hacking WEP wireless networks with windows

hacking WEP wireless networks with windows

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simple from cmd: type: color 2 netsh wlan show network mode=bssid
username=[target name] security key=scanner enter

Author It's Ayles ( ago)
how downlad

Author Kharabish خرابيش‎ ( ago)
why after i doing the air crack it's ask me to writing something and if i
write 1 or 2 or any number it's loading and then it's faild and give me a
message ask me try next time with 5000 but i already did more than 100000
what should i do please help ???

Author Jenice Watson ( ago)
Try dis software! It is not a scam .Promise!

Author anizz14 ( ago)
/watch?v=qqABA7bJBmE this one is easiest

Author Marc-Olivier Robertson ( ago)
is it normal if the scanner doesn t appear anywhere?

Author Maurice Rutherford ( ago)
hacking WEP wireless- wifi - 2013 Update...

Author John Cooley ( ago)

Author Martin Galloway ( ago)

Author NisheMogan ( ago)
Watch this new working tool: /watch?v=Zk9gSQGc6GE

Author NisheMogan ( ago)
New video is uploaded: /watch?v=Zk9gSQGc6GE

Author keff0o ( ago)
How long will it takes to generate the key (the aircrack part)? Because
mine was generating over like 7 houres and nothing came up, ony the
chancing numbers on the right..

Author MrMrKingfisher ( ago)
@1234567890zahlen du musst dann die nummer eingeben von dem netzwerk was du
knacken möchtest. über dieser meldung ist eine liste mit den verschiedenen
netzwerken, da im logfile datenpackete mehrerer netzwerke gespeichert sind.

Author Elijah92 ( ago)
Nice broken English there.

Author Musharaf Islam ( ago)
its does not work.......its easy i tried and did everything exactly rite
but in the end the airocrack wont generate the key..... it says failed try
agaib at 500 ivs. its bullshit crap there is no such hacking i dnt belevie
it. :)

Author FinalMythology ( ago)
stupidass could have linked some files for us but no.

Author milano007100 ( ago)
it is to hard

Author wolfshade01 ( ago)
@1234567890zahlen Same here.

Author rajeethan1 ( ago)
it opened the command prompt and it asked me "index number of target
network? help please..

Author Antony Di Dominicis ( ago)
When i klick on airkracking-ng on "Launch" it comes : "Index Number of
Target network? [*After the question i must type in here a number or
what?*] "

Author garretdillon ( ago)
thanks for the vid and keep working on ur english

Author Super5 ( ago)
so if u try to use this to use someone else's WiFi what happens????

Author Maxwell Rock ( ago)
dude ur fckin awesome it worked great!!!! :D

Author jtrickfanatic ( ago)
@andrydedy7 oh man what a pity. man everyome has wpa2.its difficult to
unlock it.

Author andrydedy7 ( ago)
@paunocudatuamae Yes i am

Author andrydedy7 ( ago)
@jtrickfanatic for Cracking WEP only

Author happygamestvfun1 ( ago)
well you can tell this guy don't speak english....

Author caz2406 ( ago)
i did every thing i your vid but if i capture a channel wont log it if you
could help it would be very nice thanks

Author jtrickfanatic ( ago)
this is for cracking wpa only or wpa2 too?

Author sun69oku ( ago)

Author R B ( ago)
One can not see what u doing. did u ever tried to see what u did?

Author Shafiq Izwan ( ago)
"got no data packet transfer for target data" error. What should i do?

Author Alí Salcido ( ago)
hey man please post some links its hard to guess which one of commview's
products im supposed to download

Author ChaosEn3 ( ago)
@iRevealz no

Author Joey Ohhh ( ago)
can you post some links

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