Fishing with LIVE Bait (Golden Shiners)

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  • Dave Deckard Fishing

    Here I though I was the only one who still used an All-Star rod!

  • KHR Daily
    KHR Daily 3 days ago

    I love fishing 💋💋💋💋

  • Perry's Meats
    Perry's Meats 3 days ago

    looks like fun!

  • Shane Butler
    Shane Butler 4 days ago

    I guessed it on the dot 7lb 4 oz 😎😎😎

  • Gary Caldwell
    Gary Caldwell 4 days ago

    Great video, really enjoyed it.

  • LadyBassing
    LadyBassing 4 days ago

    Great content as usual. Love the channel.

  • Austin Malone
    Austin Malone 4 days ago

    What part of bama y'all in?

  • Bass Fishing Maine
    Bass Fishing Maine 4 days ago

    Ha chase my pb is 5 pounds 10 ounces no joke

  • dirt track racing
    dirt track racing 5 days ago

    Get catfish i

  • Mr Life
    Mr Life 5 days ago

    nice videos

  • Tman Vance
    Tman Vance 6 days ago

    How do y'all catch such big LMB ?

  • xarrow81
    xarrow81 6 days ago

    take the top spilt shot off and put a bead and a rubber band it will work better

  • Alex Mishchuk
    Alex Mishchuk 6 days ago


  • Thomas Pickett
    Thomas Pickett 6 days ago

    I'm sure many of us would like to know what lake this is. Am I right?

  • jp fisher
    jp fisher 7 days ago

    I wonder if this set up would work well for hybrid striped bass

  • Ryan Bowers
    Ryan Bowers 7 days ago

    where are yall fishing?!!!

  • TheDrunkenDwarf
    TheDrunkenDwarf 7 days ago

    you sound like gomer pyle from the Andy Griffith show

  • King Coleman23
    King Coleman23 7 days ago

    I just thought about it can you try fishing with Swedish fish

  • Mohammad Karbaschi
    Mohammad Karbaschi 7 days ago

    I have been fishing for over 25 years and in a few occasions used live baits but I dont like fishing with live baits. Its too brutal.

  • Victor Xavier
    Victor Xavier 7 days ago

    Love fishing with live bait! Where is this lake?

  • Justin 38045
    Justin 38045 7 days ago

    Bama bass woop all they ass.imposters know wats up

  • Dillon Nott
    Dillon Nott 7 days ago

    Great video. Golden shiner question, do they school up? And do they stay near shore or out open?

  • M Bingert1110
    M Bingert1110 7 days ago

    Do a video with live blue gill!

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett 7 days ago

    Just bought that reel at BPS about 6 months ago on sale for 49.99. It's a sold reel.

  • Outdoor Lacrosse
    Outdoor Lacrosse 7 days ago

    How are the bass in alabama so big

  • Signed Leader
    Signed Leader 7 days ago

    7 pounds is a new pb wtf

  • Lucas Trotter
    Lucas Trotter 8 days ago

    Hey Bamabass what big camera is that

  • Ryan Liscum
    Ryan Liscum 8 days ago

    Well done, great videos!

  • Ga Bassin
    Ga Bassin 8 days ago

    What action and length is the all star rod

  • DanLewis
    DanLewis 8 days ago

    Nice fish! Are you guys using the tare feature of the scale to subtract weight of fish grip?

  • Bill Sherk
    Bill Sherk 8 days ago

    Hey Bama, I'm from California and I've been using live shad on a size 6 &4 circle hook to catch some monsters out here. I just started this year using them

  • Sawyer Rodeheaver
    Sawyer Rodeheaver 8 days ago

    I was fishing for carp yesterday with corn and I caught a bass on corn and a fallfish the fallfish spit the corn

  • Sah Dude
    Sah Dude 8 days ago

    I use 4 pound test to catch anything. just caught a 37 lb catfish the other took 20 mins to reel in

  • Dude USA
    Dude USA 8 days ago

    heyyy. my name is Chase also

  • James grant
    James grant 8 days ago

    Good fishing

  • David Yang
    David Yang 8 days ago

    Bamabass lives on another planet or parallel universe where 5Lbers are like bluegills and he makes videos for us on the other side. That’s why he’s so calm when he catches my PB in every video

  • 2jz Films
    2jz Films 8 days ago

    I thought it was bad to get water out of the sink I thought it had chlorine in it?? ive got a pet bass in a 10 gallon right now he is about 4inches long and man he grows like a rocket. I am getting a 75 gallon tank soon and I don't want to make 20 trips to the pond to fill it up? help?!😂

    • Michael Hobbs
      Michael Hobbs 8 days ago

      2jz Films Tap water doesn't have Chlorine, it has Fluoride. It should be fine for a freshwater tank.

  • kayakeros
    kayakeros 8 days ago

    Really cool gear

  • Jeremiah Medrano
    Jeremiah Medrano 8 days ago

    I love the googans and everything but you're the only one who consistently catches monsters.

