Marvel's The Defenders - Trailer Review

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  • Transplanar
    Transplanar 2 hours ago

    Iron Fist ly wasn't that bad. I guess people were mostly upset that his fight scenes weren't as kung fu inspired as his comic book counterpart. That aside, I thought the interplay between the characters was well done.

  • Biomarvel740
    Biomarvel740 2 days ago

    My favorite Netflix Marvel show is Luke Cage. XD

  • Belmer ValGreen
    Belmer ValGreen 5 days ago

    I enjoyed Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

    : (

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 16 days ago

    well if it makes you feel any better, i checked out the dark tower trailer after watching this and your video on that.

    • carlee elizabeth
      carlee elizabeth 16 days ago

      also as far as favorite mcu netflix series go i think daredevil just edges out jessica jones because my favorite characters are in it. although i haven't finished luke cage or watched iron fist either.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 19 days ago

    Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were all excellent. My favourite was Jessica Jones. Would love to see Elektra get her own show.

  • Ravi Tolani
    Ravi Tolani 22 days ago

    same haven't seen luke cage and iron fist

  • BGTitanAvatar
    BGTitanAvatar 22 days ago

    I've only watched Jessica Jones, wasn't interested enough to watch Luke Cage, heard Iron Fist was crap, and I know enough about Daredevil and seen plenty of clips that I'm totally fine with that.

    That said, I will probably be checking out the Defenders.

  • J. Potter
    J. Potter 24 days ago

    DD and JJ are the best!
    Luke is pretty cool to
    Iron Fist uhmm, nah

  • trequor
    trequor 27 days ago

    but where the hell is your luke cage review? You gotta finish it, it's the best show so far

  • Chirag Maher
    Chirag Maher 1 month ago

    Actually preferred episodes of Iron Fist more than Luke Cage and Daredevil ones! Jessica Jones had quite a slow start but picked up well.

  • DaKingJagz
    DaKingJagz 1 month ago

    Thinking about subscribing but not sure yet

  • Oh Kay
    Oh Kay 1 month ago

    Favourite marvel Netflix shows
    1: daredevil hands down
    2: jessica jones
    3: iron fist
    4: luke cage

  • The Spectacular Gonzo

    I didn't dislike Iron Fist but it could've been much so much better with different writers and cinematography. The characters and narrative just didn't gel with the story. Same for the second half of the Luke Cage show. Daredevil and Jessica Jones both worked because they had good story arcs with compelling heroes and villains. Luke Cage's Cotton Mouth was killed off and Iron Fist's Madame Gao was underused pushed to the side when both those villains could've brought out the best in the heroes. I say they should for get season 2 for both shows and instead pair both heroes in a new show and call it Heroes for Hire. It could showcase their growing friendship and how they start a business together fighting crime. Plus they've gotta include Colleen Wing and Misty Knight as the Daughters of the Dragon.

  • Ryan Delafosse
    Ryan Delafosse 1 month ago

    as far as story goes: Jessica jones, luke cage, daredevil. Couldn't get into the iron fist story because it was nearly identical to green arrow, more or less.

  • resistnzisfutl
    resistnzisfutl 1 month ago

    These are great, compelling dramas with some of the gritiest, closest, most raw fight scenes you'll see. I'm not sure how they'll top them, or even come equal. And the drama? Wow! I'm hopeful and I will watch, I just hope they don't fuck it up. Going in with such high expectations is in itself a drawback.

  • Madeline Timms
    Madeline Timms 1 month ago

    Jessica Jones is the best Netflix D.C. Tv show because it's well written and the villain in an actual challenge to the hero, the show doesn't rely on gritty action scenes to keep people interested and the characters have personality

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 1 month ago

    I hope this show is awesome. I loved Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Iron Fist and Luke Cage were kind of meh imo, but I have high hopes for this

  • redstormfighter29
    redstormfighter29 1 month ago

    Man those bad guys should give up if they see the Defenders, they ain't winning the fight lol

  • Corey Wright
    Corey Wright 1 month ago

    Thank you so much for the review video, Jeremy Jahns. I agree that you do not need to watch 'Iron Fist'. You also will possibly not even enjoy it for the most part (to be perfectly honest). It has only a few moments that I enjoy, but they are ultimately not worth it for the numerous hours that I have to spend in order to watch the thirteen nearly-one-hour-long episodes of the show. 'The Defenders' looks so excellent in my opinion and I love the fact that Elektra is going to be included in the series. Also, regarding the fact that this is a trailer, I thoroughly enjoy the clip that is chosen for this trailer with Elektra walking in the background during the hallway brawl because it is shot and presented to the audience in such a way that we do not know if she is fighting with or against the Defenders in the scene. (I know that Elektra is facing Daredevil in a shot before the hallway clip is shown, but we do not know the chronological order of those moments.) Ultimately, I thoroughly enjoy this trailer and the fact that it does not reveal too many things regarding the series. That is important. Thank you again.

