candid girl dangling flip flops


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Author Star Kiss (1 month)
Feet for life

Author XTSY (8 months)

Author Mason Roomes (2 months)
Hey bro I like this chick dangling great work. If u know any of this sling
back dangling please tell me man

Author ANGELSURS (1 year)

Author Paul Ezy (1 year)
Very lovely, soft feet. I love her high, delicate arches and her colorful,
pretty toes.

Author hotrobo12 (2 years)
hell yea bro lol

Author Freeman Ul Haq (5 years)
nice shot! i wish i was thr i would touched and played with them may be
unload too...hehehehehehe

Author jomstyle555 (2 years)
i never realized that so many guys get a boner from pretty feet. that is

Author Sean Rogers (1 year)
Very Sexy, I lick and suckem after being in gym shoes all day!

Author p4m900t (4 years)
@FeetRSexi lol i knew i had one since i was about 6 and im 18 now

Author Jolly Batta (4 years)
@harisbosanac1 and FeetRSexi Hey dont u guys love to jackoff using these
lovely rubber flip flops? I started doing that when I was 12. I mean
rubbing your thingy on them. I am 25 now and i still do that. Do a goole
search flip flop m......n

Author SchatznTritt (4 years)
very hot :D

Author powerduck1002 (4 years)
worship your feet OH YES!!!!!!!!!!

Author TheBeautyOfFemFeet (4 years)
very nice

Author mauser98k58 (1 year)
such beauty my love

Author soleman1988 (5 years)

Author greekLeon (3 years)
do you have more of this specific girl? her feet are really extraordinary

Author FeetRSexi (4 years)
Ohh damn I jacked off to this video and I was droppin loads!!!! Damn id
kill to worship those beautiful feet!!! Is it right for me to be 14 and to
have a foot fetish and Jack off to this???

Author sikoo31 (2 years)
wow you people are weird lol. its coo tho. what's not coo is that you're

Author lorddarthvader1975 (1 year)
yeah post the other 20 videos, please.

Author 0xXMankindXx0 (4 years)
sexyy toes!

Author FeetRSexi (4 years)
@jollybatta dude, i've been jerkin off since i wuz 11 hahaha and yea tht b
great! those r some sexi ass feet!!!! ohhh damn

Author Jack Offa (4 years)
Yes. Add more videos.

Author Supersmooth007 (4 years)
@Supersmooth007 Some women have a belly button fetish!!

Author magico3407 (5 years)

Author Nathan Sanders (2 years)
Add more please :))

Author raiders99able1 (5 years)
so hot i love it alot

Author 696969Brian696969 (4 years)
@Supersmooth007 Some girls I knew hated feet including there own lol. But I
don't think most girls will mind since they have fetishes of there own

Author dimness19 (4 years)
they look gorgeous i love teen feet, especially Latinas Thier feet smell
really good

Author H1tC10Wn (4 years)
Cute feet

Author Guy123746 (3 years)
Quality blows

Author Nobody C (4 years)
nice feet but why not show the whole damn girl?

Author Tewizzel (2 years)
I thought it was weird I liked feet in flip flops... I guess not?

Author lordcannibal351 (5 years)

Author x54100 (4 years)
very very nice!!!! thanks.

Author Supersmooth007 (4 years)
What I am trying to say is that would it put her off? Iam single and
looking for a relationship. Lets say if i start playing with her feet and
she may wander I'd have to tell her right!? But do is ay "nice soles, or
cute feet" or what, would she be put off....anyone help please, i find
social relationships hard as it is and I welcome your patience by being
undertsanding. Im sure there are women on here! I'm naive! What do you say
or do, would you tell her or keep the fetish a secret!

Author Supersmooth007 (4 years)
I am self conscious - so incidently if you are a woman with cute feet
watchiing this and I said to you "nice cute feet" - how would you feel,
would you be put off or shy away, would you think I am weird!? Thanks for
letting me know ladies and thanks for advice men.

Author hotrobo12 (4 years)
@beezleboss2 shes 16 high school feet

Author rolitechnoin (4 years)
wonderful cute feet !!!!!!!!!

Author FeetRSexi (4 years)
@harisbosanac1 Good I'm not alone!!!! Hahaha :D

Author Jaria Von Micheals (3 years)
yes please!

Author Kyle Hurley (4 years)
@hotrobo12 well they are very sexy and i really like the nail polish on
those sexy toes

Author jgrrrrero (4 years)
i buy used women's flip flops

Author admttm (5 years)
i love these feet, please add more such videos

Author FeetsAndButts (5 years)
thats hot

Author ZionTemplar (2 years)
This is getting me SO HARD

Author footmaniacs (4 years)
I want to suck her toes like I would some skittles whose with me?

Author MrZooBoo1 (5 years)
Very Sexy!!!

Author shoeplaylover89 (4 years)
@FeetRSexi body, i get excited by feet since i was 10. i started jerkin off
late, but this are my favourite objects!

Author assassinaltair111 (2 years)
looks like a vid i would be inconspicuosly trying to take while hiding my
camera from her, good job man

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