Ziyarat Ashura - Haaj Mahdi Samavati - الحاج مهدي سمواتي - زيارة عاشوراء

Alqamah bin Mohammed ibn Hazrami (r.a.) narrates 'I requested Imam Baqir (a.s.) to teach me a dua that I should recite on the day of Aashoora after the reciting the Ziyaarat of Imam Husain (a.s.) - from near his (a.s.) grave or from a distance.' Imam (a.s.) replied

'O Alqamah, whenever you wish to recite the Ziyaarat of Imam Husain (a.s.), you first perform two units of prayers. Then turn towards the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.) and while pointing towards it, you first say 'Salam' and then 'Takbir'. Thereafter, you recite this Ziyaarat (Ziyaarate Aashoora). If you do so, then as if you have recited the supplication read by the angels while visiting the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.). Moreover, when you recite this Ziyaarat, then

(a) Allah will increase your grade ten lakh times

(b) You will be included among those people who were martyred along with Imam Husain (a.s.)

(c) On the day of Judgment, you will be included among the martyrs

(d) You will get the reward of all the Prophets (a.s.) who have visited the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.) from the day that he (a.s.) was martyred till date.

And the way of reciting the Ziyaarat is like this'

(Then Imam (a.s.) recited the entire Ziyaarate Aashoora for Alqamah (r.a.))

(Kaamil al-Ziyaarat, Ibn Qoolwayh, Ch. 71, p.194)

Ziyarat Ashura is salutations to the martyrs of Karbala who sacrificed their life along with that of Aba Abdillah [a] for the sake of Islam and for preserving Islam. This ziyarat has many benefits and many traditions have been recorded encouraging the followers of Ahlul Bayt [a] to recite this Ziyarat daily.

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Author Mortza Sarweri ( ago)

Author Mortza Sarweri ( ago)
خیلی خوب بود

Author Miki Benjii ( ago)
اللهم عجل لوليك الفرج واجعلنا من انصاره واعوانه

Author Abrar Hussain ( ago)

Author Mortza Sarweri ( ago)
اسلام علیکم با اباعبدالله حسین آقاجان فدایی سرپایت بشوم تا حل فقط دعا
می‌خواندم ولی امروز گوش میکنم فقط به خاطر اینکه گوشم بکم میفهم که شما می
دانید آخه فدایی سرنوشت شما بشوم خیلی خیلی رنج دیده فقط یک چیز از خدا می
خواهم بیایم سرپایی شما راه زیارت کنم میدانید که مادرم من هم زیارت شما راه
ندهد دلم خیلی می خواهد که از طرف مادر خودم واز طرف تمام مسلمانان غریبه هم

Author shamsi hosseini ( ago)
agha jon migan shoma lotfo karamet ziyade. migan age shoma ro be pahloye
shekasteye madareton ghasam bedim zud javab midi, hossein Jan arbabe man
aghaye man mikham ghasamet bedam be pahloye shekasteye madaret hazrate
Zahra komakam kon kheilii khastam 😥😢😢
aghaaaaa jonam be dadaaam beres

Author shamsi hosseini ( ago)
ya hossein help me! I can't anymore 😔😭
ya jadaa be dadam beres dge boridam nemitonam 😢😢

Author Abbas Mirza ( ago)
Y a Imam i Hussian ibne Imam i Ali ibne Abu Talib a.s.

Author Mr. Darab ( ago)
I need your help Hussein my everything, i cannot take it anymore

Author mohammad manati ( ago)
ya Hussain

Author mohammad mohammad ( ago)
ماشاالله والحمدالله بنازم صدایت . 10000000 درود به رسول الله مبارک.

Author Adnana Abbas ( ago)
Salam Ya Aba Abdillah

Author Nabil Abbas ( ago)
salam ya hussain mula as. ...

Author Syed Abbas ( ago)
I love it

Author Yousef Mirza ( ago)
labbaik ya mazlum husain ya abu Abdullah husain is start of islam

Author Sarah H ( ago)
Please tell me name of dua he recites in the start and its meaning?

Author Ali Raza ( ago)
al Ajal Ya Mola Mahdi a.s

Author Princess Pari ( ago)
ya hussain from.Austria ya hussain helep Me I need your helep ya hussain

Author yawer abbas ( ago)
we must understand this dua and follow its path in our practical life.

