Avengers Vs Justice League in NBA 2K ! Age of Ultron HD

Please SUBSCRIBE for more unique and amazing videos!!! Watch in 720p! Awesome fun mod featuring the characters including The THING and the HULK. ALL Credits to MGX for making this, now he has updated it to a much better version with complete teams including all of Avengers!
Download the mod now [PC ONLY]

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Author Alec Diaz ( ago)
lmao hulk should've broke the hoop

Author iWedges ( ago)
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like and listen to the commentary and leave a comment !
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Author MJEliteGamer ( ago)
It's my channel

Author DC_ComicsLover (109 years ago)
Robin isn't a part of the Justice league

Author mrelevener xi (252 years ago)
looks like shit :D

Author ixaxex ( ago)
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Author Nelson Yecora ( ago)
How did you play it with the avengers

Author Bjh03 God Of Apoc ( ago)
Spider man is tony parker and wolverine is dwayne wade

Author Marcus Robledo ( ago)
first off... how the fuck ? (Guessing PC mods)
2. Hulk was BALLIN
3. for some reason when superman caught the steal expected him to fly from
half court for the slam lmao

Author Ayla Gonora ( ago)

Author Farkl ( ago)

Author Philip Blair ( ago)
Nice dunk contest game

Author Vandan Thakkar ( ago)
How do you do that

Author Traidicarp Sam (Triadicarp) ( ago)
So much console pesants wondering how to get this on their poor
underpowered consoles.

Author Regine Nguilok ( ago)

Author cris torres ( ago)
The thing is apart of Marvel

Author kenneth leach ( ago)

Author Zay Saine ( ago)


Author bodger johnson ( ago)
Rainbow chick you have to see thease

Author sandra diaz ( ago)
The thing is suppose to be on marvel not DC

Author Kritter crew ( ago)
The thing is marvel

Author Reading Through History ( ago)
This is great!

Author noah larosa ( ago)

Author Markeyse Hamilton ( ago)
how did he do this

Author Chudman00 ( ago)
It was ok until he put the thing on dc

Author Nuclearwo1f ( ago)
Why was the thing on the jl team?

Author eek estaa ( ago)
the flash- kyrie irving
superman- dwight howard
spiderman- stephen curry
batman- kobe bryant

Author Keymarryon Fishburn (1361 year ago)
How do you play with those guys

Author Carlos Rodriguez ( ago)
Can you mod ps4?

Author Covant “The Ranting” Raven ( ago)
Ommg this is too legit LOL

Author Jeremy “The outsider” Montes ( ago)

Author AndrewGamez Style ( ago)
NBAge of ultron

Author Oscar Pantoja ( ago)
Wats the song called 0:54

Author Xochilt Gonzalez ( ago)
The thing is Marvel, not DC. (SORRY DIDN'T MEAN TO BE A HATER.)

Author Ajoh Alier ( ago)
hulk mised that dunk hahahahaha

Author Micaiah Rosa ( ago)
Stark iron mans real last name is stark

Author Micaiah Rosa ( ago)
The thing is marvel

Author Zin Moorer ( ago)
Not real Avengers but ok

Author Trey Wessel (1352 years ago)
The thing is marvel..... facepalm

Author Basquiat (Serious) ( ago)
hory sheet that hulk dunk

Author stefano carlo Celsi ( ago)
why is the thing on the jl??

Author Terry Colbert ( ago)

Author The Scourge of YouTube ( ago)
When did the Thing join DC??

Author DeAntre Townsed-Ford ( ago)

Author paul smith ( ago)
what version of nba 2k is this and how did u play with these guys

Author Rory Eugene ( ago)
WHy cant this be a DLC pack?? Awesome job dude!!

Author Pretty Chrissandra ( ago)
The thing is like shaquille hahah lol

Author josh arboleda ( ago)
the Thing isn't even dc

Author Noah Grasley ( ago)
How'd you create them

Author congofall ( ago)
Definitely enjoyed watching this! 

