Drop in the Pond Pt 1; Seven-Row granny square

This is a crochet along for the Drop in the Pond afghan.

The written pattern can be found here:

The Ravelry link for the pattern is here:

Part 2:

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Author Aileen Pioquinto (2 months)
Thank you so much, Ms. Beth! I had a lot of fun and learned some new
techniques by crocheting this afghan along with you! I made my first one in
University of Alabama colors for my sister, and I'm making another one in
Denver Broncos colors for my friend's grandma. People are so impressed with
how it looks, and I say, "Oh, it's so easy!"--because it is!

Author Freddy Smith (2 months)
If I've counted correct you've used 26 ounces of yarn (of which being in
Australia I need to convert) but for the amount of yarn you've used what
was the finished article size love your tutorials, so easy
to work you have one for a Bavarian stitch.

Author Michele Briere (5 days)
When you move the camera at around 6 minutes, it is too close to watch

Author Karen Nelson (4 months)
I just finished a full side bedspread with this and would like to send a
pic but didn't know where. I did 6 chevrons on each side then added the top
and bottom ripples but not on the sides. I did this in 2 pieces and
stitched them together point to point which made a diamond shaped space
(half diamond on each side) which I filled in with the flat edge ending in
the entrelac tutorial by Mickey with the crochet crowd, before stitching
them together. I just keep measuring on the bed and added the ripples as
needed. I ended up with 3 groups of ripple on top,then the chevrons,4
groups ripples, the chevrons again and finish with 3 groups of ripples in
the bottom. I wanted to tuck in the bottom and this made it long enough.
Here is my email if you want a pic. Mine
were done in the blues also. It took about 2 months to complete with me
working on it everyday but well worth it. Thank you so much for sharing
this tutorial. I have also made your abstract cat pattern.

Author Nicoleta Jauca (1 month)
thank you for share!

Author Vicki Amschler (3 months)
This pattern is just so neat, I decided to make my mother a Queen size
blanket. It took me a while to due my shoulder injury, but I have now
finished it.....I love it. Thanks so much. 

Author Beth Teike (5 months)
I just want to ask, can I use 5 colors to make this? I have 5 colors from
white to pink to burgundy. Would it just make the whole thing bigger or
would it not look right? 

Author cathleen garcia (3 months)
just wanted to say i love your tutorials. this pattern in particular is a
nice change from the usual granny square. now starting my second drop in
the pond. thanks so much.

Author Crystal Jamison (4 months)
Ever since I saw how you do your slip knot, I have been doing mine that way
ever since. I plan on making a "drop in the Pond" as a christmas gift, You
make it look so easy to do.

Author anne gent (4 months)
I love this design. Very simple yet so effective, I started mine one day
and finished it the next, and I am a beginner at crochet. Your tutorial is

Author Handmade Hildie (6 months)
Do you have a pattern for a solid version of this? The granny stitch is so
"holey" its not very warm. But I love the design.

Author mike dempsey (9 months)
Thank you so much for your video! I watched your video on how to make a
granny square last week to learn how to crochet and this week I tried this
Drop in the pond and it turned out beautiful! My first crochet project was
a success due to your video! Thanks! ( I used blue white and gray )

Author stephanie hunsaker (9 months)
i love the video i got mine done in 3 day's . i done mine in cowboy's
colors and it looks really good. 

Author Divine Divas & Associates (6 months)
Love this follow along. As new comer to crochet this was very easy to
follow along with.

Author Crystal Widger (8 months)
I wanted to make you aware that there is someone trying to sell this pattern
and they are saying they have your permission to do so

Author Little Missie (4 months)
Most of the posts and replies here are more than a couple of months old.
I'm looking for some help, and hope I get a reply sometime in the not too
distant future.

All of the clips I have seen here on Youtube instructing how to crochet and
to make these fancy squares, they all looked so perfect and beautiful.
So I recently decided to start having a go myself.

I have lots of acrylic wool in different colours, mainly because I used it
for knitting only.

About a week ago, I tried to use some of this acrylic wool to follow clips
here on Youtube, trying to do my own crochet. (since I'd never done it
I was out shopping recently and spotted a knitting shop, and bought myself
a 4.0mm crochet hook before following these Youtube clips.

I don't understand why every single person in these instruction clips made
their crochet squares look so perfect and so easy to do, when I just keep
having so much trouble with it, and they turn out looking absolutely
nothing like in these clips and just a chunky mess! :-/

After a while, the type of wool used in one clip made me notice a slight
diference, so I decided to change and used a 100% cotton type. It looks a
bit better, but I'm still having trouble with it. :-/

I am okay doing just the long straight chain part. I find that quite easy,
as I look at it like finger knitting and was taught this at school some
years ago, and did my own finger knitting at home too, but with the acrylic

[b][The one part I really have big trouble with, is (at 2:24 in the clip
for e.g.) after you put the hook over the wool, then go through centre
hole, pull another strand through to make 3 loops on your hook, pull yet
another strand through 2 of the loops, (making 2 loops) and then a final
strand through those 2 loops making one loop again.][/b]

This whole part here is what I keep having trouble with. :-/
For some reason, my hook just won't go through all those loop holes, even
when I have them quite small like in this clip. :-/

I have to try and make my loop holes as big as possible, and then it all
ends up looking quite messy. :-/

Any idea where I'm going wrong?
What about a different size hook for e.g. (as I said, I'm using a 4.0mm
How does a different size hook effect the crochet patterns?

