Angela models a white satin wetseal top and blue satin wrap mini skirt on satin sheets. Beautiful girl in a sharp video from

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Author Leonardo Oliveira ( ago)
Ângela,que excitante camisa de cetim,quero mais,bjhs!

Author Sam Capon ( ago)
The girl in the very sensual purple satin skirt make me very horny and I
would like to jizz on her skirt now that she is in it.
But the camera person is a total idiot

Author ronald ferreira ( ago)
wow she is so beautiful in that outfits wish i had her

Author shaun parkinson ( ago)
i think someone is colour blind they mention she is wearing a blue skirt
mmmmm it looks purplybrown colour to me

Author hoserslut ( ago)
Hi: Is there any way to purchase videos of Angela? Thanks.

Author qu1et ( ago)
Here's another of this same model, slightly more risque. Does anyone know
what name she works under? I'd love to find more of her material.

Author qu1et ( ago)

Author luvwindygirlsclothes ( ago)
Well I never ... I Do believe this is the very same girl in the last clip I
faved. Normally, such a gentle breeze wouldn't interest me, but she's just
so sweet and so pretty. I love her. I love the way the breeze teases that
satin and softly lifts the skirt. Just beautiful. And I Love high heels,
but sometimes, bare feet can just look right and this is one of those
times. So cute, so adorable.

Author Sadex Sadex ( ago)
Is there any other angela video again? I have some picture about her in
satin in other video. If someone have it, please upload....

Author Fredy Penyu ( ago)
Bisa di ewe teu?

Author gary hays ( ago)
I would tap that ass

Author hoserslut ( ago)
Any chance of getting Angela into some STW pantyhose, with those red
panties underneath? Great video, by the way!

Author ringbolt9 ( ago)
looks great to me

Author DF AS ( ago)

Author chris cross ( ago)
ich fick dich in deinem satin

Author 11361w ( ago)
once more: monogamous

Author 11361w ( ago)
I mean mongamous '

Author 11361w ( ago)

Author iyiiyaaja ( ago)
megang payudaranya boleh gak may I hold your breast

Author THEchromeEDITER ( ago)
i just to be as hot like you..... but then i took an arow to the knee:-(

Author WTFcircles (1285 years ago)
07554297279 call meh.

Author whispersosoftly ( ago)
@mutegenic What a stupid reply

Author Nhật Nguyễn Minh ( ago)
orange panties at 0:16 :D

Author joshbXp ( ago)
Modela sexy lemme ride that ass by the way nice touch with the fan and you
need a bit more sexy it ;D

Author Lindenberg Double Zottelmischel ( ago)
Thanks and Happy Christmas

Author AfghanKnight007 ( ago)
@mutegenic and that is you hahahahah

Author ashmann53 ( ago)
bb ur cute u got it flaunt it xx

Author Josué P ( ago)

Author bettydoesveronica ( ago)
Great effort all around. Well Done Sir!

Author mutegenic ( ago)
@Awehness LOL one must be bored to begin with to troll on youtube!

Author conrad robledo ( ago)
shes hot and beautiful how old is she

Author cycler univega ( ago)
I must say she is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, but
this is boring !!!!!!!!!!!

Author kayser79pr (587 years ago)
where is her satin panty????

Author funbarbie3 ( ago)
i have a satin skirt like that. i love to wear my pantie hose under my
satin things. it feels so good.

Author mrwideboy ( ago)
I have just empty a bollock OH MY GOD there goes the other. I better go
clean up

Author Jon Lemler (1296 years ago)
i wish i can i cant pay for the other vids of you / can you post more vids
please you are so hott

Author willock1967 ( ago)
Or in the Us maybe browse the salvation army shops or Goodwill stores.

Author willock1967 ( ago)
mutegenic maybe broese some charity shops or resale shops you might get
lucky and find this style of wet seal blouse.

Author Todeskaefer ( ago)
I think I'd like this better if she took her clothes off at some point

Author szewei85 ( ago)
haha sexy like hell xD

Author wrightz3it ( ago)
keep up the good wood, I meant work!!

Author LuktarGvendur ( ago)
This is better than ugly japanese women

Author igorromanenko1 ( ago)
i had fun with myself becusa your soo hot in that satin thks

Author lugiao ( ago)
is it me or is that skirt not blue looks more brown to me?

que videop

Author laurammurphy86 ( ago)
satin and satin, how sexy.

Author hasnot ( ago)
Gorgeous - she's a dream !!

Author warwolf54 ( ago)
Little young I think

Author chalmipotter ( ago)
so much pretty...qué belleza de mujer, su sonrisa

Author mutegenic ( ago)
Yeah, I had them in black, white and silver at one time-can't find them or
anything like them anymore.

Author willock1967 ( ago)
I love the wet seal three button blouse! I have seen other models wear this
style in various colors!

Author Par N ( ago)
Mmmmm...sweeet feet ! :P

Author Cass Cumerford ( ago)
delightful girl...

Author PacoLovesJazz ( ago)
Angela is very pretty, she brings a fresh look and her smile tends to give
her a youthful appearance. very nice Angie.

Author Hugo Multifacetic ( ago)
que lindura de mujer

Author mutegenic ( ago)
@BABYGrockstheworld Yes, she is a model and actually has worked for
Playboy. If I came across strong before it's because I stand by the people
who work for me and she is really a great person.

Author BABYGrockstheworld ( ago)
what is she like a model or something? if she is then i would consider play

Author mutegenic ( ago)
Are you a toad or is that some lame humor? She's one of the nicest,
brightest WOMEN I've worked with and has been in 2 monogomous relationships
in the 6 years I've known her.

Author BABYGrockstheworld ( ago)
underage whore....

Author EDDEMOS ( ago)
Who plays this music tell me plz

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