Pokemon White- Catching Landorus! (English) [HQ]


Hi everybody, I'm back with more Pokémon White videos. Today I attempt to catch the legendary ground/flying Pokémon Landorus! Before you attempt to reach/capture Landorus, you need to make sure that you have beaten the Elite 4 and have BOTH Tornadus and Thundurus (Tornadus from Black, Thundurus from White, so you'll have to trade) in your team. ***Make sure that the legendary Pokemon exclusive to YOUR version MUST be yours, otherwise this will not work*** You will also need to have Pokémon with the moves Surf and Waterfall. Start by exiting White Forest from the north exit and heading slightly north to where you find a Waterfall (the video is much easier to understand). Once you have found the Abundant Shrine, walk around a bit and go slightly north until you find some kids near the Shrine and they talk about how you shouldn't make Landorus angry or something. They soon bugger off and Landorus comes down from the sky after Tornadus and Thundurus become eager to leave their pokeball's. **Just like all other legendary Pokémon, save your game before the encounter**. Landorus's details are as follows:

Level 70
OT: Yours
ID: Yours
Ability: Sand Strength
Item: None
Nature: Random
Abundant Shrine, caught at Level 70
Rock Slide, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Fissure

Landorus wasn't as hard to catch as I thought it would be, but this was probably down to a lot of luck as well, it won't always be like that. Bear in mind that it is part ground type, so electric attacks will be useless, hence why I used my Zekrom to paralyse it with a weak but effective Dragonbreath! Bring the general pokeballs and Dusk Balls if you're capturing it in the evening. Also, although I didn't face the problem, be sure to watch out for Fissure! (only if your Pokémon are below level 70, otherwise this move won't hit).

Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe!

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Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
please explain to me how

this vid is so faaaaaake

Author mark otero ( ago)
send me and email or something

Author mark otero ( ago)
is there anyone willing to let me borrow their thundarus just until i get
landarus and then after words if you need tornadus ill give your thundarus
and let you borrow mine as long as you give it back

Author Diontae Ali Dickerson ( ago)
what did you do to catch him

Author The detinator913 ( ago)
Tornadus won't come

Author scarletruby2002 ( ago)
i now have an action replay (i got it 5 months ago) but i was unable to
find a good, and working code

Author Brandon1267 ( ago)

Author Brandon1267 ( ago)
or use a action replay to catch a "fake" of the opposite of what is in your
game then have both in your party... you can only catch one depending on
what game you have..

Author Thebeachballers1 ( ago)
It has to be autum

Author Yuniarti Handayani ( ago)
could you help me out get the water fall attack where do i get it?

Author purplechicken3701 ( ago)
do u have to get thunderous first??? he wont appear

Author Rajab Sheikh ( ago)
where do you get the waterfall attack????

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
How come your white forest has bushes and everything. Mine doesn't. :(

Author RetardedCakeBomb ( ago)
I'm trading kyurem

Author RetardedCakeBomb ( ago)

Author MonkeysFlyingAbove96 ( ago)
i had tornadus and thundurus with me,but i dont know why landorus is
appearing, can anyone help me here?

Author explodingwolf ( ago)
Thanks you also helped me find another one of the seven sages lol

Author KROreviews ( ago)
l0l I'm not being rude or anything but you used so many great balls and it
was paralysed and red bared and I caught it using only 3 pokeballs red
barred and it wasn't paralysed

Author Blkmage766 ( ago)
I hope we get a vs seeker in black/white 2 T_T

Author Alan2903 ( ago)
IM GOING NUTS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author gamez804 ( ago)
Will trade thunderous for tornadus .... sorry about my spelling,

Author scarletruby2002 ( ago)
^.^ not ur fault lol

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
i don't make the rules, sorry

Author scarletruby2002 ( ago)
ummmmm y does the tornadus need to b a traded one im confused .....

Author Waldemar Zajac ( ago)
i got 900 :) really

Author Blake Ramirez ( ago)
@MegaDragon1234567890 I want to trade

Author minecraftrainbowgurl ( ago)
I wanna trade with u megadragon1234567890

Author minecraftrainbowgurl ( ago)
I want to trade!

Author TheAir97 ( ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've always tried catching Thunderous with all level
100s or using my Tornadus.

Author Godfrey Ngobi ( ago)

Author glaive616 ( ago)
Use a pokemon with mean look :)

Author TheAir97 ( ago)
Can anyone lend me a Master ball...? ._. I've been trying to get Thunderus

Author Saturshi ( ago)
Thundurus comes from White, my good sir/miss.

Author 3DTyrant ( ago)
oh goodie, i cant get Landorus now as seeing as i'm not the OT of the
Tornadus I own... meaning i'll have to trade a testical on serebii to get
it >_<

Author Kathir k ( ago)
I have a Tornadus if anyone wants to trade for a Thunderus. Or I could just
borrow it and trade back for pokedex.

Author robbie schamber ( ago)
nevermind i figured it out

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
elaborate please?

Author robbie schamber ( ago)
does it have to be your first time there?

Author Youneke Browne ( ago)
Woah this is some good music

Author Youneke Browne ( ago)
Well I already have Tornadus but have no clue where I can get a Thunderus

Author bwwong999 ( ago)
worst nature for landorus

Author tori8588 ( ago)
were is the white forest?

