Molvi Murgh Dance {Love is Life }

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Author Faiza Noor (4 months)

Author shafaq awais (5 months)
What fuking man

Author lajia sadiq (5 months)
he sure is getting a strong orgasm at 1:52

Author lajia sadiq (5 months)
just becoz he's wearing a hat (the pakistani/muslim style hat) and has a
beard doesn't mean he's a moulvi

Author Mohammed Imran (8 months)
Nasir malik can any one tell the second song movie name or album name

Author labbaik ya hussain (8 months)

Author ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸBrahim London (9 months)
this is not islam !! india 

Author keyboard1O52 (10 months)
Ehe saale madarchod moulavi de ethe nachan da ki faida,es moulavi nu
chaidai ke ehe hera mandi wich ja ke baithe te othe kisi kothe te ja ke
nache te bund marawe es nal onu othe paisa bi miluga te bund maran da maza
bi ayuga.

Author A.J. Crandall (10 months)
that's so funny, I love it, I'm not sure why their so many comments about
islam they are just having fun.

Author Mohammed Abdul Awaiz (9 months)
Wazaa mein tum ho Nasara, to Tamaddum mein Hunood
Yeh Musalman hain jinhe dekh kar sharmaye Yahood...!
Isske baad bhi ALLAH (swt) se gila karte ho ke hamari DUA-e-Khubool nahi
hoti ??? aur America Drown Strikes karraha hai bolkar ???
Sharam se dooob marooo saale....

Author Umer Zeb (6 months)

Author Mohd Atik Sheikh (10 months)
Yeh Islam nahi, sirf dadhi aur topi se islam ko target karne ki jaroorat
nahi, yeh usme faili ek burai hai, jo duniya ke har dharm me hai, Chahe
Mulla ho, Pandit ho ya koi aur dharm ka thekedar, Insan gunah karta hai aur
zindagi me bharta bhi hai,

Author MaroO Gak (10 months)
U call ur self Muslim
May You all go to hell
Especially that bitch

Author 2yogz (10 months)
Well done.
Proving the true face of Islam to the world.

Author adnan amin (11 months)
Lanti insan

Author qais aabis (10 months)
This is not an Islam...Uffff,God will see them,and punish them...

Author neelscooldude1 (11 months)
And these people have nukes. LOL. What kind of a planet do we live in

Author Irfaan Syed. (11 months)
No wonder Taliban killing them like anything. Bringing bad name to Islam. 

Author Hafeez Khan (11 months)
molvi murgh dance

Author N khan (11 months)
not every bearded person is molvi, Sikh have beard too??? no body can judge
Islam based on this. yes it is a shame that we forgot what Islam have
taught us. Mr imtiaz and FTCAJ just look around ur own families how do they
celebrate marriages??? Is it halal and they way Islam teaches us? these
people are not part of those who condemn others!!!

Author Al- mehsood (11 months)
CHEKHEEE da beghairat zoo

Author shakil khan (1 year)

Author Ajay Patil (1 year)

Author Nadia Gul (9 months)

Author SatwinderSingh (1 year)

Author Baseer Mohiuddin (1 year)
from which baba did you go this knowledge. poor soul there is nothing like
jehad al nikah, and muslim women have only one husband as only woman can
marry to one man only as per sharia. get some knowledge before you open
your illiterate mouth

Author Kamaljeet Singh (11 months)
so much laughter... cant help myself.... LOL!!!!!!

Author FTCAJ (1 year)
Just Imagine what is going in their frustrated dirty minds, they condem
others while they themselves are behaving in such a disgusting frustrated
fashion !!

Author afghan singer afghan (1 year)
wa wa wr na ne basa

Author Harry pahwa (1 year)
Mulla ji Rocks !!

Author salik tanveer (1 year)
Buht he desparate hai salaa...khusro ko bhi nahi chora

Author Abdul Quddoos (1 year)
MultiNasirmalik it's not the good thing to upload this video...

Author Aqsa Kiran (1 year)
Sexually frustrated idiots, yeah exactly where is your sharia law now >?

Author waleed hussain (1 year)
Deobund deobund nera gund naragund

Author crazycoolguy109677 (1 year)
then why others called KAFIR by islam..... do others dont have right live

Author saeed moin (1 year)
ye mavolvi nahi hai..sala koyi nasha karne wala hai...nashay me ye kutta
apni awoqaat bhool chuka hai .... musalmaan ko badnaam kar raha hai ..s
kuttay ko goli maar do.. islaam ko badnaam hone se bachlo.

Author KHAN SAHAB (1 year)
i think he's abnormal...

Author Iman Sikdar (1 year)
Physical atmosphere is not sign of Muslim. A Muslim is one who surrender
his will to Allah.

Author dredericktotem1245 (1 year)
Why you sheeks always make up such rubbish ▬ this is in Pakistan & is not
representative of Islam or proper following of the rules. You cannot use
the worst examples and say "this is what Muslims do". That is the
nonsensical reasoning of a mental beggar. Punjab has highest rate of female
infanticide & acid attacks. Shall we say this is what sheeks teach?

Author Abdul Quadir (1 year)
Shaitan ki aulad aj inhi logo ki vajah se musalmano ko duniya me zilat aur
rusyi ka samna karna pad raha hai. Musalman ke nam pe dag hai ye log

Author Jack Jones (1 year)
why is this clip named molvi murga dance...everyone with a beard and a hat
is not a molvi....many are prdophiles

Author HaraldvonKemp (1 year)

Author 533320 (1 year)
Indian slut with a molvi

Author Danish Wadhani (1 year)
bhan choud ki aulad..

Author buttsahibjee (1 year)
They are afghans not pakistani

Author nafisa sharif (1 year)
I am not your baby!

Author SYED FEROZ Shah (1 year)
This is open theater of prostitution !

Author TRW King (1 year)
hahah Audition for Afganistan Got talent 2013

Author Prince Junaid khan (1 year)

Author Takeiteezz1 (1 year)
A woman with a cleavage can make men do ... pretty much everything,
including humiliate himself.. lol .. .. well, atleast everyone is enjoying

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