You Shall Not Pass, Dog

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  • Sweet dogs terrified of walking past cats: a dramatic compilation.

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  • Patrioten 74
    Patrioten 74 4 hours ago

    They know an automatic butt slap is coming.

  • cindai 84
    cindai 84 15 hours ago

    im laught while watching this.. what aura cat have thats something can make animal which is strong , fierce than him.. but many cat can killed by wild dog.. but this video make me pround of you cat..

  • The Pit Bull Chronicles

    Dogs are the kindest animals. Cats are jerks.....cute jerks.

  • Justin Fever
    Justin Fever 5 days ago

    What a bunch of pussies, oh wait!

  • rifxxx
    rifxxx 6 days ago

    The cat is like "what is he doing."

  • Michael Golin
    Michael Golin 7 days ago

    These are the dogs you want.

  • Thomas Steinert
    Thomas Steinert 8 days ago

    I bet if you check these dogs eyes you'll see a scratch on some of the dogs retina. The do doesn't want to be blind by another scratch.

  • medaviss
    medaviss 8 days ago

    for us like a fucking biggest spider on the way...well i have it a lot.

  • Inside Beats
    Inside Beats 9 days ago

    Cats are assholes, just let the damn dog go XD

  • Ginger Coffee
    Ginger Coffee 9 days ago

    To the dude in the video, who said, "it's just a cat", the cat will remember..

  • neoarcadezr
    neoarcadezr 9 days ago

    its time for a name change

  • Dark Days to Green Heaven

    It as if Cats tell them in advance, "No matter how much those Dumbasses may encourage you,try n pass me and I'll give you a Sizzlin' slap on the Ass" !

  • Abihail Mendoza
    Abihail Mendoza 11 days ago

    Cats are savage
    Like if u agree

  • Me2times
    Me2times 11 days ago

    0:50 "I'm going up the stairs"

    cat pokes head around the corner

    "never mind..."

  • Julius Gordon
    Julius Gordon 12 days ago

    HA HA

  • Cyber Crate
    Cyber Crate 12 days ago

    "Im got gonna com up there and get you, your gonna have to get pass the cat yourself"

  • Ye OlFaithful
    Ye OlFaithful 12 days ago

    I love how dog lovers are ironic in the comments. It's really funny to see them argue

  • A Pet Named Steve
    A Pet Named Steve 13 days ago

    I feel like you can tell an owner's personality just by their choice of dog and cat breed

  • Chawie
    Chawie 13 days ago

    I hate cat


    cats are such pussies

  • Rocky Cool
    Rocky Cool 14 days ago

    my lab does this alllll the time...

  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams 14 days ago

    Those dogs are bigger pussies than the cats!

  • Reza O'Line
    Reza O'Line 15 days ago

    cats love to stares.. stares mean something is not good in the dogs language.. just an inter-species problem..

  • Tati Hartati
    Tati Hartati 15 days ago

    cowardly dogs!
    you a jerk cats! both are the best!!! :D

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 16 days ago

    Cats are like "look at this big dummy"

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 16 days ago

    The cats are just like "uhh,, what's up dude?"

  • swEgo
    swEgo 16 days ago

    Cat people: Yeah, dogs are also sweet and they love their human partners :)

    I just remind

  • Steven Mclean
    Steven Mclean 17 days ago

    Hahaha, Cat are real fu*kers!.......but I love them for it!
    I also love dogs but for different reasons!

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 20 days ago

    We should call dogs pussy.

  • W19 ELY
    W19 ELY 20 days ago

    Why are these owners watching their cats scratch their dog? Some of them are laughing when they do it.

  • Deniz Puolamäki
    Deniz Puolamäki 20 days ago

    Well of course the dogs wont go past those cats. They are trained in the arts of catninjitsu.

  • Meygya Aisha
    Meygya Aisha 22 days ago

    cats are brave

  • Bryan Martin
    Bryan Martin 22 days ago

    cats can be assholes

  • Chewbaca
    Chewbaca 22 days ago

    Category: Nonprofits & Activism. Hmm. Seems about right.

  • KrispyKrep
    KrispyKrep 23 days ago

    Cats, these are terrifying creatures with terrifying powers. They are silent and will stare at you with their death glare.


