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NEW FAIL Truck Crash Compilation 2015 captured on camera.

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Author MishuTaste ( ago)
"Hmmm, I think I'll walk in front of this fast-moving truck and see what happ---" THUNK!

Author Valtteri Bottas Fan ( ago)

Author nethra srinivasa ( ago)
hi super

Author nik31J7 ( ago)
0:48 what a bad driver xD

Author Sascha ( ago)
3:55 :´´´´´´´´´´´´´/

Author Abdulla Muhammad ( ago)
viva la vodka

Author Greg Horn ( ago)
Yeah, These Russian steering wheel holder's do it with their eye's closed, or they're blind. One thing for sure they're not truck driver's.

Author LarmarRBLX ( ago)

Author ciasteczkowypotwor Twoje imię i nazwisko ( ago)
10:10 Konwój pięciu piaskarek. Ciężarówka hamuje na ostro przed dwoma pieszymi, którzy wbiegają na przejście. Na chwilę zatrzymują się i próbują przebiec dalej, ale się nie udaje. Potem ta psychicznie chora kobieta z reklamówką co spowodowała wypadek zamiast ratować kierowcę, to idzie sprawdzić co z drugim pieszym. No po prostu super.

Author Drew Hirsh ( ago)
4:46 it says 2030

Author Fabius Maximus ( ago)
Why so many accidents in Russia ?

Author Xinlong Han ( ago)
why the zebra crossing not works ? Walker on the zebra crossing , the car dont let the walker pass ?

Author DH VIDS ( ago)
Is there a safe way to travel in Russia I'm thinking hot air ballon stay off the ground

Author RandomHeroZero ( ago)
Russian Dmv- Sir have you every driven a car before
Guy- I've been in a lot of cars before
Russian Dmv- close enough here's your license.

Author ElCid48 ( ago)
The worse the conditions on the roads, the faster they drive.

Author Zar Star ( ago)
these assholes are suicidal homicidal- will kill or make you paralized

Author STEFAN ( ago)
7:40 With that baby :((

Author Philosupremum ( ago)
1:09 any chance the guy(s) in the car survived?

Author mattl1762 ( ago)
Don't they teach stopping distances in these countries?

Author Erik Rimes ( ago)

Author Erik Rimes ( ago)
does truck win? not against train.

Author Patrik Leon ( ago)

Author Amirah Syazweena ( ago)

Author Mimi Nicholas ( ago)
7:45 aww! Poor baby! I feel so bad right now

Author Midna Twi ( ago)
Disgusting how after most of these accidents, people just casually walk by without a glance, and witnesses just drive away like nothing happened, don't even fucking stop and help. Is human life really that fucking cheap in Russia? In Canada that shit is a federal crime.

Author The Rev Fan ( ago)
3:57 they died for sure

Author The Rev Fan ( ago)

Author Bludotwo ( ago)
about 2:20 in you here "yes" after the truck crashes. what a peice of shit. fucking russians have no common decency.

Author B ( ago)
8:00 "How to correctly, and safely detach a trailer from a tractor unit" 😂

Author Northkratt ( ago)
Cars need to be built stronger or people need to learn how to drive

Author COD Cream ( ago)
3:19 did that guy drop a coffee or a phone?

Author SpeakerMunkey ( ago)
1:26 dude just sings along to his tumes amd carries on

Author Toontown Music Videos! ( ago)
50 second mark wow it wasn't the cars falt they can't stop that fast

Author Frane Žunić ( ago)
song at 2:30?

Author George Mexias ( ago)
Saa dude

Author vern septer guy ( ago)
there smoking drunk drivers

Author Philosupremum ( ago)
0:45 truck driver texting?

Author 2OP4YOU ( ago)
i now its mean but evry time i see a truck accident i thing kill yourself i know these people cant do anything about it but if he takes a life he need to be kild to mawahah no serieus

Author niftyrmz450 ( ago)
Thank you Russia I appreciate the content

Author BlackyShiroGT ( ago)
omg the baby is crying XD

Author tony40400 ( ago)
Ice, speed, not looking where going, and people walking in front of vehicles - what the hell could possibly go wrong ????????

Author Grunthos the Flatulent ( ago)
Everyone's pretty comfortable dissin' Russia, but I'm pretty sure your bitch-assed country has MORE than its fair share of selfish, egotistical maniacal drivers, getting your licences from a $0.25 coin-op machine and all.. Just look at yourselves - you're a fucking mess!

Author sodbuster925 ( ago)
wtf is with you crazy Russians and your driving methods  are half of you on drugs or what?

Author impy81 ( ago)
at least some guys get what they deserve.

Author ArkTo_ 5000 ( ago)
very stupids peoples !!!!

Author Landshark 0068 ( ago)
The perfect example of why cloaking devices on vehicles are banned, except of course in Russia, for some reason, they think it's a great idea.

Author rich daze ( ago)
truckers bring every thing ppl use to their city. most truck accidents happen because of ppl in those regular cars don't respect the truck and that is why they get they shit fuck up. we going to be OK. alive I'm saying. you in the Honda trying to act all tuff on the road. hopefully you live and if do. you won't be the same. so give truckers respect and space on the road.

Author Peter Burnett ( ago)
driven 47 years never seen truck wrecks like this, tk god I don't live In Russia.

Author l337pwnage ( ago)
8:12 kingpin must have been made from Russian steel, lol.

