CUTE! Willow's kittens at two weeks of age.

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  • Willow's kittens were born on June 2nd and June 3rd, 2017. They are two weeks old and all of their eyes are open. Helios is a very concerned father and watches over his offspring during the video. Many more kitten videos will be uploaded. Click SUBSCRIBE and Check the Notifications box to receive emails when we upload new videos. Ginger Kitties Four is all about celebrating the lives of Zeus & Phoebe, Helios & Athena, Finn & Willow, and all the wonderful moments cats and kittens bring to our life!

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Comments: 93

  • Maddison Lynn
    Maddison Lynn 12 hours ago

    so cute congratulations

  • Teresa Ann
    Teresa Ann 5 days ago

    So sweet! Thanks for showing us! I love how helios is so concerned checking up on his babies😻. We just had a litter as well! 3 gingers and one tortie shell .

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker 5 days ago

    Love your channel, love love

  • THCobra
    THCobra 6 days ago

    Helios is most likely the father, otherwise he'd probably have nothing to do with them, or even be near them.

  • muselylove
    muselylove 6 days ago

    Helios is a good grandpapi :3

  • Amy Annunziata
    Amy Annunziata 6 days ago

    They're so adorable! I can't wait to see more videos of them as they get older!

  • gigi101060
    gigi101060 6 days ago

    hi Dave, good, my friend! xxoo Gigi from Austria

  • Mayson Hanephin
    Mayson Hanephin 6 days ago

    My cat recently had 6 kittens 😂❤️

  • Lalawow
    Lalawow 7 days ago

    happy father's day helios

  • Claudia Slavin
    Claudia Slavin 7 days ago

    oops first line error, you got the hairdo! wow they are so loud, my boys never had kittens, they only had each other, so cute to watch Helios

  • Linda hatfield-southern

    such a pretty litter

  • Farhana Zabeen
    Farhana Zabeen 7 days ago

    is athena jealous?i know I'm being silly but I'm curious whether it's common in cat world

  • Shuyaib Abdullah
    Shuyaib Abdullah 7 days ago

    I'm inside a mosque and watching these videos. 😂

  • JustLouIt
    JustLouIt 7 days ago

    You look like the kinda guy that owns cats

  • Nena Santos
    Nena Santos 7 days ago

    Wait, did he say Finn was the father? Or is Helios the cat daddy?

  • Adonis & Toula's Love Story

    How adorable. Have they been in the kennel yet?

  • Swtest Love
    Swtest Love 7 days ago

    who the HECK dislikes a kitten video?! 😒😒 be gone evil!!

    • Swtest Love
      Swtest Love 6 days ago

      Amy Annunziata lol booooooo 2 them then! 😂

    • Amy Annunziata
      Amy Annunziata 6 days ago

      somebody who doesn't like cats, i guess...

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person 7 days ago

    How do you earn money to take care of these cats?

  • ScarlettMoon
    ScarlettMoon 7 days ago

    my heart 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Victoria Faithful
    Victoria Faithful 7 days ago

    my cat had her babies on the 1st of June and they are small to and too cute. Happy Father's Day

  • CryptProductions
    CryptProductions 7 days ago

    my cat just had kittens and they look very similar to yours

  • Dark Goddess
    Dark Goddess 7 days ago

    I love torties lol

  • Peachy Creme
    Peachy Creme 7 days ago

    these cats are so adorable. all the cats you have.i wanted to know how many cats/kitten's you've ever had. I know there was a lot of kittens and some cats. I was just wondering

  • Anne Kennison
    Anne Kennison 7 days ago

    Happy Father's day. Enjoy it Helios

  • Ameriland Kirkjones


  • Victoria Chadwell
    Victoria Chadwell 7 days ago

    They are all so precious!!!

  • Rachel U.
    Rachel U. 7 days ago

    omg black kitties! so cute! happy Father's Day :)

  • deidra lawrence
    deidra lawrence 7 days ago


  • Estelle Champagne
    Estelle Champagne 7 days ago

    OMG, David, I want the ginger son of my Chubby Cheeks 😻💝 !!!!
    All the kittens are so cuuuuuuuute as their Precious mama Willow 🐱🌷, bonne fête of my Daddy Helios ❤🐈 my dearest ginger love, Auntie Estelle is crazy about u.
    I do love you my Chubby Cheeks 😻💝💋💞🌹💞💝💚💛💕🇺🇸.
    Puuuuuuurs from Pirouette 🐈🇫🇷!

  • Kathleen Winser
    Kathleen Winser 7 days ago

    Happy Father's Day Helios! The kitties are adorable.

  • Arica Wilkins
    Arica Wilkins 7 days ago

    happy Father's day to u David and Helios and zues

  • maria maria
    maria maria 7 days ago

    They are adorable!

  • Rosalina 90
    Rosalina 90 7 days ago

    Impressive meowing. fluffy tortie is gorgeous!

