Can 1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Shatter Galaxy S8 Infinity Display?

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  • GizmoSlip
    GizmoSlip 20 days ago

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! Don't take this video seriously. It's just a fun experiment. Also, I haven't deleted any comments saying that the fiver spinner is only going 31 MPH. Comments like that are just trying to smear my name. In fact I responded to a guy named Grant who did calculations based on the slow motion, and I thanked him for trying to calculated it, but that we ramp up the slow motion a ton, so you can't do calculations based on it. You would need the original clip to know the true value. But either way, it doesn't matter. This video is just all about having fun, and if you enjoyed it. That's all that mattered. Thanks everyone! You rock!

    • Foxace gaming
      Foxace gaming 7 days ago

      your fake

    • ToxicStarzVlogs YT
      ToxicStarzVlogs YT 7 days ago

      GizmoSlip U FAKE

    • Kaydamation
      Kaydamation 8 days ago

      GizmoSlip I though this was cool

    • BKnight
      BKnight 8 days ago

      +GizmoSlip God, you're in full damage control aren't you? The fidget spinner would've never damaged the phone because of common fucking sense and physics and you know that. All you want is quick and easy money. So, you put on some stupid act and pretend like you never knew anything to fool the gullible idiots who don't know any better. Well done.

    • FilesNation
      FilesNation 8 days ago

      "Comments like that are just trying to smear my name" - you're hitting a phone screen with a Fidget spinner, while claiming it's spinning at a speed approaching Mach 1, trust me when I say you have no name to smear.

  • Jose_ G726
    Jose_ G726 2 hours ago

    You really have nothing to do better in your life do you?

  • David Moon
    David Moon 6 hours ago

    I don't think you can get a speed off of a rotating object, but an rpm very possible, in conclusion I don't think anything can reach 1000 mph unless it has a fucking jet engine attached to it 😑

  • DiscoPugYT N
    DiscoPugYT N 12 hours ago

    These guys don't know how fast it's actually going, they just say 1000+ mph just to get views. Also fidget spinners are meant to focus, not be abused by idiots like these guys.

  • Assassin YT
    Assassin YT 12 hours ago

    Holy crap you're RICHHH

  • James RiSci
    James RiSci 16 hours ago


  • Elierbster
    Elierbster 16 hours ago

    RPM* you idiot

  • Donna Passaro
    Donna Passaro 17 hours ago

    Your the best

  • JisINSANE3
    JisINSANE3 18 hours ago

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  • Clap Trap
    Clap Trap 19 hours ago

    This is the only fun this fat boring fuck has in his life, he's so amused

  • kaia !
    kaia ! 20 hours ago

    ... I like your shirt though

  • Beatriz RSalas
    Beatriz RSalas 21 hour ago

    This video is awesome subbed.

  • Jordan Fitanides
    Jordan Fitanides 21 hour ago

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  • Hermione Jean Granger

    "Random fidget spinner drop test" LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Random Acts
    Random Acts 21 hour ago

    If the fidget spinner is spinning at 1000 mph where is the sonic boom?

  • Maw Segura
    Maw Segura 23 hours ago

    you punch it

  • Morgan Vanko
    Morgan Vanko 1 day ago

    well no wonder it broke, you slammed a metal object onto the phone

  • Rahul Deepak
    Rahul Deepak 1 day ago

    Plastic is pretty strong

  • baines45
    baines45 1 day ago

    can i have that fidget spinner

  • Ronita Steffes
    Ronita Steffes 1 day ago

    so many thumbs down

  • Kaleb Durner
    Kaleb Durner 1 day ago

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  • Michael Gammell
    Michael Gammell 1 day ago

    This dude is a fucking downy isn't he

  • Onur Karakus
    Onur Karakus 1 day ago

    my galaxy s7 edge was broken:( fuck the fidget spinner...

