How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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Thank you for watching my Pokemon videos. I create a variety of Pokemon ranging from WiFi Battles, to Let's Plays, to Funny Moments, to Shiny Reactions. I play both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y.

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Author Withos Empire ( ago)
Sorry for all the comments, but favorite shiny mega is mega gallade.

Author Withos Empire ( ago)
I did the breeding methond. I had three boxes full of oshawott. Sent them
all away to lucky trainers.

Author Withos Empire ( ago)
For the breeding I go back and forth on the edge kf fhe trail so you ru.
Into a sign and into the lampost in campifer township

Author Stinging Nettle ( ago)
I remember my very first playthrough of Emerald(First pokemon game) I found
a random Shiny Marill and a few hours later found a Shiny Wingull, and
right after that a shiny Gloom :P It was pretty dope

Author CreepaKingdom ( ago)
In the mesoodu method with my servine which I got in a trade so i want s
shiny snivy

Author CreepaKingdom ( ago)
In my dream I got a shiny eevee

Author Santa Banana ( ago)
the only shiny I have is a wurmple lvl 100 with an eviolite

Author shanobian ( ago)
basculin would rather kill itself than be with you

Author NightRising Wolf ( ago)
Everyone count how many times he says "uh" I got to 34 and stopped to
comment this

Author Joshua Moore ( ago)
shiny mega Charizard X

Author king prawnz ( ago)
my very first shiny was a heliopitile i think thays how you spell it

Author mastrtonberry2 ( ago)
Why are you hunting shinies without False Swipe?

Author The Hatchet Attack ( ago)
Shiny Ageislash

Author Jabed Miah ( ago)
Mega charzard x

Author Jazmin Merino ( ago)
I'm cool so my number is 3454-1956-4319 please😁1

Author Mirrai Channel ( ago)
buddy.. you talk too much... show more, less talk

Author Umbreon Shiny ( ago)
Anyone wants to share Charizardite x for my charizardite y?

Author Isaac Royall (royallhornetgaming) ( ago)
shiny mega rayquaza

Author Ricky Hytower ( ago)

Author David Juarez ( ago)
I Got Box full of Pokerus

Author Michael S ( ago)
If u playing x plz can I have xearneas plz I need it I'll give anything
execpet zygard or my y legend btw I'm I youtuber not popular I just have 2
get further to get stronger

Author Michael S ( ago)
I want fast shines

Author Holly Selman (1349 years ago)
I have a shiny bellossom and I would love if anyone wants to trade for a
shiny ponyta so 😊

Author Jacob Jorgensen ( ago)
shiny mega charizard y

Author Scott Rutherford ( ago)
Anyone wanting to trade me a shiny and I will give u pokerus? .

Author Yoshimarcus Channel ( ago)
If someone has a shiny Gengar please tell me in the comments

Author dominique herbert ( ago)
friend code 5344-0100-4236 add me :)

Author Jack Young ( ago)
that was not a shiny basculin

Author Renata Pittman ( ago)
I found a shiny Druddigon its green and gold and the original ks blue and

Author omqitsmicha :3 ( ago)
I've found 3 shinys in X and Y I found two or them in one day a shiny
watchdog and a shiny swirlix I forgot what the other one is tho

Author Julian Gunther ( ago)
a thing called suction cup pokemon. lol

Author Scarlet Iroichi ( ago)
i think rattat was my first shiny

Author Scarlet Iroichi ( ago)
that happened to me.. i feinted my first shiny

Author FantomSprite ( ago)
Sorry I'm kind of a noob what is a chain big noob me

Author MyNameIsNone OfYourBusiness ( ago)
The only shiny I've ever seen was a cunchoo in a horde. After I cleared the
other 4 I accidentally crit killed the shiny 😔

Author Dylan Tang ( ago)
You can just buy the power saver for 3ds and change any Pokemon shiny

Author Patrick Arnaiz ( ago)
Fave shiny evo is Gengar!!!

Author Sylver 763 ( ago)
Thnx 4 uploading this video. i really helped. :)

Author tjm0720 ( ago)
friend code: 2809-9661-7216
anyone feel free to add me. looking for safari friends

Author Bob Rock ( ago)
guys did you see greninja's level at the start is was level 90 and when he
encountered the shiny bascluin it was level 83

Author Marshall C ( ago)
just shiny delibird

Author DarkRider YT ( ago)
Once I found a shiny ditto, and it died by recoil :V

Author Kourtney Mount ( ago)
dude plz make a video how to evolve litleo into pyroar with a fire stone

Author Rehono Tharp ( ago)
My first shiny pokemon was a Raticate that I happened across in Pokemon
Heartgold. And then my game decided to delete all my data along with my
Raticate and I have yet to find another shiny...

Author Jack Jensen ( ago)
My first shiny Pokemon was a Snover that I ran into on accident, I had to
use my only master ball on it :/

Author Cloudtail59 ( ago)
One time I was wonder trading and I got a shiny salamence

Author Nerf academy 101 ( ago)

Author Spiikey HD ( ago)
yuo suk

Author Dragonmaster123 Draginod ( ago)
trying to get shiny buldum if you have wanna trade?

