You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

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  • 박지민
    박지민 1 day ago

    i don't have a cat. why am i here.

  • Evan Whipple
    Evan Whipple 1 day ago

    Hey, Jackson Galaxy , can you please tell me what breed baloria is,

  • Yuri Andropov
    Yuri Andropov 1 day ago

    What do you mean by "static" building up in the cat? Do you **literally** mean static electricity? Or do you just mean that the cat's energy is increasing and that she may become irritated by this? I have noticed the behavior you describe - the cat enjoys being petted for awhile but then suddenly turns around and scratches or bites, obviously meaning "that's enough!" But I've never seen an actual static discharge or spark. And in our place, the dry air and carpets can give you a static discharge just walking around. You have mentioned "static" several times in your videos, so I'd like to know exactly what you mean by the term. If you are referring to common static electricity, would you then recommend an anti-static mat, anti-static brush, etc?

  • Rayne Newell
    Rayne Newell 1 day ago

    My cats cross eyed.

  • Bobby Sykes
    Bobby Sykes 2 days ago

    I need help with my cat won't let me pick her up

  • Philo Star
    Philo Star 2 days ago

    My cat has never meowed or bitten me. It does still play though.

  • BluefoxxyNautral84
    BluefoxxyNautral84 3 days ago

    You're so cute 😍

  • Mack Jones
    Mack Jones 3 days ago

    yeah, let me pet you whenever I feel like it and see if you get irritated

  • Paige Mastoloni
    Paige Mastoloni 3 days ago

    My cat lets me rub his belly and pet him like a dog, he also lets me give him like nuggies.

    • Paige Mastoloni
      Paige Mastoloni 3 days ago

      And when I try to play with my cat, he breaks the toys

  • BigBlueCat
    BigBlueCat 3 days ago


  • Ihnya Dior
    Ihnya Dior 3 days ago

    My kitten smacks me

  • عين الحياة

    Thank u

  • mrjanitor
    mrjanitor 3 days ago

    *''You're shaking it all wrong'' intensifies*

  • moon devotee
    moon devotee 4 days ago

    I thought I was doing it all wrong until I saw that I always let him guide me ll

  • Nicole Endres
    Nicole Endres 4 days ago

    I have an elderly cat (15 yrs) that can't eat dried food anymore without throwing up. I switched him to wet food, but he only licks the gravy. he leaves the chunks. I tried getting him just the gravy and he throws it up. I don't know what to do with him. Is he getting enough?

  • chipmunk11271
    chipmunk11271 4 days ago

    My cat doesn't rub herself on me she will just sit there like, why is your finger so close to my face? Then lick my finger lol

  • Bat Gergi
    Bat Gergi 4 days ago

    So i did everything you said, i put my finger so the cat can pet my finger. Ended up without my finger

  • Shelley Kaye
    Shelley Kaye 4 days ago

    Our cat will not sit on my lap. He hates when I pick him up. He will let me pet him when he is resting but only for a few seconds. When I hold my hand out he just sniffs and then walks away. He was such a cuddly kitten. Wish we knew what to do make him more cuddly

  • Krisi Allen
    Krisi Allen 4 days ago

    This is my guys lol. I don't pet more than is desired by them.. or I get notified quickly lmao!

  • Sneaky Gamer
    Sneaky Gamer 4 days ago

    Shit gotta go see if my cat exploded EDIT:Well it exploded :/

  • spoon cake
    spoon cake 4 days ago

    My cat only likes being petted with legs :(

  • Chapperz 994
    Chapperz 994 4 days ago

    my cat literally punches me

  • Amber Andrews
    Amber Andrews 5 days ago

    my cat never ever bites or scratches me! he's so sweet! there was this one time where I think he got so irritated by me that he bit my toe and I got so mad at him is like buddy you've never bitten me before and now you bite my toe that's so rude!

  • Elsa Arredondo
    Elsa Arredondo 5 days ago

    My grandma cats love to be touched because he always run along my legs while a walk and he likes to be carried to even that he is an adult

  • Coco Cat
    Coco Cat 5 days ago

    My cat always guides my finger

  • Funny Bros.
    Funny Bros. 5 days ago

    The finger thing worked thank you

  • JVGmidi
    JVGmidi 5 days ago

    I love my cat he is my best friend. I have designed my live to what he wants.