  • Anfernee LeZagney
    Anfernee LeZagney 1 month ago

    Been a Defenders fan since its beginnings, a looooooong time ago.

    Favorite Netflix show?

    In my imagination? The Paul Lynde-Charles Nelson Reilly Power Hour (co-starring Brett Summers and Donnie & Marie).

    In real life? Iron Fist, because Colleen Wing, she fine.

  • ƧȤ1
    ƧȤ1 1 month ago


  • AcetylsaliciIique
    AcetylsaliciIique 1 month ago

    Wait what ? Iron Fist starts slow but it's really good. Better than Luke Cage and the second half of Daredevil S2...

  • Kami84
    Kami84 1 month ago

    Daredevil was the best by FAAAAAAAR

  • Gregor Eisenhorn
    Gregor Eisenhorn 1 month ago

    Don't bother with Luke Cage, show is overly long, boring and really runs out of steam once Cottonmouth dies.

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE 1 month ago

    Luke Cage was okay... RIGHT until the heavy handed "Trevon Martin" tribute bullshit. That completely colored my entire experience with it. I want to be entertained, goddamnit. I don't want to be preached at.

  • John Grayson
    John Grayson 1 month ago

    Jessica Jones is my favourite, because the story is so gritty.

  • Eric Renato
    Eric Renato 1 month ago

    Iron Fist was very entertaining but yes there is a lot of problems

  • Zachary Deleon
    Zachary Deleon 1 month ago

    considering the whole hand seems to be apart of this id prob recommend watching Iron Fist

  • MrDmanHERO
    MrDmanHERO 1 month ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 month ago

    " no one gives a fuck about the dark tower trailer "
    " Jeremy , this is your tape " Tape number 15

  • Assassin_Playz
    Assassin_Playz 1 month ago

    Don't FUCKING murder me for this list: DDS1, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, DDS2. I have only watched the first episode of Jesica Jones so I am not putting it in my list.

    • Assassin_Playz
      Assassin_Playz 1 month ago

      All the shows are awesome though, Seriously the marvel Netflix shows beat out pretty much every other TV show I watch.

  • NorthWind
    NorthWind 1 month ago

    I don't really understand the hate for Iron Fist. I wasn't bored. I thought it was more entertaining than the second half of Luke Cage which, IMO, is the weakest segment of all 4 of these shows so far.

  • StormLord r
    StormLord r 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice the injustice 2 trailer

  • youso91
    youso91 1 month ago

    Luke Cage was the best one 2nd is Daredevil season 2 but all was awesome & can't wait for DEFENDERS

  • IP Films
    IP Films 1 month ago

    Iron fist is good, certainly the weakest but it's good

  • Ajmal Moulana
    Ajmal Moulana 1 month ago

    Trust me Jeremy give iron fist a watch, Starts off slow for sure but it definitely gets better.

  • Aquiles
    Aquiles 1 month ago

    you're not missing anything by skipping Luke Cage

  • sportsMike87
    sportsMike87 1 month ago

    Daredevil is my favorite Netflix marvel series

  • Ashley Pace
    Ashley Pace 1 month ago

    How can you even say you're reviewing the trailer for this if you haven't watched all 5 of it's previous seasons

  • Emilio Barzini
    Emilio Barzini 1 month ago

    I like how everyone shits on iron fist but I enjoyed that shit a lot. especially my fictional wife Colleen Wing. lol

  • shinra358
    shinra358 1 month ago

    They are really overdoing the hallways fight scenes...

  • LogicThEncrypter
    LogicThEncrypter 1 month ago

    Not like you're gonna review the show lol

  • shawnboy20022
    shawnboy20022 1 month ago

    Iron Fist wasn't that bad.

  • TheDovaKing
    TheDovaKing 1 month ago

    I'm kind of curious to see how people react if I say I think Iron Fist is better then Luke Cage. I'm not just saying it for the fun of it I just genuinely think that. However that's an opinion on something most people will disagree with... looking forward to getting torn to shreds.

