Ren ai Shindan Tsubasa no Kakera Episode 3 Part 1 [ENG SUB]

The final episode of this series. o.O Thanks for watching!!

I do not own this series, I merely added some subtitles to help those who don't speak the Japanese language to understand what's going on :)

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Author Roberta Gabry a Gabr Roberta ( ago)
posta em espanhol

Author Tachibana Makoto ( ago)
en ese momento, que te acuerdas que juegas mucho shaoi y lees mucho manga
sin traducir... ayudan ;u; kain es un hijo de puta ;-; que tiene de malo
que a tsubasa le "guste" leo? (sho se que le gusta) no se porque siento que
le hará algo malo a tsubasa-chan-prosti♥

Author Ruth-Ann Yangilmau ( ago)
How is it that Leo was the only one that woke up after hearing the vase
break? Is Kain a deep sleeper?

Author Ruth-Ann Yangilmau ( ago)
Where did the wind in (2:12) come from?

Author heyitsemilyxx ( ago)

Author anirai1516 ( ago)
I am so confused was Tsubasa and his father in that kind of relationship?
Did his father jump off? 

Author Yeol Da Fire (FireLight19) ( ago)
Wait I'm confused. Is that his dad or not? Cos if it is then that is just
plain weird. 

Author Valentina Arias ( ago)
AYYY NO! quiero sub español ;-;

Author vale locamente doramatica ( ago)
ese momento en que todas esas horas de ingles no ayudan de mucho 

Author Amanda Niz ( ago)
As Tsubasa kept talking about the wings melting thing I kept thinking:
"Just fall from the sky and die already!"

Author Kimberly Chin (kimchi) ( ago)
dat squriming at the beginning 1:05 is so awkward I don't even...

Author Seshiru Reiesu ( ago)
Ni modo, a prácticar mi inglés xD

Author Gabriela salazar cazares ( ago)
por fis en sub español gracias

Author maria salazar ( ago)
:( queria en sub español... lo peor es que soy mala con el ingles.. :/ bueh
almenos podre ver el cap

Author Chrtoz Blue ( ago)
estaba con su papa? wtf!!

Author emiru joonetsu ( ago)
.__. qe penita qe no este en ningun lado con sub español ... ahora estoy
muy confyndida

Author brnxhmaria1 ( ago)
Ohhh Leo es todo un sexy oh dios ♡♡♡♡

Author brnxhmaria1 ( ago)
Ohhh Leo es todo un sexy oh dios ♡♡♡♡

Author Akira Misaki ( ago)
No matter what Leo says I can't hate him. I'm kind of hating Tsubasa right
now. lol

Author Akira Misaki ( ago)
I-Is that his dad?! T^T

Author postmortem ( ago)
Leo please be in my bed tonight

Author Ramuh La ( ago)
Leo is so sexy........ or is it just me?

Author Jamie Hung ( ago)

Author Ziana Mitchell ( ago)
The love triangles and squares are confusing.. I need a love diagram to
keep them all in order

Author farah haerin ( ago)
great it....<3

Author Salma Quiñones ( ago)
i only know one think.. well two Tsubasa is a bitch and Ryou is sexy <3

Author nagako18 ( ago)
so wait a minute, Leo's lover is the guy who feel off the building and
Tsubasa's lover washis step father but they aren't connected at all or is
the Step fathers lover also Leo's lover's lover as well?

Author Jacqueline Tortola ( ago)
Encerio este es el fina!!????? como q no keda muy claro!! :/ pero me
gusto!!! :3

Author Ella CHENG ( ago)

Author Chanhee Kang ( ago)
Okay so, the step father was having affairs with his son Tsubasa, but Leo
was the Step-Father's lover, and when he jumped, Leo was there and watched
his lover's bone shatter like breaking that it? Wow so

Author sunichiro ( ago)
too much piano music

Author FashionPrints ( ago)
Wait is that his dad?

Author imeellpeiwen ( ago)
tomooooo~~ just date me!! XD

Author 1GoldRunner ( ago)
Why is he making out with some old guy?

Author YESEUL HAN ( ago)

Author Kuro Niwatori ( ago)

Author Aurora- Estelle ( ago)
this calms me :D And jei a fan :)) i love super junior *.*

Author jasdeviel ( ago)
Yup! I mean that Heechul! And yeah Im a fan! And its ok! ^_^

Author Aurora- Estelle ( ago)
aaah you mean Hecchul from Super Junior :D? are you also a fan *.*? sorry
for my bad english >.
Author Aurora- Estelle ( ago)
ahahaha cool you are right :DDD

Author Jaycarter Shaw ( ago)
How in the hell did he put his cloth on so fast?

Author cc38cheung ( ago)
I was gonna say he kinda looks like Michael Jackson...