Author Shaher Bano ( ago)
ya Hussain a.s

Author Muntazir Mehdi ( ago)
salam ya hussain a.s

Author Muntazir Mehdi ( ago)
salam ya hussain a.s

Author Ahlulbayt Lion ( ago)
اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم والعن عدوهم

Author Najiah Hoseini ( ago)
ya hussein

Author Meena Irani ( ago)
God bless ur voice. ...aslam alakam ya ab Abdullah hassen

Author android94 ( ago)
y'a zain Abedine y'a Zaineb .....ahleykoum salam jamian

Author Zainab Ajoubi PAGY ( ago)
Ya Hussein Ya Aba Abdillah

Author Abu Azrail ( ago)

Author Jawad Barati ( ago)
ya hosein ya hosein

Author salman said mohamadi (1426 years ago)
Ya Hussein Ya Aba Abdillah

Author Maryam Ahmadi (651 year ago)
Ya Imam Hussien(a.s)
Plz pray for every shia

Author SENN'7 Ouloulou ( ago)
Y a husseyn Ya ehlibejt resulallah !

Author Irtiza Ali ( ago)

Author Javad sajjadi ( ago)
Ya hussain

Author mirshad khavari ( ago)
Ya hussein from Belgium

Author Abbas Gravand ( ago)
Asalam Alaik ya aba Abdullah, hosin and thanks for all the comment

Author Syed Z Zaidi ( ago)
MashAllah..... Great work

Author baris manco ( ago)
Friede sei mit Hz.Muhammed (s.a.v) und Hz. Ali und Ehlibeyt
Hz.Hassan/Hz.Hüsseyin und die sahabe

Author Ya Hussein ( ago)
ya hussein jan

Author sajjad 12 ( ago)
thanks for uploading!!! its beautiful 

Author munira Moloo ( ago)

Author munira Moloo ( ago)

Author Ali Falahathi ( ago)
Ya hosein

Author Fatima Ali ( ago)

Author noor agha ( ago)
Nice like it

Author Raza Abbas ( ago)
Peace be upon you aba abdillah al hussayn
Beautiful recitation

Author HamidahIshak ( ago)

Author RayAn izer ( ago)
YA HUSSEIN MADE IN FRANCE (PARIS)! salawat 3ala mohamed wa alli mohamed
pour Haaj Mahdi Samavati!

Author Amir Hanifi ( ago)
السلام علي الحسين و علي علي بن الحسين و علي اولاد الحسين وعلي اصحاب الحسين

Author ali ahmady ( ago)
Ya hussein shahid 

Author IM Here ( ago)
Ya Hussain a.s 

Author Anjumane Hussaini Oslo ( ago)

Author Ali SadeghI ( ago)
saalm bar Imam Hossain and his ashab in the day of Ashora.Do you think if
Rasollolah (s) was in life during The Karbala Incident He would say
RAZIALLAH TO Moavieh and his son Yazid bn Moavieh OR will say LANATOLLAH
BAR MOAVIEH and his sheeti son maloon yazid .Do you think if RASOLLAH (s)
was a life when OMAR BN KHATAB was going fire Alibn abitaleb house and Beat
FATEMEH ZAHRA daughter of Rasollah and do that crime HE would say RAZIALLAH
TO Omar or Lantollah bar OMAR 

Author Bob Jones ( ago)
hi i am a bad guy

Author PremierLeague2010 ( ago)
No problem sister.

Author Latifa de Waard ( ago)
I could get to the link you sent - but thank you much. i will try the
series you mention, but i dont speak Arabic nor Persian :( time I started
thought Thank you very much Latifa

Author PremierLeague2010 ( ago)
Hello Sister! I don't no if you mean this: watch?v=QIQQ_ODKMWE But you can
watch the Iranian TV-Series Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi.

Author Latifa de Waard ( ago)
@PremierLeague2010 - I have been looking for the DVD of the movie "Karbala
-When skies wept blood'' - a production by Red Tears Production. Would you
perhaps know where I could get this? Or any other productions that depict
the days preceding Ashura, Ashura and post-Ashura. Your help would be
appreciated. Thanks Latifa

Author syedain ali ( ago)
Thanks for upload this video.

Author PremierLeague2010 ( ago)
Imam Hussein (a.s) is a real rolemodel like his grandfather, father and old
brother. We need a man like him in this days. 

