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  • Tomer Nakash
    Tomer Nakash 22 minutes ago


  • Umber Muhammad-Olstad

    Ro's hair is always perfect what the heckkk

  • Claire Dobbs
    Claire Dobbs 9 hours ago

    Justine was on escape the night with joey!!!!!!!!

  • #CuteChibi Girl
    #CuteChibi Girl 9 hours ago

    Hi...I want you to do more videos with justine...maybe a gummy vs real! 🤑

  • Ashley Kimbrel
    Ashley Kimbrel 9 hours ago

    June whenever it was Christmas I got my papa a huge full chocolate I found out like Dollar Tree it was amazing I don't remember what it was like around Christmas and I think we got the last one well I'm in a different state so you'll have it I don't know though I love

  • Lisa Marie Glockling
    Lisa Marie Glockling 15 hours ago

    wow love this video mate

  • ryen brothers
    ryen brothers 17 hours ago

    Do the pizza challenge with Justine like the one you did with mo

  • Martinez Family Funeral Home

    where did you get the fortin cookies

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 1 day ago

    Rosanna can you try coconut treats with Justine.Joana K.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 1 day ago

    Rosanna can you make a dream cake.Joana K.

  • Paula Leffmann
    Paula Leffmann 1 day ago

    I keep replaying the part where Justine smacks the back of the guy and then his head fell off. I can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂

  • Kimsa Nguyen
    Kimsa Nguyen 1 day ago

    But if u wanted to scent out the pb chocolate like a dog, then wouldn't u like faint or sumthin

  • Nanda Nankumar
    Nanda Nankumar 1 day ago

    who remember the lollipop challenge 🍭

  • Kristen Cornell
    Kristen Cornell 1 day ago


  • Jeff Holder
    Jeff Holder 1 day ago

    Ro: there's no little nuts in here..."
    Ijustine: HAHAHHAHAHAH
    Ro: OOPS

  • easy Hacks
    easy Hacks 1 day ago

    I really like ro squeezed face and justine plays voilen I love it

  • Jenna Mikaelson
    Jenna Mikaelson 1 day ago

    Pause at 8:57 there is a peanut better one

  • Iza Roque
    Iza Roque 2 days ago

    They're doing the blender at 14:53 and Ro said "That sounds like my car.......that wouldn't start" And they both laughed hard

  • KittyLover Meow
    KittyLover Meow 2 days ago

    I am swedish, i love swedish hearts!

  • Sueda Bozkurt
    Sueda Bozkurt 2 days ago

    I hate you😈😈
    Just kidden i love you

  • Christian Campos
    Christian Campos 2 days ago


  • not-h20delirious but a fan

    I had a nerds rope before

  • jamie goodlock
    jamie goodlock 2 days ago

    Please make a winx club cake and cookie is cute🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • Samantha Oxholm
    Samantha Oxholm 2 days ago

    Hey they didn't even try the chocolate fortune cookies!!!

  • Hannah Truong
    Hannah Truong 2 days ago

    When your eating those candys your making me more hungry than before and the next stop is 1 hour away!

  • TheSteal FalconMinerz

    My dogs birthday is valintians day

  • Corinne Flowers
    Corinne Flowers 2 days ago

    put a bunch of rubber bands on a watermelon and watch it explode with iJustine.

  • sadvika annam
    sadvika annam 2 days ago

    hey can you go to giant Candy challenge please please please please please please

  • Samantha machin
    Samantha machin 2 days ago

    ro when you see is this cuben sorda. I'm not a steriorti I'm not ok

  • Payton Oliver
    Payton Oliver 3 days ago

    my friend brought those gummy bands to school

  • Layley Sisters
    Layley Sisters 3 days ago

    Benjamin Franklin what are you on 😂

  • Jane
    Jane 3 days ago

    They all look so good

  • Crystal Canter
    Crystal Canter 3 days ago

    I had the sour hearts and got sick

  • jamie goodlock
    jamie goodlock 3 days ago

    You are a good baker

  • amen sarsor
    amen sarsor 3 days ago

    Justine looks like jessie j

  • Muffin Guy
    Muffin Guy 3 days ago


  • Unicorn Green
    Unicorn Green 3 days ago

    omg she sounded just like a cat

  • Harms Ali
    Harms Ali 3 days ago

    I have tried nerds rope

  • Mimi mendoza237
    Mimi mendoza237 3 days ago

    I'm more like Justine but with brown hair and I'm right handed

  • Superhappy CuteCat
    Superhappy CuteCat 3 days ago

    i am swedish ;3

  • Andrew Shahtout
    Andrew Shahtout 3 days ago

    I've had those roses chocolate 🌹 roses before

  • 4 days ago

    Ro can you please make something Melanie Martinez please im begging you

  • Gemma McCormack
    Gemma McCormack 4 days ago

    I'm literally crying 😂😂😂

  • Isabella Boyd
    Isabella Boyd 4 days ago

    I threw up when I saw this 😵😵😖😖😣😣

  • Michele Lewis
    Michele Lewis 4 days ago

    that means kiss me

  • MinHope is Better Than Camren

    Damn Ro I didn't know you liked nuts😏

  • Nasrin Khan
    Nasrin Khan 4 days ago

    do a challenge with mo

  • Jasmine Lund
    Jasmine Lund 4 days ago

    I love sour stuff it's so good

  • Divija Katakam
    Divija Katakam 4 days ago

    I've had a green nerd rope, it's probably for Christmas.

