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Author Lola Davis ( ago)
He actually looks like a girl

Author Jess Kate ( ago)
She's so gorgeous!!
And her mom is so amazing and supportive, what an amazing woman!

Author nova alyousef ( ago)
I'll never understand transgender ! but that wouldn't come to the point to
beat them up or hating them ! it's their choice bu I wouldn't love to be
married to a trandgender I mean I can be friends with them but not a lover
or like that ! no offence but it's just my brain won't accept that

my brother used to be like Melaina he play with barbies love women clothes
and make up but he didn't end up like this cause we all showed him that he
is a boy not a girl ! 

Author Radio of Rwanda ( ago)
You Go Maleina!

Author Aracely Torres ( ago)

Author Thai Choice ( ago)
Malaina is beautiful,I'm happy her mother excepted her as she is .respected
to her mother.

Author Galis Salinas ( ago)
Maleina is pretty i feel bad if they bully her they just have to understand
what she has

Author WinWinisacutieanddeserveslove ( ago)
I am a girl and I am straight and I really like somebody a boy that is but
if my future child is attracted to their same sex I would 100% support them
even if they are gay or a lesbian it doesn't mean you can't love them does
it?sure it would be great if they were straight but as long as they are
happy and someone loves them wouldn't that be enough as long as your happy
does the sex of the person you love really count? I really don't understand
why parents dis-own their kids because of this I ams so upset with the : ( 

Author kourtney faith ( ago)

Author Jessica Straiz ( ago)

Author Aide Enriquez ( ago)
she's/he's like really pretty! and whats so bad about being transgender?
she's/he's still human

Author Cha Zahra ( ago)
she's pretty.. ^_^

Author Olivia burge ( ago)
Why are all transgender kids born beautiful, even before they transitioned
into the reverse gender....

Author Olivia burge ( ago)
Melaina is over the top goregous, but GEEZ that dress is short...

Author Bwoyyy ( ago)
fuck you stupid bitch, let ppl be

Author MsPrettypinkpanther8 ( ago)
This is nasty and nothing to be proud of!

Author Caitlynn McKenzie ( ago)
Keep it real be your self

Author Caitlynn McKenzie ( ago)
I think you r really cool I also think if I went to school with u I think
we would be friends I love when people are there selfs 

Author Erandi Alcaraz ( ago)
She needs to work on her voice

Author Desh More ( ago)
She is hot and sexy, But shes also a dude!

if men are transgender and they look like a women they are really women
trapped in men body's 

Author Bri X ( ago)
Wow, that's awesome. But yeah, fuck Maury.

Author Krissy Porter ( ago)
first of all how did his breasts get like that as if it was a girl's and
second what about the p word on a male? did he/she have to get that to
become a v..... on a girl?

Author Henry Perez ( ago)
Fuck this

Author Christian Blanco ( ago)
Melania is so beautiful and gorgeous shes strong and i respect her

Author Αναμενόμενος Πόρδος ( ago)
well... does she still have a dick?

Author Bob Bobete ( ago)
is they were natural, he would be fat

Author Bob Bobete ( ago)
da fuq

Author Bob Bobete ( ago)
stop saying she

Author D Clark ( ago)
This is just wrong....

Author RayBenYahuda ( ago)
America is going to hell in a hand basket spiritual sodom and egypt mystery
Babylon not a mystery anymore

Author amricaiscowardnation ( ago)
hopefully HE will be sent to russia where he will be properly beaten to

Author Lynicia cooper ( ago)
Melania is gorgeous! I'm just so happy her mother supports her. Shame on
anyone who thinks she's "gross" or "unnatural". You go girl!

Author yumiyukiko11 ( ago)
I just want to say God did not make you transgender in Deuteronomy 22:5. it
says “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a
woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord
your God." and in 1 Corinthians says "Or do you not know that the
unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:
neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who
practice homosexuality,".so God did not make you a transgender cause he's
clearly against it, you chose to be a transgender.

Author Briece Rogers ( ago)
I understand more now. U dont have 2 be gay when u wanna change ur body. No
homo but good looking girl.