Author Alex Overstreet (502 years ago)
oh dats cool now let me look at it

Author Francisco Rosa (679 years ago)
The thing is in the qronf team 

Author ryley sheptock ( ago)
it bothered me that he had the Thing on the Justice League side when he is
a Marvel character...

Author Sam Wu (Leunas) ( ago)

Author archit misal ( ago)
where are super looks like some kind of mod to a nba game

Author Nathan Lange ( ago)
The thing is marvel dude, not justice league

Author Nicholas Atkins ( ago)
Superman- power forward
Robin- Point guard
Batman- shooting guard
The Thing- center
Flash- small forward

Iron man- power forward
Spiderman- point guard
Wolverine- shooting guard
Hulk- Center
Thor- small forward

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Author jayakaventus ( ago)
It's 2k 13

Author Rhapzodic ( ago)
The Hulk was too brutal wtf.

Author The Grand Adventures of Philippe ( ago)
Meet Philippe he's a stuffed Abominable snow man and these are his

Author Clayton William ( ago)

Author Millsy MB ( ago)
the thing and hulk must be what 7'8 strength 160. superman probably 99 vert
and 99 dunk. like captain Americas posteriser

Author Ari Gold ( ago)
Rims clearly made of vibranium

Author Ari Gold ( ago)
Hulk was moving like shaq in 95-2000 ,dick grayson got UP ,Ben Grimm got
his lunch snatched & play of the game superman puts hulk on a poster player
of the game Hulk

Author Vicente V (66 years ago)

Author Sa Li (D-Side Anarck) ( ago)
super heros become into normal human when they play basketball.

Author Terence McCabe ( ago)
How does one get this for next gen 2k15

Author Aaron Brown ( ago)
I play 2k15 can you do that in 2k15.

Author Israel Morales ( ago)

Author Esteban Batista ( ago)
U know the thing is in marvel right

Author Big Al ( ago)
Hulk throwin' it down! Boo-yah!

Author Roberto Rodriguez ( ago)
Avengers Vs Justice League in NBA 2K ! Age of Ultron HD:

Author Jay Stone ( ago)
Goal must be made of plutonium

Author Brett Beadle ( ago)
Spiderman will be really handy

Author tamarae82 ( ago)
How did u do that(change them to superheroes?)

Author ramma09 ( ago)

Author Rchie Santos ( ago)
how did you do that???

The thing isn't justice league he's marvel 

Author Antonio T ( ago)
1:05 lol

Author Bob Bobby ( ago)
Them goals should be broke.

Author Andrew Guzman ( ago)

Author Jack Hansen ( ago)
Funny!!!!! Make another video of spongebob basketball

Author x lilmari10 ( ago)
Y is batman and robin on different team's

Author Ilena Fahie ( ago)
Hulk is real

Author Ghost Division ( ago)
the Thing is a marvel character dumb ass

Author Ninjaunicorn005 ( ago)

Author Gilbert Cai ( ago)
ho my gosh how u edit that? imposibruuu

Author joe cooper ( ago)

Author Ainon Hamburger ( ago)

Author Jeremy Soto ( ago)
Tf Is flash named flash gordon in. Theres a barry allen jay garrick wally
west and others but no flash gordon

Author assmane999 ( ago)
I think they should test Hulk's urine. I've been suspecting him of juicing
for years.

Author Bin Hashin ( ago)
What NBA game is this? Nba 2k14? 

Author Сергей Мацкив ( ago)

Author M.H. Johnson ( ago)
Batman ballin.

Also, ironic that Captain America has the most common name out of all of
them and yet you used his super hero name lol.

Author LilDaley23 ( ago)
Hulks Traps bust through his jersey haha!

Author Ayan Van Kurdt ( ago)
PC mod XD

Author Creaturefanboyz ( ago)
Thing is not justice league

Author Samuel Lalhmangaihzuala ( ago)
Awesome dude

Author Jaheim Drummond ( ago)
This. Is sick man

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