Aeolian player pipe organ "Triumphal March"

pipes 690
made in 1908

This video was taped in 2001or2002

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Runtime: 4:09
Comments: 38

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Author joenwayne (6 years)
Where is this organ located? Is the player who made the organ roll
credited? Thanks for posting this!

Author Eric Stott (3 years)
@DiegoLiger Go easy- this is a demonstration video, yes the instrument
needs tuning and rebuilding- don't you think they are aware of it?

Author TheWhitecloak (2 years)
Could do with a good tuning! Would sound MAGNIFICENT if it was. I agree
with MIDI if it is used to preserve the original rolls as they can easily
be destroyed by playing them.

Author octavebasse8 (5 years)
i tune my own piano, and i know its out of tune

Author edonmusic (4 years)
It will be many more year of constant work before ours sounds even close to
this. The task is unsurmountable. It has been unkept since the 30's. The
organ builder is experiencing a "labor of love" only. One of the very few
in it's original installation in 1905. It's one component failure after
another and many wise craftsman had turned down offers to restore it.

Author pipeup1 (5 years)
Ye, I agree, sounds like theres a leak in the bellows, air escaping, or the
pressure is not filling the pipes. Some ranks sound off-pitch, probably in
the reeds caused from being played with low pressure. You need to get an
organbuilder/tuner in to have a look.

Author 278371 (5 years)
OOOOPPPPS... I'm bad...can't spell "organ"...

Author arburo1 (4 years)
The lady is operating the manual tracker control. The machine has no
automatic tracker system and with the 116 note rolls you must continuously
check for accurate tracking and adjust if necessary. It is unfortunate that
she is wearing gloves. It is acknowledged that one is more likely to damage
the roll when using gloves, due to poor 'feel', than any likely damage to
the paper from sweat.

Author Pen Snaij (6 years)
wow finally someone who supports me ;)

Author kyokutyou2007 (2 years)
@jimamia77 oh, I wanto to be born in the US!!!!

Author GAVIOLITOM (5 years)
Well, i am glad i had the chance to hear it anyway ;)

Author ericalbany (3 years)
All things considered it's a creditable performance- played a bit too fast

Author bartonbuster (5 years)
You may want to check the blower and see if the reservior(s) are properly
weighted. This instrument is historic and maybe someone will come along and
give it some TLC. Aeolian was known for it's mello tone !!

Author edonmusic (5 years)
The work to restore a badly kept instrument like this is horrendous. Thank
god someone has the money, space, and respect for this history to restore
one. To bad a "windbag" shows up now and then to attempt to dirty up the
progress .

Author 9703michel (6 years)
Bof bof bof, a réviser !!

Author cromorne (4 years)
Agreed! At Monmouth University, where I'm currently a freshman, Wilson Hall
(once the Parsons residence) contains a 4 manual Aeolian organ installed in
1925, complete with roll player, untouched since the '30's I believe,
unplayable and unrestored. It's a goal of mine to get the instrument

Author cromorne (4 years)
I agree. I'd like to see any person whose made any sort of comment on the
condition of the organ contribute to the restoration of it!

Author SeattleOrganMan (5 years)
1) It's an antique likely in need of thorough resoration. 2) Aeolian
residence organs rarely had much upperwork or even a fully independent
principal chorus. They're meant to play orchestral transcriptions, and as
such have an abundance of varied 8' tone. 3) Restoring that organ would
cost a pretty penny. I know...I'm an organ builder. Why not just button
your lip and enjoy hearing the sound of yesteryear without concommitant

Author 278371 (5 years)
I like listening to this video, even with the oragn being out of tune. I'm
curious to know what the organist/operator does while the roll is playing..

Author Rowland107 (6 years)
What a shame that this is such a dreadful, unmusical performance from this
wonderful instrument. The unsympathetic operator is clearly just "going
through the motions", the organ is dreadfully out of tune, and the Grand
March from Aida is perhaps not the best choice of music to display the
mainly subtle orchestral colours of the Aeolian palette. In the hands of a
more musically inclined demonstrator, this 12-rank organ could, and should,
sound superb.

