President Trump Turns 71, Naked Rampage in Antiques Store - Monologue

  • Added:  13 days ago
  • Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, June 14.
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    President Trump Turns 71, Naked Rampage in Antiques Store - Monologue- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 3:20
  • Tags for this video:  Late Night  Seth Meyers  President Trump  Turns  71  Naked  Rampage  Antiques Store  Monologue  NBC  NBC TV  television  funny  talk show  comedy  humor  stand-up  parody  snl seth meyers  host  promo  seth  meyers  weekend update  news satire  satire  this week  in the news  birthday  veteran affairs  ben carson  sanders  bernie  young voters  

Comments: 215

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford 8 days ago

    Some 71 year olds do not have a line between antique and junk.

  • Tonny Hofby
    Tonny Hofby 9 days ago

    NO happy birthday to that IDIOT (Dumbass Trump).

    I HOPE he ends up in jail and die there SOON.

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 9 days ago

    I just have to watch.

  • Soymaid
    Soymaid 11 days ago

    boooo prison rape jokes

  • Anthony Inman
    Anthony Inman 12 days ago

    Hey let me guess what your show is about shoot it gonna be hard. Donald Trump?????? oh ya thats what it's always!!! about . Fu$kin looser

  • D McK
    D McK 12 days ago

    Why wasn't Trumputin THOROUGHLY VETTED?

  • Benjamin Wells
    Benjamin Wells 12 days ago

    heya! ! ! god precise the video really sounds deeply fanuastic%toss :c

  • Michael Saint
    Michael Saint 12 days ago

    What a retarded show this is wow
    Paid to lie & front load agendas with all false & Negative chatter to destroy America
    SO SO SAD............
    Trump is doing well.
    He is desperately trying to get things done in spite of the obstructionists..

  • Roman Jansen
    Roman Jansen 12 days ago

    Seth please get something better to do!!! My god... Trump needs somebody to replace him but where the F..k is your self critisism?! To support Hillary or anyone of the establisment is worse than supporting Trump. You know why?? Because of the WARCRIMES COMMITED BY THEM. Hillary... Obama.... they are all Warcriminals

  • Terri Taylor
    Terri Taylor 12 days ago

    like all baby boomers , he is the typical narcissistic , dumb ass we all expect him to be, truly a huge laugh , Hollywood couldn;t script this crap

  • Saud Dowaihy
    Saud Dowaihy 12 days ago

    seth looks like anthony weiner!!

  • John Erkman
    John Erkman 12 days ago

    Bannon starting to make Ted Kennedy look like Fabio😳😳😳

  • Roberto Villarreal
    Roberto Villarreal 12 days ago

    Only a vengeful, , self centered man could garner such universal and intense hate.

  • mr k
    mr k 12 days ago

    worst episode ever. Hire some real writers.

  • mr k
    mr k 12 days ago

    please stop reacting to the audience's reaction, it looks so needy.

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B 12 days ago

    dont knock plad vutin LLC! they cater to the gay clown niche who need custom plaid shirts

  • finster909
    finster909 12 days ago

    Snowflake Seth, such a timid, soft little man.

  • Iris J
    Iris J 12 days ago

    I know people write "LOL" when they don't really LOL but the New Jersey joke about "That Smell" made me LOL so hard that I started coughing.

  • Eb theDoc
    Eb theDoc 12 days ago

    Oh, Seth: "That smell" lovely! Share, like, as you please: Y'know, people, I'm seriously ticked off, as they used to call it. Not sure everyone knows how bad that might be for them. Pretty sure Vlad does, because he's been targeting me for many months. He knows why. He doesn't know how bad it can get, though. I renew my demand that ICANN shut down Russia's IPs, because of the continuing assault. I insist on impeachment and execution of the traitor in the Oval Office. I reiterate that any member of our legislature who has voted for anything passed since Jan. 20 be questioned and jailed if he/she evades. I'm adamant about jail for Bannon, Miller, Sessions, Tillerson, for life. And I want every member of this unbelievably criminal family who's reached majority to disappear behind bars. Forever. Thank you.

  • Roberto Villarreal
    Roberto Villarreal 12 days ago

    Wow! Every day i go to these comment sections and am amazed by the ever increasing creativity to insult the president. He is a truly despised by many Americans.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      Roberto Villarreal he is truly despised by most countries. Scotland would be willing to have him hung, Germany is ready to cut all ties with him. England is beyond pissed at him. Italy especially the Vatican City consider him an equivalent to the antichrist, China, Japan India, North and South Korea all think he's a bumbling idiot. Canada and Mexico are on less then friendly terms with him. So far one of the few allies he has is Putin.

  • J C
    J C 12 days ago

    his mother should have swallowed

    • J C
      J C 12 days ago

      8111y load?

