Shaquille O'Neal believes the Earth is flat

Just like Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler and Draymond Green.

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The world is obviously an octagon

This is fake obviously

Author mo mo ( ago)
lmao... but I have 1 simple question to ASK all peeps out there!!! hear me out and hear me good!!! I don't want your answers from nasa, school teachers, or anyone else but YOURSELF and prove to us(or me) the earth is a globe!! all I want is a simple answer "yes" or "no" to the question!!! Here is the question but remember what I said above^......
1. HAVE YOU, YOURSELF SEEN EARTH AS A GLOBE???? if answer is yes then provide up to date evidence! if no, then you will have to go fishing(research) for the right big fish(answer).
all I'm saying is be an opened minded person and ask questions if things are not right. if hings are ok, then you move on to the next, simple as that, but what can I say about people.

Author EliteKillers ( ago)
This man has a doctorate? Rly? Damn, i guess im gona be nuclear phisysicst cya, first thing to, gotta learn propper grammar

Author iPure ™ ( ago)
People have been in space before. You can clearly see (from the videos) that it is a sphere. Now enough with that shit

Author Arian Ka ( ago)
Y'all call Shaq fool when he say earth is flat but when Elon Musk says that life is a simulation in a PC y'all become philosophers. Just send him to orbit, end of the discussion.

Author The Darkness ( ago)
That's why the niggas don't need to have a lot of attention :V

Author Zechariah Williams ( ago)
Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance. Go over to Eric Dubay's channel and educate yourself on the theory and then decide. Where's the edge, what is gravity, why the lie, what about satellites, gps etc.. you have questions? Eric Dubay has answers. I've already seen these questions posted in the comments section below. The answers will surprise you.

Author Paranormal Generation ( ago)

Author sdsd33 ( ago)
Strap a fuckin gopro or any chinese knock off and shoot it in the air with a baloon. As simple as that. Morons thinking the earth is flat : It would literally cost you less than 100$ to prove to everyone that your theory is right.

Author Darkvine ( ago)
This is why aliens won't talk to us >.<

Author Jani Johnny ( ago)
earth is a triangle, HALO?! illuminati and all-a that good shizzle :)

Author IAmRoyalty777 ( ago)

Author shivnz ( ago)
flat.. round.. ugh youre all so binary. the earth can be whatever it wants to be, STOP LABELING HER.. i mean him.. it... god dammit :(

Author Christian Colossus ( ago)
How did he get his HS diploma? If LSU gave him one it just shows the value of their diplomas...smh

Author Christian Colossus ( ago)
I wonder if he thinks the moon is made of cheese too?

Author Like Clockwork64 ( ago)
Get a flight to the edge at the south pole and see for yourself.

Author GOD Dem ( ago)
Damn , i'm french and THAT video is rly scraring me i mean if Sport super stars can be manpulate by videos from non scentic sources on YOUTUBE whath children would have for them...

Author FreezyPenguin ( ago)
The sun goes up at different time all over the world how does that make sense with a flat earth? how do two things with the same height cast a different looking shadow if they are far enough apart O.O The moon being made out of cheese makes more sense

Author WVR Spence ( ago)
How does he explain the other planets?

For that matter, how does he explain getting a driver's license?

Author G Griffins ( ago)
If you really want to know, here's a couple of things you can test out for yourselves: 1. If you drive 67 miles north or south, the stars and the path of the sun will shift by one degree. If you drive roughly 670 miles straight north or south, the stars and sun will shift 10 degrees.... 2. If you fly to the north part of Alaska on June 21st, the North Star will be almost overheard and the sun won't set. The sun will actually go around you close to the horizon and it will be Summer. On June 22nd, you can fly to Brazil and stand near the mouth of the Amazon River, and the North Star will be on the horizon, and the sun will be rising and setting like a normal day. Then on June 23rd, after you go to the beach and grab a hot dog, you can fly to the tip of south America and the North Star will be far below the horizon, totally out of sight, and the sun will maybe rise for an hour or 2... and it will be Winter! ...You will also see cool constellations you probably have never seen before. The earth is a very big ball and it is roundish. Try it, every 67 miles is 1 degree. And btw if you times 67 miles by 360 degrees, you roughly get the earth's circumference. Sorry to say, but Flat Earthers are either lying or misinformed.

Author 3cups mage ( ago)
This is what happens when you put athletics over math in schools. Hey Shaq do you math much? I can't believe we pay stupid people so much money because they can put a ball thru a hoop.. un fucking believable.