  • JKs370Z
    JKs370Z 1 day ago

    1000 mph fucking bs lol

  • Yousif Aldawaf
    Yousif Aldawaf 1 day ago

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  • Chahine Chihab
    Chahine Chihab 1 day ago

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    UAF STUDENT 1 day ago


  • jadyn k
    jadyn k 1 day ago

    Hey did you know to break a sound barrier a jet needs to go about 727 MPH SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • MC_Girl_15
    MC_Girl_15 1 day ago

    I guessed right in the poll! :)

  • Frank Kaufmann
    Frank Kaufmann 1 day ago

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  • Austin Weaver
    Austin Weaver 1 day ago

    you dumb thats not 1000 mph. we all know you're fishing for attentiom

  • aaron sharif
    aaron sharif 1 day ago

    you threw it down bro

  • aaron sharif
    aaron sharif 1 day ago

    one of the stupidest things I've seen today

  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 day ago

    I'm gonna delete this fron my history

  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 day ago

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  • Gaming Ninja123
    Gaming Ninja123 1 day ago

    just kill yourself already...

  • Deizel Freeman
    Deizel Freeman 1 day ago

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  • Steven Odell
    Steven Odell 1 day ago

    woooòoòoooooòoooooow is that possible is it real ? Yay I dont believe it

  • Paul Deane
    Paul Deane 2 days ago

    That's extremely impressive.

  • Joseph Red
    Joseph Red 2 days ago

    1000mph WTF!!! the speed of sound travels at about 767mph if nasa had this they wont need chuck yeager.

  • Alexis Roper
    Alexis Roper 2 days ago

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  • Sophie S
    Sophie S 2 days ago

    okay, read this:
    it took about 11- 13 seconds for the fidget spinner to make a full rotation in the slomo clip. Now the dude in the video said the camera was moving 18,000 fps and at normal video speed 60fps it means that it was making around 8800 rotations per one hour. rps =88,518 circomfrence: 2*pi*radius and the radius of a fidget spinner is 1 inch = 0.0000157828 miles
    88,518*0.00009916625 = mph

  • najtmermati
    najtmermati 2 days ago

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  • Pr Vajracharya
    Pr Vajracharya 2 days ago

    I think this is the most disliked video of #gizmoslip...

  • Mike Kershaw
    Mike Kershaw 2 days ago

    its not 1000 mph if it was there would be a sonic boom

  • Muhammad Ali Hassan

    fuck you idiots

  • antonio antonio
    antonio antonio 2 days ago


  • brayden bro
    brayden bro 2 days ago


  • Hyru
    Hyru 2 days ago

    He just slammed it into the glass

  • olga Gonzalez
    olga Gonzalez 2 days ago

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  • Alexander Dodd
    Alexander Dodd 2 days ago

    I would not have spun it toward me

  • Wolf Master
    Wolf Master 2 days ago

    it is not 1000 mph that's just completely false

  • Slava Matlin
    Slava Matlin 2 days ago

    Fucking idiots

  • lee ward
    lee ward 2 days ago

    Yo bro your sick

  • Bright Bege
    Bright Bege 2 days ago

    cool video I love your videos

  • NethermanMC Gaming
    NethermanMC Gaming 2 days ago

    this is gayest thing i have ever seen

  • Mezker David
    Mezker David 2 days ago


  • cypowergamer
    cypowergamer 2 days ago

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  • Sackattack
    Sackattack 2 days ago

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  • Mohsen TUA
    Mohsen TUA 3 days ago

    Gizmo in 3:33 it was chit chat

  • Chillius
    Chillius 3 days ago

    It's RPM not MPH

  • Rayyan Qazi
    Rayyan Qazi 3 days ago


  • Adam Gacek
    Adam Gacek 3 days ago

    now try this vs Nokia 3310

  • TK27 Summoner
    TK27 Summoner 3 days ago

    ur as fake as ur giveaways.

    DACHI YT 3 days ago

    57k liek and 72k dislike

    its like justin bieber baby

  • Matthew Carmichael
    Matthew Carmichael 3 days ago

    fuck you gay ass motherfucker stop the gay fidget spinner videos

  • Niko Videogames
    Niko Videogames 3 days ago

    You just smashed it into the damn screen -.-

  • Muhammad Priangga
    Muhammad Priangga 3 days ago

    can i subcribe but dont say Holly Cow

  • Muhammad Priangga
    Muhammad Priangga 3 days ago

    to t wis that is..... where do you live!!!?