  • DivShadow
    DivShadow 23 days ago

    Kitty no gonna get you.. kitty attacks.. next thing the human should do is get a wet towel and flop it on that cat for being a douche bag.

  • Oakleaf700
    Oakleaf700 24 days ago

    Cats can be such dicks ...and they love the power :)

  • Den Enyts
    Den Enyts 24 days ago

    it just like hyenas trying to conquer the pride rock

  • Abhishek Kumar Gupta

    Come on dude... You are dog...

  • Mark Andrian De Quintos

    Why cats???why!!??

  • humble rc
    humble rc 24 days ago

    not in my house. cat free thank god.

  • The Spark
    The Spark 25 days ago

    The dogs are not being pussies, they just know it isn´t worth the trouble.

  • Mike 3xc1u5iv3
    Mike 3xc1u5iv3 25 days ago

    Cats are so annoying. Always scratching 😒

  • M. Fathur
    M. Fathur 26 days ago

    dogs are not brave unlike cats😘 . am i right DOGER?

  • SamiF
    SamiF 26 days ago

    This is cute and silly and all but I lowkey feel bad because those dogs obviously live with owners that really don't care and take the situation lightly. I feel as though pets should feel comfortable and safe in their homes and should be trained to learn that the human is in charge. When these people obviously see the cat swat at the dogs and just laugh and go "Aww, you're so mean, ha ha!", they enable that behavior to continue. They should train their cats to be more calm around the dogs and vice versa so they can live together. Allowing this behavior to continue creates a stressful environment for both the cat and dog.

  • The 90s Myth
    The 90s Myth 27 days ago

    This is what happens when you pamper your dog too much and turn it into a pussy

  • binkymagnus
    binkymagnus 27 days ago

    at 1:38, the look the cat gives the camera right after she says "you've gotta learn to walk past the cat" is hilarious

  • QuietCreed
    QuietCreed 27 days ago

    Fuck cats.

  • Unicysis
    Unicysis 29 days ago

    Bouncer cat is like, "Sorry, dog. You ain't gettin in."

  • FoeReaper 4000
    FoeReaper 4000 1 month ago

    Dogs descended from bears while cats descended from lions.

  • Divy Dubey
    Divy Dubey 1 month ago

    1:04 "Na, fuck it".

  • hesham
    hesham 1 month ago

    Big proof that cats are mean !

  • deusimperator
    deusimperator 1 month ago

    Cats are assholes and the owners are idiots... if the bitch cat scratches a dog the dog might get an infected wound... Much of the deaths of humans at the paws of the big cats are as much due to the mauling as the infections from scratching and biting... you dog is afraid of the cat... go kick you cat in the head FIRST before asking your dog to get scratched by a the bitch cat

  • Haziq Zuhair
    Haziq Zuhair 1 month ago

    even the ferocious German Shepard bow to the cat. omg. lol.

  • ZEN 禅 Overwatch
    ZEN 禅 Overwatch 1 month ago

    wtf kick the fucking cats across the room... if the dogs are so scared of them they hit them..

  • Dan Camp
    Dan Camp 1 month ago


  • roblox254r
    roblox254r 1 month ago

    cat: peekaboo!
    dog: hell no!

  • tantricia44
    tantricia44 1 month ago

    Lol! César Malian would say, the alpha energy in these pet households is the cat! So, if you've got a misbehaving red zone dog, get an alpha cat to fix the problem!👍

  • stolen nimbus
    stolen nimbus 1 month ago


  • James White
    James White 1 month ago

    Cat- Did you bring the Catnip?
    Dog- I didn't
    Cat- ok You can try to pass.......AND EVADE MY 10 CLAWS ON DOOM! ( Eh im just gonna swat at em when he runs by give em a good ol scare-
    Dog- EEEEK

  • Никита Морозов

    I think, dogs can understand the cats' body language.

