Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir .. Full Maa Bhen

3rd ODI incident at Kanpur. India vs Pakistan. Afridi and Gambhir losing their cool over each other.

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Author Chinu Cat (4 months)
The umpire's part cracked me up totally.

Author J Ta (10 days)

Author rashmi sharma (10 days)

Author Zain Choudhry (22 days)
All you Indians, smelly faggots who can't afford crap, because they spend
all their money on masala, and curry stupid bitch ass fugly looking pussies

Author divyansh singh (3 months)
Ya Thats Something That Fucked

Author Sathya Iyer (1 month)
Greatest. Video. Ever.

Author MikMayhem46 (2 months)
hahahahahaahha the umpire xdd

Author Varis Sharma (1 month)
Saale Pakistani....

Author Gay hind (2 months)
Gay hind bharwooo

Author Imran Ali (2 months)
after umpire intervension I am rolling on floor almost peed...good job

Author Veershetty Patil (4 months)

Author Viki Id (3 months)
Bhenchod ye pakistani ki gand marani chahiye...

Author Mushhood Khan (1 year)
BHEN CHOD STA MOR GHEM BHEN CHODA! hahahahahahaahha Pukhto waee!

Author Sandeep Chunduru (1 year)
Haha.. the Umpire comments were katharnak !! Ultimate Work uploader !! :D :D

Author Punna Hazare (1 year)
19) One Big Bitter truth came out in interview after last years BPL that
Pakistani Cricketers are fond of enjoying with high profile whores and
cheer girls after the matches in the late night. Some even called those
whores in their room for the whole night entertainment. 20) 21) 22) and
there are lots more which I don't remember right now, but Controversies and
Scandals are surely endless. hahhahahhah, lol. :p

Author MULLICHOD (1 year)
Oye bahen ke lund Sooar...bhonsdike agar ham indiaans ne tumhari taraf sirf
lund karke mut bhi diya naa...toh beh jaogey....kutto ki aulad....bhen ke
lodo naa tumhari bahno ka pata naa maao ka...madarchodo...katey huey
lando...bhen ke lando....sirf bhonktey hi rahogey ..gand me dum hai toh
samney ki ladai karo....aatankwadiyo.....yaaa bus pichey se hi war krna
aata hai.....bhenke lodo pakistaniyo tum toh islam pr bhi kalank ho kyonki
koi bhi acha dharam kisi dusrey dharm ki burai nahi sikhata...

Author VIKRAM KAPOOR (1 year)
{ { { { { { { {

Author akshay rathore (1 year)
and i think whoever here is in supprort of pakistan....i must tell
sbke apne apne bhagwan hote h aur apne apne rituals.....tumhare bhi rituals
alag h aur hamare bhi....isme bhagwan ya allah ko gaali dene waali baat nhi
h....qki god sab jagah ek hi h....vo to hum hi h jinhone unko alag alag
naam de rkhe h....

Author KaranPwnsAll (9 months)

Author Antony kv (1 year)
Gud video

Author parthg104 (1 year)
Lage raho gauti

Author Syed Ali (6 months)
I respect decent Indians and Pakistanis too. Each country has its own
flaws. We need to stop giving a shit about each other and focus on our own.
Both Pak and India have tremendous amount of problems. I just made my
initial comment to reply to all the ignorant morons who were cursing out
Pak instead of enjoying the vid. No matter how much the faults, we will
ALWAYS love our country. Period. These youtube debates will get no one

Author aman kumar (1 year)
mehta seth how u do betting, payment suirty i m in delhi, i want to do

Author TwidDliGht (1 year)
Did u know ? ur such a PIECE OF SHIT!!!:D

Author holadude02 (8 months)
Epic Commentary!!! LMFAO

Author Syed Ali (6 months)
Whats the point of all of your so called achievements when more then 60% of
your people are still broke as fuck. 78 million people are homeless in your
country! Thats almost half of Pakistan's population homeless. 2nd largest
military? You guys couldnt handle 1 person roaming around in a hotel, how
are you gonna handle the whole pak army?How is India better then Pak, when
WE saved YOUR sailors? 1st fastest market couldnt even save its own people!
Ur mothers were thanking our govt, not urs!

Author viraj2k (1 year)
Epic Umpire dubbing - simply amazing !

Author sunil joshi (1 year)
was that voice like akshay kumar

Author overclockedHD (6 months)

Author The Cricket School - Online Coaching Lessons on How to Play Cricket (1 year)
there is definetley no love lost between these 2 cricketers .....the
translation was funny - lost of swearing . ;)

Author Prateek Sharma (11 months)
Love that when gambhir says teri maa ki choot

Author MrDragonBoltz (1 year)

Author imrancov (1 year)
Randi ka bacha, tumhare pagwan ki maa ki kus, Gay hind

Author PUNJABI SHER (5 months)
Oi phen chord who are Ashfafs v Ajifs ?? wtf are you on about ?? & shia &
sunni is nothing to do with caste you fool, considering piss drinking
Hinduism is a small religion you have a massive caste system & caste system
in the sub continent originates from Hinduism, Sikhs are second with the
largest caste system

Author KING KAI (11 months)
bhai hans k paet me dard ho gya..more!

Author ThePurepunch (1 year)
you hate pakistan so much atleast the cheerleaders nowadays are reducing in
your country as all of you are nothing but rapist son of a bitches ready to
rape your mother and sisters

Author TwidDliGht (1 year)

Author Ismail Wakil (10 months)
i like that afridi

Author बिनित ओझा (10 months)
The Umpire's dubbing is just EPIC !

Author KING KAI (11 months)
abe bharwe ki aulaad smjh bhi aya kch..? chal jake gaand mara

Author Hrushikesh V (11 months)
Waah yaar. Umpire ke comments. Freaking HILARIOUS!

Author kaleem baig (6 months)
Trying to mimic whites doesn't change your colour and caste!

Author VIKRAM KAPOOR (1 year)
% % % % % % % % % %

Author sharmaldh (7 months)
Agar India main caste system to pakistan main bhi ek tarah ka caste system
hai. Tum saale sunni har roz shia ko maar rahe ho, fir shia maar rahe hain
sunni ko. Aur aise hi ek doosre ko khatam kar rahe ho. Tu log saale camel
ka moot peene waale gandi nasle tumhari kya aukat India ke saamne.
Bhenchodon terrorist ke siva aaj tak kuch bana nahi chale India se war
ladne. Saalon ghasti ke bachon tumhari aukat nahi hain

Author TwidDliGht (1 year)
Yeah the same r you guys..;) Indians r evnn mor ******* bstrds..:)

Author akshay rathore (1 year)
and one more 1973...longewala border...sirf 120 indian soldiers
ne 2000 pakistanis soldiers ko haraya tha.....agar ladai ki baat na ho to
hi accha h.....iss war me sirf 15 indian soldiers mare the....

Author damiyaal292 (10 months)
kiya kawali gai hai afridi ne

Author MULLICHOD (1 year)

Author Abhishek Shivaram (1 year)
hahaha pakistani chor log lol. bloody loser pakistani bastards are all

Author overclockedHD (6 months)
Keep crying smelly fag because you got nothing to show off Jealousy never
lets you develop is why even after same time of Independence we are today
world 3rd Country, 2nd largest Military, 1st fastest growing market,
world's best medical college lies in New Delhi, Asia's best engineering
college lies in West Bengal, Jaguar and Land Rovers are by India, Infosys
and wipro are under top-5 hardware companies; perhaps wipro's software runs
on Boeing cockpits, etc.

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