Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir .. Full Maa Bhen

3rd ODI incident at Kanpur. India vs Pakistan. Afridi and Gambhir losing their cool over each other.

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Author Axel 16 ( ago)
The fight is real and even the abusing is real. Actually, the person who
dubbed this video understood what these players were saying and he
accordingly managed it. But, what the sound of the empire is ofcourse fake

Author sajjad ali ( ago)
Maukha maukha

Author saifuddin partapurwala ( ago)
this is fake video

Author Footloose :D ( ago)
camel urine drinkers Pakis. They can bark but cannot bite,

Author mammaramir ( ago)

Author imnotwatchin ( ago)
Rofll @ umpire xD

Author Rahul Chaukat ( ago)
Is it a real video? ?

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)


Author Sami Asif ( ago)
Khan is king

Author SAPAN DAS ( ago)

Author vishambar pandey ( ago)
bohot sahi hai bhai...........

Author zubair ali (314 years ago)

Author Umer Asif ( ago)
That's right afridi tell his ass to get the fuck out 👍😂

Author Beasthunter Sixsixsix ( ago)
gambhir taking on afridi is like me taking on slash as guitarist :P

Author sifatul islam ( ago)

Author Rahul Chauhan ( ago)
What does 'Stha Mura Gaem' in the beginning of the video mean?

Author Connect Kiran ( ago)
Randi ke bachho..khelne aaraheho ya maa chuudane! hahahhaaa..kya yaar
batchod ballchod...

Author minu jha ( ago)
all Pakistani r dogs

Author Mustafa ninetysix ( ago)
Teri bhen ki choodi hahahaha 

Author SAcHa ( ago)
Pashtun power (Afridi) unleashed on indian punjabi Gorilla (Gambhir)

Author Khan Shah ( ago)
pand chodon thuadi pen da phuda ge lan mara ha ha ha

Author Khan Shah ( ago)
hum sab india waloon ki gand lal karein humara land chooso gashti maa ka
bachoo gutam gambhir ki maa ko lund doo us ki maa chudoin kali mata ki kali
choot ma humara lummba lumba lund tumhari maa behan jo nanga kar ka choodu
tumhar ma ki gand pharoo gandi ki choti phuno kat kar apni moryo me ley lo

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)

Author USMAN KOHLI ( ago)

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)


Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)
I M D KIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG Hawaaaaa aaaaneee dooo yrrrrrrr

Author AYAZ CHUNARA ( ago)

Author taimoor khan ( ago)

Author Md Faizaan ( ago)
lol hahahahahaahah gambhir vs afidi

Author Mrinalini Khan ( ago)
Shaheed Afridi is truly an IDIOT.......

Author Siddharth Rajendran ( ago)

Author J Ta ( ago)

Author rashmi sharma ( ago)

Author Zain Choudhry ( ago)
All you Indians, smelly faggots who can't afford crap, because they spend
all their money on masala, and curry stupid bitch ass fugly looking pussies

Author Sathya Iyer ( ago)
Greatest. Video. Ever.

Author Varis Sharma ( ago)
Saale Pakistani....

Author Imran Ali ( ago)
after umpire intervension I am rolling on floor almost peed...good job

Author Gay hind ( ago)
Gay hind bharwooo

Author MikMayhem46 ( ago)
hahahahahaahha the umpire xdd

Author Viki Id ( ago)
Bhenchod ye pakistani ki gand marani chahiye...

Author divyansh singh ( ago)
Ya Thats Something That Fucked

Author Chinu Cat ( ago)
The umpire's part cracked me up totally.

Author Veershetty Patil ( ago)

Author Veershetty Patil ( ago)

Author PUNJABI SHER ( ago)
Hinduism caste system God made Brahamans from the head, the shatria from
the chest, the veshas from the stomach, the shudras from the thigs who are
treated like shit, so fuck you piss drinking mother fucker

Author PUNJABI SHER ( ago)
Ok lets fix you phen chord, the only 2 religions that have followers more
then a billion are Islam & Christianity, i dont know where you got
“Hinduism has 1 billion followers’ ?? what have “sociologist” got to do
with Islam & the Quran ?? so many videos of Hindu harami piss drinkers like
you promoting piss them selfs, you wont find any Muslim saying or video
that we worship the Kabba,your not Hindu whats this video got to do with
you then ?