  • Farah
    Farah 7 days ago

    awww those little miawssss 💘

  • Peroxide
    Peroxide 7 days ago

    Im confused, who is the father? Finn or Helios?

    • Peroxide
      Peroxide 6 days ago

      Ginger Kitties Four Oh cool, thanks for the clarification.

    • Ginger Kitties Four
      Ginger Kitties Four 6 days ago

      I meant to say Willow & Helios' kittens, not Finn.

    • Ginger Kitties Four
      Ginger Kitties Four 6 days ago

      More than likely Helios

    • Peroxide
      Peroxide 6 days ago

      muselylove He says its "Willow and Finn's kitties" and then he says "99.99% sure" that its helios. Why can't he just do a dna test?

    • muselylove
      muselylove 6 days ago

      Peroxide Finn XD

  • willow 44
    willow 44 7 days ago

    The last kitten you showed reminds me of my sooty when she was a kitten sooty is a tortoise shell too I wish I could post a picture in the comments but I do have a few videos about her also my name is willow too 😺 I have four cats and a dog 🐶 fun fact: tortoise shell cats are always female if they are male they might be a mix or they have problems

  • quentin dalton
    quentin dalton 7 days ago

    Hello are any for sale

  • angeldeb82
    angeldeb82 7 days ago

    Look at those adorable furbaby kitties! And those mews are so loud! So adorable and cute! Happy Father's Day, Helios and Finn! <3 <3 <3

  • Ada Peregrín
    Ada Peregrín 7 days ago

    Your cats are so cute! Please keep taking good care of them.

  • Ada Peregrín
    Ada Peregrín 7 days ago

    They are so cute!

  • catlover4 YT
    catlover4 YT 7 days ago

    Awwww they're so cute!!!

  • Cheryl 1
    Cheryl 1 7 days ago

    What a lovely dad he has made and lovely kittys😍😍😍😍

  • Izzy Winter
    Izzy Winter 7 days ago

    Ahhh i love your channel so much!!! Your kittens are so adorable. This is awesome

  • Kitty Powwow
    Kitty Powwow 7 days ago

    All 4 of them are sooooo adorable. Especially no 2 (ginger) and no 3 (black wt white marking on the armpit) 😍😍😍 Happy father's day to Helios and the cat daddy!

  • Liliana Gonzalez Hernandez

    gatito está bonito <3

  • blackfordmedia
    blackfordmedia 7 days ago

    Helios is such a good cat.

  • khairiah mustafa
    khairiah mustafa 7 days ago

    i have no idea why this is in my recommends

  • Anjana Rajan
    Anjana Rajan 7 days ago

    How many cats/kittens do you have in total ?

  • Marina Lopez
    Marina Lopez 7 days ago

    happy meowthers day

  • Rumour Rosz
    Rumour Rosz 7 days ago

    Happy Father's Day!

  • jessiepink666
    jessiepink666 7 days ago

    haha, during this whole video, my kitten whos a mum. was looking for the meowing. such a concerned mum

  • Andrea Sequeira
    Andrea Sequeira 7 days ago

    Adorable kitties!! Congratulations ! (:

  • Anjali Rajadhyaksha

    Kittens are fun to watch ! So cute. Congratulations cat daddy on Father's day !

  • Tina Raunaqe
    Tina Raunaqe 7 days ago

    Did Athena get cheated on l😹

  • Julie Earle
    Julie Earle 7 days ago

    They are all so cute! You sure
    do show a lot of cat's and
    kittens. Are you a breeder =^.^=

  • Gatinha Kawaii
    Gatinha Kawaii 7 days ago



  • sowmya Iyer
    sowmya Iyer 7 days ago

    happy father's day helios

  • Its big balloon Barry!

    I laughed when you said zoom in get really close XD

  • Blanka L
    Blanka L 7 days ago

    I really want the fourth one 😭 😺

  • Aci Sket
    Aci Sket 7 days ago

    my cat had an abortion 2 days ago

  • Talissa Madeira
    Talissa Madeira 7 days ago

    1 yellow kitti and 3 kitti blacks and Mon Yellow family happy 😉

  • Betty Adams
    Betty Adams 7 days ago

    Happy Father's Day Helios!!!

  • Betty Adams
    Betty Adams 7 days ago

    Super cute kitties 🐱

  • Katara Bell
    Katara Bell 7 days ago

    because mine died as a baby

  • Katara Bell
    Katara Bell 7 days ago

    can I please have the first one

  • The super family thabo

    good job I love cats there so cute can you do a give away but different cats I don't want your favorite cat

  • Andrea et Cannelle Mercuri

    I love your youtube channel ! I love your cats and kittens!😍

  • Katara Bell
    Katara Bell 7 days ago

    I want the one that has the ginger mark on it

  • jlover and proud
    jlover and proud 7 days ago

    awwwww so cute ❤

  • AM Q
    AM Q 7 days ago


  • Katara Bell
    Katara Bell 7 days ago

    awwww I want a kitten

  • My cats and me I do weird things

    Super early

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