Hobbled transvestite

High necked, heavily ruffled blouse, my leather fishtail hobble skirt and highest heels make for an uncomfortable but enjoyable afternoon. I love the feeling of restriction and the way I must take small mincing steps. i would LOVE to be forced to wear this while i served a strict mistress!

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Author Mike Hoggard ( ago)
I think the skirt is too short. The tightest part should be at ankle level
and that would restrict walking even more.

I really love for My Mistress too buy me this outfit I would be the
prettiest sissy gurl in my house everyone would be jealous of my pretty
outfit I would love to be in permanent sissy chastity

Author rubbdraw ( ago)
If i were your mistress this kind of attire would be a strict
requirement!!!. I love it.

Author Kirill Bezzubkine ( ago)
nice one

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
Thanks babes. Hobble skirts are -too- much fun!! Xx

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
Thank you gorgeous!! xx

Author rainangle ( ago)
i had a idea it was leather,,as the one i have is rubber,,super vid

Author Suzanne LeBizarre ( ago)
LOved the outfit dear! Fantastic Video! You are beautiful in this! 

Author The Schizoid Man ( ago)
Wow. Simply stunning x

Author Michelle Smith ( ago)
OH yes it will be I will follow you around filming & polishing up the
lovely skirt 

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
That sounds like fun :) xx

Author Kirill Bezzubkine ( ago) more. 

Author SuperDragonmaster69 Candyman1957 ( ago)
sounds good. i'll let you tie me up , gag me and spank me back! 

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
That sounds amazing. I might lose on purpose... x

Author Michelle Smith ( ago)
Beautiful rubber skirt, come & hobble on my landing Darling XXX

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
It's leather ;-) sounds like fun though..! Xx

Author SuperDragonmaster69 Candyman1957 ( ago)
you're beautiful! would love to play hide and go seek and the winner gets
to spank the loser

Author vogonsrock ( ago)
That little bottom sticks out so adorably, I'd love to spank you with a
flippy leather paddle through that tight satin.

Author misteraction1990 ( ago)
i would cum all over you ;-)

Author Paul Englefield ( ago)
love your videos soooooo hott

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
Thanks babes xx

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
Off eBay, try searching for hobble skirt? best of luck honey x

Author Nicola Jefferson ( ago)
lovely outfit

Author Martyna Moscisnka ( ago)
sliczna spodnica tez bym chcial miec taka , czy moge wiedziec gdzie kupie
taka spodnice?

Author dcm0860 ( ago)
I love this gorgeous leather outfit! Where did buy that beautiful skirt? 

Author Grognak kemp ( ago)
hehe i would love to be forced just like u 

Author peza1978 ( ago)
Great skirt

Author Rachel Belle ( ago)
hehehe that sounds like fun!! ^_^ xx

Author rubbdraw ( ago)
I would like to wear the same thing and chase you all over the house

Author Lisa Cummings ( ago)
your hot sweetie Love and Kisses Lisa xx

Author Jerry Bailey ( ago)
That skirt looks terrific !!!

Author JorgeCSyt ( ago)
Add a long good corset to fell even more wonderful restriction.

Author rtest70 ( ago)
yes you are sooooo sexy, doll

i love i like baby kises

Author abyssin christian ( ago)
Mhum , j'adore

Author Nadine Bi ( ago)
The perfect outfit for your sexy body!!! Kisses Nadine

Author Josephine blackburn ( ago)
you look fantastic x

Author Ashlee Schmalzle ( ago)
now thats sexy on you gurl 

Author eric grant ( ago)
you look good in that

Author jackyl rox ( ago)
so hot it makes me crazy

Author MM B ( ago)
Very cute outfit, but you need some extreme high heels to go with it!

Author Poul Buch ( ago)

Author barry ( ago)
the way every woman should dress for her man whoever he is he is a VERY
lucky guy

Author Michela Foxx ( ago)

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