Author Julia Smith (3 months)
Can this be made bigger by adding on extra rows in both directions?

Author Pam Caldwell (7 months)
I love this but I am left handed and its making me crazy trying to make
sure I have the front and back right and doing opposite of what your
doing...I don't suppose you have a left-handed version?!

Author Renee Hintz (7 months)
If you have more than 7 round in the center square, how might this change
the rest of the pattern?

Author lakergirlnindy (1 year)
Love the pattern. here is my almost finished version.

Author Sheila Bush (6 months)
what size hook?

Author janice perla (8 months)

Author Alcides Santiago (10 months)
Hi, I would like to make this in a bigger pattern. What I would like to
know is if I was to make a square that was 28 rows, would I still skip the
first 4 shells to start the chevron? Or would I have to skip the first 16.
BTW I have been working this pattern using white, black, and gray. I am
loving this and am hopping that I will be done by tomorrow!

Author Deborah Armstrong (1 year)
Years ago, my Gramma taught me how to crochet...and then about two years
later, she had to teach me again to get rid of all the bad habits I'd
developed....years later, I thanked her for her gift, by working up samples
of the various afghans she wanted to do. Gramma couldn't make heads or
tails of written directions, but she could finger a sample swatch and she
was off to the races!

Author Rachel Lamirande (11 months)
This looks great!!!! How long did this take you to make. 

Author diego correa (6 months)

Author Kacey Anderson (1 year)
Is it possible to expand upon this pattern and make it in infinitely larger

Author vilna mendes (1 year)
muito legalllllllllllllllll, adoreiiiiiii

Author Denise N, Fortney (1 year)
Thank you so much for the videos, they were very helpful....I just finished
a Drop in the Pond blanket...I made a few mistakes on the ends, but I
played around with it a little bit, and it is hardly noticeable...A
seasoned crocheter, such as your self, would notice, lol...Once again,
thank you so much...

Author Vicki Amschler (1 year)
Yes you can make it as big as you want it. You make more rows one the sides
you start with. :)
I finished mine and was so easy and nice. I used Pink, Purple and White. 

Author Светлана Балкова (11 months)

Author SE Deb (1 year)
What needle gauge do u recommend... or does it matter? Thanks so much?

Author Zelia Neves (6 months)

Author Rockzie S (1 year)
Hi Beth, I wonder if I could get you to make a tutorial on this patten I
found on Pinterest.

Author Sandra Cunha (1 year)
Obrigado por compartilhar, beijos

Author Jamie Lear (1 year)
what level is this pattern considered?

Author The Natural Hair Vickyvue (1 year)
Beth, this is my next upcoming project, love it!

Author garnet isajewel (1 year)
hello beth i finished my blanket and would like to send you a picture of
it. i changed the design a little how can i send it to you your facebook
page is not working thanks for a great pattern!!!!

Author Lauri Kennedy (9 months)
Beautiful!! Thank you :-) 

Author Monica tejiendo (1 year)

Author Алексей Юрьевич Ефимов (1 year)

Author Diosa Cerezo (1 year)

Author Алексей Юрьевич Ефимов (1 year)

Author tatia56 (2 years)
Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial, it helps
alot of people for different reasons. Can you clarify something for me? Is
320 yards the same as a 100g ball? Sorry to ask but I'm dyslexic so never
good with written things. Thanks x

Author Marige OBrien (2 years)
LOVE this design! Could it be smaller to make a placemat? Or a throw rug?

Author Bethintx1 (2 years)
Add more chevrons to each side. Then you will have longer ripples.

Author Lynne Donovan (2 years)
Just a quick note to say thanks for making this video. I think you are the
only person in a video who holds the hook and yarn the same way I do. It is
the way my mom held hers and her mother before her. It drives me nuts when
I watch someone who holds the yarn in a way that they have to let go of the
piece in order to do a yarn over for double or triple crochets. Anyway,
thanks and this is a cool pattern

Author Marchra (2 years)
Can you put four double crochet in each single crochet space, and four
double crochet, chain two four double crochet in the corners? Or does it
make it too tight? I find that this granny square is a little too stretchy
and thin... or is it my tensioning? Am I tensioning too loose?

Author classycrochet12345 (2 years)
Very pretty blanket!

Author GreePenguin (1 year)
How long did it take you to make this???

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