Van Damme - Kickboxer training (full video)

Jean Claude Van Damme training in Kickboxer.

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Author Anel Hasanovic ( ago)
Ready to protect?

- Yea ;)

- Hhuuaaaaaaaaa, I'm okey! :D KING!

Author Thiago souza ( ago)
one of the best movie ever classic movie

Author stitcha123 ( ago)
'kick the tree.'

Author JovanFB ( ago)
the ''ready to protect part'' not very wise thing to do...that thing can
hit you below your tummy and then you say to yourself oh man i will kick
million trees but not this

Author tincho moyano ( ago)
14 son fans de chuck norris

Author konkyolife ( ago)
This movie made we want to train Muay Thai in Thailand, have been there
many times since, absolutely fun movie.

Author Alkhazred1 ( ago)
Wow I do Bjj, and the whole scene makes me want to do some Muay Thaï

Author Superboy Kevrolf ( ago)
This is training? It looks more like torture!

Author NinjaNoobTurtle ( ago)
Religion is like your dick. It's OK to be proud of it. But don't go
shouting about it and getting it out, and please don't throw it down my
children's throat!

Author Sadani Mahfoud ( ago)
muscle and training methods...*Man Of Steel *

Author Sadani Mahfoud ( ago)
Some training methods are less traditional than others...

Author ShinyArjun Singh ( ago)
Nice one,Subscribed.Please keep it up....

Author Simon0 ( ago)
i am proficient at that training. You should see me when a fish comes after
me in the water.

Author Simon0 ( ago)
its the best training. i always kick trees on my way past when i am walking
in the forest.

Author Sandi .Sandar ( ago)
Dober borec -igralec tale Van damme.

Author NIGHT 4 - OFFBEAT WONDER ( ago)
all 'dislikes' belong to junkies!!!

Author Nensak ( ago)
3rd is Freddy Lee and 4th who threw a knife in KiKi and 5th...?

Author GatameOne ( ago)
Me too.

Author jade agostini ( ago)
That queen palm tree bleeds like mae li. Mae li good phuck!!

Author KlinnaaaaSweettt ( ago)
i qarttt je aaaaaa

Author Shak0033 ( ago)
Dude wat did da tree eva do to guess we jcvd is not green

Author David Andrews ( ago)
i have no trees to kick.

Author kicktothebass ( ago)
The music is fucking amazing. Anybody know the name of the song

Author kicktothebass ( ago)
Dan Henderson uses the training method shown at 2:20

Author Flashmore ( ago)
I must train!!

Author troy blake ( ago)
Ur brother...remember

Author llllmobmanllll ( ago)
Zian's face on 7:15 , TOTALLY TROLL FACE

Author james davis ( ago)
Van damme my hero growing up always looked up to this man very
inspirational!! LEGEND!

Author Oreic DeVaurnhn ( ago)
what is that mma

Author indrajeet ( ago)
See you in hospital!

Author Ibraheem Abo Nijmeh pk ( ago)
what the name of the movie ?

Author amazingdany ( ago)
Let me be the Thai girl to look after your busted shinbone. FULL
DISCLOSURE: I'm a guy and I swear I'm not gay!!!

Author MrSeckin81 ( ago)
@ZroDfects Now it's 3! That's probably Freddy Lee.

Author Wali Haidari ( ago)
in the end , watch brother i got some new kick XD

Author StlyDutch ( ago)
1:30 wtf????

Author CLiMAX118 ( ago)
ok so this video is gay ? hmm i smell a hint of jelousy because you could
never do that sorta stuff !

Author Sem Bennodanho (1287 years ago)
Best part I am ok!!

Author indrajeet ( ago)
uuh.., I meant that they don't make movies like this anymore due to various
reasons - one being political correctness.

Author Wayne Crunchy ( ago)
What do you mean political correctness? Whats so incorrect with this? Its
just training. Asian master training a student, dont see whats wrong there?

Author AkraM eister1337 ( ago)
omg 2 dislikes that's a new record

Author indrajeet ( ago)
lets see, political correctness is one reason

Author 1978dabomb . ( ago)
6:07 gay

Author k380slb ( ago)
I wish be like van damme

Author Wayne Crunchy ( ago)
Why dont they still make movies like this

Author eimaiokalyteros ( ago)
@gladE8ah Search "Advanced Training" and "The Eagle Lands"...

Author gladE8ah ( ago)
What is the name of the track in his training... 20bucks to who ever can
tell me.

Author Pat Snyder ( ago)
Kick the tree!

Author ZroDfects ( ago)
2 dislikes, Tree is first, Tong Po is 2nd :P

Author nezkahveci ( ago)
@viruszonejb from torrent writte to search bar " Kickboxer (1989) "

Author finalcut75 ( ago)
Hmm, I bet he had to kick another tree down with his other leg, so he would
have equal power in his legs...

Author Richard III ( ago)
@Rocco111087 looks like the tree had a

Author Emmy Yanez ( ago)
i'm gonna go to the gym after i watch this

Author buzzzTa1 ( ago)
2 dislikes? Blasphemy! By the way, Bloodsport > Kick Boxer, sorry.

Author TonyJasta ( ago)
I want a kick From JCVD in my face

Author rupetify ( ago)
at 1;40 thats his rape machine

Author Akuma B. ( ago)
@GOOONIES23 But in the movie they made a mistake and used a palm tree to
portrait what the thai fighters did in ancient times via kicking banana

Author Akuma B. ( ago)
when they didnt have any like back in the day

Author Paul C ( ago)
Take your bag and leave my house lol and stop fucking my daughter!!!!

