Post Malone - White Iverson

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  • Twentyonepilots Life
    Twentyonepilots Life 24 minutes ago

    I never knew he made this song, now I love him oml

  • Ethan Rettig
    Ethan Rettig 35 minutes ago

    I'm ballen

  • dhunley1
    dhunley1 1 hour ago

    Looks like he needs to shower.

  • Clorox
    Clorox 1 hour ago

    QrewTV anyone?

  • Its TeaBag
    Its TeaBag 2 hours ago

    Lit song I'm only11🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😇😇🤣😍

  • Jewaly Casiquin
    Jewaly Casiquin 3 hours ago

    Too much views but only a million subscribers wow

  • Katlin Escamilla
    Katlin Escamilla 3 hours ago

    I subscribed

  • PGS Nation
    PGS Nation 3 hours ago

    see this dude got mad bars and he white that proves to show that any race can do what they put they mind to

  • ZOMBIEkilla 5151
    ZOMBIEkilla 5151 3 hours ago

    Who's listening July 2k17

  • Andrea Danford
    Andrea Danford 3 hours ago

    I thought post Malone was black lol till I saw the BET awards super talented god bless

  • Olle Kalling
    Olle Kalling 4 hours ago


  • Satx.Angel
    Satx.Angel 4 hours ago

    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that this song is for Allen Iverson smh

  • Sirach Does
    Sirach Does 5 hours ago

    Listening to this with 7.1 surround sound, bass boosted headset.. my ears are cumming right now

  • Manuel Morales
    Manuel Morales 5 hours ago


  • Bryan pills
    Bryan pills 5 hours ago

    ive realised the lyrics are all about allen iverson AHHAHAHA

  • only1
    only1 5 hours ago


  • MC cashMax
    MC cashMax 6 hours ago

    I won't lie, this is definitely me when I'm saucin'

  • DraftGamerYT - Clash of Clans

    the like on this video is more than subs... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • TheUlt1m4teD3sTROY3r _57111

    I always thought he was black...

  • bkob jackson
    bkob jackson 8 hours ago

    nice neck beard fag shave that shit

  • Z 9
    Z 9 9 hours ago

    Hittin the post

  • Roy Cuffee
    Roy Cuffee 9 hours ago

    i actually like this song and the beat is dope

  • Miraculous Gaming
    Miraculous Gaming 10 hours ago

    I feel bad for that white rolls Royce it's getting so dirty 🙁

  • jdog jdog
    jdog jdog 10 hours ago

    wtf is the pile of shit, surely this is no rap

  • Connor Young
    Connor Young 12 hours ago

    This song makes me want to tell my parents they are adopted.

  • hello hi
    hello hi 13 hours ago

    bad luck

  • Freedog13
    Freedog13 14 hours ago

    Crap song, crap culture. No musical qualities at all. Get a real drummer, play real music. This shit sucks.

  • Charlyn Ridge
    Charlyn Ridge 14 hours ago

    I. Love. This. Song $$#lovethissong

  • Adan Contreras
    Adan Contreras 15 hours ago

    It's only been two years but it feels like this was released so long ago. damn.

  • Nicolle Villalba
    Nicolle Villalba 15 hours ago

    Yeo I'm obsessed with this song

  • Jesus Mondragon
    Jesus Mondragon 16 hours ago


  • Epic Vidio Chanel
    Epic Vidio Chanel 17 hours ago

    # I need that Rolls Royce

  • Crae Zee
    Crae Zee 17 hours ago

    pls if you ever have a child name it water

  • A q
    A q 17 hours ago

    I love that shit

  • James S.
    James S. 17 hours ago

    2017 still fucking love this song

  • Joey K
    Joey K 17 hours ago

    dude looks like a gangster ass Amish farmer

  • Josiah Allen
    Josiah Allen 18 hours ago

    they wanna be us so bad.

  • Zachary Wills
    Zachary Wills 18 hours ago

    I just today found this was made by him

  • andriana Anderson
    andriana Anderson 18 hours ago

    This my song ayyyyye

  • royce James
    royce James 18 hours ago

    Mickey video games Mickey Mouse videos Mickey Mouse

  • William Leach
    William Leach 19 hours ago

    fuck all yall

  • jacesaces15
    jacesaces15 19 hours ago

    just find somebody with a speech impediment, give them a decent beat and have them talk over it. BOOM next rap star.

  • Perry Noydicus
    Perry Noydicus 20 hours ago

    The people who made this song are music nerds who went to college to study how to make music. They aren't some snot-nosed juvenile with bad hygiene and 'gold teef'

  • Kevan Longino
    Kevan Longino 20 hours ago

    That white dude dab like what the freak

  • EmelY
    EmelY 21 hour ago

    omfffff <3

  • RandomsWorld
    RandomsWorld 21 hour ago

    This song is strait fire it makes my day every time i hear it it's so good and it it's truly a great song

  • Caden Meadows
    Caden Meadows 21 hour ago

    I found him while i was looking up "the coolest and best est rap songs of 2015" don't regret it

  • Pat Sanchez
    Pat Sanchez 21 hour ago

    I love your songs

  • Stacey Marshall
    Stacey Marshall 21 hour ago

    who watched this song?

