Denise Austin's - crotch shots ...

Denise Austin's show her assets....

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Author kenbnutz1769 (3 years)
She told me to pull pull pull, and give it all I got. Now I just have to
clean up the mess.

Author jaysonjota (3 years)
wow this is almost soft porn

Author jimeichholz (5 years)
Awesome legs and ass- bet she is a sex machine

Author DinosaurM1911 (4 years)
ESPN Classics! Was this like 2am?

Author toob247 (3 years)
Right THERE.!!!!!!!!!

Author doofusgerms (3 years)
I smell shrimp I think....

Author misterfreeze25 (3 years)
Now I see how ESPN made this on there Classic Videos. When there is no
Sports on after I say about 2am. The Hot Denise Austin opens wide and I a
get rise in my Levi's. If you're a Lesbian? I guess you're wet all over too!

Author Jack Meoff (3 years)
Now thats a Great piece of ass.

Author Mr12171975 (3 years)
all my friends used to talk about jackin off to denise when we were
teens!!!! sad, but true cause i did too '''''thanks denise'''' you got us
thru our no-pussy yrs!!!!

Author Dennis Duhon (3 years)
AT 0:11 I would sink it so deep in that ass

Author JP Frizzle (5 years)
you think she shaves the forest?

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