  • Rene Santiago
    Rene Santiago 3 days ago

    I will just touch it not slam it -gizmoslip 2017

    you fuckin slammed it bruh

  • Ecsperience
    Ecsperience 3 days ago

    Hi without having seen your calculations I wanted to try and figure it out myself.

    Without knowing what amount of time that clip actually spanned before slowing it, I just assumed a refresh rate of 60 hz (maybe its 75 but idk).

    I believe 60 hz would mean that bar would pass down through the screen 60 times in a single second. So i counted how many times the bar entered the screen from the time the spinner came in to frame. I think i got 7. Then i counted how many times the spinner did one full rotation from the time it came in to frame. I think it was slightly less than 3, but I rounded up. So 7 "refreshes" at 60hz means from the time the spinner came in to frame till the time it hit the phone was 0.11 seconds (0.1 or 1/10th for convenience). This means the spinner did 3 rotations in 0.1 seconds or 30 per second. Then without any googling I just assumed the spinner has a diameter of 3" & circumference of about 10". So any given point on the circumference of the spinner travels 10" for 1 rotation, and at 30 per second...300" per second? Which is equal to ...17mph.

    Another easier way to do this is take the diameter in feet (3/12 or 0.25) and multiply by 3.14 to get a circumference of 0.785 feet. Then well multiply that by our rotations. So 30 per second x 60 seconds x 60 minutes is 108,000 rotations per hour. 108,000 rotations of 0.785 feet an hour is about 85,000 feet per hour. Divide 85,000 by 5280 and you get something like 17 or 18 mph.

    This was all rough and i did make a mistake along the way that came out to 909mph. I cant remember what i did but these 2 methods above got me nearly the same answer.

  • Dark Flame
    Dark Flame 3 days ago

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  • walid lahnine
    walid lahnine 3 days ago

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  • Molly And Rosie
    Molly And Rosie 3 days ago


  • walid lahnine
    walid lahnine 3 days ago

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  • walid lahnine
    walid lahnine 3 days ago

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    walid lahnine 3 days ago

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  • zak kalam
    zak kalam 3 days ago

    the phone on the thumbnail is s7 edge

    THE WARRIORS 3 days ago

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    it's 100% real guys you can't just it's fake when you looked at it IN SLOMOTION

  • Ivan
    Ivan 3 days ago

    8 MPH fidget spinner. Okay

  • AdamGamers
    AdamGamers 3 days ago

    i think the screen will crack

    DR. DRRAVEN 3 days ago

    why da he'll do u do this

    XSMASHER GAMES 3 days ago

    what do u do with the phones when your all done

  • Amber O'Shields
    Amber O'Shields 3 days ago

    the words get in the way

    FJ SO COOL 3 days ago

    "I'm a professional drop tester" *accidentally drops spinner* SEE!! Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Karlie Okrainetz
    Karlie Okrainetz 3 days ago


  • Karlie Okrainetz
    Karlie Okrainetz 3 days ago


  • Edwin Udave
    Edwin Udave 3 days ago

    So clickbait u stupid why would u destroy that phone some peoplw

    • Edwin Udave
      Edwin Udave 3 days ago

      Some people can't afford that phone this so dumb

  • Andrew Sarles
    Andrew Sarles 3 days ago

    Who came here from Pyrocynical?


    5:29 A little UFO came out from the giant mothership ufo *CAUGHT ON TAPE*

  • Angel Apolinar
    Angel Apolinar 3 days ago

    this dude breaking hella phones when I can't even afford a new one

  • Ubisoft As.
    Ubisoft As. 3 days ago

    He said bullet time, bullet time is 2150mph

  • Justin Kim
    Justin Kim 3 days ago

    It's 1000 RATES per hour, not miles per hour

  • Mats Astor
    Mats Astor 3 days ago

    un genio!! soy de argentina y sos el unico youtuber de europa que miro. si podes y si queres saludame en un video. like para que lo veaaa😜

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    I think the second spinner only cracked the glass because it was already compromised from the first impact..

  • Jason Xiong
    Jason Xiong 3 days ago

    Of course it's fake how could one if those small bottles make it go 1000 mph

  • Jammison Junker
    Jammison Junker 3 days ago

    welcome to 1000 degree knife challenge 2.0

  • JodiDeckard
    JodiDeckard 3 days ago

    You are also a professional talk-er.

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