DIY Paper Fire Logs

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  • tigerraven And co
    tigerraven And co 4 days ago

    Put a bit of kerosene and you have fire starter

  • Jonathan Mendez
    Jonathan Mendez 13 days ago

    Very satisfying

  • Austin Karns
    Austin Karns 14 days ago

    that moment when he shreds all his restraining orders and puts them to good use by burning the

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 15 days ago

    Yay no boom!!!

  • jesusavelar
    jesusavelar 15 days ago

    I like one of these making logs :(

  • GameAdmin
    GameAdmin 18 days ago

    You know your a real Russian when you stick your hand into a fire

  • Joe & Aidan
    Joe & Aidan 19 days ago


  • Pinrui Huang
    Pinrui Huang 20 days ago

    make it with nitrocellulose

  • CheeseburgerPanda Says hi

    Y would u need this?? (BeSide fire)

  • Ambrose Killpack
    Ambrose Killpack 26 days ago

    i want one of those

  • niggle wiggle
    niggle wiggle 27 days ago

    Yelcome back to my labtowoybody where safety is no. One prorityzbfhsbansb
    Hear his laboratory

  • Raxader
    Raxader 28 days ago

    Put WD-40 on it to make it even better

  • cHeEsY aSiAn
    cHeEsY aSiAn 1 month ago

    I thougt that it said: DIY paper legos 😄

  • Mr Melon33
    Mr Melon33 1 month ago

    Well paper is wood so compressing paper would imitate log

  • Gek Chinoew
    Gek Chinoew 1 month ago

    looks like rice😑

  • Csgo Is life m8
    Csgo Is life m8 1 month ago

    We recycled this paper to put more smog in the air

    TEK YOUTU BER 1 month ago

    he's the guy

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 1 month ago

    for some reasons, im afraid of wet papers. it feels disgusting. especially with newspaper

  • Asra Nayeem
    Asra Nayeem 1 month ago

    very cool

  • Rael Jones
    Rael Jones 1 month ago

    I would assume that the ink and dyes in the paper aren't safe for inhalation when burned indoors

  • friscoHub415
    friscoHub415 2 months ago

    hey how about you use gas instead of water might light better

  • Seth Hall
    Seth Hall 2 months ago

    made these in summer and used a homemade press. you need to dry them for a week

  • daniel baun
    daniel baun 2 months ago

    Do you use this gadgets at home??

  • Orange Sucker
    Orange Sucker 2 months ago


  • kai Seeberger
    kai Seeberger 2 months ago


  • Das Oschi
    Das Oschi 2 months ago

    Paper = Wood

  • Albozz the King
    Albozz the King 2 months ago

    this is so satisfying

  • yanti nonga
    yanti nonga 2 months ago

    whats your name

  • octane
    octane 2 months ago

    is this like fancy gopnik craft... squatting and pressing... cool stuff blin

  • Itsred yt
    Itsred yt 2 months ago

    y do u say mobile toy when its crazy russian hacker

  • terraBoss33
    terraBoss33 2 months ago

    In soviet Russia twigs are bigger than branches

  • Daffy Duck
    Daffy Duck 2 months ago


  • Braden Stoner
    Braden Stoner 2 months ago

    How to set a fire with wet paper...... smart 🤓

  • leotrim shala
    leotrim shala 2 months ago

    I think that paper was workin hard

  • Ian Ibarra
    Ian Ibarra 2 months ago

    What if you use mud can you make a mud brick

  • Safia Ayub
    Safia Ayub 2 months ago

    That paper log just makes the fire look ugly. It looked so much nicer without it

  • L.T jamal
    L.T jamal 2 months ago

    wasn't he at 10million

  • ITZGlitchy
    ITZGlitchy 2 months ago

    Cutting trees to make logs
    Cutting trees to make paper
    :/ :/

  • dillon bateman
    dillon bateman 2 months ago

    he's done this before

  • die now
    die now 2 months ago

    heavy breathing and struggling

    says this is easy

  • Malek Ahmad Bakkar 8MOB Læssøesgades Skole

    10mil soon love u CrazyRussianHacker

  • Underfell Sans
    Underfell Sans 2 months ago

    You could just put the shreded paper in a hidraulec press

  • ayden DAniels
    ayden DAniels 2 months ago


  • bogdan alexandru
    bogdan alexandru 2 months ago

    Instead of water put gasoline .. And see what happen ☺️

  • Q - 225
    Q - 225 2 months ago

    that smell tho

  • Fynnjes TV
    Fynnjes TV 2 months ago

    wehre Can i buy this?

  • Българска Федерация По Борба

    0:43 are u sure u will fill this paper?

  • Blazin GamerZ - Donnellmoshen

    Actually reusing the paper would be a better way to recycle it.

