Ben Affleck Surprises Fans in the Batmobile // Omaze

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  • Omaze
    Omaze 5 months ago

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  • Gustav A. Mozumder

    I'll give you $100 every hour for the ride in the Batmobile!
    *rich daddy vibes

  • Mark H.
    Mark H. 2 days ago

    Me: "You're Next!"
    Jim Ross: "GOLDBERG SPEAR!!!"

  • Joelson Freitas
    Joelson Freitas 2 days ago

    Duvido se alguém viria a parnaiba-PI fazer esses vídeos.

  • Exelamatter Korisuru

    the bat always wins

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 2 days ago

    AKA. " Bad Batman actor tries to impress people with the less cool tumbler "

  • LBenn302
    LBenn302 3 days ago


  • James Waugh
    James Waugh 3 days ago

    Superman has a Subaru lol.

  • Angelo Gonzalez
    Angelo Gonzalez 4 days ago

    i have a cool car... Superman got a Subaru

  • Iskandar Shah
    Iskandar Shah 4 days ago

    tumbler's sexier

  • Nick Dahiya
    Nick Dahiya 5 days ago

    Meanwhile Superman has a Skateboard

    BAT MAN 5 days ago

    "-Who would win a fight? Batman or Superman?

    This is why Batfleck version of Batman is killing people, guys.

  • Ian Wynyard
    Ian Wynyard 6 days ago

    OMG, that turning radius is bullshit @ 1:45

  • Reaper One-Three
    Reaper One-Three 6 days ago

    movie fuckin sucked lmao ben aflack is a shit batman. thats all i have to say about that.

  • Alex Connor
    Alex Connor 6 days ago

    Batman: Do you need a ride?
    .........You will.

    BNM ANTHONY 6 days ago

    All I thought of was rocket league when I saw the car

  • underworlddreams1
    underworlddreams1 7 days ago

    everything is Batman, everything is cool when you're Baaatman,everything is Batman, becauze i'm Batman, Yeah!

  • westiesmum69
    westiesmum69 7 days ago

    I would have booed this cunt

  • Björn Ironside
    Björn Ironside 7 days ago

    god dammit put tom hardy in as bane that would be cool as hell

  • Felix Kelly
    Felix Kelly 7 days ago

    Clerk effect stand tnapvw designer tight distribution demand meat.

  • Shady Lamp2k
    Shady Lamp2k 7 days ago

    guy: "SuperMan"
    ben: "NOOO I'm batman"
    guy: "ohhh your batman lol"

  • Alexander H
    Alexander H 7 days ago

    Ew that haircut 😂

  • Anthony Picky
    Anthony Picky 8 days ago

    aflec is so plastic and lifeless ppl get conused in real life all the time)))

  • Tabby Black
    Tabby Black 9 days ago

    So V12?

  • Tabby Black
    Tabby Black 9 days ago


    I AM DOCTORCAT 9 days ago

    he dont look like ben Affleck, he should wear bat suit

    I AM DOCTORCAT 9 days ago

    batman: who said superman
    people: Bruce Wayne what the hell are you doing?

  • Bʀᴜᴄᴇ Wᴀʏɴᴇ • Bᴀᴛᴍᴀɴ

    He was the last one to raise his hand. Come on, Bruce.

  • Rithvick Rao
    Rithvick Rao 10 days ago

    It would be really cool if he was wearing a crappy version on the batman outfit 😂😂

  • speztrum
    speztrum 11 days ago

    When that dark guy was shaking Ben's hand and said superman, I would've said "white people"

  • signature1990
    signature1990 12 days ago

    Ben Affleck...the retard liberal tosser

  • Farris TheLaggy
    Farris TheLaggy 12 days ago

    1:32 He has no idea what's going on

  • The Natorious Nat Helm

    Well... Superman HAD a Mazda Protege. So does it just get left for the bank?? I can't imagine shipping it to Krypton is rather cheap.. Mainly because it's destroyed, but still.

