Massey Ferguson 3.085D The River İs Correcting in Turkey...

MF 3085D the river is correcting in Turkey...

MF 3085D ırmak düzeltiyor...

Driver:Mehmet SAMANCI



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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 5:21
Comments: 71

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Author burakdigital01 (4 years)

Author Murat Alp (7 years)
samancı brothers tebrikler.

Author 6741449 (6 years)
slm topri bu mazot un gidişine bi dur diyelim artık örgütlenelim ayaklanalım

Author Shakes 73 (5 years)
Well I guess we know the tractor will spin the tires for 5min and 22sec.

Author Paul Reeve (7 years)
Is this an attempt at repairing erosion damage ? If so, it is not a method
I would consider using !

Author mogeroithe (4 years)
I agree. Just what the Fark was this supposed to be about other than
mindlessly wasting my time?

Author gregwddriver (7 years)
So...what exactly are we doing here?

Author Dee Pea (7 years)
haha!!! ur stuck and cant get out!haha

Author Pınar İlhan (7 years)
arkadaşım helal olsun acemi biri ortalarına doru videonun devirir o
tracktru bizdede 640 var bi kaç show denirse ondan yaptım emiryakp yazın
çıkanlarda baslık 6460 olana girin saygılar

Author alipasalierkan (7 years)
güzel video olmuş Ahmet aksiyonu bol valla ama ne iş yapıyorsunuz
anlayamadım motor ne çekiyor öyle

Author realjoefriday (5 years)
I'm pretty sure the title of the video should have been "Five Minutes of
Footage of the Left Rear Wheel of a Tractor, Leaving the Audience
Completely Clueless as to What the Tractor Was Doing, Why it Was Doing it
and Completely Avoiding the Idea of Before-And-After Shots."

Author serdaracer (7 years)
slm ben çorumdan serdar bu motordan bizdede var 5 li 14 numara alpler
pulluğu köpek gibi çekiyo valla kalite bir traktör eşi gelmedi daha

Author VHR73 (4 years)
Very boring...

Author Zoran Madjar (5 years)
sta vi hocete da kazete sa ovim snimkom?

Author ahmet erkan (7 years)
watch?v=tZx19B1rwJk bide bunu izleyin bakalım beğencenizmi yorumlarınızı

Author spreewaldflitzer (5 years)
der narme traktor...hätten se da nicht ein paar einheimische genommen mit
schippe u schaufel?? dann hätten die einmal im Leben was anständiges

Author konyaligencciftci (7 years)
ne çekecek tümo hele hele erkunta haa laa erkuntculara bi makine gösterem
farmphoto da onlar o aleti yerinden kaldırırlarsa vede iş yaparsa o zaman
belki gözüme girer erkunt

Author sujericho (6 years)
صبحي اسعيد

Author anthony duvall (7 years)
was he pissed looks like !!

Author woodman1241 (7 years)
he's moving as far as i can tell

Author erturul200 (7 years)
lan o traktör dewrilirmi kolay kolay beee...

Author spadedjadednfeded (7 years)
hes fillin in the dich

Author konyaligencciftci (7 years)
Erkan abi arkasunda tava var ırmak düzlüyor Ali'nin 3085 ama manyak çekiyor

Author luigi fisch (6 years)
what is this bastard doing ? i think somewater makes 1 waterdrinage in
middle of his land .. and he try planing the watrerdrinage.. But only a
turkish idiot will try this on that way

Author Andrej Svigelj (7 years)
what is he doing??????????????????

Author Chris1270 (7 years)
wouldn't a bulldozer be easier.....

Author Bill Gardner (7 years)
This clip is how not use your MF tractor!!

Author zulgdowski (6 years)
co on ciagnie ??????

Author Claire McFee (5 years)

Author OHJUSTFORKU (4 years)

Author Kwiatek AF (6 years)
Co on ciągnie??

Author generationll (6 years)
What is going on here?Try to get the MF3085 out and on level ground.

Author buttcrackfred (6 years)
this doesnt belong on youtube, it belongs in the ditch your plowing, yall
have a nice day

Author chalis ville (7 years)
No idea what this guy is pulling or doing, he must be pulling his plonker
in the cab

Author txcountryaggie (5 years)
explosives would work better

Author Dawid Krawczyk (6 years)
właśnie, co on ciągnię?

Author SepplDone (5 years)
MHH das komt dabei raus wenn man mit seiner freizeit nichts anfangen kann ^^

Author anthony duvall (7 years)
some rusty old crap i think

Author konyaligencciftci (7 years)
Konya'nın Karakaya köyündenim kardeş

Author Sjanzo (6 years)
In the video i can only see the tractor struggling, but it doesnt show what
the tractor is pulling !! is it a ditch plough ? Can you show pictures of
it ? and wouldnt it be easier to pull with 2 tractors, one on each side of
the ditch ?

Author M- Love (5 years)
die haben auch nur langeweile und fahren da in irgen einem graben zu fahren

Author toddena (7 years)
Why are they dragging a cart?

Author soberorange (7 years)
bende daspınarlıyım

Author Isa akdoğan (7 years)
gardsas hangı koyden

Author grkneda (4 years)
burda ne yatığını anlamadık sadece tekerkleri çekmişsin yaaaa

Author padly88 (6 years)

Author wellboy237 (7 years)
wtf is he doing???????

Author mrtyvz01 (6 years)
fegusonu tek geçerim abi new holland mış bilmemnemis bizim 105 lik deli
bişi yaww hepsi güsel zaten

Author ibrahim ocak (7 years)
arkadaş kırmızı olsunda mf olsunda beş fazla olsun süperler valla konya
ovası yazın bir bakın nasıl kuru toprakta cekiyo

Author Sladjan Karac (7 years)

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