10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of April 2017

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  • Another month of new mobile games worth trying and possibly paying for. We've got you covered on iOS and Android!
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    Pengy Has a Dream
    Platform: iOS

    Quantum Revenge
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: $0.99

    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: $4.99

    Star Cat Adventure
    Platform: iOS
    Price: $2.99

    Yōdanji: The Roguelike
    Platform: iOS Android
    Price: $2.99

    Platform: iOS Android
    Price: $2.99

    Tempest: Pirate Action RPG
    Platform: iOS Android
    Price: $7.99

    Guardians of the Galaxy TTG
    Platform: iOS Android
    Price: $4.99

    Planescape: Torment
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: $9.99

    Lumino City
    Platform: iOS, Android (NOW ON ANDROID)
    Price: $4.99
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Comments: 496

  • LilBD official
    LilBD official 22 days ago

    injustice 2 is number 1

  • Galixodia Games
    Galixodia Games 28 days ago

    fck cool game dudes! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Galixodia.BelimadhsSpace&hl=en

  • Nathan1200
    Nathan1200 28 days ago

    1:22 Speelunky

  • Petar Knezevic
    Petar Knezevic 1 month ago

    If this is good then I'm the God of football ...

  • Opi_CZ
    Opi_CZ 1 month ago

    planescape torment? okay, se you in a few weeks!

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid 1 month ago

    From 300 mobile games 2 arr actually worth it

  • fluffy skull
    fluffy skull 1 month ago

    im a pc ps4 xboxone and mobile gamer i love them all and they are all comftorble in my hands

  • Nick Chiera
    Nick Chiera 1 month ago

    watching then realizing this is not the free android/ios games....

  • Daniel Howard Leyte
    Daniel Howard Leyte 1 month ago


  • Cleo Roy
    Cleo Roy 1 month ago

    Love the channel but all these games a horrible.

  • Jellex
    Jellex 1 month ago

    4:00 *HA* tossing you into the *DEEP* end...

    get it?

  • IIIBlack Panther
    IIIBlack Panther 1 month ago

    at the start the dude is not even touching the phone...lil bitch

  • Baphomet
    Baphomet 1 month ago

    Not enough fart noises, disliked.

  • Lophery
    Lophery 1 month ago

    6:45 "spee-lunkie"

  • CyanRitter
    CyanRitter 1 month ago

    are smartphones more powerful than PS2 nowadays??

  • dafacedough Games
    dafacedough Games 1 month ago

    you guys should add rucoy online(only android)

  • DJ _DANK
    DJ _DANK 1 month ago

    N G E

  • Silly Steve
    Silly Steve 1 month ago

    I am sad to see that Death Road to Canada is not on this list. It is an extremely well made game with lots of replay value.

  • Mark Bedford
    Mark Bedford 1 month ago

    Lumino City is one of the best games i've played on any platform in 30 years. It is ridiculously well crafted and clever.

  • KrispyHaha
    KrispyHaha 1 month ago

    I really hope this is a new show for you guys. We need this.

  • ManSloth
    ManSloth 1 month ago

    all of these games are shit

  • QuieyerLESS
    QuieyerLESS 1 month ago

    valve should port half life 2 on the phones

  • mark robinson
    mark robinson 1 month ago

    Yawn IOS and Android games have gone shit!

  • George Burrage
    George Burrage 1 month ago

    Anyone else waiting for the "Best Free Games..." Just me? Alrighty then

    DO THE BELLY ROLL 1 month ago

    In the free apps video you should put in C.A.T.S

  • Sabtonic
    Sabtonic 1 month ago

    What happened to the new guy?

  • MrDjBigZ
    MrDjBigZ 1 month ago

    Only okay game was the pirate game but there's free pirate game. ... Assassin's Creed Pirate

  • M!d'Knight G@ming
    M!d'Knight G@ming 1 month ago

    tell tale movies you mean?

  • Taering
    Taering 1 month ago

    i feel like this is a list of the WORST android games in april 2017 except guardians of the galaxy

  • Like A-Boss
    Like A-Boss 1 month ago

    Will you do a list for Apple watch games?

  • Android Gamespot
    Android Gamespot 1 month ago

    What's your top 3 mobile games of all time?

