Odhiambo Tusker: Judy atwech Nya-Imbo (Jirani)

Odhiambo, the best "dengorating" voice par none in benga, notwithstanding his teacher Osito.

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Author Wambura Steven (1 day)
jirani makamano wange tek

Author jose san (4 months)
jirani awuori

Author Elly Opiyo (8 months)
Jirani tang uru gi jirende gi

Author Oketch Aokoh (3 years)
@Benbellahokwatch true variation..hence
monotony...jogo piyo!

Author Jasemeprof (3 years)
Naidamu eroamano maduong, aseyie. Nyasaye omed gwethi.To ma chuny thum
yawa! God bless jokanyanam to gitemie winjo puonj mag odhiambo gi

Author joel mwendwa (1 year)
Thumbeni to puonjo lakini masani opowo lok Odhiambo

Author Oketch Aokoh (3 years)
@Naidamu, I agree with you totally in your info @ the intro but thumbe ge
mathoth have one thematic thread ahinya= "corruption ei hera" plus a
smillar chant! There was something different with our maestros e.g R.I.P
Kabaselle, Okatch, Misiani etc their choruses were totally different in
different songs e.g Zainabu Vs. Piny wa dunia...nyathi Nyakach Vs. Pod
agima... this is lacking tinde yawa... this is my opinion!

Author otienocosmas (3 years)
the song is so sweet that can make me to be away from church keep on my
brother Odhiambo am Ccosmas Otieno Onyango wuod Ajigo.

Author Oketch Aokoh (3 years)
no variation..hence monotony...jogo piyo

Author zilpah100 (2 years)
Ayiego. Winjo to iwinjo gita kendo duondi bende mit

Author richie jarongo (1 year)
very educative song.

Author henry denis (3 years)
Erokamo naidamu donge item ikelo mar picha (GO to nyiso)

Author Kenafritek Kampuni (1 year)
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video. JOLUO opongo piny from Ethiopia to Kenya owadwa. Mano gima jii kyaa.
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Author George Olonya (2 years)
mamit nyithi jomoko.

Author sejerian (2 years)
Ayie, kata giwacho duondno okdigi tueyi, tho to ji tho just love the lyrics
Jah bless

Author Jarawilla O (3 years)
This Odhis is a voice born to 'dengorate' as Naidamu puts it. But he will
need great compositions to soar even more. Think of how Djo Mpoy of TPOK,
interpreting great compositions of Simaro like Mandola and Mbongo, became
the yardstick of deliverance! Tusker has a gift, but it is only half woken
up now! He can sing stacatto but with atomic clocklike precision on the
beat; his vocal range is sky-high to sea bottom, and he has natural emotive
tension, that captures the heart! Now to use it ALL!

Author DON OWINO (1 year)
Odhis Tusker...ayiego liet kapas...gima ohiny ema iwacho.

Author Achizo1979 (3 years)
Its true Tusker, jirani joma ketho ute ji kabisa

Author ronald ooko (1 year)
.....oda emobudhe seche duto. awuoro kaka ikwodo wiya nyar gi sammy.LIT NDII

Author Nyarugunja (3 years)
Very well done wuodwa ,i love you ,this song is one of your best puonj gi
wach hera ,nkeche hera oknyiew ,to okchun hera biro kende ...........go for
it wuodwa abiro mieli Savannah Ugunja

Author Jakenya2011 (11 months)
Tusker ayie kaka itimo nonro ma ifwenyo gogo matimore ei utewa! Adier ema
dhano okohero into isewachonwa! Ng'at man gi it mondo owinji!

Author raskalodji (3 years)
wonderful voice ,good diction,thumbs up bro

Author Benbellahokwatch (3 years)
Thumbe Odhiambo gi dwa chalore te. Gimit lakini oywago hera seche duto.
They are almost the same in all perspectives. Otherwise thum mit ang'inya.

Author sikukuu (2 years)
Thumbe hera ema ji ngiewo ga ahinya ka jiparo go manene, the past.

Author dsamuel15 (2 years)
it's described already! i like your songs. keep it up!

Author richie jarongo (1 year)
Thumni en puonj maduong ahinya kuomua wan joluo--weche duto ma odhiambowero
gin adiera kendo gitimore timore mangeny epiny masani --nitiere nyiri ma
gin timbegi dongo ma okia kuma odhiye kata kuma oya nikech Nyasaye ochueye
ma rangi mare bende ber miwuoro kod law bende donjo kuome --JABER EN JAULA

Author naidamu (3 years)
@Benbellahokwatch, ng'ato ka ng'ato gi michne nyiere - mano emare mane
Obong'o Nyakalaga ondusone

Author voluoch (3 years)
thum to mit lakini video emaonge yawa

Author Ras Jemmoh (1 year)
@naidamu. kelnwa magoyo to nyiso wa....!!! mit aduwa big up!

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