[Tutorial] How to import and export a trailer for 18wos haulin in zmodeler.


This is a tutorial on how to import, mod, and export a trailer.

Things to know:

1. You do NOT have to load the texture just to mod the trailer. You can mod it with it blank(white).

2. Import and export with NO boxes checked.

3. Make sure you overwrite the "trailer".pmg, nothing else when you export.

Any questions feel free to PM me.

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Author Austin Lyston ( ago)
two questions how do you get zmodeler and can you write word in zmodeler?
please tell me thank you.

Author RockKing918 ( ago)
How i can export these into GTA SAN ANDREAS ?

Author Kevin Dans ( ago)
How do you get a z3d file to an scs file Please respond.

Author daddii rude ( ago)
i modded i nice mack truck rite but can't export it can i email it to u an
u do it

Author El Pichacuas ( ago)
when I do not I get the same materials that I can do?

Author Patrick Moran ( ago)
were can i download those mods

Author elkittys1234 ( ago)
Can you make a vid of you installing alex's hubodometer

Author Matty Martin ( ago)
Do you reckon you would be able to do a Tutorial on how to mod the truck
for pedal to the metal please. Every tutorial that is on youtube is in a
foreign language, If you could i would ery much appreciate it.

Author cookie73942 ( ago)
how do you import trucks from 18wos pttm

Author Naufal Dzacka ( ago)
do you know how to convert cars from juiced2 to GTA ? please sorry my bad

Author OffTrackProductions ( ago)
Ok, thanks.

Author Jon Warrell ( ago)
the oldest version capable of haulin AND alh import/export is 2.0.9

Author OffTrackProductions ( ago)
Ok, what zmodder verson do I need to mod ALH? What verson for Haulin?

Author PEDRO Benedito ( ago)

Author robertboy555 ( ago)
pedromiguelbenedito & Devilsnerd i have this problem Only registered
version can import files. where i get registered?

Author Shaun Yarbrough ( ago)
do we have to buy it to get it regestered?

Author PEDRO Benedito ( ago)
Only registered version can import files.

Author evanhawk ( ago)
I cant import anything, I try to use it, I am using 2.0.8

Author XxDarkMasterxX100 ( ago)
man when im i export the DFF dont load anything from TXD and the game crash
help pLS

Author View Dragon ( ago)
Thanks 5*

Author craz3chri5 ( ago)
Haha but he has some good shit on here jon! Great video!

Author Jon Warrell ( ago)
lol cedric try showing these clowns how to export trailers with multiple
materials XD

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