Farsi Qaseeda 1 Azdame MurtazA ALi AzkaramE MouLA ALi

Farsi qaseeda Azdame MurtazA ALi AzkaramE MouLA ALi by Maher angaiz mir

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Author rab sana ( ago)
Assalam o alikom and Ya Ali Madad My dear fellows please don't use abusive
language others.

Author Behumble1058 ( ago)
Very nice, Thank you. Love you all my Ismaili brothers and sisters.YA ALI

Author venkyhyundai ( ago)
please search for "aga khan vacation" on youtube & see who got the best

Author Anwer Khan ( ago)
nice Qasida Mashallah

Author Irfaan Haider ( ago)
Ya ALi Madad Gud newz for ismaiLies All Around the world... i have uploaded
5 New Farsi Qaseedas in Voice of Maher Angaiz a Famus female Ginan Khwan
from Hunza North Pakistan. Hope every body will like these qaseedas.. sory
for too late uploading .... so check them out .....regards IrfaaN

Author Irfaan Haider ( ago)
Ohh yeh I (YourNightmareAFG) did disable comments for this vidoes.
YourNightmareAFG is my youtube username. thx to you again Irfaan.

Author Irfaan Haider ( ago)
YAM, to all Ismailis viewing this video, As I had requested our brother
Irfaan to disable the comment option for the religious videos so he kindly
give me this oopportunit to do so, So therefore I'm going to do the rest as
well, thx for your collaboration. And thank you Irfaan for allowing me to
do so. Long live all Ismailies around the world. Love you all.

Author Reyazidan ( ago)
Ismailian zindabad!!!!!

Author Reyazidan ( ago)
Zindabad Ismailien

Author mangoochanna ( ago)
Ya Ali Madad, Can someone please upload the translation of this beautiful
Qaseeda for Non-Farsi speaking Ismailis? I understand a few words here and
there, being a native speaker of Urdu, but a translation would be
tremendously helpful.

Author 2Tubist ( ago)
Even though I couldn't understand the lyrics but her hypnotic voice is so
great! Beautiful.

Author Nazim Karmali ( ago)
just woke up & received this clip- what a wonderful way to start the day

Author ahmed ahmad ( ago)
my dear brothers if u c a flower. but u don c the beauty. it is ur fault
not the flower. similarly, u have no knowledge of ismaili.

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