Hold My Heart (Acoustic)

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  • Thanks HP for helping me capture my favorite memories in Europe! http://www.hp.com/go/LindseySprocket
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  • C Horse
    C Horse 15 hours ago

    Did anyone else sing the lyrics with the violin? I sung it in my head but still... I love all your music and every single song you make and/or play it leaves me speechless because your music is so beautiful. No words can explain your love and work you put into your songs. ❤️

  • Vengerov
    Vengerov 17 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me the name of the instrument that the redhead of the glasses plays? It looks like a small drawer

  • Guy See
    Guy See 1 day ago


  • Ana Larson
    Ana Larson 2 days ago

    Lots of fun, blessings.

  • Rs Yukanna
    Rs Yukanna 3 days ago

    *Violin God*

  • Erwann L'inconnu
    Erwann L'inconnu 3 days ago

    Nantes, my city ! For the non french, Nantes is a city in the celtic region of Brittany in western France.

    AMALIA KAMPDALLA 4 days ago

    You are one of my favourite artists lindsey. Ohhhh I want so much to meet you........... when are you coming to Greece ???

  • Anet Sad
    Anet Sad 6 days ago

    I LOVE YOU!!!! I too play violin.

  • manoupas oupas
    manoupas oupas 6 days ago

    nantes !!!!!!!!!!!!
    oui, j'adore cette artiste et j'adore la france, tant qu'il en est....

  • michael milad
    michael milad 6 days ago


  • anime_life anime_moon

    Lindsey Stirling how old where you when you started playing violin I was 9 it was my life long dream😊

  • Doğukan Berk Kaya
    Doğukan Berk Kaya 7 days ago

    I like how universe gives me gifts for my birthday lul

  • Staykdrhl
    Staykdrhl 7 days ago

    Putain elle était à nantes j'ai la haine de l'avoir louper :(

  • Victoria Zamora
    Victoria Zamora 7 days ago

    I like marshmallows

  • Nocturnal Snake
    Nocturnal Snake 8 days ago

    marry me, Music.

  • Türkiye Greninja
    Türkiye Greninja 8 days ago

    Love You Lindsey <3

  • Jediael7
    Jediael7 9 days ago

    Yes, many like i, love Lindsey in Spirit and in truth,
    as I do love the LORD, through her spirit may He sooth;
    the broken-hearted , and the worker in the booth
    and callers on cell phones, that now use blue tooth.

    170519 rhyming page number 5
    I'm just trying to keep the spirit alive.

    ESTHER OLATUNJI 9 days ago

    You are so good.Absolutely soothing for the soul

  • Danielle Swensen
    Danielle Swensen 9 days ago

    This version sounds like a cross between Italian and Pirates. Love it!

  • Ophélie Ofakimoana Pelletier

    Woooow ! Cant' believe you were in Nantes!!! :D

  • Ryan Harger
    Ryan Harger 10 days ago

    I love the finished orchestral product of all your songs, but an acoustic album release would be awesome.

  • Wabon
    Wabon 11 days ago

    Breizh !

  • The Woodpecker
    The Woodpecker 12 days ago

    This song is just amazing! :D

  • Zepte GT
    Zepte GT 12 days ago

    Totally sponsored xD

  • Boris Rivas
    Boris Rivas 12 days ago

    my child is acoustic

  • Joseph Heide
    Joseph Heide 12 days ago

    my brother said your a sale out. i don't beleive that. he said you skipped a fund raiser. or charity event. it was a year or so ago. tell me. was he wrong?

  • DPEP56
    DPEP56 12 days ago

    I studied in Nantes for the fall a few years ago, and this brought back so many great memories. Wonderful place!

  • Михаил Мангушев

    it's where they filmed ?