  • pratyay amrit
    pratyay amrit 12 days ago


  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 12 days ago

    Dickface Seth really loves President Trump. He talks about him everyday. :)

  • Long Tall Texan
    Long Tall Texan 12 days ago

    This is Trump-Dump-Gate...please back right over here...and you can unload the truckload of evidence you have.... right here at Mr. Mueller's offices. The CIA pile is over there, the Treasury money info pile is that side, and your load from the IRS is needed right here. Thank you for the help !! See you tomorrow sir!

  • Duane Locsin
    Duane Locsin 12 days ago

    you big baby

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 12 days ago

    Getting closer to the grave... 👍

  • nab 6215
    nab 6215 12 days ago

    Oh, I thought 15% was up for Christie.  [former person who lived in NJ under Christie].

  • aj5535
    aj5535 12 days ago


  • Emil Sørensen
    Emil Sørensen 13 days ago

    Please don't use the communist symbol to signify the Russian Federation. There are many other symbols you can use, and I don't think it's fair to the communists.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 13 days ago

    Opening joke was savage.

  • Conker Squirrel
    Conker Squirrel 13 days ago

    Great writers n Seth has a funny delivery.

  • Soham Bhatnagar
    Soham Bhatnagar 13 days ago

    I'm from NJ, and don't worry: Phil Murphy is going to replace him.

  • Curious Mitch
    Curious Mitch 13 days ago

    Oh yeah, I remember seeing the video clip where Trump mentioned his birthday now, but I had completely forgotten about it... probably because it's so unbelievably irrelevant.

  • AtomicSpatula
    AtomicSpatula 13 days ago

    Who was the guy that appeared on screen after Seth said "Well, most Democrats." ?

    • Dan210871
      Dan210871 11 days ago

      "Carlos Danger" was Weiner's online persona, discovered during the initial investigation of his sexual escapades. The fact that you are an incurious and humorless idiot is not my fault.

    • AtomicSpatula
      AtomicSpatula 11 days ago

      Nice try. Found out through the next monologue that is apparently Anthony Wiener. Thanks for not being helpful, @Dan210871.

    • Dan210871
      Dan210871 12 days ago

      Carlos Danger

  • Barry Kaine
    Barry Kaine 13 days ago

    Our present CIC is a lesson to all people everywhere, that elections have grave consequences.
     If he serves no other purpose, historically, that may be his one beneficial contribution to our Democratic Republic.

  • Matt Griffiths
    Matt Griffiths 13 days ago

    i can actually hear this episode

  • PlatypusDoodles
    PlatypusDoodles 13 days ago

    I legitimately thought trump was the on on the rampage... and I was only mildly surprised.

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 13 days ago

    :58-1:09 'Fair and Balanced/'Fly the friendly Skies'

  • luisweast
    luisweast 13 days ago

    I read the title wrong but never have I clicked so fast on a video 😂

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 13 days ago

    0:00-0:14 Wow!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    Sounds like that man just wanted to put his family jewels on display.

  • generic lets play watcher

    i dont get it , who is that a picture of?

  • Steven Deaville
    Steven Deaville 13 days ago

    Happy birthday Trump, let's hope it's your last!

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 13 days ago

    Anyone else kinda creeped out by Seth Myers? After every joke, he stares at the camera like he's deciding whether or not to jump through it and eat us.

    • Joseph Simpson
      Joseph Simpson 12 days ago

      Oh, I believe I've heard of a Silent Hill *game*, but I know nothing about it.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      +Joseph Simpson you have never heard of the silent hill series. A game series so popular it got 2 movies, one so popular that when konomi decided to cancel silent hills people from all around the internet declared in one voice konomi had lost there minds?

    • Joseph Simpson
      Joseph Simpson 12 days ago

      I've no idea what you're referring to, but I live in Bristol, England.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      Joseph Simpson where do you live in? Silent Hill?

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 13 days ago

    Isn't it time for a new mail order bride for drumph, maybe RUSSIAN this time. Sorry melania you too old #make your man behave

  • iNDI boi
    iNDI boi 13 days ago

    today was very explicit. *wink * :)

  • Rick Karsan
    Rick Karsan 13 days ago

    happy birthday mr president. sent by the lord to save america. may you reign over us and make those against u fear and despair.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      Rick Karsan more like sent from the deepest bowls of hell to bring suffering, famine, plague and death to those who deserve nothing of the kind.

  • matthew stetson
    matthew stetson 13 days ago

    Love the Sethala.

  • Bram Jansen
    Bram Jansen 13 days ago

    this program is the reason Trump got votes

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      8111y oh god your one of those idiots who believe millions of people voted illegally arnt you, despite the fact that not only was that completely and utterly debunked by people who knew what they were talking about and couldn't care less about the outcome, but they have shown exactly 4 cases of voter fraud, three of which voted for trump!