Author tori8588 ( ago)
i caught zekrom with a pokeball and full hp i just keep throwing but i
wasted about 500 pokeballs i had like 2 left

Author Lazdisthereal ( ago)
ahaha timid

Author JustMeIvanGe (1529 years ago)
i caught zekrom with a pokeball its easy to catch him

Author Jilo ( ago)
story of my life bro

Author Willwatfire22 ( ago)
actually,using quick ball is the easy

Author ChameleonSableye ( ago)
I caught mine with a Poke Ball,while all the other Balls I had didn't work.

Author FameJames4743 ( ago)

Author thqp ( ago)
So I cant get landorus becose im tradet my thundurus away (I have white)

Author jose vasquez ( ago)
any one want to trade a landorus to me friend code 4642 3686 2807

Author jose vasquez ( ago)
any one want to trade em landourus

Author jose vasquez ( ago)
i will

Author Sasha Wolf ( ago)
Ha that's a habit of mine too

Author Sayeedur123 (1359 years ago)
ill trade a pichu

Author killerscorp134 ( ago)
anyone wanna trade me their landorus??? please??? tell me what u want for
it. my friend code is: 3310 - 5083 - 4360

Author SylentEcho ( ago)
@jonnypkmn168 No, after putting him in some status, switching between
Ultra, Great and Poke Ball is the quickest way. Starting with Poke, Ultra
and then Great. Worked for me since Ruby years and years ago man. :)

Author Pikman14 ( ago)
Dragonbreath from the crotch.

Author jonnypkmn168 (831 year ago)
@thelpguy1234 nah i don't disagree with you, it's a very valid point you've

Author thelpguy1234 (569 years ago)
i know this,the pokemon company had the wrong idea bout the weather trio in
black and white.....if you dissagree with me,then im sorry.

Author jonnypkmn168 (552 years ago)
@yongho098 it's all about the great ball

Author Yongho098 (1971 year ago)
why don't you use a ultra ball?

Author xiMaxMikex ( ago)
I need a thundurus to do this... :(

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@riverflowsinyoufan this is spring, i think

Author lemonlimelukey ( ago)
It is so easy to catch pokemoñ on this game than on any others

Author jonnypkmn168 (969 years ago)
@xxtreme209 if the kids are there then you've probably done it correctly

Author Abdi Bashir ( ago)
@davidgarten2 I have a Tornadus but need a thundrus

Author baconboy1403 ( ago)

Author David Garten ( ago)
Anyone willing to help me get landorous. I have thundrus but i need to
trade for tornadus

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@BloopingAsses yes

Author Zackezon ( ago)
i caught tornadus, thunderus, and landorus with a quick ball. landurus was
after like 7 turns cuz the quick ball was the only ball that would roll x)
lucky me

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@AQWorldsJunk you need one of them depending on your version

Author Odyses ( ago)
by the way do you need tornado and thunder befor you get him

Author TwillyMail (1122 years ago)
@pargelenis2020 in pokemon black in white instead of taping A you take your
styulus and draw circles around the pokeball on the bottom screen when it
zooms in on the one your trying to catch. if you circle to fast or slow the
pokemon will instantly pop out if you circle at the perfect speed then it
will catch it on the 1st or second roll

Author anikid0392 . ( ago)
I nicknamed my Landorus "LANDOGRIFFN" as in "Lando Griffin" from Family Guy.

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@20ChrisFa02 lacunosa town

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@pargelenis2020 you have luck on your side, my friend. well done

Author ranger0810 ( ago)
pokemon version of god floating on a cloud ha

Author Jdgb09 - Minecraft ( ago)
@zorg311 y

Author Aaron Gross ( ago)
@NotoriousGamer760 Pftt pussy i caught him with a pokeball on my first try

Author DefinitelyNotMyself ( ago)
cool, i got thundurus with a heal ball

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@zorg311 goodlad!

Author zorg311 ( ago)
And going on your point jonnypkmn168 who needs them. I through myn away.

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@MySnoopy8 no you dont, you need any type of pokeball, a master ball just
always works, thats why they're for pussies

Author MySnoopy8 ( ago)
u need an master ball to catch him bitch

Author Isaiah Gonzalez (1408 years ago)
@LegendKiller0713 thanks and that is all true promise put it on any thing

Author Arnel Asuncion ( ago)
@NotoriousGamer760 Cool story, bro.

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@NotoriousGamer760 couldn't give a fuck

Author Isaiah Gonzalez ( ago)
sucks for you because i caught zekrom at the beginning of the battle with a
ultra ball and no health down i think that zekrom wanted me to catch it i
dont know but that was cool

Author tim burgers ( ago)
GO TO TheHowToBros1

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@gangsterdude73 tornadus CAN'T be yours in pokemon white, thundurus is
yours in white. thundurus HAS to be yours if you're playing WHITE version,
and if you're playing BLACK version then TORNADUS

Author Sub Sownik ( ago)
must tornadus also be yours in white if u wanna catch landorus or just
trade it?

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@Multiwhitemac galvantula, samurott, cofagrigus, zekrom, tornadus, thundurus

Author Mac Brown ( ago)
what pokemon did you have with you

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@zerounite90 cheers, much appreciated!

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@99chickenjoe thanks mate, much appreciated! :)

Author Eat Sleep Craft ( ago)
i subscribed :D

Author jonnypkmn168 ( ago)
@gmtchili07 you need to trade with someone else, but not on the GTS

Author Eli Hatake ( ago)
how do i get Tornadus? he isnt added to my pokedex so i cant trade over

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