SEÑOR GRINCH | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & King Bach

Watch this funny video of Señor Grinch ruining Christmas for everyone!



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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)
Thank you for watching. Subscribe for more. Happy Holidays.

Author Pretty Little psycho ( ago)

Author the great roblox gamer ( ago)
you funny

Author Poop Benguzman ( ago)
" He takes cookies and milk.... with a little bit of tequila" lol

"He bandalizes the city, he makes everyone feel shity" LOL

Author helen ayala ( ago)
lmao! u hilarious Rudy😂💀

Author Shaya Algoe ( ago)
your so funny Rudy

Author Abby Moline ( ago)
I have no friends and no one to touch my lollipop

Author IQ Tv ( ago)
"at this point he was shit out of luck he couldnt say anything other than the word:


Author ItsDanii MSP ( ago)
this was funny rudy MAKE MORE X XD

Author Ingrid Schaffer ( ago)
Does he actually have an accent or is he just acting

Author Spooky Coco ( ago)

Author Spooky Coco ( ago)

Author Spooky Coco ( ago)

Author Spooky Coco ( ago)

Author JemVEVO ( ago)
"This green son of a bitch" 😂😂❤️

Author Kwenn Jiezl ( ago)
OMG!! He's eating banana and I'm eating banana too!! What a coincidence!! (Idek if that's the right spelling)

Author ryan rivera ( ago)
Green lives matter!

Author Alysha Animal ( ago)
i wish to hear the full song

Author Alysha Animal ( ago)
i love the song i wish i can hear the song but FULL SONG

Author Nickolas Buonarati ( ago)
It's the fact that's it's a black cop that discriminates against someone that makes me laugh.

Author Kiara Mejia ( ago)
5:41 - 5:46 😂😂😂

Author Wizard Guy ( ago)
This is hilarious

Author Begüm ( ago)
I thought his name was Mansuco but it is Mancuso

Author IQ Tv ( ago)
Anybody notice at 1:00 how the police man was going to say on foot
I think he plays to much gta v

Author Shannon Watson ( ago)
You are realy funny I love yo

Author gatormaster36 ( ago)
how is the kid not drunk still

Author Jane Banuelos ( ago)
Yay it's king bach

Author Sushil Furtado ( ago)
you are the best bro

Author AllSkill11HD ( ago)
its a banana

Author Brion Nash ( ago)
I love you Ru Ru

Author Brion Nash ( ago)
I will kiss Rudy mancuso

Author Barinder Maan ( ago)

Author Leonel Zaragoza ( ago)
show you Dick unsencored

Author Valeria Casiano ( ago)
He just ruined my dream of Hoew The Grinch Stole Christmas

Author Grace Chachere ( ago)
That face at 3:17
Love you

Author Skylar YT ( ago)
Lol dab

Author Scary Peeper ( ago)
Who thought he was gonna say "Dick" instead of Lollipop😂😂😂

Author Nicole Kinder ( ago)
Rudy mancuso IAM your biggest fan

Author Nicole Kinder ( ago)

Author Baseballuniverse 06 ( ago)
I idolize you

Author Mallory Chestnut ( ago)
my lollipop

Author Zane Crusher101 ( ago)
The little girl is so hot

Author Brooke Schrader ( ago)
I thought he said "I f*cked em'" but he said I thought. Whoops

Author Matthew Di Eduardo ( ago)
Do you really smoke

Author Ramos Haos ( ago)
_At that moment he realized, its not about presents or Drake,_
_Maybe stealing Christmas was after all a mistake._

Author Super Girls ( ago)
I was with you do you

Author Kristaps Erts ( ago)
i em dick

Author Sai Saw Maung Wun Chaw ( ago)

Author Kiersten Michael ( ago)
#greenlivesmatter! XD 👽 lol he flipped the butter at a Christmas tree! XD lol OMG I'm laughing so hard

Author Kate Rapio ( ago)

Author Princess Diys ( ago)
The end made me cry😂 lol oh and when the sign np green people aloud not rasistly hermit frog is light green is light green not green????

Author DonkeyDoofus ( ago)
Immediate back up at the green.. uhh.. scene. Lol I'm laughing.

