Drop in the Pond Pt 1; Seven-Row granny square

This is a crochet along for the Drop in the Pond afghan.

The written pattern can be found here:

The Ravelry link for the pattern is here:

Part 2:

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Author Chantal Henderson ( ago)
Hi Beth, just wonderfing where are you starting. I adore the pattern in the
photo but the centre is white?

Author Sharon French ( ago)
Thank you, very nice pattern and excellent tutorial.

Author Mandi N Conon Rush ( ago)
Hi Beth, is it possible to double the pattern at all?
Like, have 14 rounds instead of 7, and on the first chevron instead of
missing 4 shells, could you miss 8?

Author Ron Gauvin ( ago)
can you please help me ...... i started off the blanket following the
vidios but just as i was starting the second set of 3 colors for the sides
(going from one side to the other with each color) i realized that i wanted
to make a full sized blanket to fit my bed and now im not sure how to add
on more chevrons to the top and bottom since im done those and then to add
to the sides can you please help me thank you

Author Maria Oliveira ( ago)
amei muito obrigada

Author Maria Oliveira ( ago)
aprender sempre aprender e nunca chegar ao total conhemento .........

Author Angela Johnson ( ago)
Can you make this afghan using 4 colors?

Author Leyla g ( ago)

Author Amy Lovier ( ago)
I appreciate the close up zoom so I can see where the crochet hook is
entered. Too many videos don't show that needed detail. However, the wood
grain background is what I think made some seasick. Maybe if a solid
blanket was laid down our eyes would handle it better. Thanks for this
pattern. It's a wonderful look!! I'm headed to the yarn store today.

Author ceecee hallett ( ago)
I just wanted to say thank you for making the videos.

Author ceecee hallett ( ago)
I just wanted to say thank you for making the videos.

Author Patty Herpel ( ago)
Can you make this afghan using only 2 colors?

Author Paula Hallman ( ago)
This is completely unrelated, but I couldn't find a way to contact you. I
thought I saw that you had a video to make a prayer shawl.....maybe on
pinterest. Now I cannot find the link. P.S. I will be making this
pattern...have already printed and have yarn coming in more muted colors.
Thanks so much, Paula

Author TheDanielelliott ( ago)
Just too Close on video to really get the effect was very hard to watch

Author Francine Thompson ( ago)
I made ont o er the weekend I loved the way you do it. Thankyou for sharing
this pattern

Author intheblue ( ago)
I am making a sample for my daughter to "approve" the colors. On the video
2 do you start on the wrong side or the right side? 

Author Liz Dittmann ( ago)
i got seasick almost with how close you zoomed in. I couldn't watch
anymore. That was far too close...

Author Ernestine Lamone ( ago)
I enjoyed your videos very much and wanted to thank you for it. I learned a
lot. I did make a throw but am unable to add a photo to show you. I'm
pretty proud of my work thanks to your video :)
Thank you again!

Author LisaAnn Partridge ( ago)
Question: in the picture of the afghan, it has a white center. In the
video, you begin with blue. In your supplies list, you list 12 oz. color A,
7 oz. each of color B & C. Which is your color A, B, & C?

Author LisaAnn Partridge ( ago)
I'm fairly new to crochet; having only made baby afghans & granny squares.
Is making this afghan larger easy?

Author Laura Piccolo ( ago)
You did great job BUT you sure did to much of a close up crochet :(

Author jessica riley ( ago)
I was wondering how much yarn I need to make it for a King size bed.

Author Michele Briere ( ago)
When you move the camera at around 6 minutes, it is too close to watch

Author Nicoleta Jauca (1864 years ago)
thank you for share!

Author Freddy Smith ( ago)
If I've counted correct you've used 26 ounces of yarn (of which being in
Australia I need to convert) but for the amount of yarn you've used what
was the finished article size love your tutorials, so easy
to work you have one for a Bavarian stitch.

Author Aileen Pioquinto ( ago)
Thank you so much, Ms. Beth! I had a lot of fun and learned some new
techniques by crocheting this afghan along with you! I made my first one in
University of Alabama colors for my sister, and I'm making another one in
Denver Broncos colors for my friend's grandma. People are so impressed with
how it looks, and I say, "Oh, it's so easy!"--because it is!