    • Texas Remastered
      Texas Remastered 4 days ago

      Jeremiah Medrano and tactical bassin

    • samuel olinger
      samuel olinger 8 days ago

      Jeremiah Medrano same he is also the only one who doesn't vlog all day and then only fish for 5 minutes

  • midwestfisherman
    midwestfisherman 8 days ago

    Good stuff man!

  • Michael Imbrenda
    Michael Imbrenda 8 days ago


  • Mark Martinez
    Mark Martinez 8 days ago

    what kind of line you using

  • RandomEvan
    RandomEvan 8 days ago

    Did you remove the hook at 10:37

    • Conrod M
      Conrod M 8 days ago

      RandomEvan you know he did! And if not able, he left it and saved the fish. Read an article from Wild life and Fisheries that said better to leave hook if the chance is greater that fish would die from trying to remove hook.

  • Alexander Reese Fishing

    heck ya this makes live bait look killer man!

  • Noah Choi
    Noah Choi 8 days ago

    Those fish are too big ha ha. I went fishing today and caught 17 bass. My biggest was a three pound bass :(

  • The Reptilian Gamer

    You should try to catch a bait fish then wait for it to get eaten by a bass, same hook, same rod

  • Boss1727GFV
    Boss1727GFV 8 days ago

    What pound line do you use

  • Ethan Seafield
    Ethan Seafield 8 days ago

    live bait is my favorite type of fishin

    BAMA FISHERMAN 8 days ago

    Roll tide and great video sir!

  • Andrew 12
    Andrew 12 8 days ago

    Wow great video it's so cool how ponds liek that have plenty of huge bass but at my pond it's full of 0.75 growth stunted largemouths I would kill to have a pond with fish that size I wonder why my bass won't ever get big

    • turkey2003
      turkey2003 8 days ago

      Andrew 12 you need to cull some of the bass. To little food and to many bass. When fish overpopulate they respond by just growing less, instead of like mammals that have die offs.

    • Andrew 12
      Andrew 12 8 days ago

      Mr.Inspector it's only about a half acre pond but there are plenty of carp and a good amount of small catfish and bass

    • Andrew 12
      Andrew 12 8 days ago

      Mr.Inspector I don't feed them food however I would believe they would be doing good by themselves considering there are stocked shad, bluegill and I have found crawfish on the bank so I would figure after 2 years of fishing I would eventually stop catching 3/4 pound skinny bass that all look the same

    • Mr.Inspector
      Mr.Inspector 8 days ago

      Andrew 12 do you feed your bass alot of food?

  • Jason Hyler
    Jason Hyler 8 days ago

    what is your home lake and pond or nearest to you

  • John beasteagle14
    John beasteagle14 8 days ago

    love top water and live bait

  • Mar1n3xSn1p3rz_ 19
    Mar1n3xSn1p3rz_ 19 8 days ago

    Bama bass man I want to come fish with you man

  • Mar1n3xSn1p3rz_ 19
    Mar1n3xSn1p3rz_ 19 8 days ago

    Happy Fathers Day To Them Dads Out There love you Bama bass u the man.

  • heryfin steven Salim

    Why the fuck do americans release fishes they catch

    • Arook Arook
      Arook Arook 6 days ago

      Because we have other food unlike your third world oooga boooga land

    • OrangeKou
      OrangeKou 8 days ago

      heryfin steven Salim because we want to man. no swearing was necessary :)

    • Adam Brugger
      Adam Brugger 8 days ago

      heryfin steven Salim so we can catch them again! :)

  • Richard Shackelford

    great video

  • Florida Boy Bass Fishing

    Awesome footage that is definitely a dream lake Father's Day. How is Bonnie and Clyde Can't forget about the Sheriff

  • Chaos Paddlers
    Chaos Paddlers 8 days ago

    Such a great video amazing how ur using live bait like that I need to try that

  • Mark Cochran
    Mark Cochran 8 days ago

    Hey Stephen! They still do make and have AllStar rods. Academy Sports has them in Hoover, AL. I actually have a brand new one someone gave me but I don't like it because the cork handle is very long and the whole rod just seems to be too heavy for me. It's a 7' MH action rod. But it is definitely a very strong, powerful rod! If you know anyone who wants to buy it or trade it for a baitcaster or another rod, please
    let me know. The person who gave it to me bought it for $100. Thanx Stephen!!

  • FloridaRaider
    FloridaRaider 8 days ago

    pretty lake

  • Jadhirj Vidano
    Jadhirj Vidano 8 days ago

    1rod1reelfishing would of been screaming the whole time while fighting the fish

  • jason miller
    jason miller 8 days ago

    Next livebait challenge is crawfish!

  • Isaac Van Ness
    Isaac Van Ness 9 days ago

    Absolutely AWESOME video!!

  • D.brown Outdoors
    D.brown Outdoors 9 days ago

    When do u not catch toads?