  • Imperial stats
    Imperial stats 1 month ago

    am i the only one who thought jessica jones was boring and terrible i liked ironfist over it lol daredevil great luke cage great ironfist decent jessica jones garbage

  • Richard Klammer
    Richard Klammer 1 month ago

    Iron Fist is good, i don't know why everyone hates on it. I prefered it to Luke Cage. Also Jessica Stroup is hot!

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 1 month ago

    Luke Cage is amazing, finish it. Iron Fist is not as bad as people are saying, it's pretty good. Watch that too.

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 1 month ago

    good job not watching iron fist!! I was sooooooo sooooooo bad!! Daredevil was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

  • Ray Coleman
    Ray Coleman 1 month ago

    My favorite Marvel Netflix series has got to be Daredevil. They did not hold back on the action. I found myslef actually looking forward to the next fight

  • Marco Cardoni
    Marco Cardoni 1 month ago

    Iron Fist is good! Some people might find it boring but it's genuinely my second favourite Marvel Netflix series after Daredevil! There's enough action and drama to keep you interested throughout, unlike JJ and LC which were really slow and boring.

  • TheLadySilverMoon
    TheLadySilverMoon 1 month ago

    There are SO many good shows on netflix I havent seen yet, I really need around to it.

  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low 1 month ago

    Wait, so is this a movie, or a show? I wish the Netflix characters would get a big screen movie.

  • Brayden Aitkenhead
    Brayden Aitkenhead 1 month ago

    yeah.............. having no knowledge of the iron fist source materiel I went into it excited but yeah wow iron fist not as cool as I thought he would be Netflix series and the source material. I mean sure it is a marvel character so my expectations weren't that high but still.

  • Bango Skank
    Bango Skank 1 month ago

    Yeah, it's kinda like The Avengers. Except with characters that nobody gives a crap about.

    Seriously, there are people out there who care more about this garbage than The Dark Tower? Whatever.

  • Pain Uzamaki
    Pain Uzamaki 1 month ago

    I think im one of the only people who enjoyed iron fist, i haven't finished Jessica jones or Daredevil yet though but idk maybe iron fist was sort of a guilty pleasure.

  • Kaleb Koho
    Kaleb Koho 1 month ago

    Jessica Jones is the best imo

  • Common Scrub Library

    Well, if The Defenders is Avengers for the small screen, would that make Iron fist the Hulk movie of the small screen?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 1 month ago

    Iron Fist gets a lot of hate that makes no sense to me. I still recommend watching it.

  • Matthew Burke
    Matthew Burke 1 month ago

    Man.... Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thought Ironfist wasn't that bad

    • wilkol31
      wilkol31 1 month ago

      I've read the comics for years mate iron fist was great to me , a lot of these haters are just sheep following the sjw racist morons who got a problem with Danny rand being white , read the fucking comics there is loads of Asian iron fists but Danny is white .

  • maq1990 gg
    maq1990 gg 1 month ago

    trailer review for Dunkirk please

  • Brock Billings
    Brock Billings 1 month ago

    I swear i'm the only one that really liked iron fist. Mainly because of Danny's character, something about his innocence and naivety at the beginning of the season about the modern world moving forward into a more heroic character by the end i just really enjoy.

  • Bilbo Took
    Bilbo Took 1 month ago

    Yeah definitely don't waste your time with Iron Fist, but DO see Luke Cage

  • JordanJapan
    JordanJapan 1 month ago

    I actually enjoyed Luke Cage the most out of all the series so far followed by Jessica Jones and that had to a lot to do with the fact Cage was in it lol

  • common101sense
    common101sense 1 month ago

    Daredevil. Not even close.

  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari 1 month ago

    So ...what are we ...some kind of defenders ??

  • Oscar Madrid
    Oscar Madrid 1 month ago

    Daredevil was the best then iron fist and Jessica jones are both great but Luke Cage was super boring

  • Elias Timberlake
    Elias Timberlake 1 month ago

    My favorite Netflix series is Iron Fist because I like his hair

  • random dude
    random dude 1 month ago


  • PrinceofOrphans
    PrinceofOrphans 1 month ago

    Sh1t, I still haven't bothered to watch iron fist either. Haven't lost sleep over it. All is well.

  • Truth, Justice, and the Ethical Way

    Actually I thought Iron Fist 👊 was good. I gave it an solid 7/10.

  • Paul Tuck
    Paul Tuck 1 month ago

    Yeah, Dark Tower is cool!

