"TSINIAT" Best historical Eritrean film now playing "Tsinia

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Author MrHarbenja (2 years)
Tsnat, is the secret behind the Eritrean liberation.

Author mephisto1895 (5 years)
They are playing tigranians. Listen kiddo, he said he was born in Tigray.

Author nakfa (6 years)
aii very nice

Author drankhsunshine (4 years)
Please use English captions to explain your dialect.!~@#$% One black ass

Author Wediadi (6 years)
I love it.

Author XasanBurhaan (6 years)
It looks well done and it also seems interesting. How about dubbing or
subtitling it? An more info about the story and the director?

Author Wediadi (6 years)
I love it.

Author Alformaio (6 years)
Atayom, Hizi, Teweladi is Agame. Why dont answer to the queston straight
forward instead of rolling around it!

Author NXWwrestling (6 years)
awet n'hafash n'hzbi eritrea although this video is from 1998 there is also
a new video that is going to be played on eri - tv soon i cannot reconize
the name but it's to do with war.

Author ericolata (6 years)
Are you Eritrean? or have you watch Eritrean movie? if yes, you wouldn't
ask that q bro

Author oldfeature9 (6 years)
love this song

Author Freakydeakyyyy (4 years)
nibailom tigeray

Author Fitihawi Kess (1 year)
Tsiniat means steadfastness.

Author nakfa (6 years)
And nice website too.

Author Alformaio (6 years)
It looks a Tigrayan movie. Their accent is from tigray. Nice movie tho'

Author erisesu (5 years)
i have this movie at home it is great!

Author Rob Collins (3 years)
What does the title TSINIAT mean in English? Is it a person's name?

Author Houman Sebghati (6 years)
bed move

Author lulashikorina (6 years)
Here we gogogogogo emba as usual thak sis/bro very amazing film wow good
job!! i have watched 3 times already couldn't get tired of it good film

Author NatTurner (6 years)
I stopped watching when I realised I had no idea what they were talking
about. Was that guy carrying a wedding sack in the beginning? (Damn, I was
just trying to make a Borat joke. Then I googled "wedding sack" and came up
with something on wikipedia.)

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