Author Vicki Amschler ( ago)
This pattern is just so neat, I decided to make my mother a Queen size
blanket. It took me a while to due my shoulder injury, but I have now
finished it.....I love it. Thanks so much. 

Author Julia Smith ( ago)
Can this be made bigger by adding on extra rows in both directions?

Author Karen Nelson ( ago)
I just finished a full side bedspread with this and would like to send a
pic but didn't know where. I did 6 chevrons on each side then added the top
and bottom ripples but not on the sides. I did this in 2 pieces and
stitched them together point to point which made a diamond shaped space
(half diamond on each side) which I filled in with the flat edge ending in
the entrelac tutorial by Mickey with the crochet crowd, before stitching
them together. I just keep measuring on the bed and added the ripples as
needed. I ended up with 3 groups of ripple on top,then the chevrons,4
groups ripples, the chevrons again and finish with 3 groups of ripples in
the bottom. I wanted to tuck in the bottom and this made it long enough.
Here is my email if you want a pic. Mine
were done in the blues also. It took about 2 months to complete with me
working on it everyday but well worth it. Thank you so much for sharing
this tutorial. I have also made your abstract cat pattern.

Author dolly4357 ( ago)
I have done this blanket from your tutorial and was very impressed

Author cwh4676 ( ago)
I used a large hook - N or P and also used 2 skeins of yarn at the same

Author Lolita Anastasio ( ago)
hola everyone, I am Lolita I ask for Help on the Drop on the pond Afghan. I
can not line the corners on the side of the Afghan. Can some one HELP me.
Sorry I misspelled. Afghan.please Help. Gracias.

Author Cleideeflores artesanato ( ago)
amei este trabalho como fazer a traduçao portugues brasil

Author joshyday98 ( ago)
absolutely loved this made big enough for single bed.have only ever croquet
square searching for another project

Author Sandra Regina Veronez ( ago)
muito lindo, vou fazer

Author millienl ( ago)
Got half way into the video and subscribed. All I need is you, a cup of
cocoa and a hook and yarn on a cold day. <3

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
Actually I have two dogs and no cats. You likely are hearing my autistic
son making noises.

Author Farah Yamila Lourdes ( ago)
I apologyze, i meant to write never SAW. And BTW i love the fact that i can
hear your cat sometimes.... very cozy, you gotta <3 cats :-)

Author Farah Yamila Lourdes ( ago)
This is so lovely! I so want to try it myself! Never so a granny square
like that, it's very beautiful!

Author Markirhen G ( ago)
Hi girl, I did it and it looks so nice. Thank you

Author Sarika Chavan ( ago)

Author HEIDI LYNN ( ago)
this pattern is beautiful..i am going to add ties to the bottom and make it
for a friend in a wheelchair..thank you for sharing

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
I think you could. You could make half-granny triangles to fit in.

Author Valarie John ( ago)
I am go happy that I found you. You make crochet soo easy and I have learn
so much in just this two days of watching you....but what i would like to
see very much is some sofa back and arm rest so I can throw over my sofa
that would be sooo nice. thanks for being such a great teacher God bless
you and thanks again.

Author Monica tejiendo ( ago)
me encanto!!!

Author Carol Alissa ( ago)
I just love your tutorials. I have been crocheting since I was about 5 and
always willing to learn new patterns and this is by far my favorite... of
course, I just love anything to do with granny squares. :)

Author mywebkinzshow ( ago)
I'm not finished yet

Author mywebkinzshow ( ago)
Thank you! I am a beginner so I followed your pattern. Can you tell me how
big your blanket was when you finished? Thank you!!!

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
There are several ways it can be done. I recommend going on Ravelry and
seeing how some other folks have done it. (link is in the description below
the video. click 'see more'.

Author mywebkinzshow ( ago)
How do you make the afghan bigger?

