Cen GST 7.7 on ice

some drift. Plz comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! ;-P

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Author Steve A a ( ago)
how are the diffs and transmission.? any issues? 

Author sickpuppy4711 ( ago)
too noisy..pisses off the neighbors, i'll stick with battery even though
these are much more fun

Author daniel sørensen ( ago)

Author Richard Arthur ( ago)
make more videos of this without the stupid music thank you other wise i
like the video :-)

Author Ziegen Meister ( ago)
How fast is it and how much hp have it. good vid

Author Marcus C ( ago)
Is that a 1/8 scale?

Author theslothman666 ( ago)
Couldnt have chosen a cooler song. Soilwork and RC cars. HA HA F**K YEAH!!

Author MainVuper ( ago)
I have similar problem with my MTA4 S50 wich is 8.2cc The glow plugs (sport
from redline) just burned 2 black! so i was leaning more and more cuz the
black thing that was covering the glow plug didn't let the fuel 2 explode.
I bought an Eagle Cold plug and nowi have perfect run speed acceleration
and temperature! A good glow plug can realy make the diference. I was like
kicking the damn engine cuz i waz stupid and no1 could tell me the problem.
Hope i helped:P

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