RHG - Quickfeet vs. Specter

Quickfeet's first battle for the RHG Tournament!

Quickfeet: Quick...feet.
Specter: Heavy blade, gets more powerful with more attacks.


JomBOX is going to be posted on FATV.

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Author leon5051 ( ago)
he didn't honor his defeat so he got disrespected all the way to hell

Author hitakichan901 ( ago)
this never gets old

Author Zain DaGamer ( ago)
jombo for fuck sakes your the only animater who gives quickfeet more hits
and specter like did 8 hits or something not lying !!

Author Israel Lahullier ( ago)
damn bro love watching these over the years whens the come back??

Author IKEN Studios ( ago)
Sooooooooo amazing

Author james4 “thejamesgamer100” games ( ago)
swords are weak. I could beat a guy with a sword ten thousand times until
he wins. he has a sword and I have powers.

Author Jarquavian Rudd ( ago)
thank you for quick feet bro《°

Author Stick Run Doubler Rude AE ( ago)
i really love Quickfeet

Author mine to the max ( ago)
what animating program does he use

Author Quantum Leap ( ago)
Hey look I found your sword.

Author DaKuan Minor ( ago)
song name please

Author I3umblebee X ( ago)
Felt bad for specter as he had no chance

Author Stag King Grey ( ago)
still my favorite jombo animation of all time

Author LIGHTBRINGER _XD ( ago)

Author The_Endless ( ago)
Guys I got an idea for creating a character: He has a long broad sword and
a ring that allows him to teleport around because of the weight of the
sword? already taken please say... And a suggestion for name pls?

Author A.S./Living Skeletons ( ago)
quickfeet beasted spectre

Author Linosek279 ( ago)
Well, somebody seems a little OP

Author Cesar Camarillo ( ago)
Prepare your anus

Author Cameron Larkin ( ago)
yoyo will own qf

Author Tori Hedgehog ( ago)
Qf is my fav

Author Quinnvario Curry ( ago)
fond his sword fond his sword it was in his face and it was in the grond.

Author Henry Shao ( ago)
Where is the "I found your sword?" And at the end, i had to go 0.25 to see
whats happening..

Author Night Star ( ago)
nice people's elbow B)

Author Gol. D. Roger ( ago)
"Check it out i found your sword" gets me everytime XD

Author Shemar Richardson ( ago)
Damn he really rape his shit

Author Captain hazama (Justhit) ( ago)
Now rhg battle coming to ps3,ps4,xbox360,xbox1 & ps vita xD

Author OblivioRoxronian ( ago)
That ending of the "PEOPLE'S ELBOW!"

Author KibyAndLans Productions ( ago)
I sobbed seeing specter shit their fight 😂

Author Ka-Shawn Williams ( ago)
1:00 Not Bad

Author Michael Moragen ( ago)

Author Clan Master TV (1148 years ago)
Firtst Hit:Quickfeet
FIRST Blood:Specter

Author Clan Master TV (1271 year ago)
1:20 book 0.0

Author LGLabyrinth006K ( ago)
People's elbow.

Like a boss.

Author Fionna Paula Terrazola ( ago)
1:48 and you for being gay, lol. :D

Author Vakamacool ( ago)
Quickfeet vs. Mr. Red

Author Conner M ( ago)
Alright then! Calm your sh*t Quickfeet!

Author kidvampire100 ( ago)
Quickfeet is def my favorite rgh character xD

Author Crimson ( ago)
XD I'll rap your shit. So funny.

Author Dante thomas ( ago)
are you a bitch..? No. lmao classic

Author Trauzt ( ago)
Duuuude I wish I was Quick Feet...I'd woop dat ass though lol

Author Fron Contenidos ( ago)
Hola, los invito a pasar por mi canal, estoy con una serie zombie de
animacion, que recien empieza los invito a verla! con una reproduccion me
ayudan muchisimo! 

Author Troy Miles ( ago)
Ha, specter was completely outmatched.

