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Author Rachel Lamirande (21 day)
This looks great!!!! How long did this take you to make. 

Author Vicki Amschler (1 month)
Yes you can make it as big as you want it. You make more rows one the sides
you start with. :)
I finished mine and was so easy and nice. I used Pink, Purple and White. 

Author Kacey Anderson (1 month)
Is it possible to expand upon this pattern and make it in infinitely larger

Author garnet isajewel (5 months)
hello beth i finished my blanket and would like to send you a picture of
it. i changed the design a little how can i send it to you your facebook
page is not working thanks for a great pattern!!!!

Author Jamie Lear (2 months)
what level is this pattern considered?

Author Deborah Armstrong (4 months)
Years ago, my Gramma taught me how to crochet...and then about two years
later, she had to teach me again to get rid of all the bad habits I'd
developed....years later, I thanked her for her gift, by working up samples
of the various afghans she wanted to do. Gramma couldn't make heads or
tails of written directions, but she could finger a sample swatch and she
was off to the races!

Author Rockzie S (3 months)
Hi Beth, I wonder if I could get you to make a tutorial on this patten I
found on Pinterest.

Author SE Deb (2 months)
What needle gauge do u recommend... or does it matter? Thanks so much?

Author lakergirlnindy (1 month)
Love the pattern. here is my almost finished version.

Author Denise N, Fortney (2 months)
Thank you so much for the videos, they were very helpful....I just finished
a Drop in the Pond blanket...I made a few mistakes on the ends, but I
played around with it a little bit, and it is hardly noticeable...A
seasoned crocheter, such as your self, would notice, lol...Once again,
thank you so much...

Author MALIK RASSO (3 months)
thank you for your videos

Author The Natural Hair Vickyvue (4 months)
Beth, this is my next upcoming project, love it!

Author tatia56 (1 year)
Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial, it helps
alot of people for different reasons. Can you clarify something for me? Is
320 yards the same as a 100g ball? Sorry to ask but I'm dyslexic so never
good with written things. Thanks x

Author Marige OBrien (1 year)
LOVE this design! Could it be smaller to make a placemat? Or a throw rug?

Author Bethintx1 (1 year)
Add more chevrons to each side. Then you will have longer ripples.

Author Lynne Donovan (1 year)
Just a quick note to say thanks for making this video. I think you are the
only person in a video who holds the hook and yarn the same way I do. It is
the way my mom held hers and her mother before her. It drives me nuts when
I watch someone who holds the yarn in a way that they have to let go of the
piece in order to do a yarn over for double or triple crochets. Anyway,
thanks and this is a cool pattern

Author Marchra (1 year)
Can you put four double crochet in each single crochet space, and four
double crochet, chain two four double crochet in the corners? Or does it
make it too tight? I find that this granny square is a little too stretchy
and thin... or is it my tensioning? Am I tensioning too loose?

Author classycrochet12345 (1 year)
Very pretty blanket!

Author GreePenguin (1 year)
How long did it take you to make this???

Author dvamschler (1 year)
This phone is acting up really bad I'm so very sorry. So after I finsh when
I have 3 on each side like you have I just restart video 2 again. will that
mess up the side parts. I went ahead and got all the first part or the
pattern done and the colors look great. Thank You

Author Sarika Chavan (8 months)

Author Maryann m (11 months)
thank you for your videos on this . I am going to do this in hunter green ,
soft sage and white. already have an idea for one in sage ,blue and mauve.
it looked like it would be hard to do. but your tutorials make it seem
easier to do.

Author наташа демишина (1 year)

Author 2females1male (1 year)
This is spectacular! I can hardly wait to make it. I'm debating what colors
to use and I think I'll do a contrast similar to yours.

Author dolly4357 (6 months)
I have done this blanket from your tutorial and was very impressed

Author Monica tejiendo (10 months)
me encanto!!!

Author Bethintx1 (1 year)
I suggest trying it! There are many people who have done this pattern and
added more 7-row segments.

Author katiegrav (1 year)
This is very pretty. Do you know when Part 2 might be out? You're a great
teacher and I'm excited to try this pattern.

Author mywebkinzshow (11 months)
How do you make the afghan bigger?

Author Bethintx1 (1 year)
You can go with a smaller hook. There is no single crochet in this pattern,
so I'm not sure what you are saying. There are some who have done solid
rows instead of grannies in this pattern if that is what you mean. The
corners would have 2 dc ,ch 2, 2 dc. check out Ravelry to see what others
have done with this pattern!

Author Bethintx1 (1 year)
That will be repeating part 2 more.

Author nikkirunningbear1 (1 year)
i love this pattern, i made 2 already. blankets will go to the cancer
center here. thank u once again.

Author Carol Alissa (10 months)
I just love your tutorials. I have been crocheting since I was about 5 and
always willing to learn new patterns and this is by far my favorite... of
course, I just love anything to do with granny squares. :)

Author xsintric23 (1 year)
I'm making this a full size afghan, I've finished the middle, I'm about to
start the zig zag sides! I added 2 chevrons on each end gonna make 4
ripples on each side. I'm giving it to a great friend as a housewarming
gift, I hope she likes it!

Author Bethintx1 (1 year)
The dimensions are on the written pattern. The link to it is in the
description below the video. It is good to have the written instructions as
well as follow the video. It is lap -sized. 46 x 33 inches.

Author MissDach (1 year)
Looks like I just found my next project! Thank you as always for your
wonderful posts! ^_^

Author mywebkinzshow (11 months)
I'm not finished yet

Author Heather Dawson (1 year)
I love this afghan, but I want to know how to make it big enough for me.. I
want a full size afghan....not just a lap throw......can you help??

Author dvamschler (1 year)
My phone keeps cutting me off I

Author LaDrenda Black (1 year)
I love the colors. Mine are tan, light green and darker green.

Author HEIDI LYNN (9 months)
this pattern is beautiful..i am going to add ties to the bottom and make it
for a friend in a wheelchair..thank you for sharing

Author Sandra Regina Veronez (7 months)
muito lindo, vou fazer

Author Bethintx1 (9 months)
I think you could. You could make half-granny triangles to fit in.

Author pebbles2098 (1 year)
i guess all i had to do is read other comments thanks i really feel in love
with this pattern

Author oceanwind25 (1 year)
I love this pattern.I made one for my niece and she loves it.I will try to
post a picture of it.Keep up the wonderful videos.

Author Cleideeflores artesanato (7 months)
amei este trabalho como fazer a traduçao portugues brasil

Author cloudfairweather1 (1 year)
Beth, I've finished two beautiful projects thanks to you. I've never fished
anything properly until I watched your videos. I've learned how to turn,
keep my rows orderly and to join colors. II can not express how satisfying
it isto complete a baby blanket that is rectangular. Bless you Beth- your.
Videos are a ministry., , Bless you Beth

Author Teresa McNeil (1 year)
This is so beautiful!! Thank you Beth, I have just started crocheting this
past week and have learned so much from your videos. My Grandmother will be
turning 92 this year and I really want to make her a lap blanket. I would
really appreciate it if you could suggest a pattern suitable for a total

Author joshyday98 (7 months)
absolutely loved this made big enough for single bed.have only ever croquet
square searching for another project

Author Melissa Strong (1 year)
Hi Beth, I wanted to thank you for sharing this pattern and the video
instructions. I loveto make afghans but I don't like the time it takes to
make them. So this is a wonderful project for me! I love the design and it
is going pretty fast! Thanks again!

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