SEÑOR GRINCH | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & King Bach

Watch this funny video of Señor Grinch ruining Christmas for everyone!



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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)
Thank you for watching. Subscribe for more. Happy Holidays.

Author LovelyX Zara ( ago)
Does Rudy smoke? 😢

Author Squanatics ( ago)
rudy is actually the funniest youtuber alive 😂💗💗💗

Author Squanatics ( ago)
ive watched this video literally 50 times and the police part with the banana still makes me die of laughter 😂😂

Author XottroX Ficton Gaming ( ago)
Rudy Mancuso Are u friend with Lucas and Marcus,Jake Paul,Logan Paul,Christan Delgrosso,

Author Taima laceup ( ago)
Lol ❤😂

Author kruzah kapea ( ago)
this is f*** funny✴✳🚭🆒

Author Polson ivy Harley ( ago)

Author Aizhan Aitzhan ( ago)
seññoo-o-o-o-or Grinch🙌

Author Hil Syah ( ago)
is that a real alchol?

Author Barbara Larson ( ago)
Grinch:it's it's a banana

Author Barbara Larson ( ago)
Cop:what is that is that a weopen

Author Marty Mcfly ( ago)
does Rudy actually smoke?

Author makayla walker ( ago)
In the song I thought it will be I have know one to Touch my dick instead of my lollipop 🍭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Monks- Roblox and weird stuff! ( ago)
The grinch would maybe be more savage if he did pot

Author Noa Osmani ( ago)
little dushbugs lol

Author herobrine troller ( ago)
#Sènior Grinch lives matter!

Author herobrine troller ( ago)
First of all I'm a girl and this is my broOthers account. Secondly you are funnier than my brother throwing a tantrum lastly ur hot like really really hot! Also I subsribed

Author Sienna Black ( ago)
You steal candy and cake you draw moustaches on drake 😂

Author Vehuz PvP ( ago)
Are you mexican?

Author Joel Ballard ( ago)
: ) =] +)

Author Jackie Arambula ( ago)
i was laughing the whole time glad i found the video again

Author Richard R ( ago)
Thank you for your comedy, hard work love the ideas

Author LumieLuminous ( ago)
The moment when he says "I have no one to touch my... Lollipop"

Author Chris Rodriguez ( ago)
If I get 300 likes I would tell you my crush

Author 12BruhIt Lizzy34 ( ago)

Author Valerie madine ( ago)
my fav part is 5:58 to 6:13

Author lpsunny tv ( ago)

Author SplolkAnator ( ago)
Do you actually smoke cause u r funny and i don't want u to die

Author cutiecookieplaysmsp msp for life ( ago)
rudy u are so hot

Author Beauti ByMeDesse ( ago)
You being a Dick makes me sick😷✌🏼️♥️

Author Towin Gilliam ( ago)
i subscribe

Author Robert Ass ( ago)
I have no one to suck my.. Lolipop😂😂😂😂💀

Author Gab Villanueva ( ago)
i just watched this after his Christmas is a bitch video 😂

Author Vallie xx ( ago)
I have no one to touch my lollipop😂 I thought he would say d*ck😂

Author Saman Dinarvand ( ago)
i like your things. it's nowruz here in iran and some other countries. don't u like 2 do something like this for those people?

Author Anna Cruz ( ago)
It's a banana 😂😂

Author Abbie Kallend ( ago)

Author BESTIE DUO ( ago)
so funny

Author Candie Luvv ( ago)
I love this soo much😂❤️

Author Ernesto Estrada ( ago)
T H l S I S M A G I C, I F Y O U W I L L L I K E T H I S Y O U W I L L B E C O M E R I C H

Author BALN ARMY ( ago)
I have no one to touch my 🍆 😂😂

Author Alexza Hernández ( ago)
you are HOT😍😍

Author Isabella Bast ( ago)
ni voldemort ni Scar podìan faltar.

Author MemeSkits ( ago)
love it who else is watching this in february

Author just a guy ( ago)
so you're saying that drawing mustaches on drake is worse then killing 6 million jews. hhhhhhh i could do this all day (i should probably think about working as a reporter for tv media i think i'll do a great job)ps:love your videos a funny singer is rare these days wish you a good continuation

Author Jad Hazim ( ago)
When king Bach was dressed up as santa I did not know he was actually playing as him

Author rhys and finlay blogs ( ago)
that's funny as f

Author La Thi Ngoc Yen ( ago)
Rudy smokes?!?!