Author Sophia Kessler ( ago)
Wait do u actually smoke (plz say no)

Author Jay Vin99 ( ago)
"And at that moment he realised its not about presents or Drake"

Author Olivia The Gamer ( ago)
I watch over like almost more than 1 million times

Author Chloe Mckeon ( ago)
Not gonna lie, he looks cute as a grinch

Author Cihan Mabelle ( ago)
Bitch and grinch is like this👿👿👿🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😈👿👿👿🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🌚🌚🌚🌞🌞🌞🕴🕴🕴

Author Lilac Tambree ( ago)
Grinch: i have no chick
I have no one to touch my

(Edit: i realized its actually hilarious)

Author Realsy ( ago)

Author Gamer Karlo ( ago)
Santa is a dick bag

Author Andrea Restrepo Gutierrez ( ago)
where did Lele is

Author pikachugaming21 ( ago)
Funny 😂 it represents the cops in real life

Author Kiley Jayne ( ago)
😂 lol 😂

Author dounia1 ( ago)
He should be a pity singer

Author Kyarna Elliott ( ago)
OMG YOUR VIDEOS ARE SOOOO FUNNY. My fav one is the one about the teacher who really wasn't a teacher. 😅

Author 123 Banana ( ago)
You steal candy, you steal cake, you draw mustaches on drake. Hahahahahhahahhahah

Author AneGg ( ago)
"I have no one to touch my.. ...lollipop 😂😂😂😂

Author dog lover ( ago)
holy shit what the fuck have I done I took all of this stuff know I feel dumb I thought they would be mad but instead there doing the dab I took there phone and mat book air but I guess they just don't care

Author hanter fahim ( ago)

Author cool bro gaming ( ago)
hahaah so funny i love you

Author Ariana Stone ( ago)
1:14 #greenlivesmatter 😟😢

Author Gamer 340 ( ago)
Was so funny

Author Rachel ( ago)
I ❤️ the thumbnail! 😂

Author Lanii Akwue ( ago)
Favourite video on YouTube 😂💓

Author Youtube_ Lover14 ( ago)
Omg all the rhymes and songs is so good❤❤😂😂😂😂😂

Author Asalas Salas04 ( ago)
he was s*** out of luck but the only words left was f***

Author Asalas Salas04 ( ago)
are you such a dick

Author Asalas Salas04 ( ago)
but instead they're doing the dab

Author Asalas Salas04 ( ago)
when he sees he sounds like Diego from Awkward Puppets

Author Caleb Alexander ( ago)
Rudy should have a lot more subs than he has already cause he is hella funny

Author Pernille Lindblad ( ago)
i love YouTube

Author Pricilla Segura ( ago)
hi im your bigest fan and my cousen likes you 😀😀😀☺☺☺

Author RAINBOW DASH ( ago)
tbh i'd want to watch this more than the movie XD

Author Daniel Postoronka ( ago)
He reason he din't steal Christmas is because it summer.

But he is still hilarious

Author Sabrina Galicia ( ago)
the mi key SE he the time I was not he gen tou

Author Cecilia Carlsson ( ago)
Fuck Timmy

Author YVDT Velu ( ago)
I saw the thumbnail and died.

Author maivy bui ( ago)
"Your supposed to be a happy fat guy but, now your a skinny black guy."

Author Angel Garcia ( ago)
5:00 - 5:02 the little douchbags

Author TheMiniMerca ( ago)
He steals presents and cookies and milk............with a little of t-tequila

Author Rachel Stanley ( ago)
do u actually smoke

Author Eva Žaja ( ago)
Rudy mancuso,you my king I love you so much.😛

Author GTA 5 video ( ago)
fuck hahaha

Author Rahma Plays ( ago)
" WTF ju call me"

read more

Author Felicia Robert ( ago)
"You draw mustaches on Drake" Okay THAT'S JUST SAVAGE

Author THANDIWE PHIRI ( ago)
i. watch your videos but u curse too much just way to much. many of your followers are young and they see u as an inspiration,,,,tone down with the the cursing. on 4:08 those were kids n u cursed out ryt. its not ryt man u are talented, funny but the cursing isn't normal and definetly not your personality n thats not what u want to live as a legend when u move on to greater things. tone down dude it ain't cool when my niece watches u n most is cursing.

Author Jasmin Alexiara ( ago)
I have no one to touch my..............

Author Boodi1511 Psn ( ago)
The narrator rhymes to many like the cat i the hat

Author Yasuo ( ago)
"I have no friends,I have no chick,I have no one to touch my...lollipop."

Author Loz the Sorcerer ( ago)
I love this version of the song 😂😂

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