Cen GST 7.7 on ice

some drift. Plz comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! ;-P

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Author steveo a (5 months)
how are the diffs and transmission.? any issues? 

Author AlienwareGamerM11x (4 years)
@jonttusanttu ahh tthanks alot mann :) im trying to find if there's anyone
who has ever brought this from rcecreationDOTcom who sell it for $479
(£297) and im trying to see if the sites legit, cuz ALL their cars are dirt
cheap. the savage is $247(£150) and dont wanna get ripped off, :)

Author richnjeanie (3 years)
the only problem with this truck is the transmission and muffler

Author jonttusanttu (4 years)
@AlienwareGamerM11x I bought it from jr-hobby (finnish rc-shop). It cost
about 900 euros. :)

Author jonttusanttu (4 years)
top speed is about 80km/h and 5 hp :)

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
Hehehe thanks dude! :D

Author Ziegeunerkind Tras (4 years)
How fast is it and how much hp have it. good vid

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)

Author MainVuper (5 years)
I have similar problem with my MTA4 S50 wich is 8.2cc The glow plugs (sport
from redline) just burned 2 black! so i was leaning more and more cuz the
black thing that was covering the glow plug didn't let the fuel 2 explode.
I bought an Eagle Cold plug and nowi have perfect run speed acceleration
and temperature! A good glow plug can realy make the diference. I was like
kicking the damn engine cuz i waz stupid and no1 could tell me the problem.
Hope i helped:P

Author jonttusanttu (4 years)
I quite strong but the diffs can broke easily... It cost about 700. I'm not

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
I had same problem first... Do you have good Plug??? You can also open it
little bit and then pressure lost.

Author daniel sørensen (3 years)

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
No problem. : )

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
kiitos paljon! ;)

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
you can do it but I haven't done it

Author sickpuppy4711 (2 years)
too noisy..pisses off the neighbors, i'll stick with battery even though
these are much more fun

Author andre1995ish (4 years)
how is this trucks durabilty and how much did you get it for im thiking of
geting one i just got a shity one for free and im starting to get into the
hobby thanks

Author Richard Arthur (4 years)
make more videos of this without the stupid music thank you other wise i
like the video :-)

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
Yeah... I think cold plugs are the best :) last week my cold plug broke and
then it was harder to start... Now I have to buy new. ;)

Author jonttusanttu (5 years)
Sry but I don't understand...

Author thorman12 (5 years)

Author theslothman666 (5 years)
Couldnt have chosen a cooler song. Soilwork and RC cars. HA HA F**K YEAH!!

Author AlienwareGamerM11x (4 years)
hey mann,,, where did you buy this from??? and how much was it??? thanks :)

Author Marcus C (4 years)
Is that a 1/8 scale?

Author jonttusanttu (4 years)
It's 25% bigger than 1/8

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