Avengers Vs Justice League in NBA 2K ! Infinity War HD

Please SUBSCRIBE for more unique and amazing videos!!! Watch in 720p! Awesome fun mod featuring the characters including The THING and the HULK. ALL Credits to MGX for making this, now he has updated it to a much better version with complete teams including all of Avengers!
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Runtime: 7:42
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Author MkEliteWorksX (11 months)
Mortal Kombat vs Avengers 2K Must Watch!!! Mortal Kombat Vs Avengers in NBA
2K14 / 2K13 ! HD

Author Donovan Medley (29 days)
Why is the Thing on TJL, thay should've been Martian Man Hunter

Author legreat Spacejockey (2 months)
the thing is from MARVEL. i thought it was dark seid or someone, but that
is the thing.

Author Bin Hashin (1 month)
I shall now get the NBA games now 

Author Demarco Barnett (8 days)
He should do it again but for next gen

Author Poop (3 months)
The thing is in marvel

Author dwarz1991 (2 months)
why is the thing in justice league 

Author SIedgeHammer83 (3 months)
This is rare, I never see hulk being soo friendly.

Author jhonsito peralta (2 months)

as you install the skin please help me

Author Rheden Aedriann Masbano (1 day)
Thankss.. Man 

Author Radafafag (4 months)
If I'm correct then Spider-Man isn't Part of the avengers

Author Blame Life (2 months)
Why the fuck is the thing on the justice league team?

Author Sehaj Rosha (1 month)
wait they actually have this??

Author corght (1 month)
"The game has alot of character" lol the best!

Author schlomofreud (2 months)
It took me a while to get what you did there. With Parker... and Gordon...
and so on. Nice! :D On the other hand by that their partially unknown
identities would be disclosed to the public...

Author Riley man (3 days)
How do you do that

Author Demarco Barnett (8 days)
How did he do this

Author MeanJoeGreen21 (5 months)
ugliest floater ever at 2:15 ;D

Author KingCheesyMC (29 days)
Awesome, just pure awesomeness! 

Author Cory Denson (13 days)
How u do that

Author Columbus7063 (1 month)
Ain't the thing in marvel?

Author jhonsito peralta (2 months)

Please send me a Notepad

Author Brandy Dowleyne (13 days)
It was epic

Author Y-K-L COOL (1 month)
DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author MattyReeds (2 months)
No le pongas capa conchetumare me enfermas!!!!

Author Lennonavait Raison (2 months)
The Thing is a Marvel character, not DC.

Author NATHEN REBEIRO (3 months)
wats wrong with batmans cape did they superglue it lol XD

Author Nhan Nguyen (1 month)
how do u do that ???

Author JAred Smith (4 months)
Why is the Thing on Justice League?

Author zqpmxn (2 months)
Daaaaaaam the hulk was badass.

Author Kyle Reid (3 months)
2:25 .. did that even go in? The replay shows otherwise!

Author FLIPPP (5 months)
Whovis that orange dude if he is the thing he is in marvel..

Author jordan edwards (2 months)
How do you create them

Author jhonsito peralta (2 months)
por favor has un video de como si instala 

Author LazerJet27 (4 months)
Flash Gordon is not DC and is not part of the Justice League. The Flash is,
but not Flash Gordon. The two are completely unrelated comic book

Author kyle patrick (1 month)
that mods!!

Author Warden Freeman (3 months)
Is this 2k10?

Author AKR MemphisB3st (3 months)
The thing is on the wrong team lol

Author drago bloodfist (4 months)
this video suck ass... the thing was part of the fantastic four not the
justice league and iron man's name is tony stark not starks batman's name
is bruce wayne 

Author SX BX (4 months)
this is greatness

Author TEAM RATED RKO (2 months)
thing is marvel

Author CraftedLaughsGaming (4 months)
Do a hulk and sandman dunk contest cause i'm ready! (*Calls repairmen*)

Author Niko sanchez (2 months)
How do you do this

Author Art Movie (3 months)
cual es la gracia de un juego asi si no van a hacer tiros usando sus

Author el84oro (4 months)
the thing isn't in justice league, he's not even in dc comics

Author Cayd17isdaman (3 months)
The thing is marvel!!

Author ty (3 months)
This shit is hilarious lol 

Author Davin The FOOL (5 months)
2:03 SHAQ!!!!!!!!!!

Author bigstudwithaguitar (5 months)

Author Ronald Rollins (3 months)
how did u do that

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