How to Make a Japanese Breakfast

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  • Noufa Althigah
    Noufa Althigah 9 hours ago

    in indonesia we usually eat nasi goreng/fried rice with sunny sides egg, or bubur ayam, like a porridge n both are so good! now i wanna try a japanese breakfast it looks so yummy 😍👍

  • Z-Dog Zeko
    Z-Dog Zeko 1 day ago

    gourmet breakfast happens when we have fruit that I can cut into my cereal

  • Cyrus 381
    Cyrus 381 1 day ago

    I don't really eat much in the morning.

  • Beautiful Genius
    Beautiful Genius 1 day ago

    I'm a rising senior. High schoolers goes to Starbucks or Chick-fila in the morning

  • Joseph Phillip
    Joseph Phillip 2 days ago

    Stupid crackers

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 day ago

      Silly Joseph. We didn't eat any crackers in this video. You need to update your food knowledge. ;)

  • Linda Huang
    Linda Huang 4 days ago

    that tim hortons joke killed me

  • Emilie Coats
    Emilie Coats 4 days ago

    Me and my boyfriend live in Korea, South Side, what what, haha. When we aren't together, I usually don't eat breakfast, I never had, even when I was young. My stomach was usually too nauseous in the mornings, and lunches at Korean schools are HUMONGOUS. But when we are together, weekdays it's Roman Meal bread (why can't Korea get on the real whole wheat bread game), jam, orange juice, and yogurt. The boy is French, he can't get away from a typical weekday French breakfast, even when I was visiting his family in France, and I made an egg because I needed protein, they were like ugh, no, haha. On weekends when we have time, it's much more savory, an egg, half a sausage, toast with either Roman Meal or homemade bread if I've had time to make it (or waffles or muffins, depends on our mood), avocado (not all the time), yogurt, and a smoothy with bananas, mangoes, blueberries, some kind of milk, and chia seeds. We tend to eat a huge meal for breakfast then not eat again till 5 pm.

  • Shelby Watts
    Shelby Watts 4 days ago

    Even tho I live in the southeast US. I'm lucky to live in a culturally diverse city so there are loads of Asian supermarkets here. I have miso soup everyday. I hate Western breakfast, so I usually just eat lunch food or miso soup and some rice.

  • Raghavendra Prasanna

    Dear Simon & Martina,
    Good day! Appreciating other's culture( including food) is certainly a good virtue. You guys did exactly the same. Thanks for the upload. I personally enjoyed it.
    Love from India

  • MissBegriffsstutzig

    Im from germany and im usually eat bread with butter. Nothing fancy

  • gala shepherd
    gala shepherd 8 days ago

    Buttered toast and oatmeal.Lox bagel.

  • michael Ryan
    michael Ryan 8 days ago

    All looks good!....ummm....but in my house, my kids eat a small bowl of rice with a little fujimaki for breakfast, my wife eats a little bowl of natto=plain. For me an expresso and a couple of ciggies...fruit later. Sometimes my son wants ramen for breakfast...with veggies, fish or meat, ramen egg ....and tempura.

  • michael Ryan
    michael Ryan 8 days ago

    They grow coffee in Canada?

  • michael Ryan
    michael Ryan 8 days ago

    Every vid about Brekie in Japan is massive food...does everybody eat this much food? it good healthy food, but its sooo much

  • HaHaHappyXD
    HaHaHappyXD 9 days ago

    I have nothing for breakfast because school starts damn early here :((( TT

  • matthew martin
    matthew martin 10 days ago

    for my breakfast I drink 3-2 mouth fulls of milk then go to school my luxury breakfast is mums last nights dinner or her cooking me breakfast :)

  • icah aguairo
    icah aguairo 11 days ago

    I don't know how some people eat so much for breakfast.I eat toast or yoghurt and I'm slow and stuffed for the rest of the day.

  • jshukla423
    jshukla423 12 days ago

    I usually make a French omelet with some greens like spinach with fruit and a shake to take with me if I wake up early in the morning.

  • Analise Spellers
    Analise Spellers 14 days ago

    I never eat breakfast in the morning it's to crazy for school and I need my sleep so I just drink water in the morning

  • Castled Keyboard
    Castled Keyboard 15 days ago

    We eat leftovers from yesterday's lunch.

  • Ames Petprao
    Ames Petprao 16 days ago

    I live in a hotel so it's a buffet..

  • Angie
    Angie 16 days ago

    I used to have hot milk tea with wonderbread and some scrambled eggs for breakfast, or egg sandwich, which was tomato, egg, ham, alfalfa sprouts on bread.

    now i don't live with my mom but I make breakfast maybe twice a week. I usually go all out and choose either pancake, waffle, or French toast with eggs and hash browns. French press coffee with vanilla syrup and cream on the side 😙

  • Tabby Kat
    Tabby Kat 16 days ago

    I usually eat something small or not at all. that's for like all day though not just breakfast. I need to loose weight so I cut down on eating by a lot.

  • Muffinbrot mit Wurstwasser

    Is it hard to be vegan in Japan?

  • サンピン
    サンピン 18 days ago



  • infearitrust
    infearitrust 18 days ago

    My breakfast is usually what's left over from dinner since there is almost always leftovers and most of the time, there's not even time in the morning to make breakfast. :' ( I wish I could say what I would usually have for a 'luxurious' breakfast but I always mix it up! Recently it was oatmeal with honey and maple syrup, two fried eggs, and a cup of assam tea. But for a luxurious breakfast, it is definitely always something sweet, savoury, a side dish and a good drink that preferably isn't water haha.

    #MARTHEYOURGIRL 19 days ago

    regularly I have pancakes bacon and egg but luxury is fufu Pondu chicken and a nice cold drink if I get up in time

  • Kiss me Now
    Kiss me Now 19 days ago

    You're meal looked amazingly delish!

  • yuri vega
    yuri vega 19 days ago

    my traditional breakfast is casamiento (meaning marriage haha it is a mix of beans and rice you fried them of course together in a pan) some tomatada ( it is like a tomato sauce but not liquid it is more like thick using you know green pepper, onion a lil bit of black pepper roast a lil bit of oregano too if you like oregano of course) platano either fried or you can steam them adding sugar and cinnamon really good and eggs either scrambled or boiled cream or cheese it is up to you or you can get our traditional pupusas.

  • Aingealag Fírinne
    Aingealag Fírinne 19 days ago

    24/7 IHOP in my rm hahaha

  • Capramare
    Capramare 19 days ago

    I actually cant eat breakfast on weekdays, i get up so early that im not hungry and get a sick feeling if i try to eat something. So on weekdays I only drick a glass of chocolate milk for some energy but on weekends its a nice bread bun with turkey ham.

  • lunareclipselolita
    lunareclipselolita 20 days ago

    just had a big bowl of miso soup and oooooh it was so yummy even if I dribbled some down my chin/shirt lol

  • Ena
    Ena 20 days ago

    Im from France and I Just... Eat cereals or drink hot cocoa lol
    I feel like most of us dont eat a lot for breakfast or just skip it
    But when I have time to really eat ill Just eat bread with butter or Jam on it +cocoa
    I wish I could eat that japanese breakfast but i would probably Just vomit right after cause that's a LOT of food

  • EverArtistic
    EverArtistic 22 days ago

    I love to make a piece of 9-grain toast with peanut butter and sliced strawberries or halved raspberries on top for breakfast!

  • Lily V
    Lily V 22 days ago

    Love how these guys are even more Asian than most Asians...that makes me feel so washed... 😶

  • Lissa Lawson
    Lissa Lawson 22 days ago

    Air It's delish you should try it  sometime

  • Lê La Lu
    Lê La Lu 23 days ago

    in Vietnam we have Pho, Bun, Banh Cuon, etc..

  • Shit Face
    Shit Face 23 days ago

    In the netherlands we have bread with cheese or some kind of sliced meat or something sweet like hagelslag. Hagelslag are little pieces of chocolate. I'd rather eat this, yum!!

  • kim mashytae
    kim mashytae 23 days ago

    lol nasi lemak maybe eheh and curry puffs and those wonderful spring rolls

  • /Śkyler MSP/
    /Śkyler MSP/ 24 days ago

    I just eat burned toast

  • mythirlmaiden
    mythirlmaiden 24 days ago

    Sometimes if Im lucky I enjoy some timmie hoho but general I usually eat some shredded wheat cereal with chopped fruit and honey on top and maybe some yogurt or other snacks.

  • Nayeem Latif
    Nayeem Latif 25 days ago

    false hope and with a side of anxiety
    wash it all down with a tall glass of regrets

  • torato
    torato 26 days ago


  • Ritz Div
    Ritz Div 27 days ago

    Every day, except for vacations(of course) I wake up at 5 ... unwillingly and none of my parents are up at that time, and neither do I have the time to make any breakfast. I simply grab and a cereal bar or two. On weekends, SPECIAL weekends, my mum makes amaaaazing Classic Indian breakfast like potato poha (it's an Indian rice flake dish), or upma or the classic gujurati stuff, fafda and chutney (dies) I KNOW THESE NAMES ARE WEIRD BUT TRUST ME THEY'RE AWESOMEEEEEEE

  • iVixxen
    iVixxen 27 days ago

    I live in New Zealand. A normal breakfast for me is two bricks of Weetbix with cold milk and a tsp of Sugar. A luxury breakfast would be a can of baked beans heated in a pot. Scrambled eggs on toast. Sizzled sausages from a pan. And grilled tomato or if you wanna go fancy-schmancy; creamed mushrooms to accompany the Scramby eggs.

  • Alex
    Alex 27 days ago

    Omg hahaha "Timmy Oh"

  • Pola Pori
    Pola Pori 29 days ago

    I eat eggs and toast with cream cheese for breakfast

  • Eye Asian
    Eye Asian 1 month ago

    I know not all the foods a Chinese in my other comment.....

  • Eye Asian
    Eye Asian 1 month ago

    A Asian Breakfast🍱🍣🍘🍚🍙🍜🍲🍙 🇨🇳

  • Ardianto Sumitro
    Ardianto Sumitro 1 month ago

    Hi Simon & Martina, why did you strain your eggs before cooking it ?

  • Tracey Kralik
    Tracey Kralik 1 month ago

    i think i am watching this one for the 100th time. i can even talk along 😂 i should really get a life

  • HarambeGaming 1738
    HarambeGaming 1738 1 month ago

    Egg, bacon, or macaroni

  • RoyalJME
    RoyalJME 1 month ago

    On a busy day, i'll have a double double. On a slow day ill have crepes.

  • Luthfan Akbar
    Luthfan Akbar 1 month ago

    here in Indonesia we got Nasi Uduk, Nasi Pecel or Porridge with chicken and egg. Tasty and super cheap.

  • Thiên Nhất
    Thiên Nhất 1 month ago

    in Vietnam we eat Pho for breakfast or Banh Cuon, Banh Mi,...

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 month ago

      +Thiên Nhất we visited Vietnam and had amazing Pho for breakfast! Great way to start the day

  • SalemK
    SalemK 1 month ago

    I eat a few slices of turkey bacon. On a day when I actually have time to cook a full breakfast, its turkey bacon, boiled egg cut in halves, a fried egg, seared ham and a piece of toast. I like to have avacado with that too when I get the chance.

  • princessrei2001
    princessrei2001 1 month ago

    I eat bacon egg and potato taquitos ... most of the time.. if I'm in a hurry it's a bagel or bowl of vanilla yogurt with granola...

  • Mutant Ninja
    Mutant Ninja 1 month ago

    Don't eat at breakfast

  • Kyα
    Kyα 1 month ago

    normal norwegian breakfast on schooldays
    maybe something on it
    normal norwegian breakfast on the weekend (more like lunch cause i wake up too late for it lmao)
    scrambled eggs and lots of stuff besides it

  • Nicholas Bourassa
    Nicholas Bourassa 1 month ago

    can you post a recipe for those Cucumbers? they look soooooo good!

  • tama nuts
    tama nuts 1 month ago

    too much salt for a breakfast...

    • I M
      I M 6 hours ago

      agreed. seems like alot of fatty vegetables and cholesterol as well. ive heard them say they're trying to lose weight, maybe not a good idea to eat too much carbs for breakfast

  • DaisyBee
    DaisyBee 1 month ago

    just a granola bar because daisy got no time for breakfast.

  • Roni Sydänmäki
    Roni Sydänmäki 1 month ago

    I typed a long detailed explanation of what people in Finland typically eat for breakfast and what my personal dream breakfast would be but when I scrolled down to look at the other comments the text disappeared before I could send it. I gave up

    i'm a sad unemployed young man so i wake up too late for breakfast and just go straight to lunch. But when I do eat breakfast it's a sandwich or cereal.

    Also I'm new, why's the dog blue??? good videos

  • ItzBriBri
    ItzBriBri 1 month ago

    in the Netherlands they eat bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles, or pancakes with powdered sugar or butter or syrup. You can also have poffertjes such are little pancake pufds

  • Diana Vega
    Diana Vega 1 month ago

    We eat so different here in Mexico. Sometimes the typical American breakfast (eggs, pancakes, etc) or Mexican food as tacos, quesadillas (corn or flour tortilla with cheese and with or without meat or others ingredients) and in every state we have different meals made for breakfast :)

  • Vanessa-Mae Karaitiana

    My normal is museli and my luxury is pancakes or eggs ilygsm (I luv u gys so much)

  • Leyna Frais
    Leyna Frais 1 month ago

    As a student in Califronia , I have no time to even grab a granola bar or a sip of water

  • PastelYuki
    PastelYuki 1 month ago

    I have no time to eat for breakfast
    cuase I'm gonna be late for school
    But on Saturday and Sunday
    I eat anything leftovers of I wait until we go to the mall to get food
    Yes I'm allowed to eat fast food cuase I never weight :3

  • julia pastusiak
    julia pastusiak 1 month ago

    Brasil: toast/bread/tapioca with butter/cheese/ham and coffee/milk.
    A fancy breackfast would include fruits and cakes.

  • Cristomel Ganaden
    Cristomel Ganaden 1 month ago

    I love your videos guys^^, im from the Philippines... I will never forget the combo meal of sinangag( fried rice) tuyo (dried fish) and kamatis ( tomato) ^^,

  • Javiera Solar
    Javiera Solar 1 month ago

    I would love to have this for breakfast everyday, but I would be scared of the carbs ;_;

  • Nonomo. hana
    Nonomo. hana 1 month ago

    Why is the dog blue...?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 1 month ago

    normal breakfast for me is either a green smoothie or granola with soy yogurt :D preparing a japanese breakfast seems like so much work to me, but it looks delicious...

  • Jess W
    Jess W 1 month ago

    Timmy Ho ho? I like to say Timmy ho's xD

  • Lauren Schlepp
    Lauren Schlepp 1 month ago

    I usually eat oatmeal with dried fruit or yogurt or cottage cheese.

  • Napoleon Ambalada
    Napoleon Ambalada 1 month ago


  • Aimagination96
    Aimagination96 1 month ago

    Caffeine and sugar. I'm a college student

  • Angela Chan
    Angela Chan 1 month ago

    Please make more food videos like this! They are so satisfying to watch. Martina ALL of the food you make always looks soo good!

  • Olivia Whitney
    Olivia Whitney 1 month ago

    Ugh, I went to Japan for a week back in January, and I miss the absolute hell out of breakfast there. I was so spoiled. They had these awesome trays in our hotel in Hachinohe that were divided into nine sections so you could get so many different things, and their apple juice is to die for. *drools*

  • RannPNut
    RannPNut 1 month ago


  • Abel Sumanas
    Abel Sumanas 1 month ago

    I'm Indonesian and I like to eat minced meat noodles in the morning. It's basically an egg noodles topped with a minced meat sauce, made from chicken or pork. It's so addicting xD

    Other common menu here is chicken porridge or fried rice...
    ...and Indomie instant ramen. They are treasures.

  • Kyrstin Stoneking
    Kyrstin Stoneking 1 month ago

    Usually I eat breakfast only on weekends and I'll make eggs in a basket and a large glass of water. It's pretty basic, if I go out for breakfast or want something different I would order or make French toast, waffles, or pancakes

  • ᘔEᖇO ᑎIGᕼTᖴᗩᒪᒪ

    ....I either don't get breakfast or I'm eating chips

  • jdoublea25
    jdoublea25 1 month ago

    I hardly eat breakfast but when I do it's usually tacos. Eggs with refried beans and chorizo

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 1 month ago

    Thanks for the video, I wonder, do you make all the side dishes yourself? I am wanting to eat much more of a Traditional Japanese diet as it much healthier than most.

  • Nikolas Games
    Nikolas Games 1 month ago

    Normally I would have cereal, and a luxury thing to have is a Full American breakfast.

  • takashi rei
    takashi rei 1 month ago

    is it just me but i wake up at 11 and i didnt do anything for mornings until i dont get breakfast just directly to lunch

  • Sun Meta
    Sun Meta 1 month ago

    In Italy we eat Dessert! Yes, we eat cake and cappuccino with some fruit juice, or croissant and cappuccino. It's the best!

  • ns
    ns 1 month ago

    Do you guys still eat this as your first meal now that you do that intermittent fasting? I find I'm never hungry enough to eat a meal that large early in the morning—it'd have to be like 2-3pm

    • ns
      ns 1 month ago

      Simon and Martina either way, a day out exploring or a day at home cooking good food with spudge and meems sounds like a day well spent to me! Thanks for the response

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 month ago

      +ns actually, not anymore. Well, sometimes, but lately we've been out and about in the afternoon, so we couldn't make this. But when we're home for the day we still make this, occasionally :)

  • Vorpal Eyes
    Vorpal Eyes 1 month ago

    The baked salmon reminds me of kippers on toast in the UK

  • Rainbowloom girls
    Rainbowloom girls 1 month ago

    Plátanos with cream and beans and salt and to drink we have fresh coconut water

  • zlackerify
    zlackerify 1 month ago

    I thought you guys stopped eating white rice? Or maybe I missed out watching the video where you guys are back on rice!

  • Eiffies
    Eiffies 1 month ago

    i'm in Australia and a typical breakfast for me (and most people I know) is buttered toast with Vegemite, but for a sort of full on decadent breakfast mum will do a "farmers breakfast" which is steak, boiled sliced eggs and salad with some bread rolls and butter. I personally am not a fan of that though because its so heavy and you feel sluggish all day after, feels good at the time but after you just feel so full and bloated that you dont eat for the rest of the day when you dont have a full on day (like a farmer.)

  • Samuel _lovehockey88

    I sometimes eat leftover sashimi or even uni for breakfast ( don't judge me)

  • Keith Westpy
    Keith Westpy 1 month ago

    were do you get a square pan in new jersey i wont a dam pan O--O

  • yoongi_ luv83
    yoongi_ luv83 1 month ago

    Martina: " what do you usually eat for breakfast?"
    Me: "RICE :| "

  • Violet Rose
    Violet Rose 1 month ago

    Looks delicious to me. I also love Bibimbap. My dad makes excellent Japanese food. I eat porridge with stevia and almond milk every day.

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