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  • Luz Neri
    Luz Neri 16 hours ago

    how to signing

  • Leah Swee
    Leah Swee 17 hours ago

    It's rare that lion saves human. Only one in history and century.

  • anything and everything

    R.I.P Harambe 😭

  • Jennifer Bellman
    Jennifer Bellman 2 days ago

    I would've listened to the dolphins even if I hadn't seen the shark. Dolphins are the second smartest things on the planet, us being the first.

  • Jeff Light
    Jeff Light 3 days ago


  • Rainbow pony gamer CUTE PUPPY


  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 7 days ago


  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 7 days ago


  • Chelsey Madrid
    Chelsey Madrid 7 days ago

    @ 0:02 I started crying because I knew what was about to go down😭😭😂 why am i such a cry baby haha

  • Nmethyltransferase
    Nmethyltransferase 8 days ago

    Dolphin: The shorts... lose 'em!

    Me: Well~ The Origins Explained narrator _did_ say...

  • Abraham Walrus
    Abraham Walrus 9 days ago

    9:16 sounds familiar...

  • Lilly Cheeseburger
    Lilly Cheeseburger 11 days ago

    when your late so you comment a stupid meme you made up, such as
    I Wanted Skittles
    Not M&Ms,Mom
    I can't make a good Meme XD

  • Cupcakewolf7
    Cupcakewolf7 11 days ago

    Mila is my name 😅

  • Sydney Duong
    Sydney Duong 12 days ago

    I just wanna pet these animals to bad!

  • Hawks Rule vlog time

    dolphins well wild dolphins are killers

  • Augpetlady ;/
    Augpetlady ;/ 12 days ago

    I did a research paper on sea lions

  • Augpetlady ;/
    Augpetlady ;/ 12 days ago

    This is why I love animals


    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I came for the click bait
    I bet you did too

  • Emely  David
    Emely David 14 days ago

    Animals are saviours

  • Mina Oparebia
    Mina Oparebia 14 days ago


  • Sheefani Verma
    Sheefani Verma 15 days ago


  • Sheefani Verma
    Sheefani Verma 15 days ago

    These animals are teal heros they have saved alot of people.I would sure like to be saved from these animals if I ever need help.

  • Z Ramos
    Z Ramos 15 days ago

    So cute!!

  • Bazoonii ROBLOX codes

    The picture for the video is terribly photoshopped. But the stories are cute

  • Suckerpunch Sucka
    Suckerpunch Sucka 15 days ago

    why is harambe number 1?! people dont even know if he saved the kid!!!!!

  • Sakhi Pradhanani
    Sakhi Pradhanani 16 days ago

    If dolphins force you to something you better listen 😝😘

  • Xasan Cilaaj
    Xasan Cilaaj 16 days ago


  • Vilma Naduaran
    Vilma Naduaran 17 days ago

    AHHHH the picture was clickbait

    DHARMESH DESAI 17 days ago

    OMG! ! I..

  • Alayna Sapalon
    Alayna Sapalon 17 days ago

    we must love animals they protect us

  • Dustin Helm
    Dustin Helm 18 days ago


  • pro gaming
    pro gaming 18 days ago

    lulu de pig is so smart

  • zack Ferrer
    zack Ferrer 18 days ago

    thats nice

  • rythmïque баllerïna

    Animals are always doing amazing things!GO ANIMALS!!!😍👍🏼😍

  • Indrajit Datta
    Indrajit Datta 19 days ago

    Lulu the #1... Thanks Lulu, a great karma.🐗

  • Henry Mink
    Henry Mink 19 days ago


  • I'mA Dancer
    I'mA Dancer 19 days ago

    my dog died his name was milo this is how

    i was walking him and some person came up in a truck and said "hey need a ride home" i said no then started walking and the truck followed me and my dog, he ask "hey need a ride home or i'll shoot you " so ran but he missed me but hit my dog, and i was outside my house to, luckly the found the man and he got LIFE in jail

  • Bre Corns
    Bre Corns 20 days ago

    I love pigs and the pig one was the best thing ever ❤️ like?

  • sophia clonts
    sophia clonts 20 days ago


  • //Ally MSP//
    //Ally MSP// 21 day ago

    Thumbnail is so fake

  • Faizal Boyroy
    Faizal Boyroy 21 day ago


  • Faizal Boyroy
    Faizal Boyroy 21 day ago

    I do not understand

  • Anna Monde
    Anna Monde 22 days ago

    That is crazy

  • Athena The Goddess
    Athena The Goddess 22 days ago


  • Isaiah Morales
    Isaiah Morales 23 days ago

    I'm am Winnies owner hooray Winnie

  • milbourne23
    milbourne23 23 days ago

    hairy worry like I fuck you fat fork for the Dolphin say that the kid or somebody asked but I really grateful and happy that you die on that glad that they got aged

  • milbourne23
    milbourne23 23 days ago

    Well thanks for the loan horse wild dolphins I don't see the dolphins say there that I was right

  • milbourne23
    milbourne23 23 days ago

    The dog was ceut

    • milbourne23
      milbourne23 23 days ago


  • milbourne23
    milbourne23 23 days ago

    that was cute when the dog saved the no born baby . So curt 🐶🐶🏥🏥🏩🏩🏡🏠❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💜💚💛❤️❤️💛💛💚💜💖💘

  • Reg itpp
    Reg itpp 25 days ago


  • Jordynn Calaman
    Jordynn Calaman 25 days ago

    Rest In Peace Harambe

    J_O_S_H DEMPSEY 25 days ago

    Omg the photoshop

  • Kolodo [] Gaming & More!


  • Kolodo [] Gaming & More!

    Save Harambe

  • Jojo Emus
    Jojo Emus 26 days ago

    I love animals they help with depression and now watching this they are just amazing. always be kind to animals. and that poor gorilla shooting him was not far he could of Been helping but to be honest if that was my son I be terrified so better to be safe then sorry.

  • spakels
    spakels 26 days ago

    you're cool and amazing☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😯😮:-) ;-) :-D =-O :O B-)

  • TaeHobi
    TaeHobi 26 days ago

    My dogs saved my life once, or at least tried to, I don't think I would've died. My house was filled with smoke from my stove, so my dogs laid over me to prevent smoke inhalation. That's what our vet said anyway.

  • Finnstergaming 8
    Finnstergaming 8 26 days ago

    R.I.P Harambe R.I.P

  • Kathy Felix
    Kathy Felix 27 days ago

    lulu i love u and your a hero

  • Janet Taylor
    Janet Taylor 27 days ago

    Dolphins kept them in the water for another 40 mins... WOW glad they were strong swimmers. Or maybe the circling prevents them sinking with the current. Am I overthinking this? I need to get some work done

  • TitanVgold 7
    TitanVgold 7 27 days ago

    I'd wish for these animals to know how proud and amazed we feel about them for their actions

  • Breanneai Bari
    Breanneai Bari 27 days ago

    Rest in peace harambe

  • Crazy Dog Dog
    Crazy Dog Dog 28 days ago

    I'ma give this channel a tip.... don't talk. I mean foreal just show the vid first and maybe make a comment after but don't talk through the whole thing. plzz change

  • Brad Dandurand
    Brad Dandurand 28 days ago

    Dolphins are AWSOME!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt 29 days ago

    All the animals I eat save my life.

  • Sierra Emond
    Sierra Emond 1 month ago

    Ok there where 3 fricken commercials on this video

  • Churro Uchia
    Churro Uchia 1 month ago

    Mila the savage

  • xXACDXx
    xXACDXx 1 month ago


  • Polaristic
    Polaristic 1 month ago

    BRUH that thumbnail is so fake. The baby is clearly edited in -.-

  • Clementine Briant
    Clementine Briant 1 month ago


  • DJ Wulvie
    DJ Wulvie 1 month ago

    Rip herhamboosh

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez 1 month ago


  • Mark Tamiok
    Mark Tamiok 1 month ago

    love it i wish i have one of those animal 😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄

  • annabelle luy
    annabelle luy 1 month ago

    "To gorillas" HARAMABE!

  • Thomas Knelsen
    Thomas Knelsen 1 month ago

    RIP Harambe:'(

  • Maritza Ibarra
    Maritza Ibarra 1 month ago


    GAMING GOD 1 month ago

    Harambe 😭😭😭😭

  • GYLM
    GYLM 1 month ago

    juju is a hero he is the man 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 1 month ago

    why do u guys always put fake thumnail

  • PinkHorseRider 12
    PinkHorseRider 12 1 month ago

    I hate you. Now I'm crying because of that.

  • Bonbon lol
    Bonbon lol 1 month ago

    I hate people that kill animals

  • Montanna Skye
    Montanna Skye 1 month ago

    OH MA GEWED i grew up in whangerei

  • Thom Geren
    Thom Geren 1 month ago

    My daughter has a Shih Tzu named Lily. It saved me and my daughter from a fire. She was frantically barking. Which she never barks. When we awakened we found the front patio deck in flames. I was fortunate enough to get it under control before firefighters arrived. My daughter then gave me one of Lilly's puppies. Lola had taken to me right away. She was the oldest of the litter. And always made sure I would pick her up and hold her. Lola and I then moved to Idaho to be with my childhood sweetheart. She was two and a half at the time. One night when we were in bed. She jumped out of bed and went to the kitchen and started frantically barking. When I got up to investigate. She was barking and staring at the stove. My girlfriend had washed a cast iron skillet. And put it on the stove with the burner on. Then forgot about it. I guess Lola takes after her momma. There is no telling what might have happened if she hadn't got our attention.

  • I Am A Person
    I Am A Person 1 month ago

    wow! i luv dolphins
    I Am A Person

    NATALIE GONZALEZ 1 month ago

    R.I.P Harambe❤️😔....Harambe should not have been killed😤He didn't do wrong🙁He did what was right❤️😔He didn't kill the kid...so why kill Harambe

  • Turtle-Shell
    Turtle-Shell 1 month ago

    I had a cat named Winnie.
    She ran away.
    Then two years later suddenly returned to us.
    Turns out she's been jumping from one home to another and her last owner was still looking for her.
    Anyways... she ran away again and we haven't seen her since.

  • Ester Johannsen
    Ester Johannsen 1 month ago

    10/10 Photoshop thumbnail

  • J.L
    J.L 1 month ago

    The thumbnail was photoshopped😂😂😂The child did not have a shadow too. But yes, those animals are truly heroes! Salute. People always say animals dont have feelings but i see it the other way round.

  • Jovita Perez
    Jovita Perez 1 month ago

    thay save them

  • Ros AL
    Ros AL 1 month ago

    I WAS BORN IN 2007 WOW

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P 1 month ago

    Yet everyone kills these animals and no one does anything about it, if I had the choice to kill all humans I would do so, we are all fucked up even if you say you aren't, even I am.

  • vgf family
    vgf family 1 month ago

    rip harambe

  • Piggygurl xoxo
    Piggygurl xoxo 1 month ago

    I love pigs now I love them more 🐷

  • Blond Boy 123456
    Blond Boy 123456 1 month ago

    R.I.P Harambe

    CHILL STAR 1 month ago

    like comment subscribe

    CHILL STAR 1 month ago


  • gtfo Julia
    gtfo Julia 1 month ago


  • Mantis
    Mantis 1 month ago

    its not wangara its whangara

  • KuramaAndHeieAreMineForever Halas

    I loved gorillas so much that my mom had to buy buy one for me I called her Weylyn and she is now 10 years where we share our birthdays together then when I saw this video and heard that harambee was shot it killed me inside but that didn't stop me from loving Weylyn. When she was turning twelve she was taken from me and when she is thirteen she came back running to me and wanted me to give TLC to her so I did! Until..... My mom had to take her away but I said "but mom! If you take her away you are taking me with her to she is a part of me and I am a part of her! And when she will die out their then I can't risk to live without her!" Then I kept her ever since my mom and dad died. She never left my side! And I tone care of her now we are fifteen years old and when im at school I always come home and always surprised cause our home I always spotless then I had to give her a reward..... Food!😳😂💔😞😭

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