Author James Norton (2 years)
many NYC high schools housed giant pipe organs. My school, New Utrecht
High, and all it's clone buildings installed instruments in their
auditoriums! I believe that Washington Irving High in Gramercy Park has the
only existing working organ in the system. I have a diapason pipe from the
chapel of Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn.

Author animesis (6 years)
theres no need to be rude, atleast its kept going, thats alot more than can
be said for most of these instruments

Author Donald Franklin (3 years)
@arburo1 I think it would help, if you could have a MIDI controller, and
make MIDI files,with which you would use a computer to control the organ.
This would involve connecting all the pneumatics,so the computer would be
"running the show" I saw videos by another You Tube user, "ampicoab", who
did this, with a 1914 vintage Aeolian player pipe organ, he rebuilt. I saw
videos he did of the organ playing "Waltz of the Flowers" from the
Nutcracker Suite and Ketelby's "In a Persian Market"

Author Pen Snaij (6 years)
ANSWER OF MESSAGE YOU SENT TO ME: okay i respect your opinion, but you know
i´m organist by myself for now on 20 years. i still think that the
instrument (dont know video you mean, suppose to be the aeolian organ
video) is really bad out of tune, and i know that this is true !!! i also
dont know what your problem is.. dont you have any musical skills to hear
such a dissonance? if you dont have skills, why do you just say something
without knowing something bout music, an just respect my opinion

Author Pen Snaij (6 years)
yes youre right its really bad out of tune...

Author wurlitzer165 (3 years)
I heard some ciphering note in the beginning...

Author OrgelUndMich (4 years)
That's such a damned shame.

Author Jonathan Holmes (3 years)
Why oh why do all these idiots want to ruin and alter original antique
mechanical musical instruments by putting MIDI controls on them. Please
leave them as they were built. If you want to add MIDI then DONT build a
new instrument

Author Y2H (5 years)
I really hope they will play this at my wedding!! And my funeral too!!!

Author Gerold Köhler (4 years)
Wo ist das Video, eine halbe Stunde habe ich gewartet

Author whoisthisguy724 (2 years)
I see a small Wurlitzer band organ in the bottom right corner. Is that a
103, 104, or 105?

Author maxazi (6 years)
povero verdi!

Author Rowland107 (6 years)
From its appearance, I believe that this is Aeolian Pipe Organ opus 1057,
originally built for Warter Priory, Yorkshire, UK in 1908. The house was
demolished in 1972 and this organ has been through various private
collections in the UK. Just where it is now, and where this video was made,
I have no idea but would like to know.

Author John Nozum (1 year)
I enjoyed this video! I agree with TheWhitecloak's idea of preserving
player-type music via MIDI. Also, I noticed the movement around halfway
through, which was "speaking to me". It's almost like speaking in tongues,
and somehow I'm getting something out of it. It is going into me, almost
like a key going into a correct keyhole! This person seems to know what
GOOD music is! May God's peace be with ye all--in the name of JESUS! From
John Nozum, a fellow musician!

Author octave4 (6 years)
This lovely piece of organ history needs a good tuning and it would sound
really nice. Keep it playing, this is a rare organ, indeed. It is
unreplaceable today. Many people would say it is tonally out of current
Fad. I agee, Fads should never dictate organ design. Make sure it is cared
for a tuned but not changed.

Author jojo280278010 (3 years)
hmm was trying to find bagpipes .......... but anyway well played xx

Author Karlfalcon (5 years)
Is this that same Japanese museum where they seem to keep everything in
as-is condition? It's terribly frustrating to a conservationist. Would you
rather display a rusted-out old car or a fully restored one? The same logic
applies. You can't just patch something up and expect it to stay in any
kind of playable condition for very long.

Author DiegoLiger (6 years)
What a horrible noise! Utter noise! Miles out of tune and not speaking
properly. Reeds honking away and by the sounds of it some stops not
sounding properly (sticky slides??). The sound is very muddy anad dull -
not much if anything over 4'? but then the tuning and recording might be to

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