Author Lenuta Oniga ( ago)

Author Petar Ljuboja ( ago)
1:10 really fucked up :O :O :O

Author MV Green ( ago)
they need a random vodka test

Author matt lll ( ago)
7.47 there was a god damn baby in the car omg

Author Bente Moonhunter ( ago)
7:46 Omggg, the baby!

Author North Sea Brent ( ago)
What are soviets good at, killing themselves in traffic wrecks.

Author 402SCH1992 ( ago)
1:00 wtf was the purpose of going on the other way

Author Patron Doge SUPERCOWMAN ( ago)
-_- mas de 18 yo 11

Author Vasja Majer ( ago)
Rusija: Vodka, preprosti zakoni, obrabljene gume, slaba izobrazba voznikov...

Author Chris Trick ( ago)

Author Dawid Jones ( ago)
Are these people even trained or licensed to drive? Complete idiots!!

Author Jesus Christ ( ago)
The crash at 3:57 left the driver with a headache.

Author Cameronthefox1122 ( ago)

Author HawaiianBrian64 ( ago)
Drunk, idiot truck drivers killing innocent people.

Author سجاد الخيكاني ( ago)
رررررررررررر ررررررررررررررررررررر

Author Holly Rockwell ( ago)
A lot of these are pretty lame but there are a few really terrifying ones too. But I wonder why so many of the crash collections are Russian? Are they worse drivers or is it just that all Russians have dash-cams?

Author Florencia H ( ago)
vodka... vodka

Author Fredo2x BABY ( ago)
2:23 this bitch said yesssss

Author adamuspapam ( ago)

Author Les Amis de la cuisine provençale ( ago)
00:35 .. Car driver dead !
00:48 .. Car driver dead too !
01:10 .. Car driver dead again !
01:23.. Car driver dead again !
03:33 .. Truck driver dead !
03:42 .. Truck driver dead !
06:39... Another one for sure !
07:27... A whole coach and a truck dead !!!
07:42 A BABY !!!!! Oh my FUCKING GOD !!!! A BABY !!!!!! ARRRRRGH !! YOU KILL MY BABY I DIE TOO !!!!

11:20 : Dead !
12:28 : Pedestrian dead !

I'm very very schocked for the baby !!!

Author qqleq2 ( ago)
Traffic rules in Russia: 1. when cars are stopping before a crossing or in a traffic jam, but you can pass them, pass with full speed. 2. When cars obstruct the way, use the other side of the road. 3. When it snows, drive with the same speed as without snow. Hey, it snows a lot in Russia. Can't let that slow you down. 4. Safety barriers are for pussies. 5. Mirrors are for pussies. 6. Texting while driving is mandatory. 7. Overtake only at crossings, during roadworks. 8. The only thought you can have whilst overtaking: I will make it, I will make it. 9. The one with the biggest balls has right of way. 10. Drive trucks like you would drive a sport car.

Author فاطمة الموسوي فاطمة ( ago)
كوااارث خطية هذولة لنسحكو😱😱😅😤

Author Crazy Duck ( ago)
4:52 This guy is from the future . 2030

Author CDeoD ( ago)
It amazes me how many people are fucking oblivious as to whats going on around them.

Author Winston Legthigh ( ago)
why do they drive so close to each other, and never use their mirrors lol

Author Willy Brummwald ( ago)
8:12...fastest unload ever...

Author jibrail osman ( ago)
If you wanna die go to Russia, they have to learn from Germany how to build modern hi ways!

Author Kathleen Watts ( ago)
What freaking dumb asses they know better

Author Kathleen Watts ( ago)
I am not 18

Author talps ( ago)
Vodka has a lot to do with these crackups..Russia has 5 times as many accidents as North America when adjusted for cars per 100,000 in population....

Author kocour mour ( ago)
train vs kamion be in czech republic

Author snufy smith ( ago)
Further proof that 3/4 of the people on the road are just plain morons.

Author cory powell ( ago)
Hey got the name for the next grand theft auto...GTA : RUSSIA

Author cory powell ( ago)
I think the guy at 10.18 had to change his pants

Author Skiton Gaming ( ago)
12:06 Double whammy!

Author Martha Nichols ( ago)
you can't get that thing up that ramp

Author Martha Nichols ( ago)
you can't get that thing up that ramp

Author Mihai Rinzis ( ago)

Author Simeon Bairaktaris ( ago)
somebody care to explain why there are so many american made trucks running around in russia? while there are none in rest of europe?

Author eddiesolo1971 ( ago)
Always from Eastern Europe: Cannot drive, unsafe loads, speeding, vehicles that are unsafe and a total disregard for what is going on around them. Even the pedestrians are out of their heads and just waltz out into the roads. Barmy!

Author Mustachio Games N More ( ago)
The truck at about 7:45 is such a a hole they hit a car with a baby in it! That's so sad

Author Wallner Franz ( ago)
I'm not intersted in those russian idiots any more. sorry to say that.

Author Elizabeth Mohan ( ago)
did she say yes at 2:27 ?

Author Henrylloyd HTL ( ago)
Fuck you i can watch this any time it can't be 18+

Author wolf3m ( ago)
this is really painful to watch.

Author Michael Beer ( ago)
6:50 wtf 23.7.2063

Author Euro Foods ( ago)
what the truck!!

Author wots ma name ( ago)
No sence, no feeling= Average Russian driver

Author Antony Martin ( ago)
the Most crashes are happend in russia. is IT True tat russia s cant Druck car?

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