  • Roelof Hetsen
    Roelof Hetsen 5 days ago


    wait what?!

  • Kitten Called Luna
    Kitten Called Luna 5 days ago

    Love this!

  • formigalformigal
    formigalformigal 5 days ago

    i dont even have a cat why am i watching this on my office

  • Caticorn
    Caticorn 6 days ago

    My cat has never attacked me before xD

  • Ron Alex
    Ron Alex 6 days ago

    Being a DBZ fan i always thought Timmy was taking a shot for the Title.

  • kittyglam799
    kittyglam799 7 days ago

    I always know when my cat wants to bite or scratch me. I know where she likes being pet, and where she doesn't.

  • SilentSecret
    SilentSecret 7 days ago

    my cat looks exactly like the african wildcat, only mine is a smaller version. She only lets me pet her when she wants it. And when she does want it, shell stand near me purring just waiting for me to pet her. Its actually quite funny to see her doing nothing but stand there and purr just waiting for love haha

  • Anthony Rango
    Anthony Rango 7 days ago

    It work's!

  • Ahmed Elsheikh
    Ahmed Elsheikh 7 days ago

    1:52 you know when you get that face that this muthafucka gonna bit you ass!

  • G Ad
    G Ad 8 days ago

    lol why your cat beats you up lol

    cat does that to me...
    I'd kick that fucker through the wall

  • Amber W
    Amber W 8 days ago

    it really is amazing and rewarding when you feel your kitty bonding closer with you when you listen to their needs

  • DanDann07
    DanDann07 8 days ago

    I tried to present him the finger but he just licks it and sucks on it....

  • jasmin aguilar
    jasmin aguilar 8 days ago

    My cat just scratched itself 😂😂

  • anime rocks
    anime rocks 9 days ago

    how do you take your hand away from your cat without them clawing onto because they want more pets?

  • MetalliBunny
    MetalliBunny 9 days ago

    I always watch the tail but one of my cats was attacked by a dog (bitten on the back left leg). it was a bad injury requiring surgery and multiple vet visits. he hisses now if I touch that leg :(

  • Kara Cintolo
    Kara Cintolo 10 days ago

    So my cat doesn't have a tail only a small nub, how can I tell when they both are getting mad?

  • Carmen Kujawa
    Carmen Kujawa 10 days ago

    My cat is now more happy! Thank to you!

  • Sainbury
    Sainbury 10 days ago

    A lot of cats enjoy being petting as though you were another cat grooming them. You take small amounts of fur, around the head and neck, between two fingers and slowly tug up - it simulates a cat licking. Keep repeating in different spots. Or just a gentle rub around the eyes and under the chin.

  • Andromydous
    Andromydous 10 days ago

    Our cat will let me "pet" her on her head, neck and chin but will not sit/lay next to me. She will sit/lay next to my wife, but she won't let my wife pet her and gets pissed (attack/scratch) if she's not allowed to continue to groom my wife (which is all the time). Or, if there is something next to our cat that my wife needs to get, Nefertiti will attack.

  • Joe Hartman
    Joe Hartman 10 days ago

    Awesome video, Love your show My Cat From Hell.

  • DMT Infinity
    DMT Infinity 10 days ago

    lol gives a whole new meaning to petting that pussy just right.

  • Proxy1811
    Proxy1811 11 days ago

    My kitten is barely 2 months old, and she is very aggressive and has a ton of energy. I bring her out to play and run around and I'll either play with her, or I'll just be relaxing and watching her entertain herself with anything and everything. But then all of a sudden she looks at me and jumps and grabs my hand /foot/leg and bites and scratches the heck out of me. When that happens I try a couple times to pull her off, and if it keeps happening I put her back into her big sleeping cage. But I need help with stopping her anger so me and my other younger kitten can have positive visit and play times. Please help.

  • kadier
    kadier 11 days ago

    my cat is only but she doesn't exercise at all.... she is a lazy piece of shit....

  • Gloweye
    Gloweye 12 days ago

    Short versions, get him tired first.