Author BigChiefCris ( ago)
he is the cause of deforestation

Author Brent morris ( ago)
i kicked a tree down once before yup that teacher and those kids tree they
planted didn't see it coming

Author Victahdaoriginal ( ago)
This film is underrated as well JCVD. The tree scene is one of the best
dramatic training scenes in any film ever.

Author dirosaga ( ago)
1:46 So much for Yoga...

Author soundman420 ( ago)
@xXBiiZaR Muay Thai fighters don't have to do this, some choose to. If you
do this alot you will have problems walking in your 40s and 50s. There are
more intelligent and sustainable ways of conditioning your shins.

Author Bardock10235 ( ago)
@josephxuereb1 I'm training kung fu and I'm training to split legs and it
HURTS indeed

Author xXBiiZaR ( ago)
@fearlessboxer the most fucked up part is that real Muay Thai fighters have
to do that to both of their legs lol. Break your shin bones so they heal
hard as rocks

Author josephxuereb1 ( ago)

Author Bardock10235 ( ago)
1 people took his bag and leave xians house

Author LuckynumberSlevin11 ( ago)
I'm going outside and kicking a tree

Author asiguido ( ago)

Author astruHH ( ago)
van damme one of the best actors in the world

Author CoolNoize ( ago)
im okay xD

Author Kiljay ( ago)
Take your bag and leave my house!

Author MrWweytnafan ( ago)
@djtntblaze Well in that case you got many great senseis: 1) Mr. Miyagi
(Karate Kid) 2) Shidoshi Tanaka (Bloodsport) 3) Xien (Kickboxer) 4) Mr. Han
(Karate Kid 2010) 5) John Kreese (Karate Kid) 6) Master Lee (Karate Kid
2010) And maybe include game characters like: a) Gouken (Street Fighter) b)
Takuma (King of Fighters) c) Sagat (SF) d) Goro Daimon (KoF) e) Fei Long
(SF) f) Kim (KoF) g) Gen (SF) Anyway there are many real or ficticious
masters of martial arts you can learn, its AWESOME right?

Author MrWweytnafan ( ago)
@jamaiko7 Thailand is the nest of Muay Thai theres were great warriors born
years ago and that legacy expand all over the world until now.

Author fearlessboxer ( ago)
5:06 ....and now for the other leg :P

Author RiNSpy ( ago)
There was one time when the old man miscalculated slightly and dropped the
coconut a bit lower than he should've...

Author RiNSpy ( ago)
I wonder if that split stretching device would actually work. I remember
reading somewhere that doing splits is all about conditioning the nervous
system, not about stretching the actual muscles.

Author TheNytdj ( ago)
@djtntblaze U can start beating some tree in ur street

Author William Bio ( ago)
i think the dislike is someone who couldnt kick down a palm tree.

Author Mitchell Caberto ( ago)
@Rocco111087 LMAO!!!!

Author Felipe Fonseca ( ago)
just S.Segal didnt like ;)

Author ondaride777 ( ago)
it's the most important part in moui thai training to break the tree so the
microfractures in the bones would form an unbreakeble shield

Author Gripen85 ( ago)
wat een vechtmachineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author ishohiro ( ago)
Buenisima la escena de la palmera....a quien no le guste es que no le
gustan las artes marciales.

Author Shadow Chaser ( ago)
@kuhen25 I like the music you added, its better IMO than what I heard in
the north american version. And some footage here I never seen. The comment
on whittling the palm trees.

Author JTG730 ( ago)
How come nearly every VanDamme training session involves his legs getting
spread apart by some device?

Author Steven J ( ago)
guess what i really love about this film every bot of music goes with the
video like when the bit he gets his legs all the way down so he can do the
splits thats really good

Author Ladiesman1447 ( ago)
@TranceInMyPants21 I have to check it out, I'm a big Van Damme fan, he's
what got me into martial arts.

Author Ladiesman1447 ( ago)
@TranceInMyPants21 Never seen it, looks good though, what's the name?

Author Ladiesman1447 ( ago)
What movie?

Author Ladiesman1447 ( ago)
what movie?

Author KyleKatarn789 ( ago)
"Very good, but coconut tree don't fuck off!" >_<

Author 1971mustang007 ( ago)
Jean Claude Van Damme is scheduled to fight olympic gold-medalist Somluck
Kamsing in November 2011. Can't wait for Dammage!!!!!!!

Author Rocco111087 ( ago)
@TranceInMyPants21 jcvd - tree = 1-1

Author Rocco111087 ( ago)
@TranceInMyPants21 and your brother? remember?

Author chenshi56 ( ago)
thanks yur upload.Plse upload music only minus the talking and
noises.thanks wait for it!

Author kuhen25 ( ago)
@Rocco111087 LOL!

Author Rocco111087 ( ago)
the only one that doens't like this video is surely the tree!!

Author ElectricDreams ( ago)
@Celsoballa if nto the single best.... because which one was better???

Author MrWweytnafan ( ago)
@mjohanss1975 1st of all: chun li, sagat, adon are from the popular arcade
game "Street Fighter" 2nd of all: Frank Dux is one of J. Claude Van Damm´s
characters on his 1st movie that he stars: "BLOODSPORT". And i guess the
banana treet is easy to break.

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