How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y (All Methods/Updated Version)

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Thank you for watching my Pokemon videos. I create a variety of Pokemon ranging from WiFi Battles, to Let's Plays, to Funny Moments, to Shiny Reactions. I play both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y.

I do not own rights to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well as Pokemon X and Y are copyrighted to Gamefreak 2015 and licensed by Nintendo 2015.

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Author boss gameing ( ago)
mega blastoust

Author The Creeper Bros. ( ago)
CUZ im straight up gangsta

Author The Creeper Bros. ( ago)
All of my Pokemon have pokerus

Author Emma Foley ( ago)
But in the poke radar method you can't step on the out side paches of grass

Author serena180 ( ago)
My way i can get any pokemon shiny any time i want

Author serena180 ( ago)
The best way

Author serena180 ( ago)
Besy way power saves pro

Author joshuay uile ( ago)
Shiny mega Gengar is awesome

Author Max Carlquist ( ago)
When I played the storyline I was locking for an eevee in a rout and I
found a shiny eevee

Author Jace Zhu ( ago)
if you beat the Pokemon league. go to the lab in sycamores lab and talk to
every lady

Author MishaMellow ( ago)
Hey could you please tell me how you record your pokemon videos?? I've been
trying to look up tutorials but everyone pretty much says oh set up a
camera and point it at your 3ds! thumbs up and I don't want to do that
cause I'd get shitty audio quality knowing my luck.

Author FluttershyJAC ( ago)
what the things that you use to find

Author kailey smith ( ago)
Idk why I'm watching this if I'm breeding eevee

Author Aleygames aka tug3 ( ago)
Hmm... I think i'm gonna try for a shiny Eevee!
* Three weeks later...*
................. I give up..... ;-;
* Nephew comes up * Nephew: I GOT A SHINY FENNEKIN!
Me: ....... * Inhale*.... I GIVE UP LIFE.

Author corn-dog “Corndog” lebron ( ago)
Does the masuda method (day care breeding) work with a foreign ditto?

Author Frisk Dreemurr ( ago)
how do ya get a pokeradar

Author Joe hey han ( ago)
how can i hatch different pokemoon

Author Yuno Stobbe ( ago)
do you need a talonflame of another region to get a shiny out of an egg
cuzz I have a talonflame but not from another region

Author lupita jimenez ( ago)
I caught a shiny pumpikco or that pumpkin pokemon without watching that xD

Author Battery ( ago)
shiny pansear PANSEAR

Author jonnyrocke nintendo fan ( ago)
I found a shiny bedlum

Author Yuno Gasai ( ago)
my only shiny was a magikarp.

Author issac Parada ( ago)
i just got it on my 11 try

Author zach Barahona ( ago)
I let a shiny roselia escape by accident

Author Linh Cat ( ago)
shiny mega gardevoir😄😄😄

Author Quinn Parker ( ago)
I tried the friend safari method and I got a shiny Surviper on my first

Author SJR Gaming ( ago)
Shiny mewtwo shiny diancie and shiny xerneas

Author Anthony Santosuosso ( ago)
what emulator are you using that is so stable?

Author Itachi Uchiha ( ago)
Shiny Greninja, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Xerneas

Author ella-rose Treacy ( ago)
I put in wurmple in wonder trade and got a shiny absol lvl 100

Author Sydosys GD ( ago)
that level 50 Basculin you encountered was not a shiny Basculin have two
forms a red form and a blue form these forms are both normal.

Author NightcoreElements ( ago)
Shiny Mega Blaziken lv. 100 with Pokerus 4ever.

Author Zach Shafer ( ago)
how do you get a poke radar?

Author Ice_Tiger ( ago)
Goddamn it guys ;( the only shiny I got was a yanmega through WT xD I've
never gotten a real shiny by myself.

Author woody ort ( ago)
i got my shiny froakie on the 6th egg :O

Author Ryolu Celestial ( ago)
LOL gloom with pokerus

Author Shalee Gherbaz ( ago)
First shiny was a level 100 banette through a wonder trade... Only realised
months later that it was shiny, I was just happy that I got a level 100!
Then today after a 3 chain (without me realising what chains are) I got a
shiny Pikachu. I seem to not be able to find them if I'm trying

Author Orion11790 Gaming ( ago)
I found a shiny goldeen on my 6th chain

Author Joaquin Roxas ( ago)
I have shiny arceus

Author Stephanie Hannah ( ago)
Shiney mega charizard x

Author andrea saturno ( ago)
my first shiny was a shiny swanna and I trade it for hopa.

Author cristy d ( ago)
anybody got a mew willing to trade for my celebi..jirachi...hoopa or
keldeo? plss

Author Andy fuchu ( ago)
i got a shiny chespin from my 2nd egg

Author Annoyed Person ( ago)
Something with a lot of pee pee.

Author Alecto Anarchy ( ago)
I caught a shiny Dugtrio in the badlands on Route 13. Third Dugtrio I found
on that route, too. My first shiny Pokemon, and it was a pathetic one. ಠ_ಠ

Author GhostGaming lee ( ago)
shiny gardivore has an awesome black dress and blue skin

Author XTheMatrixX ( ago)
My First shinys are shiny shellos and gatriodon in pokemon diamond,
In white, shint timburr and lilligant

Author Aj Honsinger ( ago)
i saw a shiny but i ran a way because i had no pokeballs

Author Withos Empire ( ago)
Sorry for all the comments, but favorite shiny mega is mega gallade.

