I Helped My Teen *SON* Become a *GIRL*!! - Part 1/4 (Maury 2008)

Article about the Melaina Marquez story:

Out of control teens exposed!

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Author Fakhrie Doank ( ago)
His mom is crazy bad ass...

Author KOS PRODUTIONS ( ago)
; nk;n k

Author joe martin ( ago)
Life sucks. My friend has begun dating a stunning lady mainly because 60
days ago he registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you
want to know more.) I’m so envious since I wish to fall madly in love too.
I’m going to look at this Jake Ayres guy’s information and discover if it
might help somebody like me. Surprising thing is, my friend once had Zero
success with females. How does one change that quickly? His lady’s like a

Author Da BOss ( ago)
disgusting .

Author fashioytofhv ( ago)
malaina looks good as a girl

Author Natasha Scott ( ago)
People accept anything now, just now people will start to marry rock. THat
mom nurtured that from a baby she wanted a girl, how does a baby say i want
a dolly to play with, crap.

Author Fiddlebunkers ( ago)
Hey go fuck yourself

Author TheSleepySnorlax ( ago)
thats your opinion! and science disagrees with you!

Author donyealah tylerr ( ago)
What dontt you understand

Author Laurynnnn098 ( ago)
She is so beautiful and gorgeous!!

Author Shaville Wright ( ago)
i dont understand

Author trixie mccarthy ( ago)
They were not born this way it was a choice. It's so wrong..

Author Whitney Makayla Marie ( ago)

Author DoubleTap ( ago)
Unlike you I know what a real woman is. If you want to believe the lie; be
my guest but I want the real thing not a fake. The truth always hurts
doesn't it! Your sad!

Author quailypoo ( ago)
And you are a fucking moron.

Author quailypoo ( ago)
Ah, another cishet scum of society. Do us all a favor and never procreate.

Author JediGirl420 ( ago)
People know who they are better than you know who they are... How would you
feel if someone told you that who and what you know yourself to be is
wrong? "Sad" is not accepting people for what they are inside, not what
genitalia they have.

Author PrincessTaylor ( ago)
Welp.Leasts shes not giving everyone hell like those other sluts are

Author DoubleTap ( ago)
No matter how much he tries he will never be a girl. Just because he looks
like a girl doesn't mean he is a girl. What a lie and most of you believe
it! Sad!

Author OneDementedDuck ( ago)
That's one good mother.

Author gabriela gracia ( ago)
i See it ....u Go Girl your Beautyful & UniCa...

Author addicted2sauce:destiny ( ago)
im sorry NOPE train please take me away

Author Kagamine Len ( ago)
Wow it's really inspiring :) btw fuck the people that say that this is

Author Marley Mescudi ( ago)
What 15 year old boy would be so understanding about their girlfriend
really being a transgender? I hope she's still with him.

Author Karstacus FPV ( ago)
I am the embodiment of satan.

Author butterfly16rocks ( ago)
shes way prettier than some naturally born females! People just need to let
others be who they are without being afraid!

Author kaka Jeanna ( ago)
Pls does she have a dick or ?

Author Naomi Green ( ago)
Agreed :D

Author Janira Maria ( ago)
Read your bibles. This video is PROOF that we ARE living in the END TIMES.
Don't fall into the deception of Satan. God loves every single one of us&
wants us to be saved. Everyone get ready. Jesus is coming!!:)

Author jessica valdes ( ago)
physically they become a female and the only way for them to be gay is go
with a woman therefore making them a gay lesbian.

Author Mister Gusty ( ago)
A queer kicking my ass? Funny.

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
Your welcome!

Author Kelsey Daniels ( ago)
Thank you for standing up for what is good.

Author Kelsey Daniels ( ago)
Yes but she changed her self not God in the Bible it says that God is
polite God and will not force us to do anything. She changed he changed him
self not God.

Author shastapurpledaisy ( ago)
if you said that to an actual transgender person you could potentially get
your butt kicked

Author deaudrey011 ( ago)
It's 10/23 today. Happy birthday Melaina.

Author Gabo Proust ( ago)
It's a free country. Get over with, conservative people.

Author (: jessyca :) ( ago)
I'm not the one that needs help, you fucking waste of life!

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
fuckin loser! go get some help!

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
wow. just wow! my mom wipes my ass? 29 year olds ass???????????????? you
think that is a come back? get a real life bitch. stay how you are you
uneducated BITCH!

Author twistedmetalkid4 ( ago)
Doesn't matter what you think. You're close minded and ignorant.