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 1 month ago

      Android Gamespot vainglory, Nova and maybe critical ops or bulletforce

  • Jaks DS
    Jaks DS 1 month ago

    Man finally I need a game for Android but every single one I install its boring so i uninstall it instantly.

  • Erazem Kokot
    Erazem Kokot 1 month ago

    This list gets worse every month 😞

  • Preslav 35
    Preslav 35 1 month ago

    is the mobile version of the guardians of the galaxy ttg the same as the pc version?

  • That guy
    That guy 1 month ago

    sweet a list of games to torrent, thanks guys!

  • Tull Belv
    Tull Belv 1 month ago

    Planescape Torment are u kidding? I love it..but what about fallout 1? ...ive been playing star wars strategy games haha https://plus.google.com/108333950522355775236/posts/bTXVaVoRzTk but at least its free

    • zender kellett
      zender kellett 1 month ago

      exactly, not everyone is a graphics whore. Fallout 1 isn't shiny, but it's a masterpiece and falllout 3 and 4 are just shadows compared to it.

    • Corktail
      Corktail 1 month ago

      Blond Swag you see, not everyone gives a shit about graphics

    • Blond Swag
      Blond Swag 1 month ago

      who plays fallout 1 anymore? such horrible graphics

  • K-Pop Dance Cover Hall of Fame

    *None of them are free* :(

    • Zachery Harvey
      Zachery Harvey 1 month ago

      K-Pop Dance Cover Hall of Fame this isn't the free game list. They literally said this at the beginning...

  • Emu Senpai
    Emu Senpai 1 month ago

    How come you guys do not announce when there is a sale on PSN or Steam?

    • Zachery Harvey
      Zachery Harvey 1 month ago

      Emu Senpai cause it's not their job to do that

  • Darkstar8473
    Darkstar8473 1 month ago

    Guys you can just download the APK's for any of these games free just Google it on your phone using Chrome.

  • Matthew Z
    Matthew Z 1 month ago

    Next few days my ass. More like a week and a half

  • DatsonBatson
    DatsonBatson 1 month ago


  • tydieplz
    tydieplz 1 month ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Star Lord's dad is the bad guy

  • tydieplz
    tydieplz 1 month ago

    on guardians galaxy 2 you find Star Lord's dad

  • tydieplz
    tydieplz 1 month ago

    legit just got this notification right when I walk in the movie theaters for Guardians of Galaxy 2

    • Zachery Harvey
      Zachery Harvey 1 month ago

      tydieplz the fact that if i didn't see guardians of the galaxy already your spoiler comments would have ruined the experience for me while on the toilet

    • tydieplz
      tydieplz 1 month ago

      Zachery Harvey how does messaging me make any effect on your life

    • Zachery Harvey
      Zachery Harvey 1 month ago

      tydieplz and how does posting spoilers have anything to do with that?

    • tydieplz
      tydieplz 1 month ago

      Zachery Harvey well I'm sorry that they have a Guardians of the Galaxy video game

    • Zachery Harvey
      Zachery Harvey 1 month ago

      tydieplz man you must have no life if you're posting spoilers to a movie on a videogame channel

  • Meghna Singh
    Meghna Singh 1 month ago

    Alpha Adventures is Now Available on PlayStore Download Now....

  • Andy Colas
    Andy Colas 1 month ago

    please please please when you make your free-to-play list please look at Final Fantasy Mobius I would love to get your opinion on it please please please

  • Useless and Shitty Stuff

    modern features like "zooming"

  • That CreeperMask
    That CreeperMask 1 month ago

    The Final Station also already available at PlayStore , But It need controller to be played , published by Nvidia

  • RasenRendan X
    RasenRendan X 1 month ago

    Next month will be all about Injustic 2 Mobile on the free list

  • MF Whom ?
    MF Whom ? 1 month ago

    Does anyone know a game like super dangerous dungeons or sword of xloan.

  • ninja xbox
    ninja xbox 1 month ago


  • Jude Tejada
    Jude Tejada 1 month ago

    finally gameranx post games on android and ios

  • Samurai Sam
    Samurai Sam 1 month ago

    wow tempest looks great

  • SBEG
    SBEG 1 month ago


  • The Scioness
    The Scioness 1 month ago

    Pretty tired of these arcade stuff where you have to beat a higscore. I would like to play something like Path of Exile on my phone or at least something with a great story. Next video?