Author Renegade Rebel ( ago)
Right on Shaq!! You have it going on.

Author Lee Lanzini ( ago)
I thought it was a triangle😂😂😂 The illuminati shape🙃🙃🙃 #EarthAintFlat

Author Rever Vie ( ago)
The absurdity of the globe is believing water's surface takes the shape
of what is underneath. Even if oceans were forced to stick to the ball
earth because of "gravity", the water would still remain level, not
curved! The globe is a lie! WATER ALWAYS FINDS ITS LEVEL!!! Research it,
I know it takes some time to get over the indoctrination and fancy CGI
of space.

Author Arne Van Hofstraeten ( ago)
I lost all respect for shaq

Author Mike C ( ago)
The earth is flat in the Bizarro world!

Author South Pole Exploration ( ago)
We can argue about who is right or wrong for the rest of our lives but the only way to truly know the answer is to go down to the South Pole and check it out ourselves. It's up to us!

Author reealitychick ( ago)
BADOS-- you are so correct--- people long ago certainly did know the earth was NOT flat--and here is BIG PROOF ==Job 26---vs 7--- Job said that God is so great-- he hangs the earth on nothing>>> HOW???? did Job know that-- look it up -- it ha been

there in the bible for centuries>>>>>

Author BlagenLogin ( ago)
You guys know they're only making fun of flat earthers so nobody will believe them, right?

If you guys actually do some research and look into why people think the earth is flat, you might change your mind about the earth being a globe.

For a couple basic things, why is it that the stars haven't changed in the thousands of years we've been observing them?
If we're spinning and orbiting the sun, constantly moving. We should have a different night sky every night.

Not only that, if you go really high up, you'll notice that the horizon looks flat and is always expanding.

They say that the earth is just so big that we can't tell that the curvature is there with our eyes, but the problem is that if you keep on going up, a curvature never forms!

The videos and pictures that show a curve is just because of the lens of the camera.

I know this is crazy. But trust me, have an open mind and look into this. You'll be in for one heck of a suprise

Author Net Zee ( ago)
if the earth is flat, explain the existence of day and night, and different timezones around the world

Author runawayuniverse ( ago)
Fucking morons.

Author Jack Joshi-Powell ( ago)
there really is no hope for us...

Author Koon Troll ( ago)
you can't fix stupid idiots but you can make them millionaires for running and jumping
in useless entertainment

Author Eddie Strike ( ago)
He's clearly joking to me rofl

Author darkjedi351 ( ago)
another stupid ball player. I'm embarrassed for shaq. I thought he was smarter than this. I'm not surprised though. pro sports is full if idiots that are great athletes and nothing more. sad

Author Syncr0sity ( ago)
Artica and antarctica have opposing seasons of light and darkness. Flat earth is hoax.

Author Rocco Astoria ( ago)
well hes right...Great job Shaq

Author sdwhitesox ( ago)
Lol this world is a fucking joke

Author Top 5 Nation ( ago)
Come on man! 😂

Author We Are Legion ( ago)
He clarifies that he's joking like right after this clip. I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a troll by NBA players..

Author angelpapi007 ( ago)
Shaq is a lot smarter then I ever thought, and his conviction is solid. Salute to shaq, I never cared for him, but now I changed my opinion.

Author Seviche 4 life ( ago)
bruuuuhhh, this dude retarded. hate him now, thought you cool, NOPE, you retarded

Author Tony Smith ( ago)
Flat earth has already been proven with laser tests over frozen lakes...

Author N I C K D O T W A V ( ago)
"My free throws flat, so the earth is flat."

Author Lurid Phaesporia ( ago)
This is why I do not play the sports balls.

Author Hunter Zolomom ( ago)
shaquille. believes in crack too

Author mwest0894 ( ago)
He is 100% correct...flat earth. The government has lied about everthing. you really believe they are honest about this. Before you laugh do some research and let your questions get answered. No picture ever of the Earth but we get pictures of Jupiter and Saturn. they can't turn the camera towards Earth even once. all we get are CGI images. They admit it. Do some research before you become the government's mouth piece.

Author Barney Five-0 ( ago)
I believe his skull is made up of air

Author Onur Kara ( ago)
lol what a buffoon

Author Verona Milk ( ago)
who is this kid?

Author love dainty ( ago)
This is rediculous please show us... they put on x files to disprove him. He sound like he telling the truth in joke.