Author cc38cheung ( ago)
Probably ran while putting his shirt on... But then again, he might have
bumped into the walls a few times

Author KibumShinee ( ago)
Erm he was saying this to his step dad?? That's kinda disturbing, I mean
wanting to do that with your stepdad/stepson is VERY disturbing in my eyes..

Author itachiko92 ( ago)
ehm... i really tried... i did.... but i can't find the point in this movie
xD. i only see a bunch of random things. .

Author eshikawa ( ago)
Ahahaha even if he was running, he shouldn't be that worn out. lolz he must
be all tuckered out from his playdate with Kain perhaps? >.> *Blush* >///<

Author eshikawa ( ago)
Ni-shi-shi-shi....>:D Leo was uke lulz ^3^

Author eshikawa ( ago)

Author Aurora- Estelle ( ago)
Leo is so sasuke-like :3

Author 脚 ハハ ( ago)

Author MISTRESSVALO ( ago)
Leo reminds me of a young HYDE from L'Arc En Ciel.

Author mar Di ( ago)
is true ._., if they do in the true life that type of history, would be
traumatic D: would be too perverted to see it i think xD i say, it would
serve to measure the level of mental perversion in oneself xD (sorry for my
english x3)

Author Christina Norman ( ago)
It made me think of the anime, Papa To Kiss In The Dark. But in that, it's
oddly, how do I say...okay? Because both are cute little characters.
Imagine a yaoi adaptation of that... o.o I think that'd be the only yaoi
live-action incest movie I'd enjoy....

Author mar Di ( ago)
xD an epics faces of "WTF!"

Author Christina Norman ( ago)
ME TOO. I was like "-stares closer- wait, what's-.....O.O"

Author mar Di ( ago)
D: yeah, i hate when there incest (and more between parents and sons D:),
is awful e.e, but at least the second traitor was a little more acceptable
xD (young and hot, but is not nesessary explain xD)

Author DJplaymySong ( ago)
i think it was b/c the father wasn't blood related or something like that
but yea still ): betrayed twice, even if the first time was with an icky
old man

Author mar Di ( ago)
._. tsubasa and her father, when i seen them i did "O_O"

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
You act like her manager. "Val's too busy to help with this", "you
shouldn't ask her questions", stuff like that. Val's more than capable of
making her own choices. If she didn't want to help me or didn't have time
she wouldn't have. It's not like I forced her to answer my question. And
it's not like she's president or something. She does have SOME time to
herself. She wouldn't post 2min blogs and read fics everyday if she didn't.

Author TWD TW ( ago)
Tell me, where does it say in my past replys that I am her manager or
bodyguard? Val is a very busy person, I'll have you know. I don't want to
sound rude either and I never intended to come across rude. Let me pull up
the definition of 'Show off', ok? Definition for show off: Web definitions:
exhibitionist: someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract

Author CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN ( ago)
I love the absolute absence of women in these yaoi dramas X-D (They're
probably all too busy watching the show!) But then again, who needs women
when you have pretty, effeminate men to oogle at anyway? ^_^

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
You know, you're not her manager or bodyguard. Just because I ask her some
questions doesn't mean I'm taking up her whole day. You may have known her
for ages but you're not her only friend. I don't want to sound rude or
anything but you're kind of backing me into a corner and I have no choice.
And also, what do you mean I was showing off?

Author TWD TW ( ago)
I didn't catch the joke in it, honestly? I read it as though you were kind
of showing off. And I still believe you were. Yes, I saw that the comments
were from two months ago and that doesn't change anything, you were still
bothering Val about something that doesn't need to be adressed, if you pay
attention to the drama yourself I'm sure you can figure it out. It's really
not that hard.

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
Actually, I'm in no way saying that. I love Val a lot but I would never say
she's my God. Also, I know she's busy but she's also my friend. And I
wasn't rushing her in any way. Those comments from 2 months ago were solely
in joking form.

Author TWD TW ( ago)
You're acting like Val is your God, which in any case is just plain weird.
I've known Val for ages and to be honest, she's not the only person that
knows yaoi like the back of her hand, you shouldn't have asked her anyway,
she's a busy person.

Author TWD TW ( ago)
So, he was fucking his step father?

Author wingslovedvalkria ( ago)
I hope no other seme's find tsubasa right now cause in this moment he's
ripe for the picking

Author ahnobi ( ago)
@CrunkKitty1 me 2

Author kamuikoishi ( ago)
I love you Tsubasa, but I have some advice for you. "STAY AWAY FROM THE
RELIC PORTIONS OF ART MUSEUMS!" You break anything around you from your
clumsiness. >.>

Author shafiqah100794 ( ago)
@Aimagination96 lol....thanks...XD >/////<

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
@shafiqah100794 Okay, the great and all knowing caline says... He's (I
think she's talking about Leo) is flexible. Sometimes he bottoms sometimes
he tops... We've waited all this time for her to say Leo can bottom and
top. Thank you, caline.