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      8111y yet the country as a whole didn't want him!

    • HNK222
      HNK222 13 days ago

      And lost by 3 million votes...

  • Luke Ryba
    Luke Ryba 13 days ago

    leeeets Gett rooooooit intothenews

  • Akhil P
    Akhil P 13 days ago

    bhris bhristie less popular than black plague

  • Samiyyah Andrewin
    Samiyyah Andrewin 13 days ago

    Same here!!!

  • nice day juno
    nice day juno 13 days ago

    I'm glad Melania kept him busy on his b day and took that phone away from him.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 13 days ago

    If I were Director Comey, I would have hung around The Donald constantly! Being much shorter than the 6'8" Comey & having to always look up at him, drives our narcissistic President crazy!!

  • maxim slate
    maxim slate 13 days ago

    I love all the political stuff seth myers and stephen colbert do, but i wish they'd cut down on the body-shaming. constant stuff on steve being ugly and in this one implying he never baths, constant stuff on trump being orange with terrible hair, putting on weight, whatever. It's not news, Its not clever, and it's only funny to the spiteful. They're both terrible enough people for legitimate reasons to poke fun at, bodyshaming just feels like it undermines the rest of the show and makes it 'fake news'

    • maxim slate
      maxim slate 12 days ago

      oh right, I forgot the argument "but he started it" totally applies in adulthood too.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      maxim slate oh please the right wing media has been body shaming former president Obama and especially his wife on things that weren't even the tiniest bit true for the past 8 years, and our current moronic asshole bully-n- chief joined in on it. If he's willing to dish it he sure as hell better be willing to take it.

    • Ooshy Bermi
      Ooshy Bermi 12 days ago

      Ahhh, shut up!

  • xuchia117
    xuchia117 13 days ago

    I love TRUMP. My favourite reality show

  • Mark Glover
    Mark Glover 13 days ago

    Bannon looks like someone tried to sculpt a Mr. Potato Head out of cookie dough.

  • Mandy Olsen
    Mandy Olsen 13 days ago

    his birthday is cursed or something. a shooting in America and a terrible fire in London.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 12 days ago

      Mandy Olsen this is eveidence he is the antichrist.

  • Yvette Hate
    Yvette Hate 13 days ago

    Too covfefe funny!

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrify 13 days ago


  • Tommy Hassan
    Tommy Hassan 13 days ago

    Studies have shown that reading Youtube comments has a statistically significant negative impact on a person's IQ. Some scientists believe this may also explain why Youtube comments are on the whole unintelligent (and frequently unintelligible) as the users that spend the most time on Youtube tend to comment the most as well. This vicious cycle of spiraling stupidity has many experts worried.

    • onyx1186
      onyx1186 13 days ago

      ..... ha.... this comment ^

  • Eugenio Colussi filho


  • Slacquer
    Slacquer 13 days ago

    1:42 Oh! My luggage!

  • mccarraa
    mccarraa 13 days ago

    why are people not like Chris at the minute? we knew he was bent

  • gus dupree
    gus dupree 13 days ago

    he doesn't want a wife in her twenties, he already has one , oh wait ivanka is in her thirties

  • Chaitan Reddy
    Chaitan Reddy 13 days ago

    Good god thats a strong title

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 13 days ago

    I like how in the Stephen King getting blocked from Trump's twitter, JK Rowling said that she still has access and would DM all the tweets at him.

    • A B
      A B 13 days ago

      Trump will find out, if you ignore the Howlers, it only makes it worse.

  • abbyboyone
    abbyboyone 13 days ago

    maybe jeff sessions can sing happy birthday to trump ala marylin monroe to kennedy LOL

    • Light Winters
      Light Winters 13 days ago

      Aaaarghh that picture in my head!!

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 13 days ago

    fox should have been dropped that slogan

  • GamingElke
    GamingElke 13 days ago

    did he tweet himself happy birthday

  • MrComputercracker
    MrComputercracker 13 days ago

    Next election cycle we should elect an even older person. 99? 100 years old? How old do you have to be to make good decisions?

  • Pietro Jenkins
    Pietro Jenkins 13 days ago

    Trump turns to Interstate 71 and goes on rampage in the antique store....interestingly interstate 71 goes thru two meth/opioid epidemic states that overwhelmingly voted Trump

  • Joshua Marsella
    Joshua Marsella 13 days ago

    All golf and no work makes Don a bad president

    • Joshua Marsella
      Joshua Marsella 7 days ago

      Thank you kindly, yes it is me.

    • Judi O'Regan
      Judi O'Regan 7 days ago

      Joshua Marsella - haha! Good one! XD

      And, dare I say it, but you, my friend, have really pretty eyes. If that is you in your profile pic that is!

    • Shut Up
      Shut Up 12 days ago

      Joshua Marsella when he's not golfing, he's destroying America.

