Maroon 5 - "Animals" PARODY

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    All voices by Bart Baker –

    "Animals" Parody Starring

    Adam Levine - Bart Baker –

    Behati Prinsloo – Gsnaps -

    Maroon 5 Bandmate - Sam Macaroni -

    Maroon 5 Bandmate – JorDance -
    Maroon 5 Bandmate - L.E. Doug Staiman
    Maroon 5 Bandmate - Anthony Rutowicz
    Maroon 5 Bandmate - Josiah Black

    "Animals" Parody Created and Directed by - Bart Baker -

    "Animals" Parody Director - Layne Pavoggi -

    "Animals" Parody Writer – Eli Braden -

    "Animals" Parody Writer/Editor - Bart Baker -

    "Animals" Parody Director of Photography/Cam Ops – Jon Na

    "Animals" Parody Executive Producer - Ricky Mammone

    "Animals" Parody Producer - Ben Loescher

    "Animals" Parody Associate Producer - Aron Reuben Korney -

    "Animals" Parody Gaffer – Alvin Octoman

    "Animals" Parody Gaffer – Arthur Hong

    "Animals" Parody Endslate Audio Technician – Matt Colbert

    "Animals" Parody Endslate Director of Photography – Ben Loescher

    "Animals" Parody Endslate Shooter – Jay Houn

    "Animals" Parody Key Makeup - Brittany White -

    "Animals" Parody Costume Designer - Amanda Hosler -

    "Animals" Parody Art Department - Chris Devlin

    "Animals" Parody Art Department/Props - Remington Brimmer

    "Animals" Parody Art Department/Set Decorator – Marshall King

    "Animals" Parody Art Department/Set Decorator – Greg Padget

    "Animals" Parody Track created by – Jose "Choco" Reynoso -

    "Animals" Parody Grip – Jay Houn

    "Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Doug Culp -

    "Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Claudia Duran

    "Animals" Parody Production Assistant – Natasha Zarate -
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  • Runtime: 4:6
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  • Amami Aiko
    Amami Aiko 2 hours ago

    2:05 wtf happened to his beard

  • Iris Herman
    Iris Herman 4 hours ago

    I can still here you making that poop .😂

  • Ezequiel Quispe Rodriguez

    Como olvidar cuando Dalas Review colaboró en un video de Bart

  • tyson mulldridge
    tyson mulldridge 16 hours ago

    this is the only song from this dude I like next to wiggle parody and shape of you parody

  • Fizz 808
    Fizz 808 1 day ago

    There stealing Adams songs!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Naeyons and minas dildo

    2:24 wtf is that lady doing there

  • Pluto_Elly
    Pluto_Elly 2 days ago

    what ? maroom is a band ? xDDD

  • ben roberts
    ben roberts 2 days ago

    end is so fucking funny

  • Sophie MSP
    Sophie MSP 3 days ago

    Le Table Flip

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Leeann Broseker
    Leeann Broseker 4 days ago

    you look like Ed Sheran

  • InfernoBoy8
    InfernoBoy8 4 days ago


  • RAWR sexy
    RAWR sexy 5 days ago

    makes me laugh every time who else?

  • Hitman Agent 47
    Hitman Agent 47 5 days ago

    Bart Baker - asshole

  • Ira Choudhary
    Ira Choudhary 5 days ago

    love this!! especially when he says : my beard's gross. Also, when he covers himself with raw meat guts and his glasses fly off :p

  • Yams Animates
    Yams Animates 6 days ago

    this scared me the first time XD

  • Jon Blake
    Jon Blake 6 days ago

    The little dog was my favorite part lol

  • raheela azad
    raheela azad 7 days ago

    He actually sings like that

  • Misa Manabu
    Misa Manabu 7 days ago

    this is so fucking stupit. Its not funny.

  • Blox_lox YT
    Blox_lox YT 8 days ago

    man ur like gordan freeman from half life 2

  • Nathan Rothacher
    Nathan Rothacher 8 days ago

    i like all of your parody my name is (Nathan Rothacher)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Rothacher
    Nathan Rothacher 8 days ago

    and a parody of fall out boy immortals centuries

  • Nathan Rothacher
    Nathan Rothacher 8 days ago

    make a parody of panda

  • mike gerics
    mike gerics 8 days ago

    so true. . . so true.