  • Nancy St. James
    Nancy St. James 12 days ago

    My cat bites me if I'm sitting down...she'll bite my elbow or legs and when I'm standing she'll pounce on me and bite my legs really hard...I don't bother her so I don't know why she keeps biting me. If anyone has the answer pls let me know what I'm doing wrong

    AESCULAPTORmark3 12 days ago

    This guy is correct. The end.

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi 12 days ago

    I have 3 fishes.

  • Shakes McTremens
    Shakes McTremens 13 days ago

    crikey you are sooo bad at explaining things.. Even tho I already know about the phenomenon you're talking about, it's still impossible to get a clear picture of it from what you said. For starters you should steer clear of as many analogies as possible.

  • Iris De Nile
    Iris De Nile 13 days ago

    I have a cat who fights with my dad a lot but I ALWAYS notice when he doesn't want to be pet anymore and that's why we're best friends. We need to respect our cats and pay attention. They can't tell us what they want, only show.

  • Ramiel Gesulga
    Ramiel Gesulga 13 days ago

    How about with a stray

  • Wo W
    Wo W 14 days ago

    Call the method "mapping"because their helping you find their happy spot

  • wattlesong
    wattlesong 15 days ago

    It's PATTING.
    Petting is something VERY different.

  • William Nigo
    William Nigo 15 days ago

    thank you let me thek

  • Izelle Ts
    Izelle Ts 16 days ago

    I generally do fine with cats, but one of my mom's I never could manage (unless she is, like, just waking up). If she is not in the mood for it she won't let me try longer than 2 seconds and she'll just walk away, slightly annoyed, so it's hard to figure out a way to express my affection properly. I might try the finger technique next time I see her ^^

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 16 days ago

    Blow up cat like balloon. Got it. Thanks.

  • Amber Rosser
    Amber Rosser 16 days ago

    I'm getting a cat for the first time, your channel is extremely helpful!😊 Thank you

  • DJdoesGAMES
    DJdoesGAMES 16 days ago

    My cat never purrs so i don't know where he likes to be pet
    and he won't guide me when i put out my hand he just sniffs me and walks away

  • Ksepastremenos
    Ksepastremenos 16 days ago

    That cat scratch appearing on the brow after 2:00 though...

  • Paintingfoxes Lps
    Paintingfoxes Lps 16 days ago

    This helped alot! Thanks! Your so awesome with cats

  • MeMiri O
    MeMiri O 16 days ago

    I did have a manx and my oldest female both like to give love nips and if you lift your hand as though leaving will try to catch you, saying "no, don't stop!"

  • MeMiri O
    MeMiri O 16 days ago

    yup, always ask what did "I" do?

  • Sweet Lavender
    Sweet Lavender 17 days ago

    Me cat likes being scratched on the chin and under softly

  • FreakishlyTrue
    FreakishlyTrue 17 days ago

    omg why the 1K dislikes?

  • Miki SCOTT
    Miki SCOTT 18 days ago

    My cat never cares what I do to him

  • 2- D
    2- D 18 days ago

    My cat doesn't have a tail... Not even a knub so I don't know how to watch for his tail.

  • Kelly Karnes
    Kelly Karnes 18 days ago

    what does it mean when a cat sticks its butt up

  • Isabel From Wyoming
    Isabel From Wyoming 19 days ago

    My car loves having her back scratched and petted, but to be fair I'm half sure she is defective

  • i stan to many groups yikes

    well my cat is crazy bc the most of the times I'm just sitting calm in my chair eating or whatever and she comes at me and attacks my leg, I still love her anyway

  • RckingHrse Panda
    RckingHrse Panda 19 days ago

    my cat is cool with petting she never bits or scratches anyone ever no matter what

  • TheHadesShade
    TheHadesShade 20 days ago

    What does it mean if the cat is on all it's 4 paws, but has his ears pointed outwards/to the side. Even if they give you head rubs, purr, scent mark your legs and expose their belly sometimes. There are 2 cats in the area the have grown to like me (and I do too) but I find it sometimes hard to pet them when they are exposing their tummy. Or when both of them are around me at the same time, they are rivals. No clue what the gender is of the both of them.
    Also, if their tails keeps sweeping side ways like a dog when it's laying on it's side or back, does that mean anything?

