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Author hobbyguy ( ago)
@Shmoove58 it will do your laundry too! lol

Author Alex Kingston ( ago)
@ThaddeusTheDude This has more prestige than a real bike

Author shoebin1 ( ago)

Author Schnitzelstue ( ago)
ugly looking matchbox car

Author beaversaysnaruxhina ( ago)
its not kawasaki, kawasaki is only the brand of the engine, it was built by

Author Basil Adams ( ago)
Ghost-ride that... Not in the snow???

Author Austin Koerner ( ago)
Snow+driving on gravel= For the love of god put that away please. haha

Author daquan chandler ( ago)
why are you driving this thing during the winter? Not a smart idea

Author jbm9511 ( ago)
Kawasaki where did that come from!! Douche bag!!!

Author Venomkey ( ago)
took me awhile to even notice its a motorcycle

Author Chris Pryde ( ago)
looks alot like optimis primes dick

Author trib6 ( ago)
@MrMjkky So is your mom's vagina...

Author calmlikeabomb418 ( ago)
@jayh3r it accelerates from 0–100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, with top
speed of 253 km/h (157 mph).

Author TheNotoriousKRP ( ago)
@Shmoove58 Only when no one is watching.

Author jayh3r ( ago)
how fast can it go?

Author karwanGoTSwaGG86 ( ago)
@Shmoove58 noo bitch its a decipticon lol

Author smokie mcpot ( ago)
@KINGJADEX Highfive!

Author KINGJADEX ( ago)
@remi009340 Exactly what I was thinkin'

Author smokie mcpot ( ago)

Author fingerandskateboard ( ago)
thats the coolest thing ever

Author BlackChrys ( ago)
Imagine that blasting past on the highway...

Author Chris Coleman ( ago)
Around 70 large

Author 陳 明澤 ( ago)

Author KINGJADEX ( ago)
Do the windows roll up and down?

Author KINGJADEX ( ago)
Does it have AC?

Author KINGJADEX ( ago)
@Shmoove58 Yes

Author math22math22 ( ago)
ten qua moé ca sa roulerait pas dans terre.. bin trop beau

Author Razvan T ( ago)
Are you serious :|

Author 314louboi ( ago)
@aftermath8p i dont think so

Author Shmoove58 ( ago)
Does it transform into an autobot?

Author BIGD300SE ( ago)
Hey! Remember this a motorcycle.

Author okeneg ( ago)
@aftermath8p does it even have a radio

Author Mitchell Groenewegen ( ago)
by almost totally redesigning the body of the thing

Author Danny Potts ( ago)
does it have a heater?

Author okeneg ( ago)
omfg how did they put doors on it

Author Poop Poop Mgee ( ago)
That is tight

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