Borgia Flags: Basilica di San Pietro: A Wolf in sheep's clothing

Borgia Flags in the Lair of Romulus.

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Author Ronald Espinoza ( ago)
Gracias amigo

Author Robert Dallmeier ( ago)
I thank you for this guide.

Author Junokaii ( ago)
So basically I have to redo story sections to get the flag?

Author ZForZakur ( ago)
Thank you.

Author bluebreckskier ( ago)
Nice video. Even got a different cut scene this time by throwing the
Cardinal over the railing.

Author Peem Songprasit ( ago)
i went through the stage thoroughly 3 times and still couldn't find it.
Then i watch this video and i just want to stab the developer.

Author PraiseBeysus ( ago)
And that was a homage to 007? Seriously, most cliche death ever. :P

Author Александр Погорилый ( ago)

Author David Uriostegui ( ago)
whwews the entrance

Author megamanacses ( ago)
Lol, totally a homage to God of War where Kratos takes the key from the
captain in the Hydra and lets him go into the Hydra's stomach.

Author TheRonin7272 ( ago)
I personally like the scene where the cardinal falls off the side and Ezio
grabs him by the hand takes the key then lets go.

Author ThePredatorStory ( ago)
did you check your the DNA it tells you if you missed them in the secret
locations and if bought the flag maps then you could have found all of the
flags in free roaming also it was not as much of a bitch as assassins creed
1or 2 since they didn't even give you a map they just said if you want the
achievement or unlockable then you got work cut out for you buddy

Author Joshua Baudoin ( ago)
thanks you so much, i would have never figured out the first one

Author Philharmonic EightThirty ( ago)
These are my last flags... Sweet!

Author Joshua Norton ( ago)

Author Paul Sheiman ( ago)
Thanks for this. :-D

Author Commander Shepard ( ago)
I played it in PC too. And I done the wall jump here in my first try. And
didn't come to any bug at all.

Author wolfdribble ( ago)
thanks :) was stuck on the last flag for quite a while.

Author Nynaeve777 ( ago)
Thanks heaps!! i did a few wall jumps but they were crap so i reckoned i
had to do something else. Guess i reckoned wrong lol

Author stbr68 ( ago)
Got it. Apparently I was holding down some button I shouldn't have been.
Nice of the game to tell you that. OH WAIT, IT DIDN'T, AND MY WAY WORKED

Author konstantly ( ago)
@stbr68 Broken? The only think needed is an advanced wall jump, one of the
most basic mechanisms of the game! And after all it's not neccessary to get
all the flags, leave it for those more skilled that you..

Author stbr68 ( ago)
First flag is broken. On the PC anyway. Not buying Revelations or any other
Ubisoft game until they clean up their act and apologize for the shitty
bugfest that was Brotherhood.

Author TomMurga ( ago)
It's much better when you throw the guy over the fence thing

Author compo9919 ( ago)
I just shot the cardinal :P

Author Heidi Winter ( ago)
Thanks A lot x :)

Author Tucker532 ( ago)
thank you :D

Author CityOfPaname ( ago)
Thanks for your videos

Author Roplecout ( ago)
gracias senor

Author OrderMan ( ago)
thanx bob :D

Author A J Lewis ( ago)
@Byjum Ezio catches him then takes the key and lets him fall

Author Aaron Allison (111 year ago)
What happens if you throw him from the roof?

Author Marron222 ( ago)

Author ham_vet001 ( ago)
wtf that's where it was??? thnx.

Author GetsugaGrimmjow ( ago)
YESSSSSS I FINALLY HAVE THEM ALL 101 FINALLLY!!!!! thx for the walkthrough.

Author KIDCODY73Boywonder ( ago)
thanks a lot man this helped me get the borgia cape thanks

Author UkliberateGB ( ago)
101 nice1 fella

Author E Hickman ( ago)
thx a lot really helped me out getting all borgia flags

Author dimos30011 ( ago)
@SibirianBlue Круто

Author Sibirian Blue ( ago)
That is one surprisingly agile cardinal.

Author Sibirian Blue ( ago)
@dimos30011 Да ну?? Братан, ты тут не один.

Author PaperBagGamer ( ago)
ha the first flag was the last I found

Author Mp3tjuh ( ago)
Thanx man i appreciate that RESPECT :-)

Author Joe Gifford ( ago)
@xxbrunaloverxx - Hahahah! I just did that.

Author Magikrap ( ago)
That third flag was put in such an evil position.

Author dimos30011 ( ago)
хахаха а я русский!

Author bjornw1986 ( ago)
thanx to this great vid..:D at last i have all the borgia flags

Author Ash's Archive ( ago)
thanks dude was tryna get that flag on the pillar and had no idea how to
get to it :P

Author BATJComixCompany ( ago)
i like the other cutscene better, where you throw him over the edge :D

Author 0sugarmarie ( ago)
101 borgia flags - FINALLY!!!! thank you seriously for all you videos!

