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Author Alex Kingston (3 years)
@ThaddeusTheDude This has more prestige than a real bike

Author okeneg (5 years)
omfg how did they put doors on it

Author calmlikeabomb418 (4 years)
@jayh3r it accelerates from 0–100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, with top
speed of 253 km/h (157 mph).

Author beaversaysnaruxhina (3 years)
its not kawasaki, kawasaki is only the brand of the engine, it was built by

Author Chris Pryde (4 years)
looks alot like optimis primes dick

Author Danny Potts (5 years)
does it have a heater?

Author jbm9511 (4 years)
Kawasaki where did that come from!! Douche bag!!!

Author 陳 明澤 (4 years)

Author okeneg (5 years)
@aftermath8p does it even have a radio

Author BIGD300SE (5 years)
Hey! Remember this a motorcycle.

Author Venomkey (4 years)
took me awhile to even notice its a motorcycle

Author Poop Poop Mgee (5 years)
That is tight

Author KINGJADEX (4 years)
@remi009340 Exactly what I was thinkin'

Author shoebin1 (3 years)

Author hobbyguy (3 years)
@Shmoove58 it will do your laundry too! lol

Author BlackChrys (4 years)
Imagine that blasting past on the highway...

Author smokie mcpot (4 years)
@KINGJADEX Highfive!

Author Chris Coleman (4 years)
Around 70 large

Author karwanGoTSwaGG86 (4 years)
@Shmoove58 noo bitch its a decipticon lol

Author KINGJADEX (4 years)
Do the windows roll up and down?

Author Austin Koerner (4 years)
Snow+driving on gravel= For the love of god put that away please. haha

Author KINGJADEX (4 years)
@Shmoove58 Yes

Author Schnitzelstue (3 years)
ugly looking matchbox car

Author KINGJADEX (4 years)
Does it have AC?

Author ezzellrock (4 years)
how much does this thing cost

Author Razvan Toma (4 years)
Are you serious :|

Author daquan chandler (4 years)
why are you driving this thing during the winter? Not a smart idea

Author fingerandskateboard (4 years)
thats the coolest thing ever

Author Basil Adams (4 years)
Ghost-ride that... Not in the snow???

Author jayh3r (4 years)
how fast can it go?

Author TheNotoriousKRP (4 years)
@Shmoove58 Only when no one is watching.

Author smokie mcpot (4 years)

Author Mitchell Groenewegen (5 years)
by almost totally redesigning the body of the thing

Author Shmoove58 (5 years)
Does it transform into an autobot?

Author trib6 (4 years)
@MrMjkky So is your mom's vagina...

Author 314louboi (4 years)
@aftermath8p i dont think so

Author math22math22 (4 years)
ten qua moé ca sa roulerait pas dans terre.. bin trop beau

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