Author Marissa Ysaguirre ( ago)
Or maybe the mom wanted a girl so bad and when she found out that she was
having a boy she simply forced it upon him to be feminine. Stuff like that
happens. ..sad.

Author Paper Marshae ( ago)
There are some serious assholes in these comments. Let the girl/boy,
WHATEVER, be who he/she wants to be. Damn..some of you people act like you
can judge, you aren't God.

Author capnhands ( ago)
if I was his dad, I'd commit suicide

Author nickelodeARIfreak11 ( ago)
this is a BEAUTIFUK story! amen to a mom like Melaina's!

Author lilirishbroad ( ago)
actually really pretty

Author Ly'Realcal ( ago)

Author Annelyse Uwera ( ago)
I love this because it's telling you that people can be different for
different reasons so don't make fun of the way they are LEAVE THEM ALONE

Author Victor Cruz ( ago)
I give her respect.(^_^) She is kinda cute

Author Ericc E Thomaz ( ago)
Omg she's outstanding,beautiful , and super gorgeous I'll accept u, very

Author BroFist Rachel ( ago)
She's gorgeous! And she's lucky to have such a supporting mother ^.^

Author Keenan Reese ( ago)
She pretty I accept her

Author Vladislava ( ago)
That woman right there, is the most beautiful mother ever ! did yall saw
her eyes when she saw her daughter, her eyes were shining. Most of the
parents who have gay sons and daughters they won´t 100% accept them or even
love them. I´m straight but if my future daughter or son is gay or want to
dress like there opposite sex mommy is gonna be there baby, to fully
support you!!. 

Author NoHeartBeat ( ago)
Does she have... the body parts... of a girl or a boy?...

Author German Shepherd lover ( ago)
O.O I'm kinda scared to start dating

Author Lois Dennard ( ago)
Not being rude but the mom look like a man herself, that would explain some
of it.

Author Lois Dennard ( ago)
look just like a girl

Author Yung Blan ( ago)
she sounds like youtubableHD 

Author kiki ( ago)
holy jesus malena is a booomb!! so gorgeous :-D <3

Author Tomas Puebla ( ago)
Umm did they take off her dick at least

Author Joshua Demars ( ago)
That's nasty AF!!!!

Author Jasmine Facer ( ago)
She's so pretty :D She's a smart girl

Author Myesha Vaughn ( ago)
As a young human being male or female, we do not know the difference in
gender traits ! So there will be boys trying on heels and girls having
certain male traits but as time goes on its our parents job to make sure
they specify the difference. If the mom had said in a nice way no son heels
are for girls like mommy or one other way maybe her on wouldn't had became
gay but because she didn't specify the difference between the two genders
she allowed it to go on, allowing her son to believe wearing high heels and
earings was okay as a young boy. It would be different if she had stopped
it once but he just kept doing it, that would obviously mean tgat was
something he longed to be. but when you don't let your children know that's
what boys do or that's what girls do , how the he'll are they suppose to
know. there's nothing wrong with being homosexual at all but if you can
prevent your child from being gay by just saying no, then do it. 

Author Same Macaroon6 ( ago)
Does she have a sick
Or no

Author Sara Rr ( ago)
I am shocked. Is this normal in us !!!?

Author Crystal Chiaramonte ( ago)
I wish more people accepted people like this 

Author Rockstone Network ( ago)
If a women's foot looks ugly but there beautiful they might be transgender
because 85% of men foot are ugly like mine lol 

Author Sarah Young ( ago)
You could be the most close minded son of a bitch about gays and stuff but
you started off as a female lol everyone. Google it before you go saying
I'm wrong because I'm not

Author Sarah Young ( ago)
Just so everyone knows we ALL start off female so let that sink in.

Author freedum5 ( ago)
Razoredge, the uploader of this particular video, there's nothing about
these teens that is "out of control.," in which is stated in the
description of this video. They are people just as much as you are and
deserve to live life as they are just as much as you live as yourself. I
applaud Melaine's unfettered pride as a transgender female. I see her as a
full on beautiful female that I would have no trouble dating.