Author edward swann (1707 years ago)
thank you :)

Author slowiehands ( ago)
"hey there's this guy clad in armor with a crossbow on his back, forcing
himself into our conversation".... "he's here for the sermon :)"

Author xadies2 ( ago)
@jon1979x Perhaps you missed the part in the title and in the description
where it specifically says Borgia Flags. This video wasn't supposed to show
the whole lair or the chests. Reading comprehension is a powerful tool.
Learn how to use it.

Author jan cawdron ( ago)
Very bad video only shows you bits aswell as missing all chests

Author JamesFizzy ( ago)
THANK YOU DO MUCH, I just got all of the flags because of you!

Author 6stringevil (839 years ago)
Flag 1 - 1:25 Flag 2 - 2:10 Flag 3 : 3:00

Author TubeSpoker ( ago)
thanks for d video!! .... also as recomended, I killed the cardenal by
holding him and them throwed in the precipice .... different ending hahahah
The last flag is almos impossible to see it

Author Marquis de Favras ( ago)

Author Ryan S ( ago)
Thanks dude yoiu really helped me get all of the borgia flags in the secret
locations... much appreiciated!

Author AngryCODGamer ( ago)
thanks alot ! :D

Author Seb Fi ( ago)
dude seriously i would HAVE NEVER found the third flag

Author D4mnYouSir ( ago)
Can you enter this building without replaying the memory and climb it as
you seem fit?

Author fakyfiles ( ago)
this helped so much thank you very much :)

Author MrTopcat95 ( ago)
Thanks just needed the to flags

Author ingzter97 ( ago)
@dabe95 Really? I got it by accedent.. i went the wrong way then i got lots
of lag and then i saw i got the trophy: Capture The Flag :D

Author dabe95 ( ago)
lol the 1st one is tricky, been trying to get it for an hour

Author IIIICaRnAgEXx ( ago)

Author Mercy ( ago)

Author pureinstrength ( ago)
thanks to this dude i got al flags now wootness!

Author archyzz ( ago)
Hahaha, the last one on this level is quite tricky. I couldn't find it, and
when I watched this I felt like a moron :>

Author zJamieXD ( ago)
Thank you that was so hard to find thumps up if you agree

Author GamelordAlex ( ago)
how you get this one cuz the other 2 are not there

Author olasde6mesesdealtura ( ago)
thank you very much

Author Kurokami Navi ( ago)
never thought there'd be different endings, i did the throwing off :D

Author cHiKaDiNg58 ( ago)
Flag 1 - 1:23 Flag 2 - 2:20 Flag 3 - 3:03

Author djclintonk ( ago)
or the one at 03:16

Author djclintonk ( ago)
Oh wow I never even saw the flat at 01:30 I never think to look for flags
when they FORCE us to chase people on a time limit.

Author Nicholas Taylor ( ago)
about time i found a good video

Author WOLFBANE437 ( ago)
@Venberg1 ok i thought u meant the fence lol :P

Author borussiabvb09 ( ago)
das war meine letzte vielen dank

Author WOLFBANE437 ( ago)
@Venberg1 it does work ive just done it now

Author xxbrunaloverxx ( ago)
@Venberg1 look, like at 2:30 your grab him and trow him of the roof, it's
really simple :)

Author pvtwaffle96 ( ago)
that also got me my last flag thanks man

Author TokerSmurf ( ago)
thats me got my last flag - thank you very much my friend

Author Josehomero25 ( ago)
tnx .. just one more flag for achievement

Author fecalophagus ( ago)
Thanks for the help, dood, after this I'll have all flags, all feathers,
100% sync, etc. Ha! Ha! Just haven't played it online yet.

Author wogboypaul ( ago)
thank 1:30 was my last flag.. thanks heaps

Author Noogai45 ( ago)
The cardinal who died disliked this.

Author bUCkL3y111 ( ago)
The Cardinal disliked this ;)

Author INvertedFR05T ( ago)
@DahlHolter A faster way is just to shot him :p

Author Victor Andersson ( ago)
My last one :D

Author DarkPhantomSky ( ago)
You dont necessarily have to do this sequence the way youre supposed to do
them since you are able to get to all the locations in this lair without
triggering the chase scene...well except the one after the fight...

Author Fraser ( ago)
@UltimatedRambo im meaning I have every achievement on this game i.e.
1000G. this achievement alone is only 30G or somethin like that

Author Johana Perez ( ago)
Everytime I try to get the first flag, Ezio jumps the wrong way and he flys
off the freakin' building. It's beginning to piss me off!

Author wiretire18 ( ago)
Now to decode all glyphs and i get platinum W00T

Author StillAssassinz ( ago)
after you passed that part can you go back in???

Author Fraser ( ago)
Thanks for all the videos. just got 1000G on this :)

Author meirionh ( ago)
Thanks a lot, man. That first flag was the last one I needed. I couldn't
work out how to get it for ages and I couldn't find help anywhere.

Author ricoalex222 ( ago)
good help

Author xxbrunaloverxx ( ago)
@darkfires9791 haha, yes i know right?! :D Best game EVAH! :D

Author kronophage ( ago)
that was great. thank you. had the hardest time even seeing that first

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