  • Pgplay
    Pgplay 13 days ago

    cool printer

  • juan jose escobar
    juan jose escobar 13 days ago

    This is perfect. ♥♥♥

  • The_KingPvp
    The_KingPvp 13 days ago

    hermosa canción <3

  • Nicolas bispo
    Nicolas bispo 13 days ago


  • Carolyn Nelson
    Carolyn Nelson 13 days ago

    Beautiful. I love your music

  • NoUse001
    NoUse001 13 days ago

    Mb one more stream Lındsey? Im so happy to participate in rage speech with so many people all over the world \(^_^)/

  • The Real MoutacheBunny

    Holy mother, 9M?! Lindsey, you've grown so much since I saw you live! Still as amazing as ever!

  • Trap World
    Trap World 14 days ago

    This is really beautiful <3

  • Rui Ding
    Rui Ding 14 days ago

    chateau des duc de bretagne!

  • kaylee peters
    kaylee peters 14 days ago

    Hold my heart is one of my favourites😍😍

  • Nici Mouse
    Nici Mouse 15 days ago

    How does your shoulder not get tired? Wouldn't it be sore you were standing and playing for a long time

  • Chiara Veenstra
    Chiara Veenstra 15 days ago

    Please come back to Europe again soon! And collab with David Archuleta! Love you, you're the best!♥

  • Katherine Sochacka
    Katherine Sochacka 15 days ago

    That was fun 😊

  • Melisa Martínez
    Melisa Martínez 15 days ago

    i love it! 😍😍😍

  • PixlBit Z
    PixlBit Z 15 days ago

    *sponsored by hp printers*

  • LESTAT853
    LESTAT853 15 days ago

    Хорошо получилось. Молодцы.

  • Syd Phi band
    Syd Phi band 15 days ago

    Congratulations ;) We love you.

  • Abel Ramos Zenteno
    Abel Ramos Zenteno 15 days ago

    alguien sabe cuantos años tiene lindsey stirlig

  • coolcat 7614
    coolcat 7614 15 days ago


  • ReigningQueen Aria
    ReigningQueen Aria 16 days ago

    I heard a part that sound like round table rival

  • Nathalie Vilquin
    Nathalie Vilquin 16 days ago

    Château des Ducs de Bretagne à Nantes, yeeeessss

  • Ashley Duenas
    Ashley Duenas 16 days ago

    I love this!

  • vals023
    vals023 16 days ago

    I need this version in Spotify 😍

  • Maiko Belen Shindou
    Maiko Belen Shindou 17 days ago

    ame el acústico del tema!! 😍😍😘👏👏👏👏🎻🎶👏👏👏👏🎻🎼🎶👏👏😘😘

  • Eleonora Caprini
    Eleonora Caprini 17 days ago

    😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I know that:lindsey will not read my comment, but i love her. (watch my pic)

  • Jean-Jacques Erny
    Jean-Jacques Erny 17 days ago

    c est vraiment génial

  • Akira_Vargas
    Akira_Vargas 17 days ago

    in this video she looked like my history teacher

  • Karim
    Karim 17 days ago

    #Amazing song 🎻🎵

  • Jesse Fisher
    Jesse Fisher 17 days ago

    i wpuld love to hear a cover of Darudes Sandstorm

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 17 days ago

    awesome ////

  • Betina Goitea
    Betina Goitea 17 days ago

    Es increible como una version de una misma cancion , puede ser tan distinta. La version original no me gusta pero esta... increible!

  • Senthil Raja K
    Senthil Raja K 17 days ago

    Very nice

  • Kevin Bain
    Kevin Bain 17 days ago

    Amazing video, looked like you had a LOT of fun lol! Lindsey you are an inspiration to why i learned to play the Violin!

  • ItsJustMe123
    ItsJustMe123 17 days ago

    Listening to the song fills you with *Determination*.

  • The White Wolf
    The White Wolf 17 days ago

    I really wish I could smash a love button on this like with instagram and facebook <3

  • A.K. Blue
    A.K. Blue 17 days ago

    plz do a waltz music video! I love your music

  • yenmari perez
    yenmari perez 17 days ago

    Me encanta.