Author BGCKRAZI1 ( ago)
But wont she hav a dick

Author BGCKRAZI1 ( ago)

Author Kandice La'shay ( ago)
not being rude or anything but... does she still have a dick

Author The Angry General ( ago)
I dont care if Melaina is transgender. I think she is very beautiful I want
to give her a hug! Shes the best looking one on the show.

Author shesACE ( ago)
What an awesome and amazing mother! 

Author James McAlester ( ago)
As soon as this bitch ass excuse of a man said god made me this way i had
to stop watching. Don't insult my god he doesn't make mistakes and I'm
pretty sure if he wanted you to v a woman he would have gave you a pussy
and not a dick. I'm sorry, not sorry but this just like made me mad 

Author Tina Flores ( ago)
Rochelle is cute

Author Tina Flores ( ago)
Melaina is cute

Author Mohamed Duale ( ago)
10:41 Beautiful girl? No a wanna be bitch

Author Mohamed Duale ( ago)
Dressing like a girl doesn't make you straight, If you like men and you're
a man your gay.

And can I just say this is a terribale mother? She let a 13 year old SON
take estrogen pills?

Author Jas Lopez-Jimenez ( ago)
I am so sorry but I strongly disagree with his statement "God made him that
way" No God made you a boy if he wanted you as a girl he would have saved
you the trouble of taking hormones and made you a girl period. ALL Kids are
curious and when u give in to curiosity you embrace actions that are not
correct. I would never treat any homosexual, transsexual, etc. mean because
as he said we are all humans and God's children regardless but embracing
this is wrong and the only way to get out is seeking God. I feel for those
who are dealing with this and I know I will get persecuted for my opinion.
But that doesn't matter. GOD BLESS

Author strikergeorge1 ( ago)
faque as a Fuck

Author Jake Ricciardi ( ago)
MY DADS name is Manuel

Author ambdance00 ( ago)
This story is beautiful. I'm surprised to see a story like this on Maury

Author Ozcan Lijikip ( ago)
I think his/her Boyfriend now is probably trying to commit suicide!

Author Badmecha007 ( ago)
Melina is so awesome. The way she speaks with such confidence is very

Author Dannie Spokes ( ago)
she is sooooo pretty omg

Author megastacker727 ( ago)
Melaina is kinda cute 

Author crazyfox9oh ( ago)
I'll believe they are female when they experience menstrual cycles. Until
then, born a male always a male.

Author fearlessgranad halley ( ago)

Author OTF Catastrophe ( ago)
She's fucking cute

Author Lomst Ren ( ago)
This is so weird, so stupid and disturbing and gross! What happens when he
is full grown and wants to be a man ?! And he realizes he's own mother
prevented him from becoming ( a real man).Sickening! I can and will never
accept a boy,who's born a boy,who becomes a female, (removes is male organ)
who wants and expects to be treated like a female.

Author Destiny 143ily ( ago)
so she got a dick?

Author Winter Aurora ( ago)
Sorry but God didnt make her that way. 

Author __ Youngtenderony ( ago)
only thing I want to know is has she had her penis removed

Author Valkon ( ago)
i really want to meet the father of this guy..ahhaha LEL

Author Valkon ( ago)
In the case of the 14 year old Melaina Marquez....You are NOT a girl!

I really expected this...

Author Jaymen Davis ( ago)
Does it have a penis?

Author James MacKinnon ( ago)
That's ok

Author Hikari Michi ( ago)
oh mom...

Author Aletheia Celestine ( ago)
The first girl, She is beautiful. Nothing is wrong with her<3 she knew she
was suppose to be a woman,and she became that. and Yes, I'm a Christian.

Author Keyaira Anderson ( ago)
she is so beautiful.i would exsecpt her for she REALLY ' is.
luv you sinorita

Author Pannoh Lulu ( ago)
The funny thing is she.dont look like a.boy she looks fully woman she

Author mz yonna ( ago)
She is so beautiful! Its hard to believe she was ever a boy!!!

Author CleoMonkeySocks ( ago)
What how? I was watching Ariana Grande Videos and Now am here? WTF Youtube

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