Author Pilar Lembong ( ago)

Author TheGreek ( ago)

Author Eduardo Andres Ramirez Godoy ( ago)
quickfeet vs kickman and sorry for my inglish im not live en E.E.U.U

Author JETZ “Zaq James” Gamer ( ago)
1:22 anyone noticed the "book"

Author RedAnimationsPlays ( ago)
Specter: Fack! You too fast1111!!1! D:

Author Maku Tyroha ( ago)

Author TheMartiin1997 ( ago)
This fight gives a new meaning to rape.XD

Author jordan hill ( ago)
Quickfeet: are u a bich? specter: no quickfeet: (kicks the shit out of him)

Author jordan hill ( ago)
Finishing move: Ultimate peoples elbow lol

Author Andrew Cantrell ( ago)
Why would you put your sword down

Author Swampy Games ( ago)
Quickfeet totalty owned his face

Author Kky Chuan ( ago)
Isn't Quickfeet a little OverPowered ? I mean if he used his speed non-stop
.... he will win any battle

Author Phiro 34 ( ago)
check it aut i find your sword.....

Author Matthew Wu ( ago)
Are u a bitch Yes.....

Author Mikael Yancy Quilon ( ago)
Fuck intros lol

Author Gregor MacGregor ( ago)
Thumbs up if people saying "Quickfeet VS Specter" in the comments of "9mm
and a Three Piece Suit" brought you here!

Author Ahdo ( ago)
I'll rape your shit

Author TheMimaps ( ago)
"I'm not your friend, pal" EPIC

Author hellianblades1391 ( ago)
You guys have beef or something?

Author darksymphony777 ( ago)
:55 wesker punch

Author Jireh Mofa ( ago)
I love this anime it should be your best yet correct me if I'm wrong.

Author TeamHydraGaming ( ago)
AND YOU (For being gay)

Author Azkkad ( ago)
OMG it's mah sword!

Author zera6180 ( ago)
This Is Cool.. I Like The Ending The Best Part And Animation...

Author Tugh´s Animations ( ago)
QuickFeet TOOOPPPP <3 

Author Andrew Boster Jr ( ago)
Quick feet vs Mr red

Author xXscycoXx ( ago)
Why because fuck intro's

Author Dajjal, The Deceiver ( ago)
Damn, then elbows tho

Author miguels stone ( ago)
Damn people's elbow

Author Simp ( ago)
holy shit quickfeet is OP

Author Drakon “Pyrite” Minaka ( ago)
i think quickfeet could be able to fight mr red,though evenly matched

Author Polar Bear ( ago)
"Check it out,i found your sword" DECAPITATION!!! Fucking win XD

Author Joshua Inocencio ( ago)
Can't stop watching this

Author mahmoud omer ( ago)

Author drifttech234 ( ago)
1:48 AND YOU for being gay ......lolwut?

Author johnjenzen legaspi ( ago)

Author Angelo van der Stad ( ago)

Author Mobile Games ( ago)
MR red :D 

Author Alex Lin ( ago)
Whats the thing that sez BOOK for?

Author HM1199 ( ago)
hey jombo just tell me is it practice that made u ossum?

Author Jombo ( ago)
I called the police and they're coming to your house immediately.

Author HM1199 ( ago)
i got macromedia flash 8 4 free. u can get it with torrent

Author Bates Su do ( ago)
Well Thanks anyway pal i shall be on my way to stardem :D

Author Jombo ( ago)
It's not free

Author Bates Su do ( ago)
Wat Site? I tried dat what do I download?

Author Jombo ( ago)
get adobe flash or something

Author Bates Su do ( ago)
Hey Jombo How do You Animate? And Dont Think I wont Respon. I Love this Vid
and Would check it any time.

Author kickman ( ago)
your so mean kickman will rape your shit

Author Writh ( ago)
i fucking love quickfeet :D

Author Vakamacool ( ago)
Quickfeet is epic

Author C4man44 ( ago)
1:49 Eric you are so mean :D

Author The Last Mimiga ( ago)
fast fast fast fast fast 

Author Mr Red ( ago)
press 7 to climax.

Author jay- Shift ( ago)
hey I found your sword...........

Author Avonnye Henderson ( ago)
my dude said " ill rape your shit"

Author Dat Tran Huu ( ago)
Like, Funny!

Author bern nard ( ago)
What do u use to animate this

Author Jombo ( ago)

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