  • dick cheese
    dick cheese 2 months ago

    no paper were harmed when making video. booom

  • Amir Farrag
    Amir Farrag 2 months ago

    I like children

  • lucio plays
    lucio plays 2 months ago

    I rike riceee

  • FrizZZ FTW
    FrizZZ FTW 2 months ago

    Recycle people

  • oliver Bates
    oliver Bates 2 months ago

    I had a.paper log maker like three years ago

  • Panda
    Panda 2 months ago

    does anyone else think he's saying welcome back to all about the toysm

  • Kunal Chauhan
    Kunal Chauhan 2 months ago

    Watching this crazy Russian at 3:00 am. What am doing with my life....

  • giumek100
    giumek100 2 months ago

    0:54 thats the best way to recycle people ? what hahahahahhahahaha :D :D

  • Toan Tran
    Toan Tran 2 months ago

    "This is like one of the best way to recycle people for sure" - Taras Kul

    LORD TSILAN 2 months ago

    from where did u buy this amazing thing Taras?

  • platez81
    platez81 2 months ago

    looks like paperlog making love doggystyle in the fire =)

  • _Keiron Playz_
    _Keiron Playz_ 2 months ago


  • Aussie Skiller
    Aussie Skiller 3 months ago

    Instead of water I would use petrol

  • Brighton Young
    Brighton Young 3 months ago

    Cool Tip - Instead of water, try using gasoline!

  • veepee vaiphei
    veepee vaiphei 3 months ago

    Mr boom

  • chris brown
    chris brown 3 months ago

    Try using used motor oil with it. It shouldburn longer and hotter.

  • MrBigbosskev
    MrBigbosskev 3 months ago

    nice gadjik :D

  • Adam S
    Adam S 3 months ago

    Use alcohol to soak instead of water then no need to dry.

  • MrGoosebro
    MrGoosebro 3 months ago

    this vet peyper

  • D J
    D J 3 months ago

    Best way to get rid of paper trail evidence.. "imma give this gadjet a thumbs up👍"

  • Allison Upham
    Allison Upham 4 months ago

    I feel like it would have been a lot cooler if he used gasoline instead of water

  • Dimilixer37 Tsuyame
    Dimilixer37 Tsuyame 4 months ago

    You already said turn it upside down if needed

  • Secret Noa
    Secret Noa 4 months ago


  • Stony OG
    Stony OG 4 months ago

    Thumbs up for me

  • jomin johnson
    jomin johnson 4 months ago

    He said it is so easy but he was trying so hard to squeeze the water out of the paper😂😂

  • Brent
    Brent 4 months ago

    use wax instead of water.

  • Atharv Khanzode
    Atharv Khanzode 4 months ago

    dude you know your polluting the environment like that right

  • Jyoti arora
    Jyoti arora 5 months ago

    put fire in your house.......... that's because safety is number one priority

  • chance phillips
    chance phillips 5 months ago

    please start leaving links to where you buy things

  • Pzyco Ninjaa
    Pzyco Ninjaa 5 months ago

    0:54 this is like 1 of the best ways to recycle people for sure~Taras Kul

  • Corktail
    Corktail 5 months ago

    if the paper was folded into a log it would be less of a mess and would hold together

  • Hannah Schultz
    Hannah Schultz 5 months ago

    omg that looks kinda neat except touching wet paper makes me gag for some reason so I couldn't do it x'D

  • Dwayne Ryan Arias
    Dwayne Ryan Arias 5 months ago

    ndhwjghdfhskficiruej nfjcjgjgjgngnfjfnrjdnfbfhfhrurunfhchrhchbdhch


  • Bold24
    Bold24 5 months ago

    the best way to recycle paper is........burning it :-D

  • Dax Vv
    Dax Vv 5 months ago

    What if in stead of using of water to make to blocks you use lighter fluid, that would start a fire really quickly

    SMITLIX 5 months ago

    The new evolution of logs


    1:05 now I'm gonna put this inserd

  • name no
    name no 6 months ago

    where can i buy it?

  • lessgo
    lessgo 6 months ago


  • Brother vs sister Barrie

    So satisfying

  • Sys
    Sys 6 months ago

    There is a handgrenade in the background..

  • Tnkas Alamri
    Tnkas Alamri 6 months ago

    Suddenly, he made a river in his garden

  • Alessandro Sega
    Alessandro Sega 6 months ago

    how the hell do you dry them, mine take 3 weeks its ridiculous @CrazyRussianHacker

  • Aldo Espinoza
    Aldo Espinoza 6 months ago

    i like how it turns to paper log

  • elite gamer
    elite gamer 6 months ago


  • player 786
    player 786 6 months ago

    whatapp everybody welcome back

  • Jakubov
    Jakubov 6 months ago

    Mmmm.. Colored paper with ink and another chems in my furnance and all house :3
    PS. It's not recycling

  • Ting Wei Lim
    Ting Wei Lim 6 months ago

    Kinda look like concrete

  • xan8185
    xan8185 6 months ago

    I love watchin your videos!!!

  • Multi1Vids
    Multi1Vids 6 months ago

    Crazy Russian Wall-e

  • Multi1Vids
    Multi1Vids 6 months ago

    wall-e be like

  • Brosomes
    Brosomes 6 months ago


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