  • Judo Gudo
    Judo Gudo 4 days ago

    Holo= @simplynailogical

  • Rossester 102345
    Rossester 102345 4 days ago

    9:45 lol 😂 it looks like she's doing cocain

  • unicorn pony girls
    unicorn pony girls 4 days ago


  • Amelia Quintero
    Amelia Quintero 5 days ago

    My birthday is legit two days before valentine's day

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee 5 days ago

    Did you give it to Jordan.

  • Rabeea Fatima
    Rabeea Fatima 5 days ago

    when ro and justin are together they are perfect😉😄 and ahh!! that knife🔪 . i love ♥ her videos.

  • Erin Green
    Erin Green 5 days ago

    do a gummy vs real challenge Ro!!!!!!

  • helen angpao
    helen angpao 5 days ago

    O no I lost my mans head ~I justine2017

  • Sagrario Perez
    Sagrario Perez 5 days ago

    at 2:39 is so gunny

  • Mongie Mabuza
    Mongie Mabuza 5 days ago

    OMG please please please make a my little pony legend of Everfree cake PLEASE!!!!!

  • Parisa Parisa
    Parisa Parisa 5 days ago

    Justin is Ro's GF!?!?!

  • Nicole Celary
    Nicole Celary 6 days ago

    Ro:"I'm kinda sorry to say this but he's basic,"

    Justine:"yeah,he is,"

    Ro:Nothing great, no little nuts in here!🥜🍒
    Oh no what did I say!😱🤤👌👙👓👖🕶

  • Lien Crilly
    Lien Crilly 6 days ago

    it looks like justine cut off his head at 3:07 she's holding the knife above his head

  • xochilt gutierrez
    xochilt gutierrez 6 days ago

    Rosanna can you make a Oreo cake but made out of Oreo love you like if you agree

  • Leslie Connor
    Leslie Connor 6 days ago

    when you said "there no little nuts in here" that was funny

  • عبدالرحمن التهامي


  • Alisha Choudhary
    Alisha Choudhary 6 days ago

    i didnt understood that nuts things

  • Barbara Jo Karst
    Barbara Jo Karst 6 days ago

  • Etleva Korkuti
    Etleva Korkuti 6 days ago

    justine + knife=couple goals

  • Lynlee Braun
    Lynlee Braun 6 days ago

    I would eat the bracelet not wear it

  • Aylin Salazar
    Aylin Salazar 7 days ago

    wow I'm 9

  • Tara Clarissa
    Tara Clarissa 7 days ago


  • GryffindorGirl Aj
    GryffindorGirl Aj 7 days ago

    Ro: There's no surprises in here, like no nuts *realizes mistake*
    Justine: *laughs* FAMILY FRIENDLY!!
    I cracked up so hard 😂

  • CryBaby Gaming
    CryBaby Gaming 7 days ago

    Even though it's not valentines no more wouldn't it be cool if u cut the rose open and out SOMTHING in it like hearts or more and then melt it togethwr

  • Khavel Johnson
    Khavel Johnson 7 days ago

    l love your show

  • candy Johnston
    candy Johnston 7 days ago

    Does anybody else ship them?? ☹️☹️☹️no.....ok

  • MissHermioneG 13
    MissHermioneG 13 7 days ago

    no nuts... yeah... thats a problem

  • Teta Ntwari
    Teta Ntwari 7 days ago

    Roseanna I know what you were thinking about the chocolate covered Swedish fish you were thinking that you you would melt the chocolate and put the Swedish fish in there probably I think 😮

  • John Overton
    John Overton 7 days ago

    4:31 new language

  • Amrapali Dasgupta
    Amrapali Dasgupta 7 days ago

    i love them!!

  • Jordan Hoang
    Jordan Hoang 7 days ago

    They just ruined minions for me

  • Rabia Shahnawaz
    Rabia Shahnawaz 7 days ago

    ro please do real vs gummy food with mo your sister
    like if you agree👍👍👍👍

  • Art Love
    Art Love 8 days ago

    gummy vs real please

  • Lola Roybal
    Lola Roybal 8 days ago

    To you should do a collab with Liza kosher

  • Ashley Velazquez
    Ashley Velazquez 8 days ago

    go to the store blindfoled

  • Vitalic Macuta
    Vitalic Macuta 8 days ago

    that good meow

  • Tanisha Singh
    Tanisha Singh 8 days ago


  • CruelButInnocent
    CruelButInnocent 8 days ago


  • Jocelyn Lee
    Jocelyn Lee 8 days ago

    It's ok.... mistakes happen

  • Don juan
    Don juan 8 days ago

    8:37-8:39 lol

  • Imanster 10
    Imanster 10 8 days ago

    Ro ro ro your boat gently down justine
    Cookie cookie cookie cookie plays with Mattie

    Idk 😐

  • Nadja Meandzija
    Nadja Meandzija 8 days ago

    2:39 Just look at that face though!!!!

  • Nadja Meandzija
    Nadja Meandzija 8 days ago

    Ro is the swettest person I'v ever seen!

  • Shahira Sabah
    Shahira Sabah 9 days ago

    can you please do your morning routine 🙏

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera 9 days ago

    i bought the gummie bands they are delicios

  • adam amany
    adam amany 9 days ago

    2:10 "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!!!"

  • Carleen N
    Carleen N 9 days ago

    can you do something for father's day but new plllllllzzzzzz

  • Maloky Hesham
    Maloky Hesham 9 days ago

    loved it

  • Liz Burris
    Liz Burris 9 days ago

    u should make tatoo lollipops

  • Vannessa Thompson
    Vannessa Thompson 10 days ago

    I love you Ro!!

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