Author shafiqah100794 ( ago)
@Aimagination96 haha...i hope she'd give us answer soon....XD i usually
read fantic so hot...>///<

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
@shafiqah100794 Correct. 2min is the yaoi pairing of SHINee's Minho and
Taemin. The girl (who is not responding to my question right now...) is
known as caline on a site where I write 2min stories.
(asianfanfiction(dot)com). She LIVES for 2min. Every 2min writer knows who
she is. She also adores any type of yaoi. So, I figure if she can't help
us. No one can. So she better hurry up and answer.

Author shafiqah100794 ( ago)
@Aimagination96 yea...2min is some fantic right..??

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
@shafiqah100794 Have you ever heard of 2min?

Author shafiqah100794 ( ago)
@Aimagination96're saying exactly what on my mind...>///< so
whose this yaoi expert...? XD

Author Aimagination96 ( ago)
@shafiqah100794 With the way they were laying, you'd assume that Leo's the
uke. But then again, Kain looks too... How should I put this? Feminine (I
had no other word) to be the seme. But, it's obvious that he would have
been the seme had he slept with Tsubasa.... Okay, I know a yaoi expert (I'm
totally serious) who could help us instead.

Author shafiqah100794 ( ago)
okay between kain and leo whose the uke..?? Oxo

Author Alex Lizzte ( ago)

Author Molly Poop ( ago)

Author EmeraldRoseDragon ( ago)
then you might not want to sleep with Kain again while you're never ever
giving Tsubasa up

Author EmeraldRoseDragon ( ago)
the scene with leo and tsubasa is like that scene from fear with the girl
and her friend.

Author EmeraldRoseDragon ( ago)
it's happening again, tsubasa has the worst luck romantically.

Author Sadlullabiesdreamer ( ago)
Maaan, the music is so damn beautiful!!!!!

Author Hardly Ableson ( ago)
@jasdeviel :) :) :) :)

Author jasdeviel ( ago)
@acidreflux000 God damn it, I swear Id sell my legs to see Heechul put one
on Tsubasa. Just like the ones with Sungmin and Siwon, tongue and all....
*///////* (Never ending nosebleed)

Author exxia ( ago)
@EffieGrimmaldie 'Ryou' is how you pronounce 'Leo' in japanese, so yup,
Ryou is Leo :)

Author Meow Mathews ( ago)
@nfyaka Tsubasa says in the first episode when talking to Kain that he
looks up to his father's work, but then says that its not his biological
father. That's probably what that is - he's a lover/father-figure and not
his 'father'.

Author EffieGrimmaldie ( ago)
...soo.... Ryu is infact Leo? so then who is Ryu?? Y change names?

Author Liz Glez ( ago)
ohhhh :( soooo love it series

Author fech2666 (1199 years ago)
Wait, so is that like his father or his old ex that cheated on him?

Author Lawliezyummx3 ( ago)
how did leo get dressed fast enough to catch up to tsubasa o.O??

Author CMGkpop ( ago)
@wicca234 wow, after you said it, I totally saw it! =D The whole "can you
replace me" talk suddenly made much more sense ;D

Author Lorrie Hale ( ago)
Ing it was his dad that totally molested him in the beginning~ xD I knew

Author wicca234 ( ago)
OH! Kain may be a ghost! I notice Leo doesn't pay much if any attention to
him or acknowledges him, like he isn't there at all. That and Kain did say
the "he" made that sculpture - which would now make sense if he was the was
the inspiration. That and given his words in 8:40 , it would make the most
sense. He seems loves Leo and has a sort of pleasantly scorn, if not
deceptively contemptuous attitude toward Tsubasa. I kinda hope am right,
that would make this show even more interesting!

Author shyrakai28 ( ago)
@snoopyguardian but wait! its not incest was his step dad. ...
>.> still...

Author Rumanjyu Ju ( ago)
what the hell is going on?? this is giving me shitties in the ass. i dont
get what the hell is the main point of this Shattered Wing thingy ma jig..
who was the guy that attacked Tsubasa in the beginning? his dad or what? by
the way, im loving this Renai Shindan!

Author TaeminSarangX ( ago)
Hot Asians Should Run Down The Streets Half Dressed More Often :P

Author SleepyMikey ( ago)
@xantony42 I think it's kind of even weirder that the son enjoyed it.

Author snoopyguardian ( ago)
Ok so let me get this straight, the white scene was a flashback and the
person was his dad, cause he's wearing the same shirt in the part where the
dad kills himself.. So I'm just going to say that his dad raped tsubasa,
but tsubasa loved his dad as a man, gasp* incest kind of?!

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