Author Fernando Naula ( ago)
shiny hypno /tepic/arceus for shiny lucario or gengar

Author Amelia Wren ( ago)
I have shiny articuno, shiny lucario and shiny giratina all from wonder

Author jason flamm ( ago)
what item is that

Author jason flamm ( ago)
what item is that?😃😃😃

Author jason flamm ( ago)
what item is that?😃😃😃

Author Sayber 1212 ( ago)
do u have a snivy

Author Hangarette_Routh ( ago)
Actually, I have one shiny Pokemon - Spoink XD
I caught her by a sheer luck; and this Spoink is my first shiny Pokemon
So, good luck!

Author Aprils shurtleff ( ago)
I love the shiny Eevee.

Author MinerGamer one in only ( ago)
I caught a Shiny Furfou at a chain of 5 instead of 40. #Thehypeisreal

Author pixel bros ( ago)
I love shiny gegnar.

Author Zender God ( ago)

Author CubexGaming ( ago)
My shinies:
Shiny Beartic (legit), Shiny Chandelure (legit), Shiny Drifblim (legit),
Shiny Cofagrigus (GTS), Shiny Rotom (trade), Shiny Arceus (trade), Shiny
Yveltal (trade), Shiny Darkrai (GTS), Shiny Volcorona (Wonder Trade), Shiny
Aegislash (trade), Shiny Metagross (trade), Shiny Venusaur (Wonder Trade),
Shiny Ditto (GTS), Shiny Zubat (trade)
Shinies I HAD:
Shiny Mew (trade), Shiny Genesect (trade), Shiny Jirachi (trade), Shiny
Manaphy (GTS), shiny Mewtwo (Wonder Trade), Shiny Swampert (Wonder Trade),
Shiny Mesprit (trade), Shiny Treecko (Wonder Trade), Shiny Audino (trade),
Shiny Kricketune (trade), Shiny Gengar (Wonder Trade)

Author Wesley Smith ( ago)
When fishing, the sticky hold ability also works.

Author SteamenMusic SM ( ago)
how u get PokeRadar?!

Author Grovylelover XYZ ( ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALY GOT MY FIRST SHINY!!!!!!! (Goldeen)

Author Yiannis Katsamakis ( ago)
0404-9816-7846. Add me. I wanna trade my hunter so it can evolve to Gengar
lol. Pls and thank you

Author Tirron Pusca ( ago)
I have that greninja Pokemon but his level 100 and he has surf 😄 but good

Author Roisin Toner ( ago)
How do u get a poke radar

Author Adriana Monzon ( ago)
can you breed male pokemon with ditto?

Author bpepper ( ago)
I have a shiny arouos a shiny cresslia and a shiny grodon(I used 2

Author Wizarddaniel 86 ( ago)
gallade is my fav shiny mega

Author Jonathan Dawley ( ago)
i just started x and i got a shiny skido

Author Ron Cowin ( ago)
in friend safari i found a shiny phanphy! now i have a orange donphan

Author Courtland Hites ( ago)
my favorite shiny mega is rayquaza

Author Anime bluefirX9 ( ago)

Author Hector Torres ( ago)
my favorit mega shiny pokemon is mega gingar

Author Hoop Lazaro ( ago)
i found a shiny basculin and didnt actually know that that was a shiny
pokemon :l

Author Jesse Potts ( ago)
I've got up to 90+ on chain fishing 3 times yet still no shiny luck lol

Author Jasperczj Czj (812 years ago)
I got a shiny eevee randomly :D , Reseted my data though

Author Kyle Porter ( ago)
Why use max repel when you were doing the egg hatch portion

Author Francesca ( ago)
I actually recently got my shiny eevee on the third egg. I am very proud of

Author Domanick “Awesome Sauce” Vernon ( ago)
Im trying the horde Method with my combee. Encountered around 6 Hordes of
Gulpin But Scraggy had to Ruin my Chain... >:( "I Never Caught a Shiny

Author Clyde Paul (108 years ago)

Author Khloey Zolla ( ago)
I have a shiny Bibarel, I found her in friend safari and nicknamed her
shine cuz she's a shiny Pokémon. Is "shine" a cute nickname?

Author BlazingReshiiram & ElectrifyingZekrom Aj ( ago)
With the egg method, can you use legendaries for it like if ones japan and
ones usa?

Author jezel starr ( ago)
Ugh I need somebody to trade with help

Author ben gijn ( ago)

Author Giannis Ioannidis ( ago)
On Masuda method both pokemons must be from different region than yours?

Author Max Burton ( ago)
How do you get a poke radar

Author PokemonMasterAlpha ( ago)
my first shiny was a shiny vulpix in Pokémon black. I loved it so much and
evolved it to Ninetales! it's great and I transferred it to oras

Author GiacGemini ( ago)
Mega Shiny Rayquaza

Author GiacGemini ( ago)
Mega Shiny Rayquaza

Author Wesley Xavier ( ago)
1M Views :3

Author Sgt.Soreth ( ago)
chain are NOT real. it has been discovered that chains do not matter just
do this but the chain will not matter

Author Chibi Block ( ago)
"no, it went to the side." "side"uck

Author Spider Pig ( ago)

Author MeNyRanG ( ago)
Shiny magikarp. It was like beast, when i finally got it to gyarados. RED

Author Abby Branco ( ago)
I got a shiny sigyliph on the second chain...

Author Snivy Steel Leaf ( ago)
sewiside baskloon

Author Jack Ryan ( ago)
i found a shiny phantump in friend safari!!!

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