Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Prediction for Transformers 5 - [THE ROAD TO TF5 #194]

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  • Josue Jimenez
    Josue Jimenez 18 hours ago

    If a movie is Rotten on RT I won't go see it at the movies. But I'll give a movie a chance when the rental is available.

  • SoccerLegend 777
    SoccerLegend 777 2 days ago

    I love transformers and we need to redeem by telling people and shouting out and telling people tomwatch it and tell others to watch it and to tell others #transformers

  • Cybertronian Something

    it got %16 :(

  • TheFamiliaNation
    TheFamiliaNation 6 days ago

    At the end of the day he hates the movie

  • Mrblames Gaming
    Mrblames Gaming 6 days ago

    I think the rotation tomatoes score will be over 99% because I bind watching tv spots and trailers it looks like it it's going to be a good movie

  • Darius Dodson
    Darius Dodson 7 days ago

    Rotf was better then Aoe

  • Transformersguy On The Hunt

    Some Critics just can't turn off their brains for 2 & a half hours. Hating on a film for being too noisy and too heavy on CGI just makes them come across as bitter. Embrace your inner child!


    I'm guessing it'll be dark and grittier so maybe 40% 57% or maybe even 62% but I know Rotten Tomatoes, they hate all movies

  • Matt McC1980
    Matt McC1980 8 days ago

    I go by what I think not a stupid website or the. media.

  • I am superior to all.

    Even though I'm sure Rotten Tomatoes already has that lower-than-it-should-be score already predetermined, people have seen the trailers and know it won't be that bad. How do I know? Well, I might just live by a lot TCU fans, but as far as I'm aware I don't, and despite that I checked and the spaces for Imax 3D tickets for this movie (which shouldn't be going quick as it's so expensive) are running out for the week. I was lucky to find there was slightly more than 5 (enough for me and everyone I'm going with to see it) seats left for Prime Time Imax 3D (so hyped for tomorrow though).

  • Jourdan Gibson
    Jourdan Gibson 8 days ago

    tf is tf fuck tomatoes and critics

  • jamal bryant
    jamal bryant 8 days ago

    but this movie has a oscar winning screenwriter that wrote this movie, so this movie better be good

  • luke_warm_grits
    luke_warm_grits 8 days ago

    I'm going to the prime time tomorrow night, so fucking excited

  • Xenotronus Primezilla#21068

    *Rottent Tomatoes* are very healthy to eat.

  • Number Five
    Number Five 8 days ago

    I don't always agree with rotten tomatoes....but I always check it now and if it got a low score from reviewers...I become less likely to go and research more reviews. The problem with new user reviews is that it's often by people who are for a film to begin it may be bias. I know it sounds nice nice to say to not listen to the critics....BUT...there are a lot of sh*tty films out there and i'm sick of throwing my hard earn money to directors who don't care about the audience. Bay is one of them. I'm most likely going to see it the first/second night......but all of the Transformer Bay films to me are sh*tty. Just seeing a bunch of robots transform makes me tolerate it but everything from the story to action to camera work is horrible. I wish I can hold out and not even go the first week just to make a statement..but I loved Transformers since mid 80s. They really need to fix this franchise because if not..even i'm out. I look forward to Bumblebee though because Kubo was a well done film.

  • Lennie Binale
    Lennie Binale 8 days ago

    Seriously how does people determined their movie experience by a website ? that's sad and depressing for people these days Critics don't write professional reviews anymore

  • ttandc
    ttandc 8 days ago

    Just my guess but going by the scores on all the movies in the past I'm going to say Rotten Tomatoes is going to get a score of 30% Does not mean it is a bad movie guys If you like it then that's all that matters ;)

  • Daniel Dimov
    Daniel Dimov 8 days ago

    Regular viewers hate the movies because of the weak story. Transformers fans hate the movies because of the weak story and the take on classic G1 characters.