Author maryann m ( ago)
thank you for your videos on this . I am going to do this in hunter green ,
soft sage and white. already have an idea for one in sage ,blue and mauve.
it looked like it would be hard to do. but your tutorials make it seem
easier to do.

Author fatima peres ( ago)
vou realizar este trabalho . estou em fase de planejamento sera em breve
beijos fatima

Author Anika Chestnut ( ago)
This is easy. In love this pattern. Thanks so much

Author Linda Smith ( ago)
Wonderful video! I look forward to making this afghan! Great video!!

Author nutterbutter1011 ( ago)
So far so good...making mine bright pink, electric blue, and lavender for
my daughter...

Author joshlyn lloyd ( ago)
this is pretty easy. I LIKE IT.

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
I can make one of these in a weekend. To make the video tutorial and write
the pattern, it took several months.

Author GreePenguin ( ago)
How long did it take you to make this???

Author наташа демишина ( ago)

Author Carole Rossborough ( ago)
Hi, Thanks so much for this tutorial I love it, I have finished two of the
Drop in the pond one blue, mint and white and one magenta white and lime.
Both are beautiful, well I think so any way. I always said I can learn if
someone shows me, and watching you made it very easy so thank you. Now I am
goin to try the Bricks and Lattice as a baby blanket, wish me luck. Thanks

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
The weight & yardage ratio depends on the thickness of the yarn. If it is a
fine yarn then you will have more yardage for the weight. If it is bulky
yarn, then you will have less yardage. In this pattern I used medium
worsted yarn, and the brand I use (Red Heart) has 364 yards in a 7-oz
skein. (333 meters in a 198 g skein)

Author tatia56 ( ago)
Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial, it helps
alot of people for different reasons. Can you clarify something for me? Is
320 yards the same as a 100g ball? Sorry to ask but I'm dyslexic so never
good with written things. Thanks x

Author Lynne Donovan ( ago)
Just a quick note to say thanks for making this video. I think you are the
only person in a video who holds the hook and yarn the same way I do. It is
the way my mom held hers and her mother before her. It drives me nuts when
I watch someone who holds the yarn in a way that they have to let go of the
piece in order to do a yarn over for double or triple crochets. Anyway,
thanks and this is a cool pattern

Author 2females1male ( ago)
This is spectacular! I can hardly wait to make it. I'm debating what colors
to use and I think I'll do a contrast similar to yours.

Author Pauline Cowie ( ago)
Thank you once again for an awesome video always a pleasure to listen to
you your so patient :O)

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
You can go with a smaller hook. There is no single crochet in this pattern,
so I'm not sure what you are saying. There are some who have done solid
rows instead of grannies in this pattern if that is what you mean. The
corners would have 2 dc ,ch 2, 2 dc. check out Ravelry to see what others
have done with this pattern!

Author LaDrenda Black ( ago)
I love the colors. Mine are tan, light green and darker green.

Author pebbles2098 (2000 years ago)
i guess all i had to do is read other comments thanks i really feel in love
with this pattern

Author pebbles2098 ( ago)
wanted to know if this pattern can be changed to make it larger maybe for a
king size blanket

Author nieves cañadas ( ago)
felicidades. Me ha cautivado, por lo muy original que es. Voy hacer una
manta con este proyecto.

Author lavioleteira72 ( ago)
Hello Bethintx1... thanks so much for your precious Tutorials. I wish You a

Author oceanwind25 ( ago)
I love this pattern.I made one for my niece and she loves it.I will try to
post a picture of it.Keep up the wonderful videos.

Author Jen Schmidt ( ago)
I do manage to get the 1st row of the granny square done and it is
"square" the way it should be.It is when I get to the 2nd row of the granny
square that things seem to get messed up. I find that in between the 3
double crochet sets that chaining 2 is now allowing for enough space. What
happens is that my corners end up curling up and not lying flat anymore.
I've used different size hooks with the same result. PLEASE help I really
like this pattern.

Author Bethintx1 (1440 years ago)
That will be repeating part 2 more.

Author Lalita Nair ( ago)
Dear Beth Thankyou for your prompt reply.I will try to get the recommended
yarn and hook,but how do I decide how much to buy?Please help.

