Hobbled transvestite

High necked, heavily ruffled blouse, my leather fishtail hobble skirt and highest heels make for an uncomfortable but enjoyable afternoon. I love the feeling of restriction and the way I must take small mincing steps. i would LOVE to be forced to wear this while i served a strict mistress!

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Author rubbdraw (5 months)
If i were your mistress this kind of attire would be a strict
requirement!!!. I love it.

Author rainangle (1 year)
i had a idea it was leather,,as the one i have is rubber,,super vid

Author The Schizoid Man (1 year)
Wow. Simply stunning x

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
Thanks babes xx

Author vogonsrock (1 year)
That little bottom sticks out so adorably, I'd love to spank you with a
flippy leather paddle through that tight satin.

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
Thanks babes. Hobble skirts are -too- much fun!! Xx

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
Off eBay, try searching for hobble skirt? best of luck honey x

Author abyssin christian (3 years)
Mhum , j'adore

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
It's leather ;-) sounds like fun though..! Xx

Author leathermasterwv (3 years)
the way every woman should dress for her man whoever he is he is a VERY
lucky guy

Author Michelle Smith (1 year)
Beautiful rubber skirt, come & hobble on my landing Darling XXX

Author rubbdraw (2 years)
I would like to wear the same thing and chase you all over the house

Author Natasha26 (3 years)
i just realised that this dress gives it a mermaid tail finish... i prefer
pencil skirts. ;) xo

Author Michela Foxx (3 years)

Author Jerry Bailey (2 years)
That skirt looks terrific !!!

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
That sounds like fun :) xx

Author Suzanne LeBizarre (1 year)
LOved the outfit dear! Fantastic Video! You are beautiful in this!

Author Poul Buch (3 years)

Author dcm0860 (1 year)
I love this gorgeous leather outfit! Where did buy that beautiful skirt?

Author Andrzej Moscinski (1 year)
sliczna spodnica tez bym chcial miec taka , czy moge wiedziec gdzie kupie
taka spodnice?

Author tatianatv008 (3 years)

Author misteraction1990 (1 year)
i would cum all over you ;-)

Author davida379 (3 years)

i love i like baby kises

Author pt13406 (1 year)
love your videos soooooo hott

Author Nadine Bi (3 years)
The perfect outfit for your sexy body!!! Kisses Nadine

Author skreetslayer77 (3 years)
Cute yet sexy

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
That sounds amazing. I might lose on purpose... x

Author SuperDragonmaster69 (1 year)
you're beautiful! would love to play hide and go seek and the winner gets
to spank the loser

Author bikerguy49 (2 years)
with your HOT body that, skirt is Sexy as you are!

Author Nicola Jefferson (1 year)
lovely outfit

Author peza1978 (2 years)
Great skirt

Author james kemp (2 years)
hehe i would love to be forced just like u

Author rtest70 (2 years)
yes you are sooooo sexy, doll

Author Taisha Hime (1 year)
Your so sexy girlfriend * kisses*

Author Superarch Heels (3 years)
Very cute outfit, but you need some extreme high heels to go with it!

Author Kirill Bezzubkine (1 year)
nice one

Author Michelle Smith (1 year)
OH yes it will be I will follow you around filming & polishing up the
lovely skirt

Author Rachel Belle (2 years)
hehehe that sounds like fun!! ^_^ xx

Author annalouise blackburn (3 years)
you look fantastic x

Author JorgeCSyt (2 years)
Add a long good corset to fell even more wonderful restriction.

Author Lisa Cummings (2 years)
your hot sweetie Love and Kisses Lisa xx

Author Rachel Belle (1 year)
Thank you gorgeous!! xx

Author Kirill Bezzubkine (1 year) more.

Author Ashlee Schmalzle (3 years)
now thats sexy on you gurl

Author SuperDragonmaster69 (1 year)
sounds good. i'll let you tie me up , gag me and spank me back!

Author jackyl rox (3 years)
so hot it makes me crazy

Author eric grant (3 years)
you look good in that

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