  • Cameron Babb
    Cameron Babb 8 days ago

    Rotten Tomatoes: 17%
    Box Office Domestic: 71 Million

    I AM LEGEND 8 days ago

    I sooo sooo happy that transformers tlk will show on my bday hahahah

  • Arcee
    Arcee 8 days ago

    rotten tomatoes are rigged, only Transformers 1 got a score above 50, BS

  • HEMI
    HEMI 8 days ago

    I hate they have so many fucking trailers

  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith 8 days ago

    RT: 31%
    OPBO 78.5 Million
    DBO 167.9 Million
    Total 1.09 Billion

  • SkyMonkey
    SkyMonkey 8 days ago

    rotten tomatoes 40%
    domestic total 250 million
    worldwide: 1.3 billion
    UK: 400 million

  • Immortal Pharaoh
    Immortal Pharaoh 8 days ago

    well I see why TF5 toys are high asf now

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 8 days ago

    I hope this movie flops

  • XOXOcel
    XOXOcel 8 days ago

    29% feels kinda high lol.
    The critics will hate this franchise no matter what, sadly!
    I'm not sure if this one will hit the billion mark, but I sure hope it does.

  • Xeno Prime
    Xeno Prime 8 days ago

    why do anyone care about rotten tomatoes its base on critics opinions so fuck critics, we should be hearing about the fans thats why they make these films

  • Star Polaroid
    Star Polaroid 8 days ago

    For the action and suspense , rotten tomatoes would give it a 45% and the audience going to give it a 81%

  • Kieran Jones
    Kieran Jones 8 days ago

    Well, I base my decision on the Rotten Tomatoes, as well as reviews on YouTube, on whether I should spend my very limited money on that movie. If I was someone who got paid to watch them, I wouldnt care. or If I got paid more then I did, I would mind wasting my spare money, as I like watching movies. But when you are on a very strict budget, yes, I do base my decisions on a website.

  • Euronymous99199 D
    Euronymous99199 D 8 days ago

    I grew up with the cartoons a well and i dont see any of it in these movies.Its just not transformers,theres no whimsy,class or atmosphere from these lifeless movies.Sorry

  • Austin Hwang
    Austin Hwang 8 days ago

    My opinion on critics and these rotten tomatoes are that there lying bitches but Worldwide $1.5 billion, Opening... since the trailers saying final chapter everyone wants to watch so $90 million and final could actually have a 50/50 chance of rising or lowering but yeah

    • Austin Hwang
      Austin Hwang 8 days ago

      Also the "THE FINAL CHAPTER" thing is a marketing ploy but it doesn't matter you can watch it if you want. Don't Care.

  • Brick Raider
    Brick Raider 8 days ago

    I will predict 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 1 million domestically. That way I predict low, and I'll be happy if it's higher.😆

  • Ulises Garcia
    Ulises Garcia 8 days ago

    Rotten tomatoes is stupid. No one believes critics anymore
    Good or bad is gonna be the biggest box office money grab of the year.

  • The RoboNerd
    The RoboNerd 8 days ago

    I have hope for the new writers and I hope this movie gets a high score then previous films my predictions 79%

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 8 days ago

    Also we live in modern society, no one has free will.

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 8 days ago

    They do it because why not. I have not other reasons, because why not. Also I don't believe in the writers room exists.

  • Dino Pug
    Dino Pug 8 days ago

    like DIAMOND BOLT you have a good transformers channel

  • Victor Christy
    Victor Christy 8 days ago

    I'm routing for Transformers so that they can continue the storyline until the darkest hour.

  • allgoeswrong
    allgoeswrong 8 days ago

    you are totally wrong about the fast and furious franchise!!!! they are all connected yes even Tokyo drift!!. but hey that's  your opinion !!! :)

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 8 days ago

    I want this movies to be more the transformers deserve more and i deserve too.

  • Sailer41
    Sailer41 8 days ago

    Hey guys I know this is last minute more like day but lees summit Missouri is releasing tf5 a couple days early

  • Jeff Paulk
    Jeff Paulk 8 days ago

    hey remember in the first trailer Megatron was with his crew and there was that little dred deception in between Megatron's legs could that have been hooligan?

  • SPIDER MAN 2017
    SPIDER MAN 2017 8 days ago

    this movie has been getting good reviews from it's early screenings, F the critIcs.

  • Marc Sheppard Sheppard

    Box Office:1.3 million
    Rotten Tomatoes:43%

  • the last knight 56
    the last knight 56 8 days ago


    DOOMSLAYER PRIME 8 days ago

    you guys heard after the bumblebee prequels and the next transformers movies basefvon Michael bays we're getting a new movie trilogy

  • A Mean Snake
    A Mean Snake 8 days ago

    Rotten tomatoes is definitely not going to be a shocker. They gave the first transformers a 50% and it was the best out of the franchise.