  • Iris González
    Iris González 17 days ago

    I have the same smartphone printer XD sprocket by HP

  • Chauveau Sophie
    Chauveau Sophie 17 days ago

    Oh non je viens de reconnaître que tu rait à côté de chez moi et que je ne t'ai pas vu

  • Laurence MARY
    Laurence MARY 17 days ago

    Magnifique vidéo à NANTES en FRANCE

  • Ocareening
    Ocareening 17 days ago

    I love the way your music just flows so well!

  • Valerie Arnold
    Valerie Arnold 18 days ago

    I met your mom

  • Lexell
    Lexell 18 days ago

    los de los dislike seguro escuchan banda :v :v

  • Jack Leung
    Jack Leung 18 days ago

    Love this version soooo much !!! Great job, Lindsey .

  • 馮定安
    馮定安 18 days ago


  • Steve Doran
    Steve Doran 18 days ago

    I have to admit, I was never a fan of violins UNTIL I heard you play your awesome love listening to you.

  • Eugenia Macias
    Eugenia Macias 18 days ago

    ami me gusta lindsey y soy española

  • SooYeon Kim
    SooYeon Kim 18 days ago

    사랑해요 린지 날가져요 린지

  • Arief Alqori
    Arief Alqori 18 days ago

    langsung search gara gara postingan 1cak, ululululu :)

  • tan say
    tan say 18 days ago

    love it!

  • elizabeth Rogers
    elizabeth Rogers 18 days ago

    Lindsey you are awsome, amazing, cool, all the above XO you are the woman!!!

  • Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez 18 days ago

    come back to Mexico, please.

  • Emily Romero Morales

    La de el cadáver de la novia

  • Erphos
    Erphos 18 days ago

    You are incredible, Lindsey. :D :3

  • Henrich Rajnoha
    Henrich Rajnoha 18 days ago


  • Fernanda Brás
    Fernanda Brás 18 days ago

    quando um concerto em Portugal?Eu vou

  • Samantha Briseno
    Samantha Briseno 18 days ago

    My Ex teacher used to know u Lindsey

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott 18 days ago

    More like hold my beer, jesus christ

  • Benny 37
    Benny 37 18 days ago

    Nice video in Nantes !

  • Camila García
    Camila García 18 days ago

    She's using gavi's t shirt <3

  • Elyne Gevaert
    Elyne Gevaert 19 days ago

    It is possible to make the song ladybug

  • hika A
    hika A 19 days ago

    you are so coooool💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Peter Konrad Konneker

    Nice. I really like this version.

  • Nicolas Mevel
    Nicolas Mevel 19 days ago

    It's in my town ! Great ! Your live at the Zenith was amazing by the way !

  • Kai G Hintze
    Kai G Hintze 19 days ago

    I like the original version quite well. I LOVE this version!

    More acoustic please. Acoustic showcases your talent. Electronic is usually fun, but is as much about the technology as the violinist.

  • Delphine HAAS
    Delphine HAAS 19 days ago

    Nantes <3

  • Benjamin Willem
    Benjamin Willem 19 days ago

    Nice song but can you pls make a new song im a pirate from pirates of the carabian

  • Josie Rodriguez
    Josie Rodriguez 19 days ago

    I love it !❤️ you are so talented Lindsey 😊

  • Michael Noergaard
    Michael Noergaard 19 days ago

    An artist performing, everyone be quiet

  • TheSnakeCharmer
    TheSnakeCharmer 19 days ago

    Lindsey you are such a good example of a celebrity for so many girls trying to "make it". I like women like you who believe in reflecting pure talent and fetching admiration with that, rather than Just grabbing eye balls based on just their body or looks which is a temporary admiration. Having said that, you are extremely pretty as well, love the hair, love the dance and love your songs. I am still not done with what or how much i want to say about an artist to artist admiration i have about you, but keep doing what you're doing. All of it is AMAZING. Lots of love to you <3

  • Sarusacek 01
    Sarusacek 01 19 days ago

    acoustic full album would be awesome

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