  • K C Kohl
    K C Kohl 20 days ago

    u love heshes or puss E

  • Every Loki
    Every Loki 21 day ago

    My one cat Emma or Emmy. Loved to be petted. You had to give her a full body pet for like an hour (or until you got tired of it and ran having her chase after you) until she was satisfied. She would literally do anything just for pets. It kinda creeped me out. She never attacked me. She was only mad at me when I tried to bathe her or pet her while she ate her food.

    She was sweet.

  • Eva and holly Videos


  • Shanaela
    Shanaela 21 day ago


  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson 21 day ago

    I'll bet you call that crap on your arms, "art". I call it trying to change yourself and/or hide because you don't like yourself as you are. Same goes for those hula hoops. You can't change the inside by modifying the outside.

  • Changeling X
    Changeling X 22 days ago

    I can shove my face into my cat's belly and she'll start purring lol. I'm not complaining, it's like putting my face into a cloud

  • BudgieGirl 25888
    BudgieGirl 25888 22 days ago

    I don't even have a cat 😂 but I have a freakin bird 😝

  • Adam White
    Adam White 23 days ago

    Man you look like you could be Dave Grohl's brother haha

  • Manfists
    Manfists 23 days ago

    The fact that people don't know how to pet cats is infuriating. I have almost never done the "pet from head to tail with your palm" move on my cats. Just don't do it. They aren't kittens and don't feel comforted by it. My cats put their head, face, or back on my hand and will stay there until I scratch. Cats will almost always prefer a scratch to a pet, and they will tell you where they want it also. Cats are just demanding pets and people seem to think they are like dogs, and that you can do whatever you want and love/pet them however you want. Nope. Gotta go by the cat's rules.

  • Amenty
    Amenty 24 days ago

    I have always had nothing but awesome/gentle cats, my trick is to let them come to you, if you follow them all over the place to pet them the are gonna get mad! Let them come to you, and they will, all cats love attention ... just on their time. Its annoying at times but you have to think do you want a nice/gentle cat or an aggressive/mean cat? :D
    Edit: Also play with your kitty people!!

  • Roy Slapped
    Roy Slapped 25 days ago

    Don't tell me how to pet my pussy. I know how to pet my cat.

  • Machinator
    Machinator 25 days ago

    I once scratched my cat's belly for an hour while watching a movie before finally getting up to do something.
    He actually looks up at me like "Hey, why'd you stop?".

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor 25 days ago

    just get a dog...

  • Holly B
    Holly B 25 days ago

    Sure wish I would have known this stuff years ago.

  • LokTarOgar#11803
    LokTarOgar#11803 25 days ago

    He is so over complicating this whole thing.
    Step 1: have a cat
    Step 2: get rid of the cat
    Step 3: get a dog or literally any other animal because cats are like furry wasps and are cancer.

  • Lucinda Mobley
    Lucinda Mobley 25 days ago

    I remember when I had cats. In the morning when I had yogurt I would often put some on my fingers and let them lick it off. Their tongues always felt like sandpaper, but it really cute.

  • Tom tommyL
    Tom tommyL 25 days ago

    This guy is right.  and that finger to nose thingy is true.

  • Ali Azzandra
    Ali Azzandra 26 days ago

    He should have titled this video:' How to rub pussy properly '

  • FredBear 756
    FredBear 756 26 days ago

    Is it normal for a cat to be independent? Like not like "I wanna be alone" but like the type that bites and pisses you off and won't let you pet him/her. THIS IS A QUESTION FOR ALL SINCE I HAVE NO CAT.

  • Chaotic Dusk
    Chaotic Dusk 26 days ago

    My dad's cat legit hates me even though I never did anything to him. Meanwhile my baby aka my cat loves me, he always shows me love and I show him as much love as I can though he does drive me insane sometimes cause he can be to needy. I love him to death though and I always will he is my world and I don't know what I'd do with out him.

  • brieanna sincleair
    brieanna sincleair 26 days ago

    is your cat named pichit?

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