Author Anthony ( ago)
Well I know one thing. That they really can stack SHIT Seven foot two high. I'd call him a retard but that's insulting genuine handicap people. MORON

Author Dis Gon B Good ( ago)

Author Ralph Zimmermann ( ago)
The bloods not getting to his head.

Author The Dollar Guy ( ago)
Just sprinkle a little Globe-Bond powder on it....

Author Scrub ( ago)
This is a joke right?....right?

Author Jawad Bhuiyan ( ago)
Shaq is a master troll... XD

Author Ryan ( ago)
Look at a basketball close enough before you miss the free pointer and it looks flat. CHECK MAIT! Shaq was playing Frisbee the entire time.

Author The Great Tubman ( ago)
Can't we all agree the earth is lesbian

Author TheOicyu812 ( ago)
Clearly the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck depriving him of oxygen when he was in his mother's uterus. What an ultramaroon.

Author Christopher McGinnis ( ago)
If the earth is flat, then why does the shadow the Earth casts on the moon curved?

Author host with the toast ( ago)
if the earth is flat then what's on the other side

Author FuckYouWhosNext ( ago)
Shaq have you ever been on an airplane?????

Author Suppanh ( ago)
now all his black brothers will believe him

Author Yan Lipavsky ( ago)
Los Debilos

Author GG2K7AU05 ( ago)
Could someone close to Shaq pls show him the trending video from Veritasium about the Coriolis effect?

Author GG2K7AU05 ( ago)
Clearly the basketball is flat too.

Author ginger27410 ( ago)
Joke is on you, Shaq is right.

Author Curly4000 ( ago)
I have a whole new respect for Shaquille. I also know the earth is flat

Author Nicholas Gigante ( ago)
No ju-just no, with B.O.B., but nobody really cared, but now, it's Shaq, no, just no

Author Pinktyson ( ago)
Shaq and Kylie are trolling. If they really believed the earth was flat - they're rich- buy a plane, put on a fucking coat and fly to the edge. Unless you're willing to do that, you're a damn liar.

Author milo jakulovic ( ago)
Hey flat-earthers you right. Moon and planets on the other hands are not round too. Actually they are flat but cutted like a circle.

Author TheLOLANTOR ( ago)
Someone who believes the earth is flat should try to explain the existence of time zones first as well as seasons.

Author Chris Redfield ( ago)
It's sad that a guy of his status and a platform that big and yet he chooses to spread stupidity and ignorance...he's a walking insult to every great mind that has ever contributed to the scientific process.

Author trickyhero ( ago)
Shaq being a funny troll

Author Aman Bendel ( ago)
He just topped Javale McGee with this ridiculous comment.

Author Matt1Up ( ago)
It's pretty crazy.
If you actually look into it you will be surprised

Author Mauricio E ( ago)
Is flat.

Author Ha080 ( ago)
Lmaooooo it's a square. I love shaq lmaoo but bruhhhh it's not flat

Author MyLifeAsLouis ( ago)
I bet he believes that we never went to the moon either

Author Eduardo J. Pacheco ( ago)
he is a Trump supporter too

Author Jacques De Kock ( ago)
The earth is flat

Author Bill Winkler ( ago)
if the world was flat their would be no night..

Author Jody Schwieger ( ago)
he would know, as tall as he is he would be able to see from flat edge to flat edge :-)

Author Temmie Plays! ( ago)
is this for real?

Author Absolute Degenerate ( ago)
is this real?

Author Thgilmai Eesuoyod ( ago)
Shaq logic: They lied to us about Columbus discovering America, therefore everything I've ever been told is a lie. DERP

Author Pandi Y ( ago)
I can tell O'Neal doesn't travel abroad much...

Author Gantar Sinaga ( ago)
lol clickbait right mate?

Author Harry Balls ( ago)
What an retard.

Author woodsprite 007 ( ago)
I will agree with Shaq on one thing and one thing only Columbus never set foot on American soil so not only did he not discover North America but he was never there at all. Apparently he only found the Caribbean islands, by accident. Not only were Native Americans already living on US soil but the Vikings had made voyages and there is proof by artifacts left behind.

Author Pompous Loon ( ago)
Black people think flat is earth.

Author Meiers Daniel ( ago)

Author Earl ( ago)
Shaq is correct. You look into it and you'll agree with him.

Author Mass Appeal ( ago)
So why are other the planets round 🤔

Author Owneador1337 ( ago)

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