  • Trickzz
    Trickzz 22 hours ago


  • Leticia Marin
    Leticia Marin 23 hours ago

    I heard this song before anyone

  • Leticia Marin
    Leticia Marin 23 hours ago


  • Paola Pablo
    Paola Pablo 23 hours ago

    Love this song

  • Martin Griciuk
    Martin Griciuk 23 hours ago

    This young guy just did it. Thx for such a great song bro.

  • DefinitelyNot Nightcore

    Sean Paul at his best

  • Hasham Khan
    Hasham Khan 23 hours ago

    double OT, like I'm kd. my nigga kevin Durrant the goat 🐐 🔥🔥💯💯

  • Carolyn Gibson
    Carolyn Gibson 1 day ago

    I love you post blessings love light love your music

  • Kelley Goldston
    Kelley Goldston 1 day ago

    Saw him on BET awards last night. Had no idea he sang this song. I'm super curious to know his story

  • l d
    l d 1 day ago

    Allen Iverson

  • MikeyT
    MikeyT 1 day ago

    What is this garbage and why do all these fuck boy rappers sound the same?

  • Biker Life 101
    Biker Life 101 1 day ago

    This song makes me want to by a bunch of expensive shit

  • Carey kimble
    Carey kimble 1 day ago

    braelyn powell

  • YTDAVIDT 94416
    YTDAVIDT 94416 1 day ago

    Came here from Obama winking.

  • Bruhit Sindy
    Bruhit Sindy 1 day ago

    this song is best even tho it's old

  • whatever
    whatever 1 day ago

    h3h3 sent me here

  • Yash Deshmukh
    Yash Deshmukh 1 day ago

    1:48 that face though..... man... you swagin'.

  • DCVDNS_sd_karte
    DCVDNS_sd_karte 1 day ago

    Can i use this for my Intro?

  • T3ddYB3AR2K
    T3ddYB3AR2K 1 day ago

    who watching in 2018

  • Daniele G. Pedroso

    como amo... ❤️

  • post molone Topete


  • post molone Topete


  • post molone Topete


  • post molone Topete


  • Alejandra Martinez

    thank you h3h3productions for introducing me to such an awesome artist

  • Jakub Świątek
    Jakub Świątek 1 day ago

    i love this song

  • Pedro Ponce
    Pedro Ponce 1 day ago

    I love this song is dest song ever

  • bhuwacool
    bhuwacool 1 day ago

    this guy is lowkey great

  • Hana Krehmic
    Hana Krehmic 1 day ago

    helps me get high😊

  • Mega Gnar
    Mega Gnar 1 day ago


  • cookies n' cream
    cookies n' cream 1 day ago

    2k15 I never knew he made this song

    • Mega Gnar
      Mega Gnar 1 day ago

      I also did not know that this wonderful song was made in 2015

  • Никита
    Никита 1 day ago

    2:06, не благодарите

  • Miquel J.
    Miquel J. 1 day ago

    what is he wearing though!

  • Didi og vetlis
    Didi og vetlis 1 day ago

    He dabbed


    my mom said if i keep listning to this shes gonna smash my head against the keyboard. i think shes just kiddghjgfjhshbkghdhvfdjvkljf

  • Michael Neal247
    Michael Neal247 1 day ago

    Dabbing since 2015

  • Stupendous TV
    Stupendous TV 1 day ago

    that poor Royce 😥😥

  • Cayden !
    Cayden ! 1 day ago

    cat with yellow thing on head? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bryan  Sadikin
    Bryan Sadikin 1 day ago

    i thought he's black

  • Autistic Alex
    Autistic Alex 1 day ago

    Listen to this while your high rank me later

  • Mehul Puri
    Mehul Puri 1 day ago

    whoes listening in 2017?

  • BigJigglyNutSack
    BigJigglyNutSack 1 day ago

    Why did I only just find Malone like 3 days ago ;_;
    He's my new favorite chill artist, apart from Chill Nation of course...

  • Abati Aliero
    Abati Aliero 1 day ago


  • Zachariah Tucker
    Zachariah Tucker 1 day ago

    that dab!

  • Zachariah Tucker
    Zachariah Tucker 1 day ago



    who's watching in a specific year?

  • Thegist Ofit
    Thegist Ofit 1 day ago

    I can't believe that it has come to this. That movie "Idiocracy" is bang on as far as where the world is going and what people are entertained by. If you have t seen it, watch it and you will agree that this clowns generation and forward is FU(ked! Shallow ass lyrics that are thrown together, no message or point. I blame my government here in Canada for allowing Drakes robot monotone a$$ to release any of his sh!t and infecting the world with "Music AIDS"
    It's like the new PM DAWN of hip hop. I just saw this guy on Ridiculousness and can barely make any real intelligent comments. Braging about doing Chrystal Meth and Angel dust. Ya great stuff man. Go from Pubkic enemy and NWA to this? Wtf went wrong?Like I said, is like the trailer park PM DAWN

  • Christian Pallares

    this song lit

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