Adventure Time - Finn Meets His Mom (Clip) Helpers

Years of questioning and wondering we finally see Finn reunited with his real birth mother Minerva Campbell

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Author Some Geezer ( ago)
So if Finn's mother has a British accent but Finn has an American accent does that mean the Land of Ooo is in somewhere close to Britain but continental drift caused it to move to and merge with North America?

Author 12me91 ( ago)
what happened to his arm? I need to watch after season 2 of this since thats when I stopped.

Author The Ultraempoleon ( ago)
Littering can be dangerous and unattractive
*proceeds to throw battery in trashcan

Author GrapeIsNotPurpleEgg ( ago)
"Thas mah hayaaand"

Author İlayda Öncü ( ago)
Finn finally finds his Mother and we AT fans finally find our big questions answer "where is finn's Mother" yes guys we finally found it 😳

Author Redstone Pro ( ago)
I 1 see da rest o dis


Author Tank And Echo ( ago)
400th comment! Are you proud?!

Author LordSlader ( ago)
last watxhed this 4 yrs ago

Author Kimali Bennett ( ago)
man I missed years of this show. I don't even know whats going on anymore.

Author Alexis ( ago)
She sounds like a Beemo with an English/Swedish/or Scottish(?) accent. Who knows what, haha. Can't really tell, but I love her voice.

Author BryAnton ( ago)
In 2018 this show... this AWESOME show... is ending... guys CN is dead. I hate that this is happening.

Author Clover Mint ( ago)
What episode is this from?

Author Airika Sky ( ago)
For all my Potterheads out there,this kinda reminds me of Harry's mother Lily.

Author Airika Sky ( ago)
For all my Potterheads out there,this kinda reminds me of Harry's mother Lily.

Author Janon Lucas ( ago)
drugged fin is so funny, That's my ✋

Author Vlog Adventurer ( ago)
So I haven't seen Adventure Time in awhile and WTF KARA SPEAKS ENGLISH AND FINN HAS A ROBOTIC ARM!?!?!

Author Sebastian Mendez ( ago)
They waited for Regular Show to end just to finally reveal Finn's Mom :/

Author clark chavez ( ago)
Meh I love it but kinda bit dissappointing about his mom/Minerva being a brain or a skinny dead clothless lady that have a tube connected to her prostate and to her lungs like Mr.House in Fallout NV.

Author AsrielSaver Best friends with chara and frisk ( ago)
1:53 Lol XD

Author AsrielSaver Best friends with chara and frisk ( ago)
Lol all the Hou

Author Seneferu ( ago)
Finn's mom is the prettierst character of the whole show *v*

Author Khôi Nguyên da Exy ( ago)
Even after 2012, they, Finn finally reunited with his mom.
But dad...
So many years i always question: Who is Finn, where is his Origin, Why Finn has a second name... Now i gonna have to watch the whole cartoon from the first till the end.

Author Keilann Cook ( ago)
that so sweet

Author Tinturtle GypxeExcert ( ago)
das my haaand

Author Potato Dancer ( ago)
What the hell is going on? I really need to catch up on Adventure time.

Author Jonn Ballehr ( ago)

Author Half Empty Comic ( ago)

Author CittaV Box ( ago)
I thought it was a bit anticlimatic, but it was still cool. So then he was adopted by jakes parents, i think

Author sadlobster1 ( ago)
I love Minerva SOOO much more than Martin. That loser abandoned Finn several times for his own selfish reasons

Author Андрей Кравченко ( ago)
Finn and Jake to show people all the islands of the Founders aggressive nature Ooh, he told them nothing about the princesses, their ambitions, wizards wars. People are realizing that people Ooо, sooner or later they will become a threat to the existence of they decide to apply priventivny kick. After Finn and his friends left the island of the state will be similar to the state helgasts with a dash of the American Nazi Party.

Author imightbe canadian ( ago)
1:57 When your'e gonna end the party and that's when stuff gets lit(terilly)

Author Unregistered Hypercam 2 ( ago)
long time no see

Author Latasha Hall ( ago)
woah this is new

Author Eye Zodiotic ( ago)
Since when did Finn--"You've been gone for so long"


Author iyanna McClain ( ago)
whose voice is that

Author IamDragonFury ( ago)
Okay, on a bunch of these clips, I keep seeing comments from people saying that they've missed a lot on the show, some of which have people saying they haven't watched since Finn and FP dated. That leaves me to wonder, did a bunch of people really stop watching the show after Finn and FP broke up? Was that really so devastating that people quit following the show after it?

Or did some just get away from it for a while for no real particular reason, coincidentally around the time of Finn and FP's relationship ordeal, and just start coming back to it. I could buy that, since CN has been focusing so much on their other (some more disappointing) shows.

Author Justin Tan ( ago)
Is Minerva basically like Skynet now?

Author Laura Ervin ( ago)

Author Im BA™AN ( ago)
what happens next

Author Sam Tufts ( ago)
Haven't seen adventure time since Finn was dating flame princess. So much has changed!

Author Wes Jaegerjaquez ( ago)
this is the last episode?

Author Frank Alvira ( ago)
so adventure time is in the future huh

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
That's my hand.

Author Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX ( ago)
I regret not watching this after that episode Bubblegum started to regress in age. Where can I watch full episodes of this?

Author Abx2 ( ago)
my life spoiled

Author Sinead Etherson ( ago)
What happened to finns arm

Author CAGRN1 ( ago)
I loved this, but if she cried instantly it could have created more feels lol

Author ILLEGAL CARROT ( ago)
Wow, I haven't watched this show since the episodes were actually good...That was a while ago...

Author The real Fleece Jhonson ( ago)
i thought the other lady was his mom when ice king turned nuts and he was poor and Jake turned into the magic dog and when the demon guy showed up dose anyone remember that?

Author The_wwe_panda ( ago)
I stop watching the show for a long time and then this happens. Man I need to catch up.

Author Camilla Ace Villamin ( ago)
Omg that's my mom's name!

Author coldfire 71077 ( ago)
That's muh haand

Author iHasCutie Pie ( ago)
I hope they put all of adventure time on Netflix because I want it to start from the beginning and I missed so much

Author David playz Games ( ago)
I was like she was jesus 😭😭😂😂 2:20

Author BenjaminSteber ( ago)
A disappeared mom who was a brilliant scientist with a plot to take over the world with the help of an army of her own self clones? Finn and Shinji would have a lot of common ground to talk about.

Author iinss_ ( ago)
this good movie good👏👏👏👏👏

Author Native Vault dweller ( ago)
Apparently she jesus

Author Wayne Alcide ( ago)
Why after the episode people are saying Susan is a lesbian just because her connection is so strong with that girl in the toy store. Come on grow up >.>.

Author Ceceila Vega ( ago)
that's his mom

Author Ricpic ( ago)
is she a fucking robot

Author Dylan Meurer ( ago)
What episode and season is this?

Author Kim Hanna ( ago)
remind me why she had to leave him?

Author Emma Mobberly ( ago)
what seson is this?!????????

Author That Annoying Eyelash ( ago)
how did fin lose his arm?

Author Fun Gryphon ( ago)
I never realized how deep this show has gotten. Holy shit.

Author Jo Stevens ( ago)
I may be late but... what happened to his arm?

Author Veronica :3 ( ago)

Author SpyCrab ( ago)
If you think about it martin done a good thing accidently because finn wouldve died by the virus

Author TrueGreed ( ago)
So is everyone on CN meeting their mom now or..

Author Radz Voy ( ago)
Wow he is not fear of water now what happened??

Author Jada_ Williams ( ago)
how does he know his name

Author Julylovve ( ago)
It's been a few years since the last time I watched adventure time. A lot has changed

Author Orin Enloe ( ago)

Author Rosie Campbell ( ago)

Author Tiffany Ngo ( ago)
What happen to fin arm?

Author Mic Mickattrider ( ago)
This seems like new episodes of adventure time. And whys Susans voice different

Author Quanisha Goodwin ( ago)
Susan strong finally sound english perfectly

Author RBLX MuCo ( ago)
I don't even recognize this show I wish it was like the old times

Author Yelenis Acosta ( ago)
I haven't watched adventure time in years can someone tell me what happened to his arm?

Author Skull Ranger ( ago)
Jesus. I missed a LOT. when did this episode happen??

Author Rashaun Campbell ( ago)
my last name is Campbell xD

Author Baby Girl ( ago)
I haven't watched adventure time in years when the hell did Finn hit puberty

Author Dead Meat ( ago)
I know this is supposed to be sad & cute but that fucking "THAT'S MA HAND" Killed the living shit out of me 😂😂😂😂

Author J3553Th33vil1 /TheRedstoneEngineer ( ago)
wow...finn finally meetz his mom....n wow...finn has a robotic arm now...after his arm with the grass powerz became a man of itz own

Author Tokaro Tomstar ( ago)
"That's ma haaanddd."

Author Carmella Candy ( ago)
her voice sounds kinda like little kellys, LOL

Author therayman207 ( ago)
what session and episode is this??

Author Martin Sanders ( ago)
Is there a new voice actor for him??

Author 0123456789 9876543210 ( ago)
man, this show has gotten even more real since I last watched. very surprising for what seems like a kids show at first glance.

Author Sofia. M ( ago)

Author Blasphemy ( ago)
I haven't seen this show in years due to my disappointment with where the show was going, as well as the lack of following through with plots. after seeing this, I'm denfinently going to have to catch up.

Author Kyndyl Sancho ( ago)
is this real?!

WOW MY BRO AND I ARE SO BEHIND! We watch this together!

Author Melanie Holosexual ( ago)
Am I the only one who was dying laughing when Finn said "That's mah hand."?

Author BryAnton ( ago)

Author ケーラド ( ago)
I haven't watched Adventure Time since Stakes. I really gotta catch up

Author Darth Nigra ( ago)
I haven't watched the show in two year so...

Author Mikaela Francesca ( ago)
adventure time is such a nostalgic show omg I can't believe it's ending next year

Author GremlinD Halal ( ago)
When did Susan know how to speak properly?

Author Rirei G Maki ( ago)
I....I'm crying....

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