it evolves? Please answer 

Author mac cross (3 months)
how can i get an egg???

Author Reshiram477 (8 days)
I have hatched over 950 eggs and I still don't have my shiny Noibat. Why is
my luck so bad.

Author Jason Stovin (5 days)
I got two shinys a shiny zubat and a ... shiny zubat

Author NK11SammyLuna (8 days)
I found a shiny Luvdisc!

Author Lurio jinx (7 days)
mega charizard x shiney

Author Bobby Cat (7 days)
*All 18 Methods:*
- Soft Resetting (Useful for starter Pokemon, stationary Pokemon, roaming
Pokemon [excluding predetermined roamers], fossils, and Gamecorner Pokemon)
- Egg Value Method (If you still know your egg value, you can still trade
it to someone with that value for a shiny) [Patched]
- RNG Abuse (Eon Timer + RNG Reporter)
- Horde Battles (Sweet Scent or Honey)
- Gameplay (Shiny Gyarados in Gen II or Gen IV or Shiny
Gible[B2]/Dratini[W2]/Haxorus[B2W2]) (Or just play normally and wait
eventually 'til a shiny Pokemon appears)
- Play in multiple consoles (Using more than 1 console can be useful and
time saving)
- Friend Safari
- Consecutive Fishing
- Masuda Method (Breed two Pokemon of different regions in the world)
- Cheat (Action Replay PowerSaves for 3DS, other cheating devices, or cheat
option in certain emulators)
- PokeRadar (Increases shiny rate until 40 chains)
- Shiny Charm (Complete the National PokeDex for a higher shiny rate)
- Trade
- Event (Crown Beasts event, Beldum event, etc.)
- Use an automatic, external non-cheating device such as the Poke-O-Matic
- Create your Pokemon [PokeGTS, PokeBuilder, PokeCheck, etc] (Does not work
anymore, when transferring directly to game through the GTS, but you can
try to find some .pkm data files and transfer them through a cheating
device to load that Pokemon in the game)
- Shiny Ditto DV Manipulation (Requires Generation I and II, but appears
shiny in Generation II)
- Clone an existing shiny (This allows you to get multiple shiny clones of
the original shiny Pokemon [Works on Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon X/Y])

Author Colossal Titan (5 months)
the first time i did chain fishing, it took 8 tries before a shiny appeared
then the second time i got up to 94 (and messed up) with nothing...

Author Red (4 months)
I had a japanese lairon and evolved it into an aggron. Can I still do the
Masuda Method?

Author malomidna9 (5 months)
I actually got a Shiny Horsea with the fishing method!!!

Author Princess_Absol (2 months)
16th egg, i got a shiny absol on the SECOND EGG

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