Ren ai Shindan Tsubasa no Kakera Episode 3 Part 1 [ENG SUB]

The final episode of this series. o.O Thanks for watching!!

I do not own this series, I merely added some subtitles to help those who don't speak the Japanese language to understand what's going on :)

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Author maria salazar (1 month)
:( queria en sub español... lo peor es que soy mala con el ingles.. :/ bueh
almenos podre ver el cap

Author Chrtoz Blue (2 months)
estaba con su papa? wtf!!

Author emiru joonetsu (2 months)
.__. qe penita qe no este en ningun lado con sub español ... ahora estoy
muy confyndida

Author brnxhmaria1 (3 months)
Ohhh Leo es todo un sexy oh dios ♡♡♡♡

Author brnxhmaria1 (3 months)
Ohhh Leo es todo un sexy oh dios ♡♡♡♡

Author Akira Misaki (4 months)
No matter what Leo says I can't hate him. I'm kind of hating Tsubasa right
now. lol

Author Akira Misaki (4 months)
I-Is that his dad?! T^T

Author yanguire666_ (7 months)
Leo please be in my bed tonight

Author PrussianMatryoshka (1 year)
why the heck does leo always seem druck whenever he talks? G_G

Author princesslamour1985 (4 years)
hmmm "there will be trouble" kinda sounds like a threat....

Author LX D (2 years)
Tell me, where does it say in my past replys that I am her manager or
bodyguard? Val is a very busy person, I'll have you know. I don't want to
sound rude either and I never intended to come across rude. Let me pull up
the definition of 'Show off', ok? Definition for show off: Web definitions:
exhibitionist: someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract

Author Mahi (3 years)

Author YESEUL HAN (1 year)

Author Lawliezyummx3 (3 years)
how did leo get dressed fast enough to catch up to tsubasa o.O??

Author Angel - Chan (10 months)
Leo is so sexy........ or is it just me?

Author snoopyguardian (3 years)
Ok so let me get this straight, the white scene was a flashback and the
person was his dad, cause he's wearing the same shirt in the part where the
dad kills himself.. So I'm just going to say that his dad raped tsubasa,
but tsubasa loved his dad as a man, gasp* incest kind of?!

Author Christina Norman (2 years)
ME TOO. I was like "-stares closer- wait, what's-.....O.O"

Author Frida Andersson (3 years)
Jag har seriösa problem med den här serien... Inget bra händer och det där
emliga pianosoundtracket går mig på nerverna!

Author CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN (2 years)
I love the absolute absence of women in these yaoi dramas X-D (They're
probably all too busy watching the show!) But then again, who needs women
when you have pretty, effeminate men to oogle at anyway? ^_^

Author Alex Lizzte (2 years)

Author KpopKimbap (3 years)
@TheMoonsShadow14 The guy was someone who Tsubasa's past lover cheated on
him with. That's why when he saw him in the bed he was shocked, and he told
that guy that he was only supposed to love him, and he got all upset. -- At
least that's what I think is going on :p

Author PrussianMatryoshka (1 year)
oh my god xD thats confusing xD yes, leo's lover was the guy who fell off
the building and yes, tsubasa's lover was his step father (who fell off the
balcony of their house) soooo, step father's ~other~ lover was someone else
other than leo... none of them was related to each other...

Author MISTRESSVALO (2 years)
Leo reminds me of a young HYDE from L'Arc En Ciel.

Author Jacqueline Tortola (1 year)
Encerio este es el fina!!????? como q no keda muy claro!! :/ pero me
gusto!!! :3

Author YaoiPandas (4 years)
@stjesuskat666 well yes you did help me very much..but you know the guy in
the bed...before Tsubasa and his dad start doing stuff

Author nicollebub (2 years)
@mrsliar you can clearly see that tsubasa is hugging him, i'm kinda scared
of this drama >_>

Author Sadlullabiesdreamer (2 years)
Maaan, the music is so damn beautiful!!!!!

Author Salma Quiñones (1 year)
i only know one think.. well two Tsubasa is a bitch and Ryou is sexy <3

Author Liz Glez (2 years)
ohhhh :( soooo love it series

Author EmeraldRoseDragon (2 years)
then you might not want to sleep with Kain again while you're never ever
giving Tsubasa up

Author shafiqah100794 (2 years)
@Aimagination96 lol....thanks...XD >/////<

Author ForbbidenBurriPanda (4 years)
Idiot falls inlove with a idiot, that idiot loves the other idiot, the two
idiots fuck each other, idiot felling hurt, idiots chasing an idiots can
only lead to idiots. So.. who's the Idiot?

Author nicollebub (2 years)
1:03 myyyy fucking god, the fuck is this

Author EmeraldRoseDragon (2 years)
the scene with leo and tsubasa is like that scene from fear with the girl
and her friend.

Author Meow Mathews (2 years)
@nfyaka Tsubasa says in the first episode when talking to Kain that he
looks up to his father's work, but then says that its not his biological
father. That's probably what that is - he's a lover/father-figure and not
his 'father'.

Author itachiko92 (2 years)
ehm... i really tried... i did.... but i can't find the point in this movie
xD. i only see a bunch of random things. .

Author Elza Silva (2 years)
ahahaha cool you are right :DDD

Author TaeminSarangX (3 years)
Hot Asians Should Run Down The Streets Half Dressed More Often :P

Author cc38cheung (2 years)
I was gonna say he kinda looks like Michael Jackson...

Author Ella CHENG (1 year)

Author wicca234 (3 years)
OH! Kain may be a ghost! I notice Leo doesn't pay much if any attention to
him or acknowledges him, like he isn't there at all. That and Kain did say
the "he" made that sculpture - which would now make sense if he was the was
the inspiration. That and given his words in 8:40 , it would make the most
sense. He seems loves Leo and has a sort of pleasantly scorn, if not
deceptively contemptuous attitude toward Tsubasa. I kinda hope am right,
that would make this show even more interesting!

Author mar Di (2 years)
D: yeah, i hate when there incest (and more between parents and sons D:),
is awful e.e, but at least the second traitor was a little more acceptable
xD (young and hot, but is not nesessary explain xD)

Author KibumShinee (2 years)
Erm he was saying this to his step dad?? That's kinda disturbing, I mean
wanting to do that with your stepdad/stepson is VERY disturbing in my eyes..

Author imeellpeiwen (1 year)
tomooooo~~ just date me!! XD

Author nagako18 (1 year)
so wait a minute, Leo's lover is the guy who feel off the building and
Tsubasa's lover washis step father but they aren't connected at all or is
the Step fathers lover also Leo's lover's lover as well?

Author Vomitotra3e2e1 (1 year)
That is his step-father and I think Tsubasa felt really lonely and wanted
to be loved, so that's why he let that perverted step-father do him.. Yeah.

Author Aimagination96 (2 years)
You act like her manager. "Val's too busy to help with this", "you
shouldn't ask her questions", stuff like that. Val's more than capable of
making her own choices. If she didn't want to help me or didn't have time
she wouldn't have. It's not like I forced her to answer my question. And
it's not like she's president or something. She does have SOME time to
herself. She wouldn't post 2min blogs and read fics everyday if she didn't.

Author Jamie Hung (1 year)

Author eshikawa (2 years)

Author YaoiPandas (4 years)
what kind of love did Tsubasa mean...with his dad? and was he doing stuff
with him? who was the guy in the bed? did Leo practically say that he loves
Tsubasa? why did Tsubasas dad kill himself? sorry for the trouble..but
could you or somebody just explain this part to me...sorry again

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