  • Junjie ZEROCOOL
    Junjie ZEROCOOL 8 days ago

    Exactly my point, there was a time when there was just this thing called "ACTION MOVIES" eq: Commando, RAMBO, Terminator, Preadator or Robo Cop and they were as stupid as fuck. You like emotional or complex shit, you watch Broke Back Mountain or something.. jezzz..

  • Alvano
    Alvano 8 days ago

    I like long movies

  • Alvano
    Alvano 8 days ago

    I like all the transformers movies

    RIDETHE GAMER1000 8 days ago


  • Suyog Chari
    Suyog Chari 8 days ago

    Very well said Alex... me too enjoy the entire transformers series without even caring about what the critics have to say...I simply don't care about them

  • Ex Assassin
    Ex Assassin 8 days ago

    13% on rotten tomatoes even though I'm a big fan of transformers and wahlberg I just still hope it will be good if no then I'm screwed over agin for long waited movies

  • Ernesto Aguas
    Ernesto Aguas 8 days ago

    jeremy jahns is better than rotten tomatoes

  • reece rivera
    reece rivera 8 days ago

    guys don't watch recent tv spots. alot spoilers, plus we all know how this movie is gonna be ): it's only gonna be like 6 or 7 out of 10. but still cool action and cg

  • Gustavo Aragon
    Gustavo Aragon 8 days ago

    Get rid of MB and bring in a more serious director who can understand what the transformers are.

  • DJL Pictures
    DJL Pictures 8 days ago

    Help.... its giving me recommendations for new Trailerssss and the thumbnails look so gooooood

  • Steven Miyazawa
    Steven Miyazawa 8 days ago

    actually Chinese audiences DONT like pandering, They hate having random stars in their Hollywood movies. TLK should make as much as AOE in china...

  • TheEvanight
    TheEvanight 8 days ago

    Is this really the end of the Transformers movies? I'm so confused

  • Im oSo Fly
    Im oSo Fly 8 days ago

    warning to all, dont watch the new drift trailer. it has a spoiler of a confirmed death of a decpticon, i cant believe i watched it. so if you are reading this dont watch it

  • Raglan 65
    Raglan 65 8 days ago

    I never saw the 1986 movie but transformers 1 and dotm were best. Aoe was dumb. Rotf was ok but it could of been a little better. I expect tlk will be the best tf movie ever 💯

  • Johnlim40
    Johnlim40 8 days ago


  • Lucy Feijo
    Lucy Feijo 8 days ago

    30-60% RT 600 million to 1.2 billion box office 150 million to 400 million domestic box office

  • Rodimus Studios
    Rodimus Studios 8 days ago

    This is stupid your stupid I'm sry but these films are bad and yes they base there movie watching decisions on a shitty score because I'd like to pay my fuckin money on good films. Now me boy if bay made good films and it got good scores you'd be saying something completely different. Sry about the crud language but I'm just about fed up with your vids I mean you've done well making vids out of the smallest things. And by the way 57 is like a low D grade sry

    • Rodimus Studios
      Rodimus Studios 8 days ago

      I still respect your views though more power to you

  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel 8 days ago

    I found this

  • Derpy Kratos Gamer [DKG]

    I already saw the movie😂 soo im not really affected to the people who are saying don't watch this don't watch that😂

  • Rockaholic Angel
    Rockaholic Angel 8 days ago

    Why the fuck is Rotten Tomatoes a thing?

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson 8 days ago

    i mean a low score tells people "hey dont waste your money"

  • crcoolstar565 The Awsome

    I think because AOE was somewhere in china and you are right let's help paramount i love Transformers

  • Matt H
    Matt H 8 days ago

    Revenge of the Fallen is the only one I've never watched a second time.  I watch clips from it, but never the whole movie.

  • Georgia bulldogs
    Georgia bulldogs 8 days ago

    onslaught is dead

  • Duckydude22 2
    Duckydude22 2 8 days ago

    Alex, I live in Minnesota, I'm very excited to see this movie. But some of the the trailers say it comes out on the 20th some say 21, others say 23. Help please!!!