Author Veracious one ( ago)
I'm not hindu, you sound mentally ill. Hinduism isn't small there are 1
billion hindus, secondly sociologists all over the world have proven islam
has a caste system if you don't know about your own religion it just proves
how uneducated and moronic you are. Lastly, caste isn't inherent to
hinduism, the concept of proletariat vs bourgeousie is common in sociology
and classism. Congratulations on proving what a dumb shit you are. If
hindus drink piss, it's like saying muslims worship kaaba

Author PUNJABI SHER ( ago)
Oi phen chord who are Ashfafs v Ajifs ?? wtf are you on about ?? & shia &
sunni is nothing to do with caste you fool, considering piss drinking
Hinduism is a small religion you have a massive caste system & caste system
in the sub continent originates from Hinduism, Sikhs are second with the
largest caste system

Author narendra mahadev ( ago)
duck afridi is a fuckin retard..!! he intentionally blocked gambhir..!!

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
How did I lie? Look it up. None of what I said was a lie. If you choose to
close your eyes, be fucking retarded and pretend your country doesnt have a
thousand problems, then thats your fault. You being ignorant doesnt make me
a liar.

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
And yes, there might be a hint of caste systems in Muslims but its really
not as bad as it is in Hinduism.Dont know about muslims in India, but in
Pak, most of the muslims are caste free. Shia and Sunnis live with each
other happily. The blasts you see on the media are done by the
fundamentalists and dont represent overall sunni attitude.Obviously as both
of us know, rural areas in both countries are absolute shit. Like I said,
these youtube debates are going to get no one nowhere

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
I respect decent Indians and Pakistanis too. Each country has its own
flaws. We need to stop giving a shit about each other and focus on our own.
Both Pak and India have tremendous amount of problems. I just made my
initial comment to reply to all the ignorant morons who were cursing out
Pak instead of enjoying the vid. No matter how much the faults, we will
ALWAYS love our country. Period. These youtube debates will get no one

Author Veracious one ( ago)
Just google " caste system among south asian muslims " a million articles
come up proving caste in islam, ie. ashrafs vs ajlafs. Not to mention shia
and sunni muslims have been killing each other for 1400 years. In modern
indian cities intercaste marriage is very common, no one cares. Yes in
uneducated Indian villages people care. In those kind of villages in Pak
they are 10 times worse, killing non muslims and shias. I respect decent
Indians and Pakis, just not these morons arguing online.

Author overclockedHD ( ago)

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
You guys claim to be so "westernized", "liberalized" ,"sophisticated" and
"Way more educated then Pakistanis." Then howcome you havent gotten rid of
the caste system yet? Atleast in our country, any muslim or hindu can walk
freely without worrying that if his shadow falls on a hindu priest, he wont
be abused! Come back to argue me when your country has gotten rid of the
barbaric caste system!

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
Whats the point of all of your so called achievements when more then 60% of
your people are still broke as fuck. 78 million people are homeless in your
country! Thats almost half of Pakistan's population homeless. 2nd largest
military? You guys couldnt handle 1 person roaming around in a hotel, how
are you gonna handle the whole pak army?How is India better then Pak, when
WE saved YOUR sailors? 1st fastest market couldnt even save its own people!
Ur mothers were thanking our govt, not urs!

Author Ankit Gadre ( ago)
afridi is coward like most of muslims and gambhir is brave like most of

Author overclockedHD ( ago)
We have better politics and movements rules, UNITY, etc ... >these are
just few, you must google what I said........ ohh.. all Papistani bark away
as WE humans do give a fuck when dogs bark.

Author overclockedHD ( ago)
Keep crying smelly fag because you got nothing to show off Jealousy never
lets you develop is why even after same time of Independence we are today
world 3rd Country, 2nd largest Military, 1st fastest growing market,
world's best medical college lies in New Delhi, Asia's best engineering
college lies in West Bengal, Jaguar and Land Rovers are by India, Infosys
and wipro are under top-5 hardware companies; perhaps wipro's software runs
on Boeing cockpits, etc.

Author overclockedHD ( ago)
I understand how you feel for your nation and its a normal thing but dear
you are kinda joined Nation holded by gums; once touched you'll be broken
again... truth sux my friend.

Author kaleem baig ( ago)
Trying to mimic whites doesn't change your colour and caste!

Author kaleem baig ( ago)
Gambhir runs away like a child when rebuked by Afridi. LOL.

Author Angel Ash ( ago)
or sary indian dafa ho jao jahan se bhen chod maan chod dun ga tm sab ki

Author Angel Ash ( ago)
teri maan ki kuss main lun randi k bachy or teri bharat mata ki bhi maan ka
chola saly balatkariyo apni maan behan ka rape kr dety ho haramzado tm
indians kabhi nai aqal mand bano gy gashti k bacho jahil k jahil raho gy
saly pakistan baap hai india ka aik din bad paida huwe tm hindu haram zade

Author ANIL MEHRA ( ago)