  • N64 Sensation
    N64 Sensation 13 days ago

    Savage AF lollipop line 😂 Absolute legend, Seth! 👌

  • white owl
    white owl 13 days ago

    Chris Christy IS that smell.

    • Kedaar Iyer
      Kedaar Iyer 12 days ago

      Saying he's that smell is an insult to that actual smell

  • white owl
    white owl 13 days ago

    I hope this is Trumps last birthday. I hope this is a really CRAP birthday for him. His father should have pulled out sooner.

    • D w
      D w 13 days ago

      white owl man your salty

  • Abram Porras
    Abram Porras 13 days ago

    That opening was gold😂😂😂

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 13 days ago

    be kind :)

  • circletide
    circletide 13 days ago

    eyyy 666th like

  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs 13 days ago

    "Cucumber Luggage Hula Hoop"

    -Ben Carson

  • Bonnie Chiaccio
    Bonnie Chiaccio 13 days ago

    I am in NJ and can't wait until he is out. Christie will probably be in the state more now

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 13 days ago

      Bonnie Chiaccio, ban all buffets in New Jersey and you'll never see him in your state again.

  • MrOnyourbike
    MrOnyourbike 13 days ago

    his dad went to hell at 93 so this Orange Baboon still potentially have 20 years to go

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 13 days ago

    Stephen King's The Whining... the scariest horror story of this decade, by far!

  • camelshit
    camelshit 13 days ago

    My Gosh am I glad I wasn't in that store when trump came rampaging along, au naturel . . !

  • dratini
    dratini 13 days ago

    "THAT'S HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT!!" love it when he responds to the audience's reactions :')

  • Jason Gastrich
    Jason Gastrich 13 days ago


  • rabbit hole
    rabbit hole 13 days ago

    I bet tomorrow he won't talk about how a liberal psycho tried to kill a bunch of Republicans . if it was the other way around it would be all over his monolog.

    • Uhlersoth77
      Uhlersoth77 13 days ago

      I had some extra time, so I checked myself. Seth did indeed bring up the Alexandria shooting, even saying that he was pulling for the GOP in the baseball game that's to be played as scheduled.

    • Uhlersoth77
      Uhlersoth77 13 days ago

      The monologue is written for the sake of comedy. There's nothing funny about this terrible incident, and it would be disrespectful and distasteful to make a joke about it here. Usually when tragedies like this happen, the host will say a few brief words before the show starts. Sometimes they'll wait and do it at the end. I'm not sure if Seth did this regarding the shooting, but if you want to check for yourself I'd recommend watching the very opening and closing of the full episode.

  • Teemu Laine
    Teemu Laine 13 days ago

    Aaaaw maan i thought Trump got drunk on his birthday and walked around naked in an antiques store...Sounded like something he could do..

    • David Benjamin
      David Benjamin 13 days ago

      M. Ivy Luna bcuz of his brother...the ONLY thing I'll give Twitler props for. anyone else would be a fifth deep in Wild Turkey daily by now

    • Teemu Laine
      Teemu Laine 13 days ago

      Literally the only respectable thing about him.

    • M. Ivy Luna
      M. Ivy Luna 13 days ago

      Lol, yeah me to. Supposedly he does not drink though.

    • P Cup
      P Cup 13 days ago

      Teemu Laine Eewww, that visual is gross. Don't want to honk about Trump's bloated,naked carcass 🤢

  • attila Szabo
    attila Szabo 13 days ago

    day weiner joke was.good

  • 71Dana
    71Dana 13 days ago

    Seth, please go easy on the self tan.

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 13 days ago

    Thanks Late Night with Seth Meyers.:)

  • rabbit hole
    rabbit hole 13 days ago

    seths eyes are alarmingly beady

  • BbguM gnarl
    BbguM gnarl 13 days ago

    The Whining..."all work and no titties make Donny a dull boy"

    • Hawks Fan
      Hawks Fan 13 days ago

      BbguM gnarl I figured he's been motorboating Bannon while giving pence a reach around and thats why its taken so long for malaria to move into the WH

  • Maureen Awty
    Maureen Awty 13 days ago

    Trump your under investigation Happy Birthday what a great present 😊

  • mestre12
    mestre12 13 days ago

    Oh boy, that Kansas man plan tottaly backfired hard.

  • Carrell Washington
    Carrell Washington 13 days ago

    Weird. I haven't seen a regular pencil in a while.

  • dax home
    dax home 13 days ago

    If only Orangutans wore condoms back then. Damn you apes!

    • Fist-of-doom
      Fist-of-doom 12 days ago

      How dare you! Apes is an offensive term to all orangutans! They prefer Primate-American, get your terms straight!

    • CobaltYoshi27
      CobaltYoshi27 13 days ago

      You take that back!

      That's an insult to all orangutans out there.

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