  • JJsparkxx
    JJsparkxx 9 days ago

    1:16 roll credits

  • Lisa Taylor
    Lisa Taylor 9 days ago

    What the that's why anmals show up to my show cracks me up 😂😅😄😆

  • TheCranky Gamer
    TheCranky Gamer 9 days ago

    This is mr.Jefferson from life is strange life out of school

  • Danielle Macken
    Danielle Macken 10 days ago

    Bart Baker.. I can't get enough of your videos!!! you are awesome. ❤❤ These songs are better than the originals. 😂😂 I love you!

  • theone mendoza
    theone mendoza 11 days ago

    Omg I hate all of this parodies

  • WhyOld Won
    WhyOld Won 11 days ago

    that lady is actually His wife behati prinsloo Victoria secret SUPERMODEL but very funny I cried😂😂😂

  • Kaloyan 99
    Kaloyan 99 11 days ago

    God this parody is making my brain exploding

  • Emily Rodriguez
    Emily Rodriguez 11 days ago

    were you just was wrereing a underware when you were naked?😄😄😄

  • Matias Jorge
    Matias Jorge 11 days ago

    Good job

  • Amistech1995
    Amistech1995 12 days ago

    Who was here at 23k views?

  • Pally Studios
    Pally Studios 12 days ago

    When he was following the girl was he jerking off?

  • White Love
    White Love 12 days ago

    Omg his voice in this video is so funny!
    I was laughing very much when "he" said
    I'm an American Phycopath lol

  • Aymaan Sarwer
    Aymaan Sarwer 12 days ago

    funk you

    • Ezidi Tube
      Ezidi Tube 1 day ago

      Aymaan Sarwer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*grammar

  • Anna-Liisa Pais
    Anna-Liisa Pais 12 days ago

    This is one of Bart's parodyes I will never get tired of.

  • Brianna Jordan
    Brianna Jordan 12 days ago

    if anyone notice that the saw that he picked up is also shown in call of duty black ops zombies origins when they find dr. edwin ricktofin ( nust pointing that out)😆

  • Brianna Jordan
    Brianna Jordan 12 days ago

    if anyone notice that the saw that he picked up is also shown in call of duty black ops zombies origins when they find dr. edwin ricktofin ( nust pointing that out)😆

  • janiah0111
    janiah0111 12 days ago

    Listening here Bart Baker stop making do something with your life this is crossing the line so stop get a life

  • Anime&Animal Fan Girl

    GEEZE that guys looks like he is a creepy uncle stalker

  • cupcake lover
    cupcake lover 12 days ago

    noooooo a parody of one of my fave songs but same time I'm like WTF 😂😂😂

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 13 days ago

    His high pitched singing at the beginning just cracks me the fuck up... LMFAO!!!!!!

  • Jessica Aguilar
    Jessica Aguilar 14 days ago

    bart looks good as adam ❤😄

  • Renee Bitch
    Renee Bitch 14 days ago

    Is it just me or is Bart Baker attractive 😏

  • SM Itasha Anan
    SM Itasha Anan 14 days ago

    awesome! awesome! lol my stomach is hurting! XD 👍😂😂

  • Faze Evo
    Faze Evo 15 days ago

    Do a parody of Its everyday bro by Jake Paul

  • HotChocolateQueen11
    HotChocolateQueen11 15 days ago

    I love the OG song i hate the parody and i think bart it talking about himself being a pedo 😂🖕🏻

  • Teddybears
    Teddybears 15 days ago

    This is his best parody tbh.

  • Friends World TV
    Friends World TV 15 days ago

    I like this better than the real song

  • Alan-_-
    Alan-_- 16 days ago

    There's meat in the video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Brianna Jordan
    Brianna Jordan 16 days ago

    dude i love this

  • Harrison Finch
    Harrison Finch 16 days ago

    2:24 to the left of the screen...

  • Marko Kopljar
    Marko Kopljar 16 days ago

    pause ar 0:47

  • Ducklingaming 14 // Ducky14

    I the black one is so stupid omg XD not Racist

  • random dude
    random dude 17 days ago

    my beards gross lolol always gets me

  • The legend 68
    The legend 68 18 days ago

    While I was watching this my dog actually came up to me and started barking

  • DuTyyGaming
    DuTyyGaming 18 days ago

    why do u try to do a parody??? The song is a parody itself

  • Lesseo Salliss
    Lesseo Salliss 19 days ago

    0:19 looks like a blonde Eva Mendez.