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery 1 month ago

    is planescape honestly as full as it was in the pc? I haven't played that game in years...

  • jamie.b
    jamie.b 1 month ago

    I know the background beat, ive listened to it on SoundCloud before is it blacklions ?

  • 20-47 Gaming
    20-47 Gaming 1 month ago

    sub to me and comment done and ill sub back immediately

  • EventualReason
    EventualReason 1 month ago

    The intro with the guy tapping his phone. What..phone is that?

  • drew Curtis
    drew Curtis 1 month ago

    It's my birthday please like and follow my best bud theconfettiyeti6 on twitch, he's new.

  • TheBlackdragon936
    TheBlackdragon936 1 month ago

    Legacy of discord is the best action RPG. It's free and very deep in game play and mechanics.

  • TheRandomToaster™
    TheRandomToaster™ 1 month ago

    Crap crap and more crap

  • _LeadtheWay_ _
    _LeadtheWay_ _ 1 month ago

    All of these are ass tbh

  • Zied
    Zied 1 month ago

    which is the best rpg on android?

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 1 month ago

      Zied Try HIT or wait for Blade 2 later this year

    • Sigmund Zaman
      Sigmund Zaman 1 month ago

      Zied The World Ends With You is my personal favorite

    • Max Evalondriz
      Max Evalondriz 1 month ago

      Mrllamacow / is that even an rpg

    • Mrllamacow /
      Mrllamacow / 1 month ago

      Zied lol none phone gamers are not gamers here is the best rpg on android clash of cans

  • The other Jammer
    The other Jammer 1 month ago

    gameranx passed out on Junk Jack Mobile release around 2 weeks ago and the release of the last Station on the mobile platform

  • Jonas Feldborg
    Jonas Feldborg 1 month ago

    Where is C.A.T.S?

  • aruce9
    aruce9 1 month ago

    Battle cats rangers

  • krusher99 0
    krusher99 0 1 month ago

    have you ever put soul knight on the list

  • Dead Chris
    Dead Chris 1 month ago

    You act like people on Android buy games and dont just download the apk

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 1 month ago

      Dead Chris I buy the games some games apk don't work since it need to connect to the game servers

  • specretys
    specretys 1 month ago

    top10 things only pro players understand

  • Carsten Svendsen
    Carsten Svendsen 1 month ago

    All of these games are only for tablets.... Wtf am I supposed to play on my phone? Bad list.

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 1 month ago

      +Carsten Svendsen I have no problem at all

    • Carsten Svendsen
      Carsten Svendsen 1 month ago

      The phone isn't the issue, the issue is the tiny screen for all of that UI that he featured. It would be impossible to click those tiny icons, hence the apps featured here are for tablets.

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 1 month ago

      Carsten Svendsen Get a better phone

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 1 month ago

      Carsten Svendsen all of those games are for phones too

  • ggamer 18
    ggamer 18 1 month ago

    im mobile gamer cuz im very poor
    but I like mobile Gaming

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 1 month ago

      Mrllamacow / Lol anyone who remotely plays/spend alot of money on games is considered a Gamer, being a gamer also kinda means you got nothing else to do but play games all day

    • Sigmund Zaman
      Sigmund Zaman 1 month ago

      ggamer 18 something tells me you have too much free time kid

    • Mrllamacow /
      Mrllamacow / 1 month ago

      ggamer 18 hahahhahah no your not a gamer

  • Caleb Stratton
    Caleb Stratton 1 month ago

    Wow, last time I was this early I still had a will to live!

  • DBfanboi
    DBfanboi 1 month ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Nathan Campolo
    Nathan Campolo 1 month ago

    galaxy s8 before you buy?

    • Nathan Campolo
      Nathan Campolo 1 month ago

      True but they did the galaxy s7 and the iPhone 7 but on how well it will play games

    • Mrllamacow /
      Mrllamacow / 1 month ago

      Nathan Campolo but this is a Chanel for gaming not phones

  • Julio Flores
    Julio Flores 1 month ago

    my app store doesn't have the tempest pirate game,it looks good and want to play it.

  • Gameplays For Days
    Gameplays For Days 1 month ago

    I can't get guardians of the Galaxy on my phone? Pls help.

    • Raveen Bikha
      Raveen Bikha 1 month ago

      levid510 tv go to play store or App Store and buy it.