Author Moa Melilot ( ago)
woooooww! ''kitchen tools''? sexist woman..

Author (: jessyca :) ( ago)
Nope, I was born a female and I'm still a female. And I highly doubt that
you are trained in anything, I bet your mom still wipes your ass for you.

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
i guess you are one of them. im a trained fighter. transgenders are always
going to be the same. so shut up.

Author legoyeah01 ( ago)
What the heck! I'm staying a boy!

Author naruto14271 ( ago)
She's beautiful:')

Author (: jessyca :) ( ago)
I know what I said, you stunned cunt. I hope someone that is transgender
beats your ass one day.

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
because i subcribed to the channel you idiot and it switches it. it
switches automatically. and you said "you can read can't you? can you read
what im saying? so stfu!

Author Jasari Sodmg ( ago)
maelaina is gorgeous so is Rochelle

Author Tyler Wilburn ( ago)
To yolo lol, you're argument is invalid, seeing that she dates males. If
she dated females, your bigotry would then be appropriately addressed. To
chinanbangin007, that "thing" is a human being & you should refer to her as
such. Which also begs the question, what makes you think you're more than
human? Your belief in god? Your "straightness"? Or your cold & calloused
nature which is apparent through your comments? Scientific studies have
shown that it is not a choice to be gay or transgender (&

Author (: jessyca :) ( ago)
then why did you click on the video? you can read can't you?

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
SO DISGUSTING!!!!! i bet his mom wanted him to be that way since birth!

Author chibangin007 ( ago)

Author chibangin007 ( ago)

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
the video makes me sick.

Author chibangin007 ( ago)
dont you mean he? gross

Author Ebony Sayles ( ago)
She is absolutely beautiful!

Author (: jessyca :) ( ago)
The rude comments on this video make me sick!

Author yolo lolo ( ago)
This is why kids need both father in mother in their life our this is what
happens our they just stay boys in go with boys because they see there
mother do it so thet think they can do it so yeah.. GOD CREATED ADAM AND

Author Borntokirune ( ago)
This does go against nature, completely modifying your earthbound body.

Author Borntokirune ( ago)
Stay gay, this is just fked

Author tyler hughes ( ago)
What a "forgiving" God, he makes people they way they are, has a
predetermined path, and then his followers discriminate against his
children. This is whats wrong with religion. By the way, Don't let your
child touch a football. its against the bible. Oh and you can own a
Canadian also i guess since slavery is ok with god.

Author tyler hughes ( ago)
craverofchocolate --> gluttony Ot: Does it effect you kid? No didnt think
so, get over your egotistical self image and kick rocks

Author Trajce Niko ( ago)
My overweight friend managed to make the best pole dancer I've seen in my
life fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I
was excited for him but I wish an attractive individual would fall in love
with me. I'm really jealous. Does that mean I'm a horrible individual?

Author Mathhew Stewarts ( ago)
Come to Paradise Island Mauritius, trust me you never ever get beat up
being gay/transgender. It is normal over there....

Author Octane64 ( ago)
It is you who needs to go to school. Gender Dysphoria is real and not make
believe, people suffer from it all the time. People with gender dyshoria
end up committing suicide if they never align with their real gender. This
is serious, they don't do this because they are "evil". Get out of your
cocoon and understand people different from you

Author LexiC Isaiah49 ( ago)
The point being made is that if you are born a certain sex, that's who you
are supposed to be. Stop dressing like a female or vice versa, stop going
to these wicked doctors and changing who you are. Now if you don't
understand that, perhaps you are the one who needs to go back to school....

Author Peter Petrelli ( ago)
Dude can you read it says transgender like for an exp Male is female and
female is male so read it right or back to school.

Author charles townsend ( ago)
i have no idea what you are trying to say.

Author MassacrX99 ( ago)
you know almost everything we have created goes against nature, right? even
the computer your using to type on is against nature. it creates waste
product in some way, gas or solid, and that disrupts nature.

Author charles townsend ( ago)
but if their a woman on the inside (which is what gender is) then its not
wrong. plus who's to say that its not gods journey for this person. do you
know gods plans? you also seem very judgmental for someone who reads the
bible. maybe you should go read it again it seems you miss some very
important points. its hateful fake Christians like you the damage the word
of god.

Author Gaby Moreno ( ago)
My best friend is transgender i love Him/her to death!

Author elystrange2 ( ago)
shes pretty!!

Author Glitter ( ago)
She is so pretty.... D: I wish me hair was like hers :I

Author andrewszombie ( ago)
The Positivity is strong with this one

Author jessica valdes ( ago)
The ABSOLUTE truth is that it is not just the surgery per se but the
endocrine treatments that prove that one cannot be a male after the
endocrine treatments but is absolutely in between genders physiologically
and a phenotypic female.

Author jessica valdes ( ago)
morphologic gender sure changes from male to female. The hormonal gender
changes from M t F so that there are normal female breasts that can
breastfeed and for transwomen the genitalia are in the normal range for a
woman. Males cannot breastfeed and males do not have a veritable vulva.
PS-Women can be XX or XY so that is not relevant. PS- phenotypic women with
5 ARD2 have a testes, prostate, and no internal female organs are no
different than transwomen externally. So you have no evidence

Author jessica valdes ( ago)
The morphologic gender sure changes from male to female. The hormonal
gender changes from M t F so that there are normal female breasts that can
breastfeed and for transwomen the genitalia are in the normal range for a
woman. Males cannot breastfeed and males do not have a veritable vulva.
PS-Women can be XX or XY so that is not relevant. PS- phenotypic women with
5 ARD2 have a testes, prostate, and no internal female organs are no
different than transwomen externally. So you have no evidence.

Author jessica valdes ( ago)
There is no evidence for that since chromosomes are not true gender.

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
You are so right, finally someone sees the truth. Once a male always a
male, no surgery can change that.

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
Thank you!

Author TRANS FANS ( ago)
Melaina is all woman now! i like my girls like her! she the woman of my

Author Kitty ( ago)

Author ifuckedyoursister ( ago)
i bet youre a girl...

Author MsT R ( ago)
Only certain races go thru this.others just except it.for what it is

Author LexiC Isaiah49 ( ago)
Your right

Author LexiC Isaiah49 ( ago)
They should be their self their gender.

Author LexiC Isaiah49 ( ago)
Jerk people should stay their gender.

Author Da Foo ( ago)
Actually, what would be ideal is if your husband never had to hide who he
truly was in the first place. Then there wouldn't be a disruption in any
family unit because everyone would go into a relationship as they are
instead of hiding it under the threat of discrimination and castigation. If
you truly are raising your daughter by the scripture, then anytime she
disobeys you, you are COMMANDED to put her to death. Deuteronomy 17:12 That
is the reality you live in?

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
I guess you think it's ok for a girl to believe for most of her life, she
had a father and now she doesn't, because he is living in a fantasy land
and wants to change genders and destroy the father daughter relationship
they once had. I guess you think its ok with God, well it isn't. I choose
to raise my daughter by the scripture. Read Deuteronomy 22:5 that explains
a lot. The scripture is Gods plans for us that is reality.

Author Da Foo ( ago)
It's not dreamland, it's reality. Our brain is what determines who we are.
There are no "plans". I agree it may destroy families, but that's only
because people are taught that it is wrong and don't fully understand how
gender works.

Author chibangin007 ( ago)

Author TRANS FANS ( ago)
wow shes such a beautiful girl...i would love to have a girlfriend like
her!!! shes all woman now in that sexy dress and heals...she so sexy in
that out fit! be my girl baby!

Author Jill and Maggie ( ago)
he also gave us the freedom to choose so let them do it. Doesn't effect you
so move on and love them like GOD told you to do.

Author karen weisz ( ago)
Have you heard of the m t f transsexuals who get the reproductive female
system swap and become fertile functioning females?

Author john linewski ( ago)
Your husband is not transsexual. There are transsexuals and hermaphrodites
also. There is hermaphroditism because of the fall of mankind. It doesn't
mean that God determines people to be hermaphrodites because that is His
plan. The same for true transsexuals. The medical treatment can heal each
condition-depending if the person has the condition. Your husband does not
have either.

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
Keep living in dreamland God determines who we are and gender change goes
against his plans, and it destroys families. My husband is destroying our
family by wanting to change genders.

Author Da Foo ( ago)
Yes, it's different in size and in location for women, but it still
secretes fluid during orgasm. And you originally said she would have to
remove her prostate in order to be a woman, which is incorrect. Regardless,
our gender identity is not dictated by our genitals or glands. Our brain
determines who we are.

Author john linewski ( ago)
There are plenty of real women who have a male prostate around the urethra
as in men.

Author ChristianWoman2013 ( ago)
I am a real woman and I know that I have a prostate gland, but it is
different than a man's and is in a different area of my body than it would
be if I were a man,so I know the difference.

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