Van Damme - Kickboxer training (full video)

Jean Claude Van Damme training in Kickboxer.

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Runtime: 7:30
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Author IRedRuMI (4 years)
@xBoRnSLiiPpY89 me 2 haha...i get so much power i scream it out haha..
wetty eye's evreything haha

Author MrWweytnafan (3 years)
@djtntblaze Well in that case you got many great senseis: 1) Mr. Miyagi
(Karate Kid) 2) Shidoshi Tanaka (Bloodsport) 3) Xien (Kickboxer) 4) Mr. Han
(Karate Kid 2010) 5) John Kreese (Karate Kid) 6) Master Lee (Karate Kid
2010) And maybe include game characters like: a) Gouken (Street Fighter) b)
Takuma (King of Fighters) c) Sagat (SF) d) Goro Daimon (KoF) e) Fei Long
(SF) f) Kim (KoF) g) Gen (SF) Anyway there are many real or ficticious
masters of martial arts you can learn, its AWESOME right?

Author ondaride777 (3 years)
it's the most important part in moui thai training to break the tree so the
microfractures in the bones would form an unbreakeble shield

Author cassidy99ful (3 years)
@Rocco111087 looks like the tree had a

Author ishohiro (3 years)
Buenisima la escena de la palmera....a quien no le guste es que no le
gustan las artes marciales.

Author Felipe Fonseca (3 years)
just S.Segal didnt like ;)

Author stitcha123 (1 year)
'kick the tree.'

Author Pat Snyder (2 years)
Kick the tree!

Author Sean Ramsey (4 years)
My friend's father was actually VanDamme's lawyer before he passed away.
They just don't make movies like this anymjore but after Bloodsport and
Kickboxer, I think JCVD went Hollywood. Who is the one idiot that hit the
dislike button? Does anyone know where I can download or get this song it'
a nice training song. @ SoM6666 I agree Mai Lee is very hot.

Author TheNytdj (3 years)
@djtntblaze U can start beating some tree in ur street

Author dirosaga (3 years)
1:46 So much for Yoga...

Author TheG1NGAN1NJA (4 years)
Pineapple kick scene is awesome!!!!!!!!

Author Simon0 (2 years)
i am proficient at that training. You should see me when a fish comes after
me in the water.

Author Ladiesman1447 (3 years)
@TranceInMyPants21 Never seen it, looks good though, what's the name?

Author JovanFB (1 year)
the ''ready to protect part'' not very wise thing to do...that thing can
hit you below your tummy and then you say to yourself oh man i will kick
million trees but not this

Author 2RO1588 (3 years)
when I need motivation i watch this....

Author Mitchell Caberto (3 years)
@Rocco111087 LMAO!!!!

Author TranceInMyPants21 (3 years)
@Rocco111087 You want me to break my leg?

Author Wayne Crunchy (2 years)
Why dont they still make movies like this

Author Nensak (2 years)
3rd is Freddy Lee and 4th who threw a knife in KiKi and 5th...?

Author KlinnaaaaSweettt (2 years)
i qarttt je aaaaaa

Author ZroDfects (3 years)
One of the best movies on the planet that could never ever be a remake
of... I had this on VHS then DVD and now I got it on BLURAY as with

Author Ladiesman1447 (3 years)
what movie?

Author josephxuereb1 (3 years)

Author Ladiesman1447 (3 years)
What movie?

Author Melissa Tom (3 years)
Kicking the shit out of that damn tree was one of the best scenes in this

Author ShinyArjun Singh (1 year)
Nice one,Subscribed.Please keep it up....

Author amazingdany (2 years)
Let me be the Thai girl to look after your busted shinbone. FULL
DISCLOSURE: I'm a guy and I swear I'm not gay!!!

Author Mike Vizioz (3 years)
@MrWweytnafan I don't think any other tree can be broken. I broke a bigger
banana-tree than that with less than 10 kicks but I would never try that
with any other tree. I kicked a coconut-tree just once with my shin (will
never do that again hehe)

Author Emmy Yanez (3 years)
i'm gonna go to the gym after i watch this

Author TonyJasta (3 years)
I want a kick From JCVD in my face

Author acquiesce100 (4 years)
6.00 onwards is just bad ass!!!

Author RiNSpy (3 years)
There was one time when the old man miscalculated slightly and dropped the
coconut a bit lower than he should've...

Author CoolNoize (3 years)
im okay xD

Author djtntblaze (4 years)
i always wanted to go to china/japan/malaysia and let some old dude teach
me martial arts

Author fiending (4 years)
these kinds of movies are extinct =(

Author BigChiefCris (3 years)
he is the cause of deforestation

Author Alex J (4 years)
awesome yet again i even have this and all others of Van's on VHS, good
upload. now i'm off to watch some Lionheart

Author indrajeet (2 years)
lets see, political correctness is one reason

Author xXBiiZaR (3 years)
@fearlessboxer the most fucked up part is that real Muay Thai fighters have
to do that to both of their legs lol. Break your shin bones so they heal
hard as rocks

Author newmexicoguy575 (2 years)
wiggle the palm tree! LOL!!!!

Author finalcut75 (3 years)
Hmm, I bet he had to kick another tree down with his other leg, so he would
have equal power in his legs...

Author 6083748 (4 years)
ich kann nicht mal bruchtest!!

Author MrSeckin81 (2 years)
@ZroDfects Now it's 3! That's probably Freddy Lee.

Author Ibraheem Abo Nijmeh pk (2 years)
what the name of the movie ?

Author Sandi .Sandar (2 years)
Dober borec -igralec tale Van damme.

Author TheDayfornight (4 years)
@kuhen25 the amount of times i watched this movie as a kid and wanted to be
a kickboxer cheers for the upload

Author Staticbeats (4 years)
@SherwinRazmy got this for you

Author Attik Kaser (3 years)
im sure that a professional muay thai fighter will not be able to take down
a fully grown palm tree. them trees are super strong! but so are muay thai
fighter legs!

Author acquiesce100 (4 years)
I'm okay!!! lol

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