Author PremierLeague2010 ( ago)

Author Basem63 ( ago)
ثار الله من من يا أغبياء

Author ‫رجل من سلالة التراب‬‎ ( ago)
هل تستطيه مناظرتي في كتاب الله ام لا

Author Shireen N ( ago)
Thanks a million, it is so heart breaking. Zendeh bashad Haj Samavati . He
is a legend just for reciting this Ziyarat Ashura. Khoda negahesh darad ta
barayeh Imam Mahdi bekhanad va hameh ba hma ashk khon berezeem.

Author Ya Ali ( ago)
I think it means, to concentrate on the d'ua and listen properly :)

Author SHIFTx GERMAN ( ago)
Why does this have dislikes?? Idiots

Author SHIFTx GERMAN ( ago)
نعلت الله علا الكافرين!!

Author mner ali ( ago)
السلام عليك يا ابا عبد الله 

Author mujrah1 ( ago)
Thank you soooo much for uploading this beautiful Ziyarat! May Allah bless
you! :)

Author mujrah1 ( ago)
Also if you don't need a miracle! :)

Author -Nanna Saleh- ( ago)

Author SPARTAN EAGLE ( ago)
:( ya hussien! -.-

Author Fowzia Hashi ( ago)
tashakor .khoda ajreton bede eltemase dua khili ziyad mohtajam

Author sssuuu53 ( ago)
mashallah nice ya hussain hajathaye hame ra baraavirde kon ameen :'( 

Author Ali Haidari ( ago)
اللهم صل غلى محمد وآل محمد والسلام على الحسين و علی بن الحسین وعلى اولاد
الحسين و على أصحاب الحسين..... اللهم العن كل ظالم ظلم حق محمد وآل محمد الى
يوم الدين 

Author karbalai72 ( ago)
All praise to Allah on the greatness of my grief! Oh Allah grant me to be
of those who gave their lives without regret for their Imam of the time.

Author Hossein Mohammadi ( ago)
Mer30 az kasi ke ino gozashte" Eltemase Dua"

Author Jungkook chewing gum & dancing ( ago)
What does it mean when it say's "One has to be inline with it" Does it mean
facing qibla?

Author Mimi cesa ( ago)

Author Aziz Rahimi ( ago)
Ya alie asghar! 

Author waqif H ( ago)
@Guide2Right sorry that cmnt was for someone else posting error

Author Guide2Right ( ago)
@waqifabc ?

Author Morteza Heydari ( ago)
thanx to uploader n God bliss Hajj mahdi ////// YA HUSSAIN /////

Author Nasir Jafri ( ago)
Masha Allah God blees U

Author Guide2Right ( ago)
Does La'na means Curse? Because i heard nobody can "curse" anybody.. I
heard somewhere that "La'na" is not cursing, it's a Dua that u do to Allah
to take his rahmah away from specific individuals, is this right?

Author QuaDTronix ( ago)
YA hussien

Author danrafi ( ago)
Thanks for posting. Oh Allah, curse the enemies of Ahlul Bayt a.s. :(

Author Alireza ( ago)
ya hosein 

Author hadialik ( ago)

Author Sarah Queen ( ago)
Bah bah.. Ya Hossein.. Eltemase Doa be hameye dustane Emam Hossein alaihe
salam.... Ya Hossein... Lots of love: Sarah

Author SefrBistoYek ( ago)
یالیتنی کنت معک یا ابا عبدا... همه روز و شبها ذکر من شده حسین جون مادرت ببر
منو بین الحرمین

Author Nadia FR ( ago)
rahmate khoda ba shoma, thanks for sharing

Author n0infoprovided786 ( ago)
@rizvimd go to and then coppy and paste the URL

Author Syed Rizvi ( ago)
How can I download this presentation on my desk top?

Author Syed Rizvi ( ago)
Salam al Hussain Wa Ali ibn al hussain Wa awlad al Hussain Wa ashab al
hussain May Allah Bless you...... Jazak Allah Khaira

Author Abbas Naseer ( ago)
Subhan Allaha

Author KhatiDaal ( ago)
@Husainkabira lol this isnt a nasheed...

Author nebilberber ( ago)
اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد كما صليت وباركت على ابراهيم وال ابراهيم

Author bindass99945 ( ago)
Thanks for uploading this Ziyarat , Allah bless you

Author naazy17 ( ago)
Ya aba Abdelah.. Goda hamaro be arezoohash berasone.. FM

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