Mass Effect 2 - Additonal Female Shepard Hairstyle

As you may have noticed there are some hairstyles that you can't select, like for example Kelly's. This is one of those hairstyles only used by a few Human Female NPC's. The few NPC's that have it include Jentha (appears in Garrus recruitment mission), a woman in Omega who tries to get into the Quarantine Zone and Nef (the murdered girl in Samara's loyalty mission)

I'm gonna take the time to explain as detailed as I can how to get this into your save game, please don't ask me questions on how as the explanation should answer everything in DETAIL.

1. You need to download Gib's save game editor, you can grab it here:

2. Load the save game you want from the menu. What you need to do now is to head into the tab called Toolbox and just export the head morph under any name. All that matters is that you save it somehow and then import it.

3. Head over to the Raw tab in the editor.

4. Open up these tabs under "2. Squad": "Player" - "Appearance" - "Morph Head"

5. In the parameter that says "Hair Mesh" type or paste in this: "BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_MDL" without the quotation marks and press Enter

6. Next you need to open the tab called "Texture Parameters"

7. Here you will see quite a few numbers but we are only going to modify 4-7 since these affect the hair. You need to modify these if you want the hair to look proper (otherwise it will use another hairstyle's texture)

8. In the respective parameters, type or paste in:





You paste in the "Hair_Diff..." into the "Hair_Diff" parameter etc. Obviously you replace any other value that was there already.

9. When you have edited everything you are done. Click on the floppy icon in the top left of the editor to save it. Make a back up of your previous save file to be safe.

10. Enjoy

As for the bonus outfit? It needs unlocking through editing the config files. I personally just downloaded someone else's config so I can't help you with the actual editing there. You can download it rom here though:

This config also removes the logo videos and saves you some time from having to watch them every time you start the game, otherwise it only unlocks the additonal costumes (only casual outfits).

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Author Jenni Nexus (5 months)
sexy time prevails! #booty

Author William Andersen (3 years)

Author Vincentiu Predescu (2 years)
1:11 is the longest time I've taken to take a decision in my
playthrough.But not because I was unsure.Because of DAT ASS!

Author Vanessa Curtz (4 years)
._. Looks greasy.

Author MrCodename4711 (3 years)
@staysunsaid *facepalm*

Author jj0ck33 (3 years)
@StaNdBY1994 The issue with this is that Miranda's hair is part of
Miranda's (head) Model. You can't have the hair without her face which is
why you can't use it for your Custom Shep

Author One Armed Scissor (3 years)
it could be awesome that there was a mod which allows to the femshep to
have miranda´s hair

Author austrianbrain (4 years)
can this go on the 360?

Author ldf8u (4 years)
@Prutprat How does she look like a lesbian? I ask because she doesn't seem
to be exhibiting the stereotypical standards or appearance of a 'butch'
lesbian besides having short hair.

Author zegafregaomega (3 years)
I don't understand why that hairstyle is so popular :/ it looks wild and

Author kitsune720 (1 year)
Miranda has a nice ass, but her face always looks weird to me.

Author max yeo (2 years)
Asian shepard FTW

Author Doomsdave96 (2 years)
I'm sure the hair could be 'spliced' in search of a better word, away from
the head model. Although its not within my power to do so, I'm sure someone
could do it.

Author FightingWhatsNormal (3 years)
God, I wish you could use these on the console versions. :[ I'd get it on
my computer, but I'm not keen on spending more money than I really need to.

Author Enixoid Light (1 year)
one scene in me2 is much better then all f*cking me3

Author Humza Younas (3 years)
Anyone know if it's possible to mod out your character into a teammate? i.e
play as kasumi. I heard that some people said it was possible to do so with
teammate skillsets too.

Author suaimhneas x (2 years)
Ur Shepard is perdi>_<

Author nonnynay (3 years)
@OkamiThunder Was anyone looking at anything else?

Author Cameron B. (3 years)
1:13 mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Author jefftehblackie (3 years)
@PhyllisDante lol you are so retarded i feel sorry for you

Author videogamemaniac001 (3 years)
@TemariGuy579 :'(

Author Colby Sherrard (3 years)
1:13 BOING!

Author rik222222 (4 years)

Author orgixvi3 (3 years)
1:14 DAT ASS

Author Ciel Uchiha (2 years)
All these other hairstyles are great, it just sucks that you cannot do it
on the ps3.

Author Jay Teranova (3 years)
lmfao took a while to respond once that ass was in the shot hahahaha

Author starkiller70 (3 years)
1:14 hahaha u just go to love that angel xD

Author Seeing Green (3 years)
1:25 Shot of miranda's ass while talking memorize this kids its important!

Author OsamaBin BushBama (4 years)

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Also for the same but red?

Author dragonsbloodbane (2 years)
@harrypotterrox16 it says in the description ........

Author TemariGuy579 (3 years)
@videogamemaniac001 no its doesnt XD

Author jj0ck33 (3 years)
@msego057 no, the game will not access this hairstyle through identity
codes. it will simply give you a default hairstyle.

Author ARAWRAWane (4 years)
It does, but it takes like 6 different programs to get it to work. Not
worth it.

Author greencat777 (2 years)
so.. u could use this to get Miranda's hair? :D

Author TheBlueManChoo (3 years)

Author CCGamingStudios (2 years)
Miranda looks like a female Michael jackson

Author juan perez (2 years)
i wonder if importing that save to ME3 wont fuck things up or something :S
thats why i dont mod my femshep now...

Author Ben Oakeson (6 months)
who wouldn't?

Author Bastylax86 (3 years)
That's the model for the little girl killed by morinth!

Author TsantenAnthony (3 years)
You Biyatch! - You MUST Help Miri.

Author luckyday465768 (3 years)
@eenayeah Well i just got my PS3 but still havnt gotten ME3

Author videogamemaniac001 (3 years)
@TemariGuy579 Soooo it doesn't?

Author Jokenx3 (2 years)
have it too

Author demonblooduchiha (4 years)
looks like a chic that would be on the firefly crew rather than shepherds

Author dragonknightleader1 (10 months)
Does this only apply to PC? Or can this apply to PS3?

Author MattHunX (3 years)
I really hope they make new hairstyles in ME3 for both genders, I want
longer hairstyles for male and ^^ this + other new ones for fems. Also,
more color would be nice, like white and purple, blue...etc. Since this a
sci-fi future world there should be some pretty unusual colors and cuts

Author x aznpal (3 years)
1:14 I also see that your arrow pointer is pointing at her ass.

Author iiNasTY (4 years)
@MichaelKlump now u can

Author draqozan (3 years)
U guy's need to stop CYber jerking on your digital femal sheps, and play

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