  • Aura
    Aura 1 month ago

    My mom's cat does this to my dog all the time, she just sits there and eyeballs him daring him to move, cats are so damn evil

  • xiaorishu
    xiaorishu 1 month ago

    This is what happened to me when I stayed at my friend's house. Her cat was just chillin' on the stairs and I was a pussy to go down the stairs so I just stayed in my room until my friend wakes up and moves her cat, lol >.<

  • Maryann Riley
    Maryann Riley 1 month ago

    this is why I'm not that into cats...🐾

  • Vinna Fu
    Vinna Fu 1 month ago


  • nana ahgase#lastname

    🐱im the boss here👿

  • scott miller
    scott miller 1 month ago

    Goes to show you cats ruel the roost

  • George W. Kush
    George W. Kush 1 month ago

    Fuck cats

  • EFFtheCoolKids
    EFFtheCoolKids 1 month ago

    1:03 was the funniest one, a simple "nope" turn around😂😂😂

  • Ric Thompson
    Ric Thompson 1 month ago

    When my dog was alive she would have nothing to do with this. She would just walk by and if the cat jumped at her she would just growl at he. But when the cat would steal her place on the couch she just sit on one of the other chairs until the cat woke up and left she'd run to it right away.

  • True fidget Spinner
    True fidget Spinner 1 month ago

    You shall not pass, or steal my fidget spinner

  • Kunt Destroyer
    Kunt Destroyer 1 month ago

    goes to show that dogs are nicer than cats.

  • julian xl
    julian xl 1 month ago

    the thing i saw that was funny in this video is the cat being fresh to the dog.

  • 321bytor
    321bytor 1 month ago as fcuk

  • Almac x
    Almac x 1 month ago

    Why don't people train their cats not to be assholes before they train their dogs to walk passed them?

  • Julie Schultz
    Julie Schultz 1 month ago

    2:11 The cat with the shrunken head.

  • Julie Schultz
    Julie Schultz 1 month ago

    1:15 "Mommy! Make it go away!!"

  • doe3879
    doe3879 1 month ago

    and that's when you're home,
    imagine when you're not home

  • Jan Van Diemen
    Jan Van Diemen 1 month ago

    Dogs are pussies.

  • Pjams Mataeo
    Pjams Mataeo 1 month ago

    conclusion : cats are assholes.

  • Green Whovian
    Green Whovian 1 month ago

    The boxer was the funniest, look at the size of it and yet its scared of the cat

  • Castielz
    Castielz 1 month ago

    I see the cat overlords have trained their underkin dogs properly!
    In all honesty though, you can clearly see the cats laughing their asses off at the dumb brutes, and secretly being pleased their puny humans entertain their masters pleasure.

  • Will Turner
    Will Turner 1 month ago

    why do they let their cats do that

  • MickDick l
    MickDick l 1 month ago

    The owners are pretty bad for letting such behavior from their cats continue.

  • Asian
    Asian 1 month ago

    why do they always react the same way. the dog is scared of the cat and when the dog passes by, the cat lashes out

  • reiukitsune
    reiukitsune 1 month ago

    i wan kick every single one of the kity

  • Dystopia Park
    Dystopia Park 1 month ago

    Cats are dicks.

  • Skodz Gaming
    Skodz Gaming 1 month ago

    I do the same as these dogs... Cats are scary evil creatures.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 1 month ago

    cats are fucking cunt ass bitches

  • Shadowninja71693
    Shadowninja71693 1 month ago

    i have a full blooded rottweiler, and she is scared of a kitten, she actually runs away from the kitten

  • HighCurrent11
    HighCurrent11 1 month ago

    What do all these dogs have in common?? They have all had their ass holes and noses bitten and puctured by the cats claws!!!!

  • Winter Blue Cat
    Winter Blue Cat 1 month ago

    omg this is married life. The cat is the wife and the dog is the husband lol

  • len1991100
    len1991100 1 month ago

    Cats are awesome and smart

  • Andrew Mate
    Andrew Mate 1 month ago

    Dogs have such a good sense of what other animals feel like...much more than even most how it knows the cats gonna do something fishy if he walks by surprises me

  • Maf '
    Maf ' 1 month ago

    How the Tom and Jerry inspiring? In the movie Tom is very scared of all Dogs.

  • Yousef Al yousef
    Yousef Al yousef 1 month ago

    and thats why am a dogs person, haha!

  • Royal Dragon
    Royal Dragon 1 month ago

    The cats already struck fear in those dogs, isn't that enough? ;-;

  • Benjamin5566
    Benjamin5566 1 month ago

    The dogs don't wanna pass because cats are fucking assholes !

  • Won Becket
    Won Becket 1 month ago

    I don't know which one is the pussy. Cat or Dog

  • Eva Riddick
    Eva Riddick 1 month ago

    Cats rule and dogs drool!!

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