Check out these unbelievable animals that saved lives! These awesome heroic animals jumped into action to save people's lives!

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8: Ning Nong The Elephant
7: Dolphins
6: Winnie The Cat
5: Sea Lions
4: Lions
3: Mila The Beluga Whale
2: Lulu The Pig
1: Binti Jua

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Author Dahlia Autumn Jackson ( ago)
4:00 fuckn scared the shit of out me

Author GABRIEL LUKACS ( ago)
it was great i whathet it at 1 in the morning so I saw nothing😳now am humgy for 🍕🍔🍟🍻🍺🍸🍗🍡🍥🍣🍢🍜🍣🍤🍜🍚🍛🍝🍘🍙🍹🍹🍷🍤🍱🍷🍵☕🍹🍚🍡🍣🍗🍟🍸🍻🍺🍼🍷🍠🍉🍯🍧🍨🍭🍇🍍🍐🍒🍬🍦🍮🍫🍋🍌🍈🍊🍪🍩🍩🍞🍰🍏🍏🍑🍑🍓🍓🍎🎂🍳🌽🍅🍅🍆🍆🍅🌽🍩🍦🍧🍰🎂🍳🍕 bieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author Axl Reybert Sangalang ( ago)

Author Beverly Pickett ( ago)

Author sapna kumari ( ago)

Author Juan Miguel Acosta ( ago)
I believe in god

Author Levaga04 ( ago)
Dicks out for harambe

Author moustache banana ( ago)
That was heart breaking

Author SkullEliminationz k ( ago)

Author Anamaria Diaz ( ago)
I also knew about the gorilla and the boy. it was on the news.

Author Anamaria Diaz ( ago)
I knew about Winnie the cat

Author Kyan Wiltink ( ago)
so thats why everyone loves harambe well rest in peace harambe we all loved you

Author Phantom Master ( ago)
HARAMBE NO garrila lives matter

Author John Nourse ( ago)
Winnie the CAT a hero good job

Author Emma The Cat ( ago)

Author Andy Vanenburg ( ago)
how te fok

Author Cheese&KittyCrafters ( ago)

Author Joanna777jo ( ago)
Thank you, Dear Harambe, and forgive us - if we are worthy of being forgiven.

Author Andy croteau ( ago)

Author Danika ott ( ago)
the first cat looked like my cat Bonnie

Author singing Redhead ( ago)
When the narrator said you go Winnie it made me think of this. You go Glenn Coco.

Author Arianna Sims ( ago)

Author Snowy Lps ( ago)
What about Jeremy?

Author Nikalus Darling ( ago)
the thumbnail is so horribly Photoshopped

Author Zoee Vasiliadis ( ago)

Author The adventures of Kyleefennell ( ago)
Burgas have the most powerful pair of glassess

Author Ava Berzins ( ago)

Author Sonic Games ( ago)
I'm going to miss harambe

Author Rylo Abel ( ago)
watch rylee Abel

Author Vizzer Music ( ago)
Pray for Harambe

Author Ceragia xoxo ( ago)
R.I.P harambe😭

Author Kelsey Macala ( ago)
That is nice

Author Briana Washington ( ago)
Mila the whatever whale we read about it in class in third grade.

Author Kamerion Scott ( ago)

Author Kamerion Scott ( ago)

Author TheIronWolf 101 ( ago)
Don't you mean jumbo that was the first enclosure that a child fell into the grorila.....

Author Eliza Valdez ( ago)
I really love this because it shows how smart animals are.☺️

Author Charlie Darrien ( ago)
4:02 was so funny

Author TricOva - ( ago)
as soon as they mentioned gorillas and Ohio i knew they were talking about Harambe xddd

Author positive minds ( ago)
lol harambe is a hero i just known that xD

Author Daisy Jones ( ago)
Those are lovely and unusual stories. You should add to it the story of Selvakumar, a dog who saved his young owner during the tsunami in Phuket.

