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Author Homar David Rivas Santacruz (4 months)
se puede para windosw 8. 1

Author pablo landers (2 months)
oye her,mamo ando buscando un mod que es para alejar un poco la camara no
es el mod de camara 0 ese no ay otro que es para alejar un poco la camara
si puedes porfa enconseguirlo plis te agradesco saludos

Author Brayan Cárdenas (3 months)
Quisiera Saber Como Puedo Poner Mis Mods A El Mapa Cali v7 Ya Que Cuando
Los Istalo Me Da Error de Prims 

Author Zoary Screamo (10 months)

ya el grupo arrasim, esta haciendo un proyecto para poner el 18 wheels of
steel haulin en forma online mas informacion en:

Author mrdavid0814 (1 year)
what truck pack is that?

Author Brayan Santiago Ospina Barajas (1 year)
Alguien me puede decir si esto es un juego si lo es como se busca en una

Author Jonathan Berganza (2 years)
do you have a mini map to print it?

Author xRoyalxHype713x (2 years)
how do remove the cali edition..

Author Anthony Aaron (3 years)
Hey I have been Looking FFor that truck pack i went to CNDTRUCKGUYS website
but his download link was down yu think you could send it to me

Author countrymusicgtavboy2 (4 years)
@countrymusicgtavboy2 this is what the in in descrip says"Dear clients, we
re sorry but at the moment this file is not available for downloading due
to software renovations. We guarantee it will become available after some
period of time. Please try later. "

Author lockerz1234567891 (3 years)
@socteam5 Depends on ur system specs....almost any windows 7 computer can
play this game

Author kyle-no videos till i get my new desktop (1 year)
nice truck and turn off the music

Author Thomas Gleseson (4 years)
@semicrazy79 it doesnt zoom out far enough

Author tbtrucking104customs (3 years)
ok so this one replaces ivans pete right?

Author cj1ify (4 years)
Is their a link for that pete in english please

Author philip3372 (5 years)
Not by him but thnx to you Topcad

Author Jonas Carlos (3 years)
Qual version de tu haulin? gracias !

Author Thomas Gleseson (4 years)
@semicrazy79 thats the one that doesnt work

Author MLGNiKe (4 years)
is an alienware worth it for this game?

Author 25taquito (3 years)
Exelente mod, puro california y los angeles xd

Author Thomas Gleseson (4 years)
i cant figure out where i need to go or where i am when i go to the map in
the notebook. if you can help me please respond:)

Author DOUGZANATTA (5 years)
pena que na fx 5200 nao roda =/ fx 5200 don't work

Author Edvin Dubón (5 years)
compas pueden aconsegarme rutas del mod

Author nauwaj72 (2 years)
how did u get the peterbilt truck pack to work

Author chuy pardo (3 years)
@jm13colombiano California, hay dice :)

Author Thomas Gleseson (4 years)
@semicrazy79 ya i did mean the note book map sry:(

Author Aaron B (2 years)
Can You Make A Video On How To Install The Peterbilts Or Inbox Me Some Good
Instructions ? Thanks

Author Jordan Nuich (3 years)
Can this work with out the map and will it run on the regular map on haulin?

Author mividaloca (4 years)
@Legionsvea88 trucksimsonline. com

Author Tyler Zentz (4 years)
how do you get the camera to zoom out?

Author Joe Smith (4 years)
@M16A4THuG Its all good...idk why he chose that. Mainly to make you look at
signs and stuff its pretty easy to figure out where stuff is. I just use
the dashboard map

Author peterbiltfan08 (4 years)
what map r u usin can i have the link to that map plz

Author Cummins Boy (1 year)
I downloaded this map but it wont load it says prisim3d has crash please

Author amandeepkang13 (4 years)
Is that link just a mod or the whole game?

Author Nicholas Greve (1 year)

Author Juan Castiblanco (3 years)
cale que?......california o cali colombia????????

Author Eq TheScizzos (5 years)
does the game freeze when you play it some times

Author CS:GO is better then COD. (2 years)
Nice just got mine today but every time the game load it frezzez

Author Marlon Thomas (3 years)
Can you teach me how to' download mods


Author Joe Smith (4 years)
@M16A4THuG Have you tried using the dashboard map or whatever its called

Author Bosko243 (2 years)
i want beertrucking mod :(

Author margic5 (5 years)
where is mod link

Author Stuntsmaster095 (5 years)
Where can I download this mod???

Author Jeremy Hood (2 years)
You have a messed up computer. Try the patch 1.06.

Author countrymusicgtavboy2 (4 years)
could someone tell me were i can re-download this becuase the website i
download it from keeps saying that is a corrupt file.?.?.?

Author Fabiano Frantz (5 years)
hola amigo ... godti de tu vídeo donde puedo descargar este mod ... un
abrazo y todo lo bueno

Author heraleal (2 years)
tengo un problema con el mapa del juego que no se visualiza cunado accedo a
el, te agradeceria si me pudieras dar una imagen siquiera del mismo.
gracias y buen mod :)

Author Sam Mehta (4 years)
where do start at the beginning with the grain trailer?

Author Lazy Youmu (5 years)
do those extra trucks at the end of the showroom trucks mods or do they
come with the map.

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