  • Dj Parakeet
    Dj Parakeet 13 days ago

    I just realized that the batmobile that Ben Affleck drove around made it into Rocket League

  • Armen Kizirian
    Armen Kizirian 14 days ago

    I wouldn't ride in that peice of garbage car especially knowing Ben affleck is batman

  • YourBestFriend
    YourBestFriend 14 days ago

    I dont have a car like that...
    and i have beat your ass up and down since i´ve met you!
    Fuckin Bat-Fag!!!!! hahahaha Im so funny hahahaha!!!!

    1,897,667 views 16 days ago

    jew bitch fucked up whole movie.

  • ArchLight
    ArchLight 17 days ago

    Every Superman fans needs to read comics and facts about Batman

  • modi ki aisi ki taisi

    great work. Ben you are awesome for doing this.

  • Matthew Bridges
    Matthew Bridges 18 days ago

    why was it the dark knight music?

    KING MEHDI 19 days ago

    I Wish I Was There One Problem In This Batmobile Batman Dosen't Use Gun Anywhere Not In The Hand And Not On The Car

  • genesee 22
    genesee 22 23 days ago

    ben afflecks opened a new store on loine
    check it out
    cucks for jizz-lam
    bring your wife as payment
    have here bbred by mo&samir
    and clean up dressed as a sissy dot org

  • dinnke 1526
    dinnke 1526 25 days ago

    ohh yoyr buttman

  • James Beazley
    James Beazley 26 days ago


  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick 28 days ago

    He doesn't really look like he gives a shit

  • PedroLuccas Hu3
    PedroLuccas Hu3 29 days ago

    Ben Affleck best Batman ever

  • Minion Boy508
    Minion Boy508 29 days ago

    Batman Or Superman?
    *Opens Door*

  • Lucas Davis
    Lucas Davis 29 days ago

    Hope he does more Batman.

  • Jman Garcia
    Jman Garcia 29 days ago

    So weird watching the BvS batmobile pull up with the dark knight score. But cool af at the same time

  • Bryan shitsonyou
    Bryan shitsonyou 1 month ago

    haha badass!

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel 1 month ago

    that guy who got to ride in the batmobile at the end is so lucky

  • Ariella Tomas
    Ariella Tomas 1 month ago

    I would still go to supermans side because he is cuter he is my crush

  • Taylor Gamble
    Taylor Gamble 1 month ago

    These people say super man, they don't deserve to meet him. I'm very jealous 😒

  • Isaiah  Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia 1 month ago

    Batman would win

  • johny guitar
    johny guitar 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck the only man who makes a batmobile look lame when he is in it

  • spizzardo
    spizzardo 1 month ago

    Always knew he was a bad actor, he can't even read an autocue without looking wooden.

  • Danny O
    Danny O 1 month ago


  • Hiram Rosa Jr
    Hiram Rosa Jr 1 month ago


  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 1 month ago

    I wonder why Batman let ben Affleck take the batmobile for a spin

  • DnK 55
    DnK 55 1 month ago

    If Ben called me to have a ride in the Batmobile, I would shout *WHAAAAAAAT THHHAAAAA FUUUCK*, but really, that batmobile is awesome and Ben is perfect for Batman.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 1 month ago

    I wanna suck batmans dick

    FRANCISCO DE SOUZA 1 month ago


    • Omaze
      Omaze 1 month ago

      Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da.

  • gunnar blade
    gunnar blade 1 month ago

    Good thing it wasnt george clooney or it be batman nipples all over again ...

  • Del
    Del 1 month ago

    I literally bumped into Ben as he was leaving a gas station here in Nova Scotia last year.

  • Lakshay King
    Lakshay King 1 month ago

    That lucky motherfucker😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎..get to ride in Batmobile

  • The Adventures of Plushies

    It's cool that batman wins in the movie

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    The new Technology Vehicle!


  • Mad Kido
    Mad Kido 1 month ago

    who need a super car when u can fly ?