Author Ankit Gadre ( ago)
gambhir's attitude is completely right

Author sharmaldh ( ago)
Agar India main caste system to pakistan main bhi ek tarah ka caste system
hai. Tum saale sunni har roz shia ko maar rahe ho, fir shia maar rahe hain
sunni ko. Aur aise hi ek doosre ko khatam kar rahe ho. Tu log saale camel
ka moot peene waale gandi nasle tumhari kya aukat India ke saamne.
Bhenchodon terrorist ke siva aaj tak kuch bana nahi chale India se war
ladne. Saalon ghasti ke bachon tumhari aukat nahi hain

Author Jasmin Kewal ( ago)
very good commentary ....lunn te wajj.......... man fair with both

Author prakhar jain ( ago)
tu sala pakistani madarchod

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
Are you fucking retarded? Do you have a single brain cell? Saale gaandu,
tere mulk mein 1 billion aadmi hoga to tere paas paisai bhi zyada honge. It
doesnt make you any richer though. Oh sorry yaar , main ne ye angrezi main
boldya chal main tujh jaisai jahil ke lye translate krta hoon. "Tum log sab
ki tarah ghareeb ho kutton" Cast system tere mulk main hai, cows ka pishaab
tum log peete ho, tumhari 79% abaadi $1 se bhi kam banati hai . Then how
the FUCK can you say gandustan is better then pak.

Author Kumar Abhinav ( ago)
kyon be maachod pakistani, tere mulk me baap ki respect karna nai sikhaya
jaata kya be?? apne baap ki izzat kar maa k lore, india tera baapp hai be,
agar pakistan me padhai hoti hogi to tu ye v jaanta hoga ki india is far
more flourishing and developed than fuckistan, so jaa apni maa ko bech...

Author Dipesh Chauhan ( ago)
Muaaahaaa @ empire... Can't stop laughing... :o)

Author holadude02 ( ago)
Epic Commentary!!! LMFAO

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
Abai jo bhi indians yahan bakwas kar rhe hain dafa ho jaen... Saale tum log
kya nafrat kro ge pak se saale tumhare to apne log nafrt krte hain
gandustan se.. Kashmir se le kr khalistan tak koi bui tm logo ke mulk ko
pasand nhi krta.. Fucking piss drinkers..

Author shaikh ziyauddin ( ago)
afridi ne gambhir ki maa chod dali

Author saad waheed ( ago)
Why cant we all just love each other?

Author KaranPwnsAll ( ago)

Author Gurvijay Gill ( ago)
Yes we hate pakistani govt, their terrorist outfits but not the average
pakistani because they are just like us.

Author The Young Turds ( ago)
no indian likes pakistan. an indian liking pakistan is not even an indian.
but yes, we know that innocent civilians of pakistan are victims of their
own government and terrorism. we need to help these less unfortunate too

Author TOP 10 ( ago)
umpire lol

Author Vaibhav Mohan ( ago)
real dubbing except for the umpire i guess...LMAO

Author Bharat Rao ( ago)
just listen the umpire LOL

Author Sadiq Noor ( ago)
I am an Indian ! Even I hate Pakistan !! Even more than you I guess !! But
yes you've proved that you have zero knowledge about Islam ! They are
misled ! The Pakistani's are involved in terrorism ! What has Islam to do
with that ?? A person or a group of them spreading terror can't be a Muslim
! And learn to respect one n all ! We are Indians we are taught these
things right from childhood !

Author violetheartin ( ago)
Love the umpire's statement..

Author बिनित ओझा ( ago)
The Umpire's dubbing is just EPIC !

Author Ismail Wakil ( ago)
i like that afridi

Author rohit3849 ( ago)
nice one :)

Author Prateek Sharma ( ago)
Katte lun wale paki chal bhaag yahan se

Author ankit12345630 ( ago)
National SONG of Pakistan: Saare jahan se "LUCCHA" PAKISTAN hamara. Hum
"JAANVAR" hain iske, ye "CHIDIYA GHAR" hamara. MAZHAB Hame sikhata
Sarre jaha se "LUCCHA "PAKISTAN" HAMARA ":-D:-D

Author Hrushikesh V ( ago)
Waah yaar. Umpire ke comments. Freaking HILARIOUS!

Author Prateek Sharma ( ago)
Porki ki maa choddi gambhir ne

Author Prateek Sharma ( ago)
Love that when gambhir says teri maa ki choot

Author KING KAI ( ago)
abe bharwe ki aulaad smjh bhi aya kch..? chal jake gaand mara

Author KING KAI ( ago)
bhai hans k paet me dard ho gya..more!

Author Mike Mac ( ago)
india is a pussy ass country

Author Baap Singh ( ago)
afridi ki ma ka bhosda pakistanio ki ma ki chut.. pakistanio ki behno ko
chod k aaya hu lund gaya h sooj..

Author aman singh ( ago)
i madharachod afridi ekri ma ki chod khud madharchod bhudua ka nasal hai
,teri ma ki chud jahana se nikla hai wahin fir se dal denge teri ma ki chud

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