  • Lord Grimlock 125
    Lord Grimlock 125 8 days ago

    im gonna say 75-80 percent on rotten tomatoes because for some reason i have faith in Michael bay

  • Branden Wilson
    Branden Wilson 8 days ago

    this is paramounts most important film

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 8 days ago

    I bet it'll get around a 45% and IMDB will be 6.3 and crap

    L00NEY GOONZ 8 days ago

    cant wait to see this

  • Silver Videos
    Silver Videos 8 days ago

    Criticisms aimed directly at The crude humor, product placement, story, and unfavorably compared plot similarities to The Fate of The Furious.

  • pasi s
    pasi s 8 days ago


  • Cameron Kemske
    Cameron Kemske 8 days ago

    I have 3 wishes for the cybertron prequesl film
    1. They have to expand the early knight mythos with either cybertronian castles playing a factor in the setting or flashback scenes in the the beginning. (Transformers app said early cybertronians built alliances and used metal castles has their bases and stuff.)
    2. Please please show the creation of the Allspark to show link to the first live action movie
    3 . The launch of the Ark with sentinel prime giving command to optimus.
    Like if this shows good! :)

  • IrvinGreat
    IrvinGreat 8 days ago

    hey, is drift have a TV Spot?

    • Damon Robinson
      Damon Robinson 8 days ago

      IrvinGreat yes dont watch its a major spoiler

  • Michael Ip
    Michael Ip 8 days ago

    Worst case: 11%, 1 Billion worldwide
    Most likely: 23-59%, 1.09 Billion worldwide
    Best case: 83%, 1.3 Billion worldwide

  • Ragin Cajun Gambit Smith

    It's gonna reach Billions..

  • Fifa King
    Fifa King 8 days ago

    48% 1.2 billion

  • Brian DiGiovanni
    Brian DiGiovanni 9 days ago

    I usually ignore the critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and go by the audience approval. The problem I see with critics is that no one person is going to have a taste for every time of movie, but critics are required to watch all big movies, even outside their tastes if they want to stay relevant. I'm pretty sure the majority of audiences are going into a movie because it's something they're interested in.

  • owlstag awn
    owlstag awn 9 days ago

    I remember a time when people didn't base their decisions from others' opinions on a film.

  • Warknight Xl216
    Warknight Xl216 9 days ago

    My predictions
    Rotten tomatoes: 95%
    Box office: 1.490 billion

  • Wynnie Tan
    Wynnie Tan 9 days ago

    Alex The Wave 3 Bumblebee has offical photos out

  • Shaarujon Vijayakumar

    I just can't wait for the movie man

  • MrHugo93
    MrHugo93 9 days ago

    what could happen if instead of M.Bay, the director was J.Cameron

  • Autobot Simmer
    Autobot Simmer 9 days ago

    animated prequel??

  • XHAIL Riot
    XHAIL Riot 9 days ago

    35% rotten tomatoes
    250M domestic final
    1.245 billion worldwide

  • Dursun Demirel
    Dursun Demirel 9 days ago

    i think the box office prediction from the so called experts are wrong do to the writers room. i honest to God think it will be a huge success and it will 400mil to 500mil in north america.

  • DanielPrime94
    DanielPrime94 9 days ago

    When are the reviews comming out!!?!!!? I've been checking all damn week

  • Soully
    Soully 9 days ago

    Sponsored by Paramount

  • Arturo Games
    Arturo Games 9 days ago

    nothing to do with this video, but I looked back on the decepticon roster video and it reminded me of a recent video thumbnail I saw were Nitro and Megatron were on that broken planet and I believe that takes place during the end, which leads me to think that Nitro could be like the new Starscream and be Megatrons second in command and maybe escape with him at the end of the movie, but that's just a theory, and no I have not been watching any tv spots, I just saw a thumbnail

  • Brad Doll
    Brad Doll 9 days ago

    I'm thinking 100 mil the 1st week because it's opening on Tuesday night in North America

  • Goldbaird
    Goldbaird 9 days ago

    Will you make a BEST/WORST things of TF5 video?

  • Jahmeil Ennis
    Jahmeil Ennis 9 days ago

    I. grew up. with this franchise

  • Jahmeil Ennis
    Jahmeil Ennis 9 days ago

    loved. these movies

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