Molvi Murgh Dance {Love is Life }

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Author God Is Great ( ago)
Fucked up pathan at least respect the Hat you wearing and the Sunnah
Mubarak (Beard) fucking knobhead.

Author abu al jllli Mohamed ( ago)
boobs very big

Author sanny kim ( ago)

Author syed akram ( ago)
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎

Author Naeem Dhiraj ( ago)
Astagfirullah....May Allah guide all of us....

Author Zeeraak ( ago)
he shot he's load at 2:37

Author shafaq awais ( ago)
What fuking man

Author lajia sadiq ( ago)
he sure is getting a strong orgasm at 1:52

Author lajia sadiq ( ago)
just becoz he's wearing a hat (the pakistani/muslim style hat) and has a
beard doesn't mean he's a moulvi

Author Mohammed Imran ( ago)
Nasir malik can any one tell the second song movie name or album name

Author labbaik ya hussain ( ago)

Author Nadia Gul ( ago)

Author Ibrahim London ( ago)
this is not islam !! india 

Author Mohammed Abdul Awaiz ( ago)
Wazaa mein tum ho Nasara, to Tamaddum mein Hunood
Yeh Musalman hain jinhe dekh kar sharmaye Yahood...!
Isske baad bhi ALLAH (swt) se gila karte ho ke hamari DUA-e-Khubool nahi
hoti ??? aur America Drown Strikes karraha hai bolkar ???
Sharam se dooob marooo saale....

Author Mohd Atik Sheikh ( ago)
Yeh Islam nahi, sirf dadhi aur topi se islam ko target karne ki jaroorat
nahi, yeh usme faili ek burai hai, jo duniya ke har dharm me hai, Chahe
Mulla ho, Pandit ho ya koi aur dharm ka thekedar, Insan gunah karta hai aur
zindagi me bharta bhi hai,

Author keyboard1O52 ( ago)
Ehe saale madarchod moulavi de ethe nachan da ki faida,es moulavi nu
chaidai ke ehe hera mandi wich ja ke baithe te othe kisi kothe te ja ke
nache te bund marawe es nal onu othe paisa bi miluga te bund maran da maza
bi ayuga.

Author 2yogz ( ago)
Well done.
Proving the true face of Islam to the world.

Author MaroO Gak ( ago)
U call ur self Muslim
May You all go to hell
Especially that bitch

Author A.J. Crandall ( ago)
that's so funny, I love it, I'm not sure why their so many comments about
islam they are just having fun.

Author qais aabis ( ago)
This is not an Islam...Uffff,God will see them,and punish them...

Author adnan amin ( ago)
Lanti insan

Author Irfaan Syed. ( ago)
No wonder Taliban killing them like anything. Bringing bad name to Islam. 

Author Hafeez Khan ( ago)
molvi murgh dance

Author neelscooldude1 ( ago)
And these people have nukes. LOL. What kind of a planet do we live in

Author N khan ( ago)
this men and women both shud be lashed right there!!! so the rest of the
crowd learn from it and don't do it ever again. not just pathans but every
where in Pak, the girls and boys entertain crowd with dancing. This has
nothing to do with Islam, Islam doesn't teach dancing and entertaining

Author N khan ( ago)
not every bearded person is molvi, Sikh have beard too??? no body can judge
Islam based on this. yes it is a shame that we forgot what Islam have
taught us. Mr imtiaz and FTCAJ just look around ur own families how do they
celebrate marriages??? Is it halal and they way Islam teaches us? these
people are not part of those who condemn others!!!

Author Al- mehsood ( ago)
CHEKHEEE da beghairat zoo

Author Kamaljeet Singh ( ago)
so much laughter... cant help myself.... LOL!!!!!!

Author mhaa kaal ( ago)
+91-988708038 astrologer in india

Author mohd ( ago)
That is Pakistan Dude...All guys Wearing Punjabi...In Indian Wedding no
Muslim Wear Punjabi..They Wear jeans or Shirts or Court Pants

Author Rahul Manhas ( ago)
yeh hai islam musalmano ka 

Author Taimur Khan ( ago)
with Darree and Cap (TOPE) no one can be judge as muslim or as MOLVI its
not molvi ok and dont blame islam. its a rudish man who kept bear and cap.

Author Harry pahwa ( ago)
Mulla ji Rocks !! 

Author shonging sing ( ago)
so nice video 

Author Ravi Raj ( ago)
For this Islam they are killing innocent people including children and
women on earth. is this achievement of islam and they call all other people
Kafir? well then Kafirs are 1000% more holy and decent and religious
people. If these are muslims then why they have they have taken whole sale
contract of hating people of other religion who are more holy(pak) then
these people. Christians are better then this buddhist are better then this
and Hindus are the best then this. what a pity.