Author shamaim fatima ( ago)

Author Rupa Swali ( ago)
good keep it up

Author Imran Razak ( ago)
roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited and so did you

dolpins are dangearous

Author Miley Ferch ( ago)
R.I.P Harambe

Author Miley Ferch ( ago)
they are smart too!! :)

Author Miley Ferch ( ago)
those animals are brave ;)

Author Miley Ferch ( ago)
all of these animals act like people and they are well treated by that :)

Author Lil C ( ago)
You can definitely see the photoshop on the thumbnail

Author Nayo B ( ago)
just came here to say how bad you are and photo shopping that crappy thumbnail. maybe put something that isn't click bait.

Author Mel Wu ( ago)
RIP Heranbe

Author Marilyn_The_Rat ( ago)

Author Rayden Land ( ago)
rip lions

Author JayJayTheStar 123 ( ago)
MY CAT SAVED ME TOO I LOVE CATS.... also I have a llama

Author Victor sweeting ( ago)
there is no such thing as bipolar

Author jazminemomtero ( ago)
my birds save my faimly from carbon dproxsid 2010

Author Raeleigh Stover ( ago)
R.I.P. Hirambe

Author RedLink04 RBLX ( ago)
obviously Photoshop thumbnail

Author zeina wahdan ( ago)
and that's how Tarzan came to life

Author Winnie Bunnie ( ago)
Omg this is really cool!! Xx

Author Catherine Mendel ( ago)
At 6:25 You mention a wildlife expert who says that the crying of the girl may have sounded to the lions like a cub meowing and therefore they came to rescue her... a male lion would NOT save a cub...he would kill it, unless it is his own offspring... I therefore have to assume these were not lions but lionesses who probably HAD cubs, and therefore their instincts guided by hormones kicked in. However it may be, it was a miracle from God that they were there in the vicinity to help her, and that they were 'hormonally' geared toward protection and not predatory behavior.

Author Lilian Ulisky ( ago)

Author Monstergirl12345 ( ago)
No! Harambe! Y does he have 2 die! It's not fair!

Author Hack Codex ( ago)
The baby in the thumbnail doesn't have a shadow

Author flamyscoot ( ago)
Rip harambe

Author Constance g ( ago)
I new the last one

Author Jennie Brewer ( ago)
if y0u w4nt me to

Author Jennie Brewer ( ago)
I will h4ck r0bl0x

Author vegetas Williams ( ago)
haha I broke the 666 comments

Author my3boyz ( ago)

Author Kaylin Keene ( ago)

Author Viktor Boshkov ( ago)
Still crying for Harambe.. :(

Author radicalruby ( ago)

Author Saphaia Kins ( ago)
Hey these comments say there are 666 comments😱😱😱

Author Faithful Quran ( ago)

Author Poki Monika ( ago)
Wow Winnie did such a good job good cat!

Author Emma Kanoupaki ( ago)
all of them are adorable,the one with the dolphins melted my heart!

Author chloe robertsgamer ( ago)
i like Mila

Author Hailey Martin ( ago)
the guy that tried to commit suicide he came to our school and shared his story in glad he is better though

Author RoyaL Resident ( ago)

Author Shredder Cheddar FTW ( ago)
rip harembe we all loved u but u did nothing wrong u helped the chiled they should of never shoot u god bless u harembe 😳💙

Author Enhanced Gaming ( ago)

Author Warriors What If ( ago)
the thumbnail is OBVIOUSLY photoshopped

Author Kbanna$ ( ago)
dolphins are angels

Author Ysa Balderas ( ago)

Author maui6212 ( ago)
Rip Harambe we love u😰

Author Tailer Minervini ( ago)

Author Mousie Gaming ( ago)
Harambe 😜

Author cutefox955 ( ago)
Staying in the hospital for 4 days that's nothing me I stayed for 6 weeks for heart surgery and my friend stayed for 3 whole years!!!!

Author Elijah Sorensen ( ago)

Author Miranda Bergstresser ( ago)

Author Jovita Campos ( ago)
that is sooo cool i want a pet like 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Author PrettyGaming_ Mcpe ( ago)
tbh this was boring no offence btw I actually fell asleep

Author Kerstyne Cobain ( ago)
They saved my life to

Author Kaitie Walston ( ago)
those animals are real hero's like if you agree

Author Anime Lover123 ( ago)
R.I.P harombay

Author Patrick Bernardi de Freitas ( ago)

Author WaMi RoyalZ ( ago)

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