  • Doggerino Kripperino

    Love these videos

  • Rana Yousuf
    Rana Yousuf 1 month ago

    Mobile games are disgrace to video games great job by the way game ranx

    • Sophisticated Skull
      Sophisticated Skull 1 month ago

      Rana Yousuf it's a fun way to pass the time the only disgrace is you being unappreciative

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 1 month ago

      Rana Yousuf ur a disgrace to gamers

  • KingKoski
    KingKoski 1 month ago

    wait were is lords mobile?

  • Jeffile Tube
    Jeffile Tube 1 month ago

    I am comment you put likes In me

  • Kostas Koup
    Kostas Koup 1 month ago

    i was

  • Kostas Koup
    Kostas Koup 1 month ago

    i were the 1thousand liker

  • Bokorember
    Bokorember 1 month ago


  • Afrazyl Dz
    Afrazyl Dz 1 month ago

    do a face reveal pls

  • Yah King
    Yah King 1 month ago

    best games on mobile is...(afterpulse), (forgotten memories), (infinity blade), (space marshals), (assaissan's creed identity),(transistor), nba 2k16/17), (submerged), (all gta's),(hit), (dont starve: PE), (all lego games ported from nintendo 3ds), (octodad), (dead effect 2), (neon chrome), (blade 2: "not out yet"), (this war of mine), (epoch 2), (dead trigger 2), (the amazing spider man 1&2), (implosion), (bastion), (limbo), (lara croft go), (deus ex go), (modern combat 4), (vain glory), the room 1/2 and 3), (real boxing rocky), etc...ones in the video is shit

    • Yah King
      Yah King 1 month ago

      ggamer 18 lol that is true, and i am a pay once player on console and mobile. i guess i was pointing out the good games to play despite them being free. afterpulse is only good for its graphics and somewhat gameplay...

    • ggamer 18
      ggamer 18 1 month ago

      King Rael afterpulse?? thats p2w hell

  • KittyCat
    KittyCat 1 month ago


  • Ryan
    Ryan 1 month ago

    10 Best new Steam releases?

  • Darth Servipas
    Darth Servipas 1 month ago

    no such thing as a paid game on android, APKs, APKs everywhere

    • Alvin The Gamer
      Alvin The Gamer 27 days ago

      jacky yo rlly my phone has a hacked coc clash royals boom beach and hay day

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo 27 days ago

      +Alvin The Baller​ not games with servers

    • Alvin The Gamer
      Alvin The Gamer 27 days ago

      jacky yo noooopppee! I can get apks for anything! from this list to scribblenauts unmasked!

    • Dova kiin
      Dova kiin 1 month ago

      Darth Servipas yup muhahahahahahahaha

    • Jhyllianbe Chloe Roxas
      Jhyllianbe Chloe Roxas 1 month ago

      Sherry Memon me too its easy to use

  • OneMANarmY
    OneMANarmY 1 month ago

    Tape it up ( 2 ) came out on android as well now days . it's an arcade fun game . I love the music the art and the feel of the game . would definitely recommend . also I'm lvl 45 Google play user so I have experienced a lot

  • Manjeet Kumar
    Manjeet Kumar 1 month ago

    Try "Beat swing" it has best edm music and beautiful game play.

    • Rithik Kumar
      Rithik Kumar 1 month ago

      Manjeet Kumar It looks like a beat stomper copy to me

  • Pumpkin Dukes
    Pumpkin Dukes 1 month ago


  • T Bourgon
    T Bourgon 1 month ago


  • Thomas Halderman
    Thomas Halderman 1 month ago

    Got milk?

  • Nate Protulis
    Nate Protulis 1 month ago

    I fucking love how the fingers move in the beginning

  • HI 5
    HI 5 1 month ago

    I'm like game he's name is A little war man it's Have SEASON1 and SEASON2 but SEASON2 it Awesome it's cool it you like strategy games dowland now And watch Gameranx and whatoplay hem games Awesome 😊😊😊😇😇😆😆☺😀

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 1 month ago

    meganoid sucks

  • jonathan breidel
    jonathan breidel 1 month ago


  • Daky1001
    Daky1001 1 month ago

    In related videos it says this video has 7 views but now that I clicked on it it has 6120 views. wtf

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