Author Imtiaz Haq ( ago)
Totally agree with you friend, this is how you will find most of the
Pathans marriages that on mehndi when women goes to the other party pathan
men arrange mujra for men in the house, they call it tradition, shame on

Author June Fenner ( ago)
This is true Islam 

Author satnam singh randhawa ( ago)
respect every woman as u do at home, follow Islam 

Author satnam singh randhawa ( ago)
bale oe apnea aurta nu rakho parde ch te dujea naal, shame on u

Author winwithgrn ( ago)
sin in every race creed and color.

Author Mohd Daud ( ago)
Ye mother chod Pakistani Punjabi hn ....anpadh jahil...besharmo khof khao
khuda ka ...plz dlt ths vdo

Author Sikander Wahab ( ago)

Author Ayesha Malik ( ago)
madar loog sharam nahie atye darye ka atraham karloo mr khan is laya tum
par khoda ka azab ataya hea 

Author Affan Ejaz ( ago)
pandit bhi kuch kam nahi karty aashram main or mandron main

Author Affan Ejaz ( ago)
His acts could't be refer as cover of book of Islam.

Author CryptonoiD ( ago)
then why others called KAFIR by islam..... do others dont have right live

Author Affan Ejaz ( ago)
Beard and cap is a cultural part of pakhtoons/pathans.And every
pakhtoon/pathan is not molvi or in other words every man with beard and cap
is not a molvi or religeous person and is responsible for his acts himself.

Author Baseer Mohiuddin ( ago)
from which baba did you go this knowledge. poor soul there is nothing like
jehad al nikah, and muslim women have only one husband as only woman can
marry to one man only as per sharia. get some knowledge before you open
your illiterate mouth

Author ishaant verma ( ago)
madarchod sala paapi mulla quazi............

Author dredericktotem1245 ( ago)
Why you sheeks always make up such rubbish ▬ this is in Pakistan & is not
representative of Islam or proper following of the rules. You cannot use
the worst examples and say "this is what Muslims do". That is the
nonsensical reasoning of a mental beggar. Punjab has highest rate of female
infanticide & acid attacks. Shall we say this is what sheeks teach?

Author Yasin Khan ( ago)
Daare rakhne or topi laga lene se koi mulla nahe banjata chut k bhut log

Author Pankaj Sharma ( ago)
Arab's reality can be seen easily. The more dirt is hidden there under
burka. Watch out their leaked videos. And so called indian baba, is escape
goat of indian politics, as election are coming in few months

Author Pankaj Sharma ( ago)
Jehad al nikah is part of islm. Mslm women also have many husbands. ha ha

Author Pankaj Sharma ( ago)
What's there to read when jehadi actions r visible easily all over the

Author Baseer Mohiuddin ( ago)
Sharia law is in its place, it does not change with tom dick and harry. one
more thing in pakistan even non muslims wear cap. and just by by getting
born in muslim family or having muslim name is not enough to be a muslim,
you need to practice islam than you are a true muslims, every community has
black sheeps , but you dont compare black sheeps with their ideology. if
you do that than please tell me about the various baba scams ,does that
mean hinduisms is all about that fucking babagiri - No

Author Abhimanyu Mishra ( ago)
kya murga hai behan chod.........

Author smokinjoe11 ( ago)
taliban rave party

Author BIooDS33K3R ( ago)
this is not girls or women .. these are hijdas .. shemale 

Author kawish iqbal ( ago)
mother fuckers mullah 

Why dont you tell your story .Have you heard the story of your biggest baba
in india what he did.We dont even know weather he is a muslim or hindu.Just
wearing a topi does not guarentee being muslim.Your Swami was a known
person in whole inida.What did he do.If you dont know check out Youtube.I
dont want to paste a link here.I am sure if you see a single muslim you
will never want to go back to your injected religion.Ask any person from
your community who has done job in Arab country Does he wa

Author kalishnikov kalish ( ago)
this is so cheap or may be the real face of u bastards....u keep ur women
in burkha so tat no 1 can see them but on the other hand u treat them like
a sex tool...burkha is to protect women from animals like u coz u have no
self control and can climb on any woman like a dog.... shame on u

Author maqsood mohammad ( ago)
sala kutte ki aolad muslim ka naam kharab karta hai hayewan karna hai to
kar magar sar se topi hatle

Author khyber afghan ( ago)
taliban ke haad laagh gaye thoo in ki thoo khair nahi just imagine? 

