Investigatory Project (Guava extract soap)

Investigatory Project.
We made this project during our Third Year Chemistry class.
We own the video.
This is an instructional video that may help you in your Science Investigatory Project.

Note: I block the names of our group members and their faces for our privacy.

Guava is known for its anti-oxidant substance that can treat acne.

*Ricerca Scientifica*

All Rights Reserved 2009

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Author Serenade Artistic (24 days)
I am in grade 5, and our group is doing this for our investigatory project.
During our trial, it didn't at all become soap. Instead it became a liquid
and really strong-smelling acid that obviously can't be used. It turns out
that we put too much Sodium Hydroxide and too much extract that we didn't
put more water. At least that was a trial no no no no! BOOM!
Thank you for the tutorial anyway we'll do it again

Author Dionel Marwin Bie (1 month)

Author Imee Perez (3 months)
san ka makakabili ng sodium hydroxide? TTuTT

Author Cesz Pedraja (1 month)
Nasa magkano po kaya ang Sodium Hydroxide? Salamat :)

Author steven soriano (4 months)
Anu title ng music????? pls.????

Author Justine Mercado (9 months)
Hello po ! pwede po bang matanong kung saan makakabili ng Lye ( Sodium
Hydroxide ) 

Author Amrita Saini (9 months)
good documentry but poor picturisation

Author joshua21gunz (2 years)
saan mkakakita o mkakabili ng sodium hydroxide?

Author carmina4mic (3 years)
..hi, can u help me??? panu guma ng background of the study, statement of
the problem, hypothesis, significance of the study, definition of the
study, definition of terms... pz??? panu gawen yan sa gnawa nyong
investigatory??? can u share it to me??? plz.

Author pete vamenta (1 year)
san bah yung bambang???

Author sparkleforarianaaa (2 years)
hahahah ano pang sense neto kung di kayo magbbgay ng information. safe ba

Author beverlynsilva (2 years)
anung klaseng sodium hydroxide po ba??

Author Jean Haidee Lagman (2 years)
Ilan yung grade niyo dito? :D

Author bjskie09 (4 years)
Sn mkkbli ng Sodium Hydroxide?

Author rayyanmontaner (2 years)
san mabili un lavander scent?

Author Alexia Pantaleon (2 years)
san po may mas na malapit bilihan ng NaOH?? kc sa Bago Bantay po ako

Author bjskie09 (4 years)
lihiya po ba yang sodium hydroxide sa tagalog

Author John Lyndon Lunnay (1 year)
You must put every single details. Naoh is a very corrosive element Be

Author Dragonknight15 (3 years)
NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) -- can be bought in most chemical stores like I
think in divisoria?. guava extract -- is known for its anti-oxidant
substance that can help treat acne. *for IP questions such as background of
the study, statement of the problem, hypothesis, significance of the study,
definition of the study, definition of terms. well, all I can say is work
hard to find it. like what we do. I will not give our IP information for
free. there's the internet, books and/or other reference.

Author CHECHELLExD (2 years)
any particuLar store kung saan makakabiLi ng Sodium Hydroxide? meron po ba
nian sa mga grocery store?

Author Jing Torrazo (2 years)
you can use other scent :)

Author bim laud (3 years)
Where did you buy the lavender scent?

Author Nika Salvan (1 year)
are you from XU?

Author Jing Torrazo (2 years)
We've Successfully made this :)

Author Riemis Nuebe (3 years)
matagal ba bago tumigas ung sabon sa magdamag?

Author piosonrak (3 years)
gaano katagal yan matutunaow?

Author nginarpjj (3 years)
panu yun pinalapot? stir lng ng stir? hangang lumapot

Author kettlekornification (3 years)
san po ba makakakuha or makakabili ng NaOH?? salamat po ng marami!!!

Author Regina Clarete (2 years)
How and Where we can find Sodium Hydrxide? Please, tell me.. plsss....

Author crisen100 (2 years)
NaOH pellets , you can buy in Bambang.. For those who made the video, you
must state every single detail of your research guys. people might do like
what you did in your research but your information is lacking. Tendency is
what if they put wrong quantity of NaOH? When it comes to measurement, you
must be careful.

Author 18francel (3 years)
wow naman ,,, hehe thanks to this video nag bigay ng idea sakin to hehe but
how did you know that guava leaves can treat acne

Author leston95CP (2 years)
@Dragonknight15 ui.. tga bulakan kau.? o ndi.?

Author IvanderHaisley (3 years)
@Dragonknight15 will it have the same polar-nonpolar property of regular
soap ?

Author ashtooobashtoo (2 years)
How many teaspoons/tablespoons po ba ang dami nang NaOH?

Author Mark Gilbert Lacuna (2 years)
Gano kadami ung NaOH?? bnili ko ung NaOH ko sa Bambang eh. =)

Author Sofie Hemmo (3 years)
Please put the exact measurement of ingredients to put into the mixture..
And ask lang po ako.. After mixing the mixture.. kailangan po i-ref ? or
just leave it to solidify ?

Author Johanna Padogdog (1 year)
where do you buy lavender scent

Author firstblood400 (3 years)
after a day? Then what's next?

Author TheCheeseboy619 (2 years)
nasubukan nyo na ba yan? may nasubukan akong video, pero mas lumala tuloy

Author alyssamaeque (3 years)
Let the product stay for one day ? or kailangan siya ng i ref ? or what ?

Author Dragonknight15 (3 years)
@chuwanamarie meron po nun sa mga bilihan ng mga pataba sa lupa or sa
bangbang? di ko po sure kung saan binili ng leader namin ee.

Author Maria Rowena Lacad (1 year)
your video sucks. delete it na

Author Jing Torrazo (2 years)
Hardware or Department store :) Ask for Lye ..

Author gas su (3 years)
@Dragonknight15: anu po ba ang sodium hydroxide yan po ba ang tawas o

Author Phoebe Go (2 years)
Saan ba may malapit na Chemical Store sa Malabon? Pakiksagot naman. Ü

Author caosco nada Garces (1 year)
eh kami nga Grade 4 palang nag SIP.Grade 6 na ako ngayun........... I'm
from SMAD......

Author Kris Angeles (2 years)
1 gram or 1 tbs.

Author jenne lyndon (2 years)
ang galing nyo nman....kami din may projct na ganyan pro hindi nmin alam
kung paano yan ggawin...

Author DinoTuberz (1 year)
All soaps need to have NaOh

Author Riemis Nuebe (3 years)
bumula ba talaga ung sabon?

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