RHG - Quickfeet vs. Specter

Quickfeet's first battle for the RHG Tournament!

Quickfeet: Quick...feet.
Specter: Heavy blade, gets more powerful with more attacks.


JomBOX is going to be posted on FATV.

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Author Henry Shao (3 months)
Where is the "I found your sword?" And at the end, i had to go 0.25 to see
whats happening..

Author Gol. D. Roger (6 months)
"Check it out i found your sword" gets me everytime XD

Author Quinnvario Curry (3 months)
fond his sword fond his sword it was in his face and it was in the grond.

Author JETZ Gamer (1 year)
1:22 anyone noticed the "book"

Author Cameron Larkin (3 months)
yoyo will own qf

Author Shemar Richardson (6 months)
Damn he really rape his shit

Author Tori Hedgehog (3 months)
Qf is my fav

Author Dante thomas (11 months)
are you a bitch..? No. lmao classic

Author mohana garilao (6 months)

Author OblivioRoxronian (7 months)
That ending of the "PEOPLE'S ELBOW!"

Author Night Star (5 months)
nice people's elbow B)

Author Wolf Lemmons (10 months)
+Loretta Mckee and +Dynal Morrowseer ...

Author jordan hill (1 year)
Finishing move: Ultimate peoples elbow lol

Author FWord the KKK initiate (1 year)
This fight is hilariously unfair, like putting a MMA champ in the ring with
a Sumo wrestler. MMA guy is faster, and in better shape, tires less
quickly, ect.

As for the animation, nice and fluid, syncs very well with the music (which
is very catchy by the way). The dialogue is funny, but not overdone.
Great job!

Author Ka-Shawn Williams (8 months)
1:00 Not Bad

Author LGLabyrinth006K (9 months)
People's elbow.

Like a boss.

Author KibyAndLans Productions (7 months)
I sobbed seeing specter shit their fight 😂

Author cesarpondarkorbit (2 months)
Prepare your anus

Author Conner M (9 months)
Alright then! Calm your sh*t Quickfeet!

Author Clan Master TV (8 months)
Firtst Hit:Quickfeet
FIRST Blood:Specter

Author TheCrimsonGamingsMC (10 months)
XD I'll rap your shit. So funny.

Author Fionna Paula Terrazola (9 months)
1:48 and you for being gay, lol. :D

Author Michael Moragen (8 months)

Author Vakamacool (9 months)
Quickfeet vs. Mr. Red

Author TheMartiin1997 (1 year)
This fight gives a new meaning to rape.XD

Author kidvampire100 (10 months)
Quickfeet is def my favorite rgh character xD

Author Captain hazama (6 months)
Now rhg battle coming to ps3,ps4,xbox360,xbox1 & ps vita xD

Author Nick M. (11 months)
Duuuude I wish I was Quick Feet...I'd woop dat ass though lol

Author Troy Miles (11 months)
Ha, specter was completely outmatched.

Author Fron Contenidos (11 months)
Hola, los invito a pasar por mi canal, estoy con una serie zombie de
animacion, que recien empieza los invito a verla! con una reproduccion me
ayudan muchisimo! 

Author TheGreek (1 year)

Author Pilar Lembong (1 year)

Author Wolf Lemmons (1 year)

Author Clan Master TV (8 months)
1:20 book 0.0

Author Maku Tyroha (1 year)

Author Andrew Cantrell (1 year)
Why would you put your sword down

Author jordan hill (1 year)
Quickfeet: are u a bich? specter: no quickfeet: (kicks the shit out of him)

Author Phiro 34 (1 year)
check it aut i find your sword.....

Author Eduardo Andres Ramirez Godoy (1 year)
quickfeet vs kickman and sorry for my inglish im not live en E.E.U.U

Author SRM1 (1 year)
Specter: Fack! You too fast1111!!1! D:

Author Swampy Games (1 year)
Quickfeet totalty owned his face

Author Kky Chuan (1 year)
Isn't Quickfeet a little OverPowered ? I mean if he used his speed non-stop
.... he will win any battle

Author Rahmat tullah (2 years)

Author The Sketch (2 years)
Even a year and a half after this was made, this is still my favorite RHG

Author GeneralNatsu (2 years)
i'm not gay -__-

Author carl dairo (1 year)
quickfeet is one of the most fastest RHG fighters in the history of it
while alfa a.k.a FLLFFL is the champion of RHG of his time but my question
is:who would win(if you're reading this it would damn please me if you
could make a video about that shit

Author Aaron Yellowheart Hill (2 years)
Why the hell r all u mad people on this video

Author mahmoud omer (1 year)

Author DeathOnNick (2 years)
Yes it is.

Author BroStab (2 years)
"I'll rape your shit" Best line ever.

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