Author Withos Empire ( ago)
I did the breeding methond. I had three boxes full of oshawott. Sent them
all away to lucky trainers.

Author Withos Empire ( ago)
For the breeding I go back and forth on the edge kf fhe trail so you ru.
Into a sign and into the lampost in campifer township

Author Stinging Nettle ( ago)
I remember my very first playthrough of Emerald(First pokemon game) I found
a random Shiny Marill and a few hours later found a Shiny Wingull, and
right after that a shiny Gloom :P It was pretty dope

Author CreepaKingdom ( ago)
In the mesoodu method with my servine which I got in a trade so i want s
shiny snivy

Author CreepaKingdom ( ago)
In my dream I got a shiny eevee

Author Sonoramic Aes ( ago)
the only shiny I have is a wurmple lvl 100 with an eviolite

Author shanobian ( ago)
basculin would rather kill itself than be with you

Author NightRising Wolf ( ago)
Everyone count how many times he says "uh" I got to 34 and stopped to
comment this

Author Joshua Moore ( ago)
shiny mega Charizard X

Author king prawnz ( ago)
my very first shiny was a heliopitile i think thays how you spell it

Author mastrtonberry2 ( ago)
Why are you hunting shinies without False Swipe?

Author The Hatchet Attack ( ago)
Shiny Ageislash

Author Jabed Miah ( ago)
Mega charzard x

Author Jazmin Merino ( ago)
I'm cool so my number is 3454-1956-4319 please😁1

Author Mirrai Channel ( ago)
buddy.. you talk too much... show more, less talk

Author Umbreon Shiny ( ago)
Anyone wants to share Charizardite x for my charizardite y?

Author Isaac Royall (royallhornetgaming) ( ago)
shiny mega rayquaza

Author Ricky Hytower ( ago)

Author David Juarez ( ago)
I Got Box full of Pokerus

Author Michael S ( ago)
If u playing x plz can I have xearneas plz I need it I'll give anything
execpet zygard or my y legend btw I'm I youtuber not popular I just have 2
get further to get stronger

Author Michael S ( ago)
I want fast shines

Author Holly Selman (1349 years ago)
I have a shiny bellossom and I would love if anyone wants to trade for a
shiny ponyta so 😊

Author Jacob Jorgensen ( ago)
shiny mega charizard y

Author Scott Rutherford ( ago)
Anyone wanting to trade me a shiny and I will give u pokerus? .

Author Yoshimarcus Channel ( ago)
If someone has a shiny Gengar please tell me in the comments

Author dominique herbert ( ago)
friend code 5344-0100-4236 add me :)

Author Jack Young ( ago)
that was not a shiny basculin

Author Renata Pittman ( ago)
I found a shiny Druddigon its green and gold and the original ks blue and

Author OmqItsMich :3 ( ago)
I've found 3 shinys in X and Y I found two or them in one day a shiny
watchdog and a shiny swirlix I forgot what the other one is tho

Author Julian Gunther ( ago)
a thing called suction cup pokemon. lol

Author Scarlet Iroichi ( ago)
i think rattat was my first shiny

Author Scarlet Iroichi ( ago)
that happened to me.. i feinted my first shiny

Author FantomSprite ( ago)
Sorry I'm kind of a noob what is a chain big noob me

Author MyNameIsNone OfYourBusiness ( ago)
The only shiny I've ever seen was a cunchoo in a horde. After I cleared the
other 4 I accidentally crit killed the shiny 😔

Author Dylan Tang ( ago)
You can just buy the power saver for 3ds and change any Pokemon shiny

Author Patrick Arnaiz ( ago)
Fave shiny evo is Gengar!!!

Author Sylver 763 ( ago)
Thnx 4 uploading this video. i really helped. :)

Author tjm0720 ( ago)
friend code: 2809-9661-7216
anyone feel free to add me. looking for safari friends

Author Bob Rock ( ago)
guys did you see greninja's level at the start is was level 90 and when he
encountered the shiny bascluin it was level 83

Author Marshall C ( ago)
just shiny delibird

Author DarkRider YT ( ago)
Once I found a shiny ditto, and it died by recoil :V

Author Kourtney Mount ( ago)
dude plz make a video how to evolve litleo into pyroar with a fire stone

Author Rehono Tharp ( ago)
My first shiny pokemon was a Raticate that I happened across in Pokemon
Heartgold. And then my game decided to delete all my data along with my
Raticate and I have yet to find another shiny...

Author Jack Jensen ( ago)
My first shiny Pokemon was a Snover that I ran into on accident, I had to
use my only master ball on it :/

Author Cloudtail59 ( ago)
One time I was wonder trading and I got a shiny salamence

Author Nerf academy 101 ( ago)

Author Spiikey HD ( ago)
yuo suk

Author Dragonmaster123 Draginod ( ago)
trying to get shiny buldum if you have wanna trade?

Author Fernando Naula ( ago)
shiny hypno /tepic/arceus for shiny lucario or gengar

Author Amelia Wren ( ago)
I have shiny articuno, shiny lucario and shiny giratina all from wonder

Author jason flamm ( ago)
what item is that

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