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
For the table, I would use cotton and a small crochet hook. I know some
have made placemats and used size 10 crochet cotton and a size 7 steel
thread crochet hook.

Author Lalita Nair ( ago)
Dear Beth, Firstly thankyou very much.i have learnt the basics of
crocheting from your b2b was very helpful.Now iam going through
your videos of drop in the pond afghan.I wanted to know whether i can make
table mats with this pattern.What yarn material should I use for this
project. please help me.

Author tysheannia09 ( ago)
to add a four color would you do the same as the rest when adding a new

Author Mina EM ( ago)
Hello from Germany. I finished this Afghan right now and I will start a 2.
one. Thank you for the video.You've explained it so well, it wasnt hard to
work it ( I am beginner :-) Btw my blanket is 1.20 x 180 cm. Realy love it
and i am very curious for new big projects. Thank you so much !!!!!!!

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
Add more chevrons to each side. Then you will have longer ripples.

Author Heather Dawson ( ago)
I love this afghan, but I want to know how to make it big enough for me.. I
want a full size afghan....not just a lap throw......can you help??

Author Marige OBrien ( ago)
A new symbol should be created : GSC = Granny Square Corner for the
3DC-Ch2-3DC pattern.

Author Marige OBrien ( ago)
LOVE this design! Could it be smaller to make a placemat? Or a throw rug?

Author cloudfairweather1 ( ago)
Beth, I've finished two beautiful projects thanks to you. I've never fished
anything properly until I watched your videos. I've learned how to turn,
keep my rows orderly and to join colors. II can not express how satisfying
it isto complete a baby blanket that is rectangular. Bless you Beth- your.
Videos are a ministry., , Bless you Beth

Author classycrochet12345 ( ago)
Very pretty blanket!

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
Sorry about that. It takes a long time to produce videos, especially the
big projects. I try to go at a moderate pace so I can get the whole project
done in a reasonable amount of time.

Author Marie Mullen ( ago)
Hey! I'm a HUGE fan of your tutorials!! One request please go a little
slower i keep having to pause the video to catch up and i always lose my
place because of that. if you could do that that would be wonderful! thanks
and don't stop making videos!!!!

Author Dganit Eger ( ago)
oh my god. i killed myself learning this pattern (it was the 1st granny
pattern i've ever made) and i probably finished it like a month before this
came online. phew.

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
I suggest trying it! There are many people who have done this pattern and
added more 7-row segments.

Author troopersqueen ( ago)
Thank you! I am glad to see you are still posting. I've been off awhile due
to a major injury and now am raring to crochet new things. Looks like I've
got a lot to choose from. Now---where to start??? :-)

Author Melissa Strong ( ago)
Hi Beth, I wanted to thank you for sharing this pattern and the video
instructions. I loveto make afghans but I don't like the time it takes to
make them. So this is a wonderful project for me! I love the design and it
is going pretty fast! Thanks again!

Author Essence of Me ( ago)
I'm loving this pattern. Now to the next video. :o)

Author nikkirunningbear1 ( ago)
i love this pattern, i made 2 already. blankets will go to the cancer
center here. thank u once again.

Author Bethintx1 ( ago)
The dimensions are on the written pattern. The link to it is in the
description below the video. It is good to have the written instructions as
well as follow the video. It is lap -sized. 46 x 33 inches.

Author Priss7786 ( ago)
Hi Beth, Great as usual. Could you please tell me the finished size on the
one that you are making in this video? Thanks

Author SimplyStitch888 ( ago)
Nice Blanket ! Thanks for sharing this Pattern :-)

Author Alma Mejias ( ago)
Thanks Beth!! God bless you!

Author katiegrav ( ago)
Just want to thank you for all the time you put into this project. I'm new
to crochet and have never participated in a crochet along. Just so you
know, I was not ever trying to rush you, I was so excited to see what was
next, I have to be more patient. Just love how you go step by step and show
every detail. Thank you

Author MissDach ( ago)
Looks like I just found my next project! Thank you as always for your
wonderful posts! ^_^

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