Investigatory Project (Guava extract soap)

Investigatory Project.
We made this project during our Third Year Chemistry class.
We own the video.
This is an instructional video that may help you in your Science Investigatory Project.

Note: I block the names of our group members and their faces for our privacy.

Guava is known for its anti-oxidant substance that can treat acne.

*Ricerca Scientifica*

All Rights Reserved 2009

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Author Vanessa Montefalco ( ago)
Parang ewan lang 😒

Author Faithaira Quilates ( ago)
is this will become hard like a real soap shaped? what is the measurement
of putting NaOH in the mixture, is it 1 spoonful?pls reply...i need your
answers.. :)

Author Nathzkie Catapang ( ago)
What is the measurement of the sodium hydroxide ? pls. Reply

Author Millie Tacaisan ( ago)
pati narin po lavander scent thank you po

Author Millie Tacaisan ( ago)
saan po ba makakabili ng sodium hydroxide. naoh thanks

Author Rebecca Palo ( ago)
maganda yan na ipang project

Author ram rhoane villagracia ( ago)
san po tayo makabili ng NaOH at Lavander scent??

Author John Smith ( ago)
saan po ilalagay pag natapos na ang pag mix?

Author Jaztice Junelle cariaga ( ago)
thank you po dahil may project na po ako

Author coolcreeper849 ( ago)
ingredients penge HAHA

Author Jude Cueva ( ago)

Author Rickafel Artgin Timbang ( ago)
Ung sodium ginamit po talaga nila un delikado nga lang dapat marunung kayo
gumamit nun and costic sha na pagpatigas to help it

Author JohnPaul Casupanan (350 years ago)
ano po yung measurement nung sodium hydroxide?

Author Nightcore Prophecy ( ago)
excuse me yung natirang NAOH na napakarami nilagay bapo lahat oh maliit
yung niligay nyo?

Author Ronaldo Villanueva ( ago)
Wala lang kayong magawa ano, NaOh is very dangerous dapat hindi nyo ito
ginagawa just to make fun to some other youtuber wants to learn how to make
soap. you will burn yourself.

Author Mr. Bellita :D ( ago)
I may be 5 years late but BITCHH UR HURTING PEOPLE WTH !!! YOU CAN KILL

Author Sienna Sy ( ago)
dangerous folow nyo yun kay ai-ni bautista mas tama

Author Daphne Rose Diao ( ago)
Edi wow, hindi nga uubra, ano ba to?
Tangina naman kayo hindi naman Sodium Hydroxide ginamit nyo.

Author Arpo Heng ( ago)
Everything you did here is wrong, assuming you did use sodium hydroxide,
you cant use aluminum to mix it in. You dont use boiling water to dissolve
it because even with room temperature water, the reaction of NaOH will make
the water very very hot. You dont put NaOH with water and magically
transform it to soap. It was ready made soap that you used here. Even the
scent you used is not skin safe because that brand can only be used for oil

Author Arpo Heng ( ago)
please students dont ever use this recipe. They didnt use sodium hydroxide.
It is bar soap that they used. MISLEADING. Sodium hydroxide is dangerous if
used without protective equipment. It can burn skin eyes or lungs. I cant
believe your teacher passed you on your subject.

Author Arpo Heng ( ago)
Wag nyong gayahin ang video na to. Ang Sodium Hydroxide ay hindi po
hinahalo sa kumukulong tubig. Kapag nga inilagay nyo yan sa pangkaraniwang
tubig iinit pa iyan near boiling temp. I cant even imagine what would
happen either you go blind or burn your lungs. You cant put pure NaOH on
your skin. That white cube you show and called NaOH is CUT BAR SOAP. And
that lavender scent is not skin safe it cant be used for topical

Author Laguardia Jaime ( ago)
edi wow ang panget nyo

Author Gina Barasi ( ago)
its fun en helpful.....

Author Yuichi Desquitado ( ago)
Wala po bang measurement yung NaOh

Author Yuichi Desquitado ( ago)
Thanks po gagawin ko din po iyan

Author Megan Dasal (1311 year ago)
Salamat po... gagawin ko din to!

Author Chrome Ward ( ago)
Delikado yung lye or NaOh. Nilagay nyo dapat yung tamang measurements kasi
it could burn skin and cause blindness.

Author Philene Grace Coyoca (Guez) ( ago)
okay lang po ba na ang sodium hydroxide na gagamitin ay LIQUID? 

Author vader ( ago)
Ano po measurement ng water po? Yung hahaluan na ng sodium hydroxide and
yung extract and scent?