  • ArcaJ
    ArcaJ 1 month ago

    Didn't watch Luke Cage? Your opinion is invalid. Luke Cage is The Truth.

  • Andrew Saavedra
    Andrew Saavedra 1 month ago

    surprised no one else is talking about this but has anyone else noticed elektra walking behind the defenders in that hallway scene? is this a because shes evil them gets reformed

  • Andrew Saavedra
    Andrew Saavedra 1 month ago

    surprised no one else is talking about this but has anyone else noticed elektra walking behind the defenders in that hallway scene? is this a because shes evil them gets reformed

  • P H
    P H 1 month ago

    DD season 2 > JJ > DD Season 1 > LC > IF in my opinion.

  • The Max Club
    The Max Club 1 month ago

    I am like you man. Only watched Jessica Jones and Daredevil 😎.

  • Jorge Quintana Carrero

    For me Iron Fist was actually better that what the review said.

  • Brotherhooded
    Brotherhooded 1 month ago

    I have no idea who the woman from Holes plays...... XD

  • savagenature1
    savagenature1 1 month ago

    So far Overall Jessica Jones gets 1st Place

  • AlecDraven
    AlecDraven 1 month ago

    Any bets on whether or not Punisher shows up in Defenders?

    I am personally thinking he will.

  • Jake Cox
    Jake Cox 1 month ago

    awesome top

  • Γιάννης Νικολάου

    It is really sad that a bunch of regressives at rotten tomatoes were enough to ruin the reputation of iron fist.

    UNLOCOBLE 1 month ago

    Daredevil is in my opinion still the best Marvel Netflix series, but seriously though everybody hating on Iron Fist and here I was actually enjoying that one.

  • T n00bz
    T n00bz 1 month ago

    Don't listen to those idiots, Iron Fist is actually decent. Luke cage is actually shit, I honestly feel like people like it to "not be racist." I know it sounds stupid, but really, Luke Cage is really bad. Which is too bad because Mike Coulter is perfect.

  • craig unger
    craig unger 1 month ago

    Jessica Jones is the best imo. It brought in good change to the marvel universe and killgraves is also a bad ass villain.

  • Ryanne187
    Ryanne187 1 month ago

    Well, Ill tell ya this much Jeremy......even after almost two decades, you wanna raise great to resplendent? Just add Nirvana.

  • gese74
    gese74 1 month ago

    Wtf? so many viewers and critic's trashing on Iron Fist, sigh! Luke Cage yeah the story isn't so good, but Iron Fist is not bad in terms of story it just needs some improvements the martial arts need more polish and pasing of the story was a bit slow, but Iron Fist is actually good series. Lol, but I can't lie Danny Rand did say "I am the Iron Fist" quite a bit I think too many times, but overall it's a good show. at least watch it first and judge for yourself before deciding it's Lame.

  • Rishabh Dixit
    Rishabh Dixit 1 month ago

    please review "BAHUBAALI 2" a foreign language movie from india buts it's a kickass war epic drama.

  • MR Anderson
    MR Anderson 1 month ago

    my favorites are luke cage, dare devil, jessica jones, and iron fist had potential but all the good writers must have been working on luke cage because it wasn't good I didn't even get through the whole series

    BRIAN SNIPES 1 month ago

    No need to watch Luke Cage or Iron Fist.

  • Predator Jam
    Predator Jam 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who liked iron fist

  • Ace
    Ace 1 month ago

    ironfist was dope

  • kay mitt
    kay mitt 1 month ago

    Dude your reviews are awesome but you have to watch Luke cage. Great series, excellent performances and an intriguing storyline.

  • Bilious Sniper
    Bilious Sniper 1 month ago

    although i didnt take a single break from watching jessica Jones (like i finnished it in one day) i cant help but feel that daredvil is my favorite shoe

  • MG23
    MG23 1 month ago

    Does anyone else feel like Iron Fist punches way too often? He should be doing more acrobatic kicks if you ask me. It seems like DD is the better fighter and Fist just has that Fist .

  • MG23
    MG23 1 month ago

    Iron Fist was a let down.

  • Fayron
    Fayron 1 month ago

    Really the only entertaining Netflix show so far has been Daredevil

  • joneshugh
    joneshugh 1 month ago

    Still should be called "MARVEL KNIGHTS"!!

  • Theminingnerd
    Theminingnerd 1 month ago

    I love this series but Jeremy when you gonna do kingsman golden circle trailer.

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