Author Kendra Milburn ( ago)
7.0000 people on eath

Author SWIGY SWAGGER ( ago)
u gave kids tequilla

Author Kathy Perkins ( ago)
Rudy I subscribed

Author Keely Laing ( ago)
love your videos so funny

Author CamilaDerpy MSP ( ago)

Author Lucy Tadevosyan ( ago)
what means grinch? 😊

Author Karoline Starstar ( ago)
The songs are so fucking funny 😂

Author Arleyn Esquivel ( ago)

Author Ava Hoeffliger ( ago)
I really think lele should make videos with no bad words

Author Athena Rice ( ago)
out of all ur videos this is my favorite 1

Author SDH 28 ( ago)
3:30 Anyone else notice that he didn't even throw the bottle into the trash can??

Author LEZZLYE GOMEZ ( ago)
A Rudy I want you tell the fuck you

Author Enzo Shiner ( ago)
did king Bach really did say 8 billion people.
King Bach there's 7 billion people in the world

Author ohlesslouis ( ago)
*sigh* it's not easy being green...

Author Angelina Browm ( ago)
This seems preeeeettty racist

Author Noelia Molina ( ago)
presents😁Cookies and milk with a little of Tequila...😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Emily Ortega ( ago)
Why do u never smile

Author Emily Ortega ( ago)
You smoke

Author Eponine i love mincraft Gallivan ( ago)
cool the grinch

Author Lexi Green ( ago)

Author NEXEL R ( ago)
3:10 😂😂😂😂

Author ENTAlia ( ago)
The funny thing is there is a black police officer treating the green one like that when it is the total oppsite. Like if u agree

Author Leanza Armamento ( ago)
Does he smoke and drink? Or is that just props? Sorry for the stupid question

Author Queen_Niya ( ago)
I have no friends, I have no chick, I have no one to touch my..................................................................Lollipop🍭


Author Kid MuSiC ( ago)
*Santa: You think I care about Timmy? Fuck Timmy- he ain't gettin' any gifts this year and that nigga was nice*

christmas gone and i'm still done

Author Penina Mukundi ( ago)
Was that lele's siblings

Author KINGAMZZY ( ago)

Author Gymnance 2 ( ago)
this green son of a peach😂😂😂

Author Ded MothaFaka ( ago)
I don't think he likes Christmas

Author Messy Hair2 ( ago)
nooooo he DIDN'T......REEECCYYYYCLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG lol

Author Nehemiah John ( ago)
nice video and videos and i love your music and i love your song

Author Nehemiah John ( ago)
nice video and i love your music and your videos

Author marawan abdellah ( ago)
in 1:04 he speaks arabic

Author madhab dwibedy ( ago)

Author stefanos Kiriakakhs ( ago)
rudy Mancuso awesome 😊

Author rocketlaunch99 ( ago)
0:53 Whitest black cop ever seen.

Author Gustavo Mendez ( ago)
What does not going to The club have to do Whith Christmas

Author Palmer Texas Tx ( ago)
was Lele even in this

Author kswizzle gamer ( ago)
he said you draw mustaches on Drake😂😂😂

Author kswizzle gamer ( ago)
lol!!!! he said its a banana!!!

Author VT Gaming ( ago)
lol "I have no one to touch my Lollipop"😂😂

Author Little Miss Big Bad Wolf ( ago)

Author Black Blood-wolf ( ago)
I have no one to touch my lele pop 😂😂😂😂

Author cutecupcake101 ( ago)
Do you actually smoke

Author Dragon Destroyer8000 ( ago)
In the first😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author JUAN SOTO ( ago)
you make
the joker
hannabil lector
scar from the lion king
pablo escabar
and darth vader look like really nice guys

Author marilou wood ( ago)
My cousin said, that she likes you.... and she said ur pretty cute

Author Beverly Babcock ( ago)
I have on friends I have no chick I have no one to touch my... lollipop 👅👅

Author Awesome cat ( ago)
First things first,

2. It's not a real cigarette
And 3. This is suppose to make you laugh not get FLUFFIN TRIGGERED

Author Doggo Pupper ( ago)

Author Alberto Gomez ( ago)
who's watching in 2017

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