  • Aqilah Hamzah
    Aqilah Hamzah 19 days ago

    Maroon 5 like Moroon 5 :D:D

  • pugglerock
    pugglerock 19 days ago

    I love the guy with the gruff voice in these videos lol

  • Dead shot Luis
    Dead shot Luis 20 days ago

    It sounds like he is saying da da da

  • Cute_pyro 12
    Cute_pyro 12 20 days ago

    I look like a sick pedo lol

  • Super Girly Roblox Gamer

    This was uncomfortably funny

  • Salamander Man
    Salamander Man 21 day ago

    Rick Grimes?

  • MisFitt Maestro
    MisFitt Maestro 21 day ago

    I really love his tattoos! They look so real!

  • Ana Tolkinen
    Ana Tolkinen 21 day ago

    I'm just trying to figure out who the black guy was

  • Mei
    Mei 21 day ago

    Sam looks like Daryl from TWD :D

  • Gauri Korde
    Gauri Korde 21 day ago

    Ur Adam look is on point; tattoos, beard, glasses, everything! Great job!

  • Maria Eladia Briones Cerna

    buu stupid song

  • Jorja Jones
    Jorja Jones 23 days ago


  • Jorja Jones
    Jorja Jones 23 days ago

    1:32 DICK!😂🤣👍🏻 HILARIOUS!!!

  • jeffery kerr
    jeffery kerr 23 days ago

    his voice is higher than my grades

  • Israel tenoch
    Israel tenoch 24 days ago

    I thought it was a solo lol

  • Kyle Justine Saldua
    Kyle Justine Saldua 24 days ago

    what the name of the memeber of maroon 5? hahahahahahah

  • Donald Dick
    Donald Dick 25 days ago

    This man needs to be subscribed hahaha!!

  • Mary Orr
    Mary Orr 26 days ago

    omg this guys dumb as a box of rocks😲

  • Lindsay Beaubrun
    Lindsay Beaubrun 26 days ago


  • Lindsay Beaubrun
    Lindsay Beaubrun 26 days ago


  • DontLookAtMe Plz
    DontLookAtMe Plz 26 days ago

    Turn on captions on 0:26 "I chew off my ass."

  • Aidan Harrel
    Aidan Harrel 27 days ago

    no we don't

  • Jhony Chau
    Jhony Chau 27 days ago


  • petrifiedgrunt 52
    petrifiedgrunt 52 27 days ago

    too torture him they turn on that song on easy Street on repeat lol

  • Mr. Rhino Official
    Mr. Rhino Official 27 days ago

    Roses are red, violets are green.
    This is Maroon 5.
    Not just Adam Levine.

    That's basically the message of this parody, and I like it.

  • Ezidi Tube
    Ezidi Tube 27 days ago

    1:19😂😂😂go away

  • Rice Bean
    Rice Bean 27 days ago

    I cant believe how re-watchable Bart's videos are

  • Glen Appel
    Glen Appel 29 days ago


  • ELJ0S3X_2 Parodias,Doblajes y Juegos :D

    My Beard's is gross xD

  • CookieMaze 101
    CookieMaze 101 1 month ago

    I know how to hit the high notes a little

  • Rooman Sandhu
    Rooman Sandhu 1 month ago

    Hahahhahahaha dick😂😂

  • Chronojet Bryson
    Chronojet Bryson 1 month ago

    Damn creepy

  • Logan Meeks
    Logan Meeks 1 month ago


  • Michaela Edgar
    Michaela Edgar 1 month ago

    People can I get 100 likes on this comment so I can prove to my friends that I a not stupid.thanks

  • Kaloyan 99
    Kaloyan 99 1 month ago

    i knew that most of the fans of Maroon 5 dont know that they are a band...

  • NateCharlesClouse13
    NateCharlesClouse13 1 month ago

    lol at "Maroon 5. Not Maroon 1"!

  • Arianna's Amazing Video World Buckland

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎wOw wOw

  • Lucian Verheiden
    Lucian Verheiden 1 month ago

    I love this parody so muchhh....1:31 make me laugh....dayum ......

  • NotSatisfied _
    NotSatisfied _ 1 month ago

    Both videos both are creepy

  • vipul jain
    vipul jain 1 month ago

    asshole Ur asshole u can't do this maroon 5 is great n u r teasing maroon 5

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