  • billfromelma
    billfromelma 9 days ago

    Golden shiners, really a pretty fish. Would look nice in a tank. Almost look like little tarpon .good video.

    • Nickhead87
      Nickhead87 3 days ago

      billfromelma I thought it was just me who thinks shiners look like miniature tarpon. 😁

  • Parker Lemmon
    Parker Lemmon 9 days ago

    Happy Fathers day!

  • Jay K
    Jay K 9 days ago

    Great usual!! Still can't figure out why anybody dislikes this content??????
    This is one if not the best channels out right now.

    • Max B
      Max B 5 days ago

      Jay K they're just haters because their pb bass is a 20 ounces and they're just jealous.

  • Ethan Mikulec
    Ethan Mikulec 9 days ago

    I love it when he says it's a big fish because for bamabass a big fish is over 10lbs

  • The Bass Master
    The Bass Master 9 days ago

    Awesome video have fun at the cabin

  • kellen ross
    kellen ross 9 days ago

    I love you vids when you use live bait

  • Joshua Eddings
    Joshua Eddings 9 days ago

    Little guy??? Thats twice the size of any fish ive caught this year..

  • Haden Heath
    Haden Heath 9 days ago


  • cole higgins
    cole higgins 9 days ago

    Look at the thumbnail is he double jointed in his thumb

  • Toby Garrett
    Toby Garrett 9 days ago

    great vid...need a video for how to get a bigger bite...on a good pattern today but cookie cutter dinks.

  • Its Yit
    Its Yit 9 days ago

    you should make a tank monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

    • Its Yit
      Its Yit 4 days ago

      Mad Munchie good, I have no mercy you fucking fatherless bitch, commenting something just to get a reaction. Good job little man.

    • Mad Munchie
      Mad Munchie 4 days ago

      Its Yit I choke on small bones you stupid idiot

    • Its Yit
      Its Yit 4 days ago

      Mad Munchie suck my dick

    • Mad Munchie
      Mad Munchie 4 days ago

      Its Yit you should shut up

  • TroyWilliams
    TroyWilliams 9 days ago

    a trophy fish for me is a dink fish for bamabass

  • 9 days ago

    LOVE fishing with live shiners! No better way to catch trophy bass

  • Joe Ellis
    Joe Ellis 9 days ago

    do a flathead video

  • CainesBrothersFishing -

    if your reading this plz sub to my channel ill sub back

    BASS LIFE 9 days ago

    When i was watching you talk about the hooks in realized that you can catch a fish on any bait and color its what the color of the hook that makes the big bass eat

  • Kobe Perez
    Kobe Perez 9 days ago

    HOW is your PB less than a 7lb bass ???!!

    • Cole G
      Cole G 9 days ago

      Kobe Perez bamas pb is over 13 pounds it was his friend that didn't have a pb over 7

  • Fire Striker
    Fire Striker 9 days ago

    You should put a big golden shiner in your tank

  • Gage Huster
    Gage Huster 9 days ago

    Is this place private or can you rent it out for like a weekend? would for sure pay money to come here!

  • Dalton Caldwell
    Dalton Caldwell 9 days ago

    What part of Alabama do y'all live in because I live in north central Alabama.

  • Jake The Goat
    Jake The Goat 9 days ago should so a topwater savagegear bat lure challenge 😀

      WSAENOTSOCK 9 days ago

      Jake The Goat Nice! Someone else keeps up with the latest & greatest!

  • Justin
    Justin 9 days ago


  • Dwayne Mcguire
    Dwayne Mcguire 9 days ago


  • Lake Jones
    Lake Jones 9 days ago

    If you hook em threw both lips they can't breath only the top lip

  • FishingupstateNY
    FishingupstateNY 9 days ago

    Mono or flouro

  • Doug Gann
    Doug Gann 9 days ago

    Nice man! Makin it look EASY! Can't wait to get out there.. waiting for boat registration.. required on kayak if you use trolling motor

  • Landon Gilbert
    Landon Gilbert 9 days ago

    Bamabass or fluke master ?

  • Matthew. Rizzi
    Matthew. Rizzi 9 days ago

    You make awesome videos

  • Aaron Feiser
    Aaron Feiser 9 days ago

    Thank you for another great video BamaBass! I have learned so much from watching your stuff.

    BUSHCRAPPING 9 days ago

    that golden shiner looks a lot like what we call in england a roach and a little bit like a dull golden rudd.

  • Doc7680
    Doc7680 9 days ago

    Awesome video guys! ... Happy Father's Day all you dads! ... 😎🇺🇸😎

  • Sportz Productions
    Sportz Productions 9 days ago

    Awesome video👍

  • Dom 22
    Dom 22 9 days ago

    Great video keep it up

  • Steve Tucker
    Steve Tucker 9 days ago

    Always like watching your videos. Love that type of water you fish.... Definately my fav!!!

  • Fishing With Logan
    Fishing With Logan 9 days ago

    notification squad

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