  • Karina Nova
    Karina Nova 1 month ago

    When asked Superman or Batman, I answer Joker. To think outside the box and be unique? No, to irritate Ben Affleck :D

  • ZspasticGaming
    ZspasticGaming 1 month ago

    wouldve been even better if he was in costume

  • Dr.Batstrange man
    Dr.Batstrange man 1 month ago

    When people say,"Superman.", Ben says,"WHERE ARE THEY?!?!? WHERE ARE THE SUPERMAN LOVERS?!?!?!?"

  • Greg Alman
    Greg Alman 1 month ago

    It's gross! It's racist!

  • Angela G
    Angela G 1 month ago

    I will vote do batman

  • Mr. BlastoiseGamer
    Mr. BlastoiseGamer 1 month ago

    I think batman plus Batman is my fav character

  • Wolf Perry
    Wolf Perry 1 month ago

    Batfleck is just perfect for the role !

  • Mikebeast 26 Vlogs
    Mikebeast 26 Vlogs 1 month ago


  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 1 month ago

    I wish Batman and wonder woman should kiss

  • RGR red the redneck
    RGR red the redneck 1 month ago

    what is the music at the beginning

  • Jay seaf
    Jay seaf 1 month ago

    bat man👑

  • cory powell
    cory powell 1 month ago

    To bad the movie SUCKED

  • John
    John 1 month ago

    Michael Keaton should pull up in front of him in the real Batmobile and say "I'm not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me. I'm Batman." Then peel out!

    • Smokey 420
      Smokey 420 1 month ago

      Then Adam West shows up and does the Bat Dance.

  • Fear Kratos
    Fear Kratos 1 month ago

    "Superman doesn't even have a cool car to drive you in. look at...I got like 8 of these" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • cool,nice,gamer channel

    i like batman

  • Quintin Rodriguez
    Quintin Rodriguez 1 month ago

    I am the guy that got to go in the batmobile

  • Mistery Smithers
    Mistery Smithers 1 month ago

    More like "The flatmobile"

  • Lets Gamer
    Lets Gamer 1 month ago


  • cow anims
    cow anims 1 month ago

    did you know how i win ? BECAUSE IM BATMAN

  • 16shogunelitegreen
    16shogunelitegreen 1 month ago

    the guy at 1:28 was right enough. Ben Affleck did play Superman before he was Batman

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool 1 month ago

    Batman would definitely win he did anyway

  • Spanner HD
    Spanner HD 1 month ago

    HE HAS FANS ???????????

  • nbkcq28
    nbkcq28 1 month ago

    It would be funny if at one of these kinds of events, Batman is there and in the passenger seat is Matt Damon as Robin. lol.

  • Theorcman2008
    Theorcman2008 1 month ago

    Superman doesn't need a fucking car lol.

  • Crow of the Abyss
    Crow of the Abyss 1 month ago

    *dude leans closer
    *ben affleck leans closer too

  • SambabaL
    SambabaL 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck has such a botoxed face now-a-days, no wonder they couldn't tell if he was real.

  • Yoshimaru Gaming
    Yoshimaru Gaming 1 month ago

    <<maybe SPOILER ALERT>> "Dont read if you dont watch the movie"

    When Batman have the upperhand <kriptonite spear>, batman can kill superman, but then superman talk about his mother, then batman stop.

  • Did3D
    Did3D 1 month ago

    what is wrong with hair of ben?

  • MeowMJ
    MeowMJ 1 month ago

    Batman doesn't exist, but his toys exist...

  • napoleon yong
    napoleon yong 1 month ago

    "Superman drives a subaru."
    He also loves Emilia

  • Aidan Carty
    Aidan Carty 1 month ago

    Good to see it's manual

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 1 month ago

    That would be awesome to meet Ben Affleck. If it were me. I would get Matt Damon to be Robin. I know. I know, but you know that Ben and Matt would be a good team. I don't care that Matt is clearly a bit older. He would nail the Robin character. I would even consider him as the Red Robin, the alternative universe Batman and maneuver that into the plot and the 'robin' in Batman's universe not around anymore. That way they meet and team up. If they did a stand alone batman movie I'd like that. I also love the Red Hood character too.

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