Author Choice Specs Zubat ( ago)
Saan po nakakabili in Sodium hydroxide

Author kurt del rosario ( ago)
HI!, Can I ask if anung measurement ng sodium hydroxide, at anong klaseng
oil yung gagamitin at anong scent? kahit anong scent ba?

Author crystaIIene // Serenade Artistic ( ago)
I am in grade 5, and our group is doing this for our investigatory project.
During our trial, it didn't at all become soap. Instead it became a liquid
and really strong-smelling acid that obviously can't be used. It turns out
that we put too much Sodium Hydroxide and too much extract that we didn't
put more water. At least that was a trial no no no no! BOOM!
Thank you for the tutorial anyway we'll do it again

Author Dionel Marwin Bie ( ago)

Author Cesz Pedraja ( ago)
Nasa magkano po kaya ang Sodium Hydroxide? Salamat :)

Author Jack Grim-Sinn ( ago)
Why is a song from final fantasy 8 in the end? You like ff 8?

Author kksh htk ( ago)
san ka makakabili ng sodium hydroxide? TTuTT

Author steven soriano ( ago)
Anu title ng music????? pls.????

Author Justine Mercado ( ago)
Hello po ! pwede po bang matanong kung saan makakabili ng Lye ( Sodium
Hydroxide ) 

Author Amrita Saini ( ago)
good documentry but poor picturisation

Author MelodyJ ( ago)
k-12.. :/

Author fhalyn medrano ( ago)
saan po ako makakabili ng Sodium Hydroxide

Author DRGJardin ( ago)
collage? anu yun? yung sa arts? XD Baka 'COLLEGE' :P XD `Peace. :)

Author caosco nada Garces ( ago)
eh kami nga Grade 4 palang nag SIP.Grade 6 na ako ngayun........... I'm
from SMAD......

Author Nika Salvan ( ago)
are you from XU? 

Author Maria Rowena Lacad ( ago)
your video sucks. delete it na 

Author JanOs Gravador ( ago)
Where can we buy sodium hydroxide?

Author Mar yan ( ago)
THANK YOU !! it helps a lot :)) 

Author cream pigg ( ago)
aweeee pang hayskul po ba yan? o collage? grabe masyado yata kaming advance
eh grade 6 palang eh grave me s.i.p na :3

Author Jeanne Tecson ( ago)
May idea na ako sa investigatory project namin wheee xD Pero pwede po bang
magdagdag ng pang-moisturize ng skin, gaya ng coconut o kaya honey, o ma
alter ang composition ng sabon at hindi na siya magka effect kapag dinagdag
namin ito? (para hindi naman kami maka plagiarize XDD) (parang wrong
gramming ang tagalog ko D:)

Author Kine disbilab ( ago)
hey guys! SKIN CONTACT WITH NaOH: Skin Contact: CORROSIVE. Contact can
cause pain, redness, burns, and blistering. Permanent scarring can result.
A severe exposure can cause death. Burns may not be immediately painful;
onset of pain may be delayed minutes to hours. so mr. uploader xDD did you
really try it and are you really sure that it can remove acne? I mean
useful po ba ian? assignment po kasi namin eh >.<

Author John Lyndon Lunnay ( ago)
You must put every single details. Naoh is a very corrosive element Be

Author Victoria Palisoc ( ago)
This is our Investigatory Project chapter 1,the only way how to survive
grade 7 is this.I possibly can't do this with my groupmates.But it helped a

Author met simona ( ago)
You are going to regret for figuring out about Acne Miracle Pro just now;
it is the secret behind the clean face of most movie stars. Do a Google
Search on it to see what it does

Author Johanna Padogdog ( ago)
where do you buy lavender scent 

Author Harjot Singh ( ago)
All soaps need to have NaOh

Author Nicole Ramos ( ago)
San niyo po naili yung NaOH? :( Kailangan ko na po! please!!

Author Leonyl Bayron (1015 years ago)
..san po bah mabibili ang NaOH? ASAP.. 

Author Micole Derelo ( ago)
These are the measurements used there in making the soap: *1 Glass of Water
(in boiling the Guava Leaves) *1 tablespoonful NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) *3
tablespoonful Guava Leaves Extract *1 tablespoonful Lavender Extract *Half
Cup of Water (to be mixed with NaOH,Guava Leaves Extract,Lavender Scent) 

Author Micole Derelo ( ago)
Are we going to get the same result if we use Liquid Caustic
Soda/Lye(Sodium Hydroxide)? Liquid lang po kasi ang nahanap namin eh.
Please reply A.S.A.P.