Author Abdul Quadir ( ago)
Shaitan ki aulad aj inhi logo ki vajah se musalmano ko duniya me zilat aur
rusyi ka samna karna pad raha hai. Musalman ke nam pe dag hai ye log

Author Dragon King ( ago)
its Shia Qadiani and Mirzai and i Know You Multani You Are Murtad Munafiq
and Wokar Of Real Dajal So i Bielive That Workar Of Dajal is Against Ulama
and Against Muslim and Against islam So That is Not Only You There is
Somany More Dajali Workars Who is Working Against Ulama and Against Muslim
and Against islam But i Will Tel You Day Of Judgement Youmul Qiyama is
Comming Very Soon and Allah Will Ask You About This Lie Storey insha Allah
That Day You Will Be in The Queue Of Dajal

Author Adi Yamin ( ago)
tumhare kiye tu aek misaal don ga wo karain tu haq hum karain tu

Author A3Y4N R ( ago)
U need to fix up u cockroach!!!

Author Anu Anwar ( ago)
srikanth..plz dont say like that ,,.. 

Author Anu Anwar ( ago)
hell !!!!!!!

Author Aqsa Kiran ( ago)
Sexually frustrated idiots, yeah exactly where is your sharia law now >?

Author Nasir Mumtaz Khan ( ago)
lol tthis is not islam , u cant judge religion wid one person, book cover
never ttell ttthe whole sttoryy read whatts inside book

Author Baseer Mohiuddin ( ago)
you have not answered my question, no need for you to know about islam ,
just answer my question. have guts to accept reality. otherwise keep

Author Nikhil Pandey ( ago)
whole world know..the reality of islam..!! terrorist religion.. there is no
need to study.. by replying my post u would be happy for few minutes..but
truth is that due to islam..crime terrorism, hatred..and ever evil is

Author Baseer Mohiuddin ( ago)
sorry, your understanding about Islam and your iq both seems to be very
low. a muslim is not a muslim unless he practises islam just having a
muslim name or getting born in muslim family does not make him one. try to
read islamic literature dont get islamic language from media. by your
judgement if this idiot is the real image of islam than will it be proper
to judge hinduism from people like asaram bapu, swami nityananda, Bhimanand

Author Nikhil Pandey ( ago)
haha.. this is real image of islam.. islam ki maa chod di hai molvi ne..

Author Flex Ponsive ( ago)
These are not women, they are eunuchs....these muslim moulvis are so
desperate, i hear they stick their dicks into anything that moves including
barrels of guns....

Author T. Movlid ( ago)
Kafiri,Dala imanchu dala doyla shu kham

Author MsKhhan ( ago)
keep watching and enjoy it STOP NONESENSE HERE PLEASE

Author amam saab ( ago)
a apni baji da lun kar riha salyaa

Author TheHearrtbeat ( ago)
anybody dressed and face like molvi is not actually molvi..there are many
charsi in kpk who have the same getup. plzz don't blame molaas be realistic

Author 123japanuser ( ago)
Taliban got "TALENT" :) :)

Author canada bluemoon ( ago)
kuhsra and molve lanat tery tey horny molvi fity mon tera 

Author Bj7747fu ( ago)
Allah is a Pedo

Author Srikanth Kshatriy ( ago)
real ISLAM...

Author impunjabijatt ( ago)
Hahaha. Fukin rippin it. Prolly on some good meth or opium. Lol

Author mohd ferozkhan ( ago)
thise is note muslime, if hies is muslim he hot atab from allah 

Author raaj ( ago)
gay pakis 

Author Breezy Whizz ( ago)
The 3 look a like females are males, Pakistani women never do this..those
are gays. 

Author TAKER Cbz ( ago)
I guess this is how they do it in their houses with their females. were is
Allah gone know his he gone Hiding Looking at this.

Author sanjay chotia ( ago)
this is reality of pakistan and also followers of ISLAAM not all but who
blaim others 

Author Tahir Jiger ( ago)
Shame for u bastard agr itna kch krna hi tha soor ki aulad sir se topi or
fac se dari hta daita.

Author TheWarrior120 ( ago)
Pakis are the most hypocrite ppl on the earth, they are pathological liar,
....on one side they shouts about Cultural invasion, western countries
destroying their culture, but we can see the ground reality in this video,
in almost all marriages ppl dance with RANDIES or KHUSRAS, .......SHAME on
you pakis............Islam mazhab ko tum kutton ne badnam kar diya. aur
issi liye puri Qaum ALLAH ke AZAAB mein hai. 

Author 4rrrr9 ( ago)
Halal Porn

Author Iman Sikdar ( ago)
Physical atmosphere is not sign of Muslim. A Muslim is one who surrender
his will to Allah.

Author slmsinghania ( ago)
this is islamic porn... approved by islamic shariya court..

Author ilp1408 ( ago)
now they hate america for making porn

Author Sumon Raj Ahmed ( ago)

Author abuayoub ansari ( ago)
jahil hai

Author CAPRICORN ( ago)
Not everyone with a beard is a MOLVI. Well! this one is certainly NOT.
Dahri waley chore nahin hein, Choron nein dahri rakh lee hey.

Author jalmanza30 ( ago)
chickens??? lol omg 

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