Dance With Juli - Waka Waka - Shakira

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This is an African style cool down to Shakira's Waka Waka that I use in my classes. It is a classic!

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Author Siennaalleynelol MSP GAMEING ( ago)
thanks for the good dance in am doing this for my talent show☺

Author SOK Yang ( ago)
girl 3 of them dance so nice and so cute

Author Official Chantal ( ago)
I live in the netherlands 💕i hope that i can see you in america 😘

Author Official Chantal ( ago)
I can do that better 😱😤😈😏

Author Erika Zarate (706 years ago)
i wish they incorporated more hips it wouldve been better then bowing all
the time but other than that good job

Author Safietou Dia ( ago)
♡♥♡♥♡♥ cool

Author Hell Flyer ( ago)

Author Darrel Carver ( ago)
wow they are very beautiful and they dont need no exercise they are perfect

Author roseann1717 ( ago)
wow! i'm gonna do this now!!!

Author dripaschoal1 ( ago)
todas dura d mais credo

Author Gvantsa Saganelidze ( ago)
@Chicky869 for ya )) but for me it's like a hell :| cuz of i dont like
Shakia,especially this song : )

Author Chicky869 ( ago)
@AsGwantza : Why you hate this song? This is very nice song.

Author Gvantsa Saganelidze ( ago)
Thumbs up if u hate this song :\

Author Serg Balandin ( ago)
Good!..Позивчик хоть кого ПОДНИМЕТ ...РАЗБУДИТ И за СОБОЙ ПОВЕДЕТ...ВОТ эта
ПЕСНЯ НАМ НЕ ТОЛЬКО жить и строить ПОМОГАЕТ:-)))

Author lano vaza ( ago)
Cool routine.

Author richard Morrissey ( ago)
Ide waka waka her anytime.......

Author Little_Legs_ ( ago)
its good to see normal people doing it x

Author karinagaby1 ( ago)
The one in the midlle is pretty the one how put the music

Author blablastarz ( ago)
@leuvensam if she in the middle its probably because she the best

Author Kamil Rodina ( ago)
very gooot

Author drakemylove ( ago)
works out your hand and your neck :(

Author HaeRyL13 ( ago)
it's very nice..!! since my mom is looking for a dance to be performed this
Saturday.. CUTE!!

Author 89quietgirl ( ago)
Only someone like Juli or me would consider this a cool down Great routine!

Author 89quietgirl ( ago)
Only someone like Juli or me would consider this a cool down Great routine!
You go Girl!

Author agathalynda1 ( ago)
amei ta lindo

Author Jack Underwood ( ago)
@leuvensam yeah but at least there trying, taking part counts too you know,
you gotta give that credit man

Author Veljko Nikolic ( ago)

Author Akelab Thongchard ( ago)
so cute. ^ ^

Author Luiza Czabajska ( ago)
Old but goodie

Author Bernice Barrera ( ago)
That's why she is in the middle! duh!

Author Koster Joenje ( ago)
nice workout!

Author tulipsxw2 ( ago)
flirty girl fitness routine in the morning, zumba in the afternoon!

Author SenoritaBee ( ago)
i like this video. for toning my arms and back

Author Eva Wilt ( ago)
Along with doing my shred i am now adding this to my work out rutine thank
you so much...and great job all of you!

Author 23darkwolf23 (15 years ago)
love it this helps me :)

Author saskwitchylady ( ago)
if i did that i'd throu my hip out , better start S L O W L Y........ LMAO

Author EggieMeggieX ( ago)
it's great but i reckon it'd be difficult for alot of first timers to
follow along :P it changes 2 quickly!

Author DachshundLover33 ( ago)
@shehneelalover why?

Author shehneelalover ( ago)
I wish the girl with black hair at the right was my mom !!

Author Kelly Lobin ( ago)
clle a gauche est belle cex qui sont d'acord POUCE VERT

Author taybieber101 ( ago)
nice you should do a torturial

Author candice drouin ( ago)
its really good but im would to change the head dip...way to much of a head

Author Leejana V ( ago)
this cheography is way better then the cheography my zumba teacher made for
this song

Author Marcella Seibert (1546 years ago)
totally doing this choreography for this song (: Its great! (:

Author Shangkun Xiao ( ago)
@strawberry15ify Everybody has the right to dance. You also have your own
right to dislike it, but do you have to say out? Be nice!

Author Jim jONES ( ago)
Different approach.Still cool though:)

Author roxyqueen2 ( ago)
@Brianagarza1 that's my birthday too :D

Author Brianagarza1 ( ago)
i like this dance so much im gonna do the whole routine for myy birthday
party on september 17 2011

Author KrypticDream ( ago)
for anyone who wants to download it... go to, copy & past the
youtube URL to the bar on the home page and download it in the format you
want. Anyway, great dance.... too stiff though. =/

Author angelcatz669 ( ago)

Author hamada sharif ( ago)
not bad

Author lullabyvasco4ever (1672 years ago)

Author livsarah12341 ( ago)
your really good :)

Author Samantha P (1417 years ago)
This was so good! Does anybody know how to download this video or where I
can get the real one from?

Author doggonepurrrfect ( ago)
i know me 2

Author FullOfEnergyy42 ( ago)
I loved itt! I wish i had a zumba dance video or something so i could do
something like tht!!

Author sweetjessieify ( ago)
very nice..i just simply love itt""" what a move !! alrightttttttttt!!! yo!!

Author kikymorris ( ago)
cool i did it and it made a good nice elegant work out

Author doiron101 ( ago)

Author EuphoricDuo ( ago)
i love it its the best

Author crunchycoconutt ( ago)
hey this was posted on my birthdayy(: and we dance this in chorus, hahah (:

Author bilanya tellsa ( ago)
gud exercize

Author xeennaalupita ( ago)
there kinda good i put thumbs up

Author xeennaalupita ( ago)
i kinda like it

Author Bisoulou ( ago)
@GixxxerKim The reason this song was so "overdone" is because Shakira
offered to donate a certain amount of money for every video posted which
would go towards education for children around the world. I'm thrilled that
there ar so many versions! And I agree, they did a clean, good job on the
choreography. :)

Author GixxxerKim ( ago)
such an over done song, but clean job. well done.

Author Jenna ( ago)
oke, de spaanse versie en dan dit dansje..Vet lastig but im gonna try!

Author Chaela29 ( ago)
This is soooooo helpful for teaching people! like me:D

Author Jaap van Os ( ago)

Author Grace Ontiveros ( ago)
hey guys please help i want to learn the dance and i cant find it

Author Adriana-mark escudero ( ago)
mire porque tienes que repetir los pasos

Author Jaap van Os ( ago)

Author Jaap van Os ( ago)
Leuk en dans je mag je al tijt doen

Author bossyfrog ( ago)

Author Ciarra Mariah ( ago)
lik it

Author Anouska van Waardenburg ( ago)

Author Marijke V. ( ago)
i love it !!!!

Author jacreimondousprime ( ago)
good that great

Author hyukiekimi ( ago)
needs a lot of practice.but its nice

Author chriz Demonyito ( ago)
i love it .. ^_^ cute...but need more practice..hehehe!

Author jannwency ( ago)
who is that blond? she's so cute!

Author Mehit7 ( ago)
Wow! cool! your all very good!

Author prettyglaiz ( ago)
love it ♥♥♥

Author Lena Örvarsdóttir ( ago)

Author TheCuttey101 ( ago)
You guys are good!!!

Author miley76054 ( ago)
you didnt show use how to it step by step.....

Author Jess Hancox ( ago)
i tried it just then (6:01pm) and it was exhilirating! im going to do it
every day so by about 4 months i know all the moves!

Author Nurul Azra ( ago)
@malombardo yeah, i tot so too. if i were to do this, i'd be having
migraines. lol

Author Fatin Ilyana ( ago)
the pink girl at the left is pretty.:)

Author Binnebum ( ago)
good but needs more energy

Author Binnebum ( ago)

Author malombardo ( ago)
you people do the hair flip to much

Author Dante De La Garza ( ago)
you guys are awesome and coll moves

Author mosornio1 ( ago)
you go girls i like it i am going to dance that for my school

Author XxxANRICxxX ( ago)
Nice Moves!!!!!!!

Author ninini890 ( ago)
Thanks so much! I almost have the dance down! :D I'm just learning it for
fun anways. Btw, please smile the comment said beloe. All of
your smiles are contagious. :)

Author WebbyPink1 ( ago)
really really good i will be using this to practise the dance so i can
learn it! :D <3

Author Kyra williams ( ago)
keep smiling!!! its contagious :)

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