Author Kathleen Tapang ( ago)
Pwede po bang gamitin yung NaOH na flakes? Ano po bang klase yan? Pellet po
ba? Kapag flakes po ba ang gagamitin same solution ang kahihinatnan?

Author pete vamenta (581 year ago)
san bah yung bambang???

Author iamanastrounaut ( ago)
How did they touch the NaOH? I thought it was corrosive.

Author mak lolopopoy ( ago)
ninung bayung tuli ken.. para keka ya ini 

Author jai ra ( ago)
gano katagal iboboil???

Author nhei lys ( ago)
San kau nkakuha ng NaOH .....???????? ASAP

Author yknichzable salazar ( ago)
ganu kdaming NaOH mga utoy nilgay nyo, im a teacher. tnx

Author John Mar Agudulo ( ago)
paano nmn nging mlpot un sodium hydroxide???? Hindi kc claro un mga step

Author zzzieza18 ( ago)
what's the use of the fragrance?? O.o? is it that important? 

Author KPACZ ( ago)
i think they forgot to put the sodium hydroxide in the video when they
already mix it together 

Author CHECHELLExD ( ago)
any particuLar store kung saan makakabiLi ng Sodium Hydroxide? meron po ba
nian sa mga grocery store?

Author PieDiePew bro ( ago)
Exact measurements???

Author Kris Angeles ( ago)
1 gram or 1 tbs.

Author Jean Haidee Lagman ( ago)
Ilan yung grade niyo dito? :D 

Author Jing Torrazo ( ago)
you can use other scent :)

Author Jing Torrazo ( ago)
Hardware or Department store :) Ask for Lye ..

Author Jing Torrazo ( ago)
but we used the rose scent to catch the judges attention :)

Author Jing Torrazo ( ago)
We've Successfully made this :) 

Author TheCheeseboy619 ( ago)
nasubukan nyo na ba yan? may nasubukan akong video, pero mas lumala tuloy

Author jenne lyndon ( ago)
ang galing nyo nman....kami din may projct na ganyan pro hindi nmin alam
kung paano yan ggawin...

Author EJ Jonson (1177 years ago)
they let it dry for 1 day i think? 

Author Regina Clarete ( ago)
How and Where we can find Sodium Hydrxide? Please, tell me.. plsss....

Author raegiorem ( ago)
Sir, kailangan po ba lavander scent tlga? O pwede po kahit anong perfume?
Salamat! :D

Author Phoebe Go ( ago)
Saan ba may malapit na Chemical Store sa Malabon? Pakiksagot naman. Ü

Author Vanessa Galeon ( ago)
hi po. how did you let the soap hard? please answer 

Author patricia borgonia ( ago)
where can the sodium hydroxide can be bought?

Author Shannen Besas ( ago)
wala ba kayung website nito or procedure lamang?

Author EL Elestra ( ago)
Lets check: You sure it's safe to use? Is this proven to treat acne? If it
is, then have you conducted any experiments to use this soap to someone who
has acne? Did it worked? Is it really the content or just because it's a
soap? What problems you found out before conducting this experiment?

Author EL Elestra ( ago)
Where, how much and what class? please specify

Author Alexia Pantaleon ( ago)
san po may mas na malapit bilihan ng NaOH?? kc sa Bago Bantay po ako

Author SIR TAG DEL/ARM ( ago)
can it not be lavander scent? can be other scent? 

Author Mark Gilbert Lacuna ( ago)
Gano kadami ung NaOH?? bnili ko ung NaOH ko sa Bambang eh. =)

Author joshua21gunz ( ago)
saan mkakakita o mkakabili ng sodium hydroxide?

Author bim laud ( ago)
Where did you buy the lavender scent?

Author john reyven lagata ( ago)
san nga poh ba kylagan lng poh nmin 

Author videolover music ( ago)
haha blinock mo nga pero kitang kita ko pa rin haha

Author feiya :D ( ago)
i'm not trying to offend u but did u really do enough research for this?
you're supposed to have exact measurements of the ingredients and the
fragrance is added after the mixture has reached trace. 

Author Jesu Salvador ( ago)
nax Don Ross :>

Author Savers Printshoppe ( ago)
uhmmm.. paano po maging viscous yung mixture? hihi,, ilang spoon po ba ang
sodium hydroxide? hihih 

Author jessica asuncion ( ago)
pakilagay naman poh ung measurement plz... kung ilan pong grams ng NaOH ang
inilagay nio... kung gaano po karami ung tubig... saan poh b makakabili ng
essential oil and NaOH? thankz....God Bless! 

Author qthana08 